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Eli (bi)

17 · Woman

United States

  elizabethnixole (NO DICK PICS)

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  • I hate how these have to be long


    I feel like everyone on here is looking for a sexual relationship but I'm mainly looking for a romantic one. I dont like hearing about how "sexy" i am (which im not). It makes my skin crawl. I would also prefer to be friends first. Idk I just dont like rushing into anything.

    Message me on kik if you want a romantic relationship :)

  • Well hello there! Text me (guys/girls)


    Hi my names Elizabeth but I like to go by Eli (no. not Ellie. Eli. like the guys name) I’m bisexual and proud. I have a rough past so I might be a little hesistant but I promise if you get to know me, you’ll realize I’m sorta kinda fun (I guess) 

    text me on Kik? @.lizzie.nicole.

  • I hate how these have to be long


    Text me on kik

    I have a killer headache so i might not answer but ill try my hardest

  • Alrighty then. I try to be nice but


    I am sick and tired of getting dick pics. They're not flattering at all and if you send one to me, I will report it to the police. Thank you!

  • Looking for friends! :)


    Oh gosh I always seem to make these too long.

    Text me on kik or insta if you want to talk :)

    For the last time. Stop sending nudes. 

  • Heya Im just gonna explain why I barely answer


    Don't take it personally (unless you're asking for nudes)

    I'm a pretty major introvert. I don't like conflict, or being questioned. I barely talk at first but whenever I get excited or really hyper, I rant like crazy.