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14 · Woman

Russellville, AR, United


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  • I?m looking for love, hby?

    Teens Ages 13 to 16

    I am on the heavier side meaning I'm not skinny or anywhere near it and I'm 14, My height is 5'6 last time I checked, someone who can handle a long distance relationship and long term relationship and someone who wont force me to do something, anyone who can handle my silliness, is honest, caring, loving, and has a sense of humor, I like anime and heavy metal and korean drama, horror movies (sorta), I like to listen to the piano like yiruma and kpop (bts), my dream is to find a husband get a good job and possibly have a family if my future husband wants too, Im really into Korean, Asian, Chinese, Japanese and white guys, they r just so cute, But I will date any race, I like to hangout with my friends, I just moved to Arkansas but I was in Omaha, Nebraska, I can only message with this site or instagram or if u have kik my kik is kaylee_oxner237 or if u have an iPhone I can text u, I'm a freshman of high school, my hair isnt naturally the color in my profile photo, my hair is originally black but I dyed it red then it faded a lot, I like to watch kids movies like lion king and moana and idc, I love stuffed animals cuz they r so cute (Kawaii), I'm looking for a guy who will be committed to a long term relationship, and will love me for me, who is nice and caring and loving and who loves to cuddle, I'm caring and loving and honest, tbh I'm not pretty but give me a chance plz