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NJ, United States


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  • txt guys who live in the US


    Im Olivia, I live in NJ & im looking 4 open minded guys with positive attitudes 2 talk

    2 cuz i dont deal with depressed guys, just cuz everyday u wake up, every secend

    u breathe should b a reason u r happy af. Im not in2 horny guys but once in a while

    that ight but imma Christain so i aint gonna sext wit u, thats not me, if u dont like

    that, dont hmu, its that easy; im 2 busy messgaing other ppl bak anyways so im not

    losing nutin. Im not even looking 4 a bf rlly,  maybe just a real sweet nice guy 2 talk

    2 whos a Christain nd hot, dont even fwm if u aint decent looking like plz, no

    offence, im js. ummm tbh idk wut else 2 say.. oh follow me on insta @856.shawty.

    Also if u r in2 music here r sum songs nd artists i like...
    ~Michael Jackson
    ~Post Malone - I Fall Apart
    ~Bebe Rexa - Meant To Be (feat. Florida Georgia Line)
    ~Cheat Codes - Feels Great (feat. Fetty Wap & CVBZ)
    ~Chris Lane - Take Back Home (feat. Tori Kelly)
    ~Clean Bandit - I Miss You (feat. Julia Michaels)
    ~Daya - New
    ~Jaden Smith - ICON
    ~Ayo & Teo - iSpy

    okay well tbh i cant think of anything else, its just a lil tatse of wut i listen 2.. idk

    Lmaooo, anyways hmu if u think we would get along & u r straight, loyal, & hot

  • Tryna finna bhad loyal jawn

    Meet boy teen

    Yo imma tryna finna miself ah loyal jawn who lives in the US nd goes 2 church nd no i dont mean goes 2 church like dat i mean a good christain boi who nos who 2 treat a gurl, Im lookin 4 a long term thing but ig it doesnt matter cuz all my realtionships whine up being only like a day so i dont rlly care anymore Lmao, also i dont wanna just get 2gether the 1st day we start talking I wanna b able 2 b friends 1st then something more so ya.. u can hmu here or fb @ MJs Pyt

    Also Im STRAIGHT so dudes ONLY

    oh & if i follow u, I think ur cute or Lit lol ?

  • Y R all the cute guys gay or fake?


    tell me y all the cute boys gay, fake, or extremly horny?? like fr, y cant yall just b normal, sweet dudes

  • Meet Guy Friends my age


    Hi!! Im Olivia! Im 14 (Single) and looking for guys my age to be friends with! Im not looking for any realtionship besides friendship D I dont have any social media so I just use this, if we become friends then we can talk on hangouts but thats all I use. Some things you should know about me is that I am never horny and I will never send nudes or sext, also if you message me and you mention sending nudes or anything like that, I will report you then block you. All I want is to be friends.
    Im sure thats understandable.