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  • looking for a boyfriend whose hot ?

    Teens ages 16 to 20

    im trying to find someone who's easy to talk to. since I haven't found someone yet lets do this. If you think you're hot not cute but hot and is 17 and up pm me and I'll get to know you. Race doesn't really matter but I prefer white (no offense lmao) If I like you I give you my number and we'll continue there. PM me ? NO NUDES please and thank you.

  • want a relationship

    Meet boy teen

    Im looking for TEEN BOYS. Some people on here are really nasty and from my last post I said I like getting down to dirty and that took it on another level.. So now I want someone who DOESN'T ask for nudes and would have a nice convo with.. You have to be cute.. If you're not its cool I'll judge by personality.. So pm me if you fit what i would like.

  • want a relationship anyone interested?


    Looking for a boy who's cool and cute. I'm an outgoing person so they'll have to like that. I dont mind getting down and dirty. I DO NOT accept or send nudes. I only send them to whoever I'm dating.. So pm me or whatever is fine ^_~