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Stephen Lamborghini

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South Bend, WA, United St

  Stephen Lamborghini

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  • i-m sad for no reason at all...


    Is there anyone out there that can help me? it's that time of the year where, I just get sad, like really sad for no reason, and the smallest things can set me off. it sucks, and I wish the sadness would go away.

  • I am feeling really sad, help, anyone?


    I'm feeling really sad, for reason's I don't even know, like, for the past week, I have been crying, I need someone please, anyone that will be there for me, please? 
    :'(    ),:

  • Relationship/friendship


    Anyone into role playing and pics? I'm curious. If anyone is interested, please let me know, 

  • Friendship and/or Relationship

    Meet girl teen

    Hello :) I'm Stephen, I'm 6'6" tall, I enjoy playing video games, I'm attracted to girl gamers, and short girls, I also like the outdoors, like the ocean and woods.
    I am looking for a nice strong relationship and friendship. Anyone?