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  • I made this last Summer & it was cringe


    Uhhhhhh I dunno , this is just an updated profile I guess, also ignore the other postpost that is also cringe, what was going on through my head last Summer......?

  • Want to meet new people! ???


    Hi, I'm Santi. I'm a gamer... Is there anything else to say? I also like taking naps and hanging out. I'm stupidly funny and kinda smart. I like Sonic, Loz, Pokèmon, Cod, Halo, Kirby, Mgs, and much more. I'm really addicted to electronics so when you take a photo of me I'll probably be on some sort of electronic. I tend not to pay attention in class since its easy for me to get good grades without trying. I like writing poems and reading books. I love horror and comedy movies. I tend to zone out a lot. If you want to know more ask away so bye for now.