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  • The Boredom Kills...


    Hai Hai~ Just looking for some friends I guess.. Or at least someone to text with..? Idk, I'm just bored. Anyways, hmu, let's talk.

  • Uhhh Looking For Some Fwends cx


    Looking for some friends to just talk to in general. :3 DM me on Snapchat, Kik, or just on this site. Fwendsss!! 

  • Bored as-f rn. Hmu. c:


    Tbh, idk. I'm just really bored rn. xD But, yea.. Hmu, boy or girl, I dont really care. c: 

  • Looking for someone? Idk..

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    Hai, my name is Kadan. c: I'm bisexual and a pretty open minded person. I love music and art. I mostly go by personality and not looks, so please don't be shy to talk to me. :3 Just hmu if you're interested and we'll see from there. c:

  • Someone wanna hmu..?

    Meet people

    Hai, I'm Kadan, I was just wondering if anyone wanted to talk.. It can be about anything, I'm a great listener tbh.. So, just hmu and we'll see from there.. ^°^