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  • Looking for new people to talk to :))


    I’m mainly looking just for people to talk to. I’m tired of most of the same people. I want friends who live in other places. Or if you’re from Tennessee that’s cool too! But not to be rude but if you’re over 16 I don’t think it’s that appropriate to be texting me. I mean I’m sorry but like I don’t think anyone who’s 14 wants a 20 year old guy to be flirting with her. That’s just wrong in so many ways. But I’m not saying I want to talk to just guys. Girls too. I am single ( and straight ) but any new people looking to chat hmu 

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    hey if you’ve see another account like this it’s cause my old one was messed up. But yeah anyways I’m 14 from Tennessee. I like soccer and swimming and I love memes. Not ifunny memes though ??. But if you’re looking for just a friend ship or idk but add my Snapchat but dm me for it. I deleted Instagram and I don’t really have that many other social media’s. But I’m straight. But I’m mainly looking for friends. Girls/ boys idc. No sexual needs. So if that’s all you’re looking for you’re out of luck buddy. But if you wanna chat dm me for my Snapchat. I’m super funny lmao.