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Aubrey Noggler

14 · Woman

Ansonia, OH, United State


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    Meet boy teen

    Add me on snapchat or kik to talk... Do NOT send me any pictures of yourself uncovered (You know what I mean!)

  • Meet people to go to Fair with

    Teen Singles

    Hi I'm Aubrey and I would like to go to the Darke County Fair with someone or meet up with them... You have to be around my age at least

  • Hi! I am Aubs-Mimi!!


    I'm outgoing, a fun person, and people say I'm fun to hang out with! If you want to talk just message me or message me on kik. Don't do my snapchat please! Thanks! I want to find someone that I can meet up with. I'm 13!!

  • Looking for new people to hang out!


    I'm looking for people who are willing to go to the Darke County Fair in Ohio to maybe meet up and have fun there! Guys between 13 and 14 or Girls between 13 and 14.

  • Meet people near Ohio

    Teen Singles

    Want to meet new people! Bf or friends! I'm fun classy, open minded, and people call me Blondie because I'm always doing something wrong. But I love to make people laugh!

  • Just New Friends!!:)


    I'm Aubrey and I'm looking for just friends between ages 13-16. Thanks!