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15 · Man

Pflugerville, TX, United


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  • looking for people to play fortnite with


    hey guys, i’m always bored so will someone play with me. i play on playstation. my user is treyy2447

    i really only play fortnite but i’m willing to go get more games

  • looking for anything


    hmu people. just looking for people to talk to or hang out with so just hmu

  • start off as friends


    hey guys. i really am looking for friends to hang out with but i do also want a relationship. maybe we can start off as friends and see what it evolves into

  • done with fooling around, i?m ready for something serious


    yall already know how awkward i am but if we end up talking, i’m gonna be a lot more awkward. i’m looking for some guys to have a serious relationship with. i’m open to anything but if we don’t hit it off, i’m fine with being friends. 

    that’s another thing, i’m looking for friends to hang out with. i have a pretty tight friend group that got broken up and now there’s only 2 OG’s left. a new person hopped on with her boyfriend so there’s 4 of us now. if we do end up being friends or dating, we’ll hang out with my friends a lot but also by ourselves a lot

  • hmu if you?re from austin


    hey guys, not really sure on how to write these cause they’re always awkward but anyways, i am looking for someone who wants to be friends with benefits or who wants to have a relationship. i’m 15 from austin/pflugerville, texas. i am really open to anything but i’d like to just have some fun with guys so hmu

  • looking to meet people or people who can travel to me


    hey guys. i’m 15 and always horny. i’m looking for a sex buddy or a relationship with sex. i am from austin, texas and i am currently not in school which means i have a lot of free time on my hand. hmu

    insta: born._.confused._

    kik: terston_belvins