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  • Add me on PSN: Wolvedd


    PSN: Wolvedd if you send me a friend request let me know who you are okay (: I might not reply otherwise

  • Looking for new people to play with :P PS4 only


    It’s hard trying to make new buddies in the PSN community, they  are mostly horrible people, I want to try this website out and see how the community is here (: I’m a pretty chill fun guy (hehe fungi) I love/enjoy watching anime also(if you’re a girl you should add me on (PS4: Wolvedd) girls seem to have same anime interests as I do than guys ^~^. I play Ark, WW2, MC, Rocket League, GTA 5, and I have R6 but I don’t really play it. Add me! Snap me: Wufys