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Brooklyn NY, United State


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  • Meet new people for a friendship or relationship


    Hi my name is Teresa and I'm 13 years old. I'm from Brooklyn New York....but I am moving down to San Antonio.....I'm hoping to find a friendship or relationship with someone if not that kill yourself ???

  • I need a bf who cares a lot ;) buhh not too much :)

    Teenager Dating

    Hey bitches, I'm Teresa I go by Seven and I'm 13. I want SOMEONE willing to make me laugh and I have to be able to tell you anything and everything. What I'm looking for is a huge personality type of person you know ? And you ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS have to have food when I'm around if not always then most of the time !:)

  • I need a bf who cares a lot ;) buhh not too much :)


    Hi my name is Tressa, I'm lookin for a guy who's kind hearted cute and lovin and who is also able to keep a relationship ? 

  • I need a bf who cares a lot ;) buhj not too much


    Hey I'm Tressa I'm lookin for a bf with a cute attitude and who's up for a long term relationship ;)