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  • Hes better than all of you


    My boyfriend is the best thing that has ever happened to me. So you can stop asking me for nudes and telling me that you love me. Because ur not going to get anything from me. Ever.

  • I was very very wrong


    Well, that lasted about a day and a half. Back to being single thank you very much. So hmu if u are interested.

  • I am open to being friends with anyone


    If u want to be friends thats fine, just please dont flirt. It gets on my nerves and i will probably yell at u.

  • Go Away. Please. I-m Taken


    I have a boyfriend now and he is amazing. Better than all of you combined. So u can stop trying to get me to like you, because its not going to happen. Thanks, have a wonderful day

  • I don-t really know why I am here


    My name is Rey. Im 15 years old. Im a freshman. Im bisexual and im looking for anyone who likes me for my heart and not my looks. I can be a very nice person, at least I like to think so. If you are interested, pm me!