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Detroit, MI, United State


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  • I-m only human and I-m lonely


    I want a boyfriend that doesn't just want nudes and that is real not fake I'm 14 and its been 3 years since my last boyfriend/ girlfriend no human can last that long humans need to be love to live. Add me on kik, Snapchat, and email me (randymorales109@gmail)

  • Hello there I-m new here and I . . .


    Hello there my name is Randy, I am 14 years old, I am looking for a boyfriend and I love to draw I also like guys I do not call myself gay but that is what I am anyways I also like to be a little weird from time to time. I'm also into yaoi and anime I am a pretty sensitive guy and I like to laugh, smile, and be loved. I want something real not fake! And long distance relationships are fine with me same with face to face. Other then all that I will obay my boyfriend and what ever he asks, when you gain my love you'll have it foreverish.