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  • Meet a girl, for freinds maybe more


    Im adam, im generaly a nice person, and know how to treat a girl, im pretty tall and strong, i like to play football and rugby, im also a construction

    worker, if your interested in talking hmu on snap or ask for my number, feel free to pm me aswell

  • Hey im adam, message me if you want to talk

    Meet girl teen

    im adam, im 18 and i kinda like School, i am repairing a ranger xlt at the moment, playing rugby and football, i like to lift and read. You can snap me or text me if you want to talk more, oh and im 6’5 and athletic ?

  • Read this if you want to talk to me on snap! Im 6?5 and strong

    Meet girl teen

    Im looking to talk with girls who are in my general area, if not thats cool too, im looking for someone to have fun with and get to know, nothing not too way too serious but still serious in a way, ifk what im saying haha. And most of the ppl reading this might know but i play football and rugby i also lift haha sry im done

  • Hey im adam and im 18

    Meet girl teen

    im 18, nice, and athletic. I lived in england for a while, im a carpenter. Oh and im 6’5 if that makes a difference haha. So ya hmu. 

  • Just wanna talk to people

    Meet boy teen

    Hey im adam, im nice and 18, i like rugby abd football, im building a barn rn, and i am kinda tall, hmu if you want to talk :)

  • Hey im adam i have snap

    Meet girl teen

    Hey im adam, im in pa, and im playing football and rugby, im also a dope construction worker. Im like 6’6 now and buff. I am also funny and fun to talk to, im still in hs and ya hmu