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  • Probably shouldn?t even bother posting this


    I may take a break from this website so don’t blame me if I don’t answer your messages. I’m going through a really tough time right now. 

    Thank you

  • Please please please


    please don’t text me if you’re wanting a sexual relationship. I have PTSD. You’re not going to get any nudes or “sexy time” out of me. 

  • Please don?t do this


    I have PTSD. Talking about sex makes me shut down. PLEASE don’t talk to me if you want a sexual relationship with me. You’re not going to get it. 

  • Send me your favorite joke :)


    Idk I’m bored and I love laughing soooo 

    send it through Kik :)

  • Why I am not responding to messages:


    I’m sorry. I don’t mean to ignore you but I am currently going through mental health issues and to be quite frank, some of you men and women treat me like I’m a piece of meat. 

  • i just recently created a profile on here


    im a bisexual 16 year old girl and I’m looking for a possible relationship with someone. I don’t want just a fling. I want a serious relationship but I don’t want a relationship immediately. I want to get to know you better first.