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14 · Man

Frederick, MD, United Sta


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  • Looking For A Girlfriend

    Romantic only

    Hey My Name Is Steven,I'm 14 And I Want A Girl Who's Gonna Love Me For Me And Always Be Faithful Because I've Been Cheated On Before But Don't Just Hit Me Up If You Just Want To Use Me To Get Back At Someone Or Make Someone Jealous Only Hit Me Up If You Want To Have A Relationship I Don't Want To Be Hurt Again

  • I-m very very sorry everyone about everything


    hi everyone i'm sorry for everything i've done i'm sorry if i hurt you or made you uncomfortable or sad i don't deserve to be here i've wasted everyone on this sies time and shouldn't have been allowed on here anyway like said i'm sorry for even joining this site in the first place and i came here to try to find love and should've known that i'll never find love and i don't deserve ove because of how ugly and stupid i am i should leave this site soon and never come back

  • if anyone wants to get to know me

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    hey i'm steven 14 and from frederick maryland and i'm looking for a girl that i can be friends and maybe even more your choice so hit me up please imma nice person

  • meet some new girl friends


    if you are a girl and want to be friends then hmu because i need some more girl friend i already have enough boy friends

  • Meet Single Girls That Will Be Loyal

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    My name is Steven i'm 14 and in a girl i don't care about height weight butt or boob size and my type is white girls with black blonde or brown hair

  • Meet A Single 13-15 Year Old White Girl To Treat And Call A Queen

    Meet girl teen

    I'm Steven And I'm 14 And I'm Looking For A Single 13-15 Year Old White Girl To Treak And Call A Queen