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  • looking for friends and dota2 player


    hey guys!!!! im looking for friends(girls only) to chat to, cuz im always get bored. and if ur a dota 2 player(boy or girl) lets party then!!!

  • looking for dota 2 well player!


    Hi there I'm searching a ppl who played dota 2! Cause this last few days I got many lost cuz my party player is noob I'm sick of all I need is:

    -pro support

    -pro tanker

    I hate most


    alright that all GGWP

  • looking for friends playing dota 2


    Hi I'm Sven a dota 2 gamer I'm searching for ppl that play dota I want to make party with them

  • looking for dota2 players to join games with me


    Hi I'm sven dota2 player im for welled players of dota 2 to join me in a game

  • friendship and romantic love!

    Teen Singles

    hi there im sven ,17. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with good heart and im searching for girlfriend too!