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DemonWolf (taken by Noel Anne)

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  • Look-n 4 a girl looking 4 a relationship that treat me like a king

    Teenager Dating

    hey, i'm Asterix , 15 , this is some advice a person gave to me so i'm just haging onto life rn so i'm hoping someone will say something.....

  • Get down 4 wut??? looking 4 a gf

    Teenager Dating

    Hey, I'm Well ppl id wanna tell my name because i'm embarassed of it  but i want a girl that up 4 anything and do wut evr we feel like to. preferably 14-16 yr old girls, nice body or just strait up nice personality 

  • Look-n 4 lov hope-n to get to know a girl plz


    Hey I'm DemonWolf/ iwill not give out my real name because ppl make fun of my name. I love skeching, wolves, jokes, i talk you a lot because i'm very talkative, i love rp, and favorite color is blue, navy blue or midnight blue.... i hope to know someone and maybe more than that.......... plz message me