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Chrzanow, Poland


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  • Looking for new friends


    Hello there fellow human beings! I'm looking for someone to talk to since i'm pretty bored lately. Just hmu on this site and i'll probably tell you the other media i use to communicate with the world. So, anyone up for a friendly chat?

  • Does anyone here have whatsapp?


    Hello everyone, i have been looking for some friends that i could call/chat with on whatsapp for quite a while. So, if you are looking for someone to talk to on there be sure to ask me for my number here!

  • What-s your taste in music?


    Personally, i like all kinds of songs. So i thought that sharing my favourites playlist would be the best idea. FLYNr6qZa74uADf3sPNf_OOA

  • I-m looking for a girlfriend hmu

    Meet girl teen

    Hello. I'm Charles, 16. I like watching movies, editing and playing video games. I also like to swim (casualy) and work out (once/twice a week). I'm looking for someone with similar intrests who would brighten up my days.

  • I-m bored and looking for friends!


    Hiya, as you can see in the title i'm looking for some new friends. I mainly use kik, discord and steam (I'll dm you the details if you are intrested). I'm mainly looking for someone to talk to on kik, since i don't use the site as often. I'm also looking for a gaming buddy. 

  • Looking for a girl/friend.


    Hiya, i'm Charles 15. I'm looking for a friend and/or a girlfriend. I personally enjoy music and games. If you would like to talk than be free to add me on kik or just talk to me on the site.