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Kadan (Bi)

16 · Man

Logan, UT, United States


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  • Yo, needing some love.


    Hey~ As you have read, Im just needing some love. Someone to comfort me and just be there tbh. Hopefully something more develops? Idk, but just hmu I guess. Later.

  • The chat is fixed. ^^


    Heyo, just wanted to let ya guys know that my chat is fixed and that you can DM me now. c: Im bisexual and not judgemental on appearances, I focus on personality. So, please feel free to DM me and yea, lets talk. ;P

  • Soooo, I got perm. banned from the chat.


    Hey peoples, just wanted to let you guys know that I cant use the chat because I'm sure I got permanently banned? Idk what the deal is, but I don't have the amount of effort it takes to make a new account. c: So I guess just add me on SC, Kik, or Instagram. (Users on my profile) Thanks, hmu! :3

  • Add Me On Snapchat~~


    Hey, add me on Snapchat, my user is 'kadanbowden'. c: Just looking for people to snap and hopefully make streaks with. :3

  • Not Looking For Anything In Particular


    Hey~ My names Kadan and I'm just really here to look for friends. c: Nothing in particular I guess, just friends, so hmu and let's talk. ;3

  • The Boredom Kills...


    Hai Hai~ Just looking for some friends I guess.. Or at least someone to text with..? Idk, I'm just bored. Anyways, hmu, let's talk.