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Lucerne, Switzerland


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  • Boyfriend or Friends


    HI, My name is Luis and im 16, from Europe.

    Im looking for a boyfriend between 12-17 ages, hmu on here, snap or insta and i will replay. 

  • Friendship or Relationship, Open to talk to anyone (gay)


    Hi, My name is Luis and im from Portugal. Im looking for new people to talk everone is welcome, text me on kik or on snapchat, if u want other social medias dm me and i will tell u.Im gay and single btw.

  • Looking for new friends, Im Single :)


    Hi :) My name is luis and im currently single, and looking to make enw friends or more.Im 15, i draw and like to swim and dance. I need someone so hmu, i will be waiting. Anyone can text idc if u are skinny or chubby, tall or small ... Hope u text me :)

  • Looking for new friends to add on snapchat


    Hi, my name is luis and im 15 , looking for soem people to talk and add on snap, boy or girl i dont mind

  • Looking for Relationshipp


    Hi, my name is luis and im bi.

    Im looking for someone that really loves me, and looking to make new friends too. If you are under 16 text me here; snapchat: luis_mende7 or kik: ptchboy

    Waiting for you :)

  • Gay Boys Clean Gay Group on kik


    Hi, my name is luis and i created a gay group for boys with 12-15 years old, and i still have some free places, if u interested kik me : ptchboy

    I am also looking for a relationship, im 15 and i love to draw swim and dance. If u are under 16 and looking for a relationshipp too text me so we can know us better :)

    KIK: ptchboy  Snap: luis_mende7