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  • Don-t ask for nudes I just want a special relationship with a wonderful gir

    Meet girl teen

    Want a special relationship with a girl to embrace love with no I don't ask for nudes so don't worry

  • True love relationship to actually love a girl heart and not ask for nudes


    To not be a boyfriend that hurts or ask for nudes but to be loyal and there for whoever may be my girlfriend to know her and trust her and earn her trust and respect to show her I loved soul a d heart and not her  body I don't like nudes or will ever ask

  • True love, relationship


    Want a special love relationship no I didn't ask for nudes just for a girls heart and trust I would love to have that feeling of really having a girlfriend.

  • Looking for a special relationship


    I want a true love relationship and I'm not those guys who takes a girl love and emotions and puts that all asides for her body. I just want a bond which I can know that special girl for who she is inside so please know I want your heart your trust and the beauty which is on the inside and not your body, so if your looking for that type of real love I'm here.

  • My future forever love girl


    A girl to love with all my hear to cherish our relationship forever to have the most important girl to ever come in my life love to listen to text everyday say I love you I'm looking for that girl I want to have true love text me if you want to I really want your heart and love for us to last forever.

  • Girl to chat about relationship


    Hey I'm Shawn just want a very important person to talk to and mabey more art music swimming reading and want to chat always here to text back