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  • I just want my dream to come true

    Meet girl teen

    I just wish i can finally get talked to by a girl, or meet the love of my life.

  • I don-t know what else to say


    My lovely sweetheart broke up with me. I'm a mess. So much has happened to me today and have this happen all I can say is so far my 2018 has been bullshit. But hey, it's only been for 5 days so it'll get better. 

  • This is a poem I wrote for my crush! Is it good?


    The Only Person I Want Is You
    The Only Person I Think About Is You
    The Only Person I Can Call My Queen Is You
    The Only Person That I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With Is You

    I knew the day I first met you it was you who was really meant to be
    It was you who was the only girl that was meant for me
    When I look into your very cute eyes, I see joy and happiness
    Those are the only two things I've been looking for so I can stop feeling depressed

    What matters most is how I feel in my heart, not what's on my face
    Everyone tells me to stop falling in love because it's all just waste
    Skip the haters they are tryna make my feelings go away
    No matter how hard you try to push me away, my love for you will always stay

  • I got a new talent, singing


    Even though I'm sick, I wish I can sing to a girl so that I can prove u can't judge a book based on its cover.

  • I-m really done trying


    I'm gonna go ahead and just end my account on here. Everytime I am here, no one talks to me. I'm already stressed out a bit, I just need a break from everything. I'm done getting called ugly, I'm done with being made fun of. I try so hard to be perfect but apparently nobody gives a shit if I am nice or not, it always depends on if I am cute. So I'm done, goodbye hope someone reads this

  • It hurts getting rejected for the billionth time


    Don't you feel how it is to get rejected by someone you loved so much? Someone you spent almost everyday and every night thinking about? Then time after time, they keep texting you talking about do you still love them? It hurts you try each time but you either fail or get friend-zoned. You keep asking yourself, Why do I scare people away. Is it because I'm not social or is it the way I am or Is it because I'm just play ugly. Then, you finally realize something, each time you go to someone youve know like forever but they just make fun of you or laugh. It hurts so bad to the point you are all alone and this is something that continues to haunt me sometimes. Tolerance and Respect is something that you earn, not get. All people do is talk behind my back and make me upset everyday. It's to the point where I can't try nomore. But day after day, I shall keep fighting, fighting because everyone has a rough time but the next day, we all just bounce back.