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Ralston, PA, United State


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  • Looking for a guy 13-17?


    hey I'm looking for a guy that's nice and likes taking care of people a guy that has fun but likes doing work too a guy preferably bi and preferably in pa but has to be 13 -17

  • Looking for a guy 13-16?


    hey I'm looking for a guy 13-16 that's nice and sweet and tall and preferably close but if not its okay hmu on snap if you want?

  • Hey looking for a guy that wants to have fun


    HEY I'm Dalton I'm looking for a guy that wants to have fun I'm a bottom if interested add me on snapchat @dgardiner309

  • Hey looking for guy that-s nice

    Teenager Dating

    HEY I'm Dalton, I'm looking for a nice guy that won't mind being with another guy that wants to be a female. I'm hoping for a guy that is kind and sweet and loves to cuddle. A little about myself is I'm kind caring and very clingy. I did cheerleading I want to do cosmetology like hair makeup and nails hmu if interested 

                                     Love u all

  • Hey I-m hoping to find someone to love


    Hey I'm Dalton and I'm not really social but I'm looking for someone I can love I like older guys but not too old btw I'm really clingy and loveable

  • I-m looking for a guy to love


    Hey I'm Dalton I'm gay and I'm 13 I have done cheerleading and I love to sing I'm a very loving person and I'm very clingy i love animals and I got bullied alot so I take alot of things people say personally I'm looking for a guy who is nice loving and clingy and can understand/relate to what I have been through hmu if your interested ?