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  • Looking for gf that likes SAO

    Meet girl teen

    Hey Bo here I'm looking for a cute GF that likes Sword art online (anime) and other anime shows. I've been trying to find a gf for 2 months now and nothing is working

  • Looking for a cute Girlfriend under 18

    Meet girl teen

    Hey, I'm Bo and I'm looking for a cute online girlfriend that is under 18. Likes Anime and Games. And in the US (doesn't matter what state). I would love to have a gf again.

  • Looking for a relationship

    Teens ages 16 to 20

    Hey it's Bo, If you don't know yet I'm a very nice person who likes some anime shows and video games and I'm looking for a relationship with someone. And I'll do whatever it takes to make someone happy or feel loved. Because ya know I'm a nice and caring person

  • Girls in Kansas state

    Teens ages 16 to 20

    Hey Bo, again. I would love to know someone that is in the Kansas state area.

  • My life is hell how can i make it better


    How can I make my life better instead of me being a stupid no body and feels like dying

  • Im looking for a gf that i can be with

    Teens ages 16 to 20

    Hi, again I'm Bo... I just got in a break up and got back on track...things to know. I like to sketch and color, I like to play video games most of the time and I'm shy and a Nice guy and I would love to have a girlfriend again