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17 · Man

Chrzanow, Poland

  My Discord is Charles#2666

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  • Hello, looking for new friends and stuff

    Teens ages 16 to 20

    Hello, there guys and gals. I'm currently looking for someone to talk to, my main interests are video games, swimming, and badminton. I mainly play on the pc, but I plan on getting a ps4 next week. When it comes to the stuff I talk on its mainly kik, snapchat and discord. So be free to add me on those three apps. I hope I will be able to talk to some of you quick.


  • I just got Snapchat!


    Hello there fellow humans! I just got snapchat and i wouldn't mind a few new friends. My name on there is CiemnoCzerwony. Be sure to add me. 

  • Does anyone feel like going for a little chit-chat?

    Meet people

    Hello there everyone. I'm looking for a few people to talk to. When it comes to my intrests they are:

    - Music (I love pretty much every genre of it, except for pop)

    - Video Games (I like mainly singleplayer experiences, but i enjoy multiplayer as much with the right company)

    - Swimming (Occasionally)

    What about you? I would like to get to know you better. Text me on here or pretty much on any social media that i have listed on my profile (I'm mainly on Discord, but than again skype or whatsapp are fine too.)

  • Looking for new friends


    Hello there fellow human beings! I'm looking for someone to talk to since i'm pretty bored lately. Just hmu on this site and i'll probably tell you the other media i use to communicate with the world. So, anyone up for a friendly chat?

  • Does anyone here have whatsapp?


    Hello everyone, i have been looking for some friends that i could call/chat with on whatsapp for quite a while. So, if you are looking for someone to talk to on there be sure to ask me for my number here!

  • What-s your taste in music?


    Personally, i like all kinds of songs. So i thought that sharing my favourites playlist would be the best idea. FLYNr6qZa74uADf3sPNf_OOA