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  • Built From Southern Roots


    I may live in the Northeast but I have southern roots. I am very athletic and play multiple sports including horseback riding. I am looking for intelligent, passionate, males who do not mind a tomboy. 

  • Friendships Last A Lifetime

    Teenager Dating

    "Good friends are like stars, you dont always see them but you know they are there" ~ Author Unkown

    Looking to make more friendships so dm if you wanna chat.

  • looking for boyfriend

    Teenager Dating

    Looking for some who is loyal, compassionate and not controlling. I perfer males but girls, we can become friends. Feel free to hmu if interested.

  • Seeking some friends


    I am a southernbelle raised in the northeast who loves the outdoors and playing multiple sports. I also enjoy listening to modern day country music. I am looking for loyal, compassionate, caring and trustworthy, male individuals who range from 17-19 years of age.


    Teenager Dating

    As yall may know, my name is Ashley. I am very athletic and may come across with a southern lifestyle eventhough I am not from the south. I enjoy some hunting and fishing as well as horseback riding.

    I am interested in a male who is 17-19 years of age who is loyal, compassionate, trustworthy, and caring as well as mature and athletic.

    Feel free to message me or follow me on insatgram @equestrian_hunter.jumper

    I look forward to meeting yall! 



    My name is Ashley and I enjoy the outdoors, sports, country music and trucks. I am more of a tomboy eventhough I may be pretty. If you are 16-19, you may message me and or follow me on instagram @equestrian_hunter.jumper  @ready._.not