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Rick Sanchez

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Delhi, India

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  • Ladies, i have something to say to you


    well, im supposed to be funny, crazy and probably intelligent. uh, i like music, movies, science, youtube, food and rick and morty

    warnings -

    i completely hate myself. i hate myself so much that i am indifferent towards myself. i also have stage fright, and zero confidence. i
    have been pranked and betrayed many times so i dont expect me too trust you. i also believe that i will never find love and that i am big piece of shit.

  • Important announcement


    I am here to say just that i am never ever finding love. Love dosent exist for me. Even if you hmu, you will shortly realise that i am a wierdo who cant do a thing. I am a loser. And nobody will love me. Ever

  • Need a girlfriend to tell her things nobod knows and also to make her laugh


    Hi! Im bhargav and im 16 and straight. and i need a girlfriend to share my crazy daily experiences and also share my happy and sad moments. And also to hear her daily experiences and be with her in her happy and sad moments. I am about 6 foot and i love music, food, youtube and science (IM NOT A NERD). I would like someone from India, but i wouldnt mind people from other countries too if you are ready to stay up at night and video call occasionally.

    Thats all i have to say!

    (Im hoping someone replies)

  • To all the people who have been talking to me for the last 10 weeks


    The person you would have been talking to for the last 10 days wasnt me. My exams have been going on for the last 10 days and all the devices through which i could have accesessed the internet had been confesticated. I got all my devices back just now.

    I would like to tell everyone and especially mitch a, zacaharah 2211, hisbrixegirl and prince zian that the person you had been talking to fof the last few days wasnt me but my ex best freind with whom i have a little fight going right now.

    Any message you recieved from me over the last 10 days werent from me but from my best friend who has been trying to destroy me.

    I also wasnt able to acceses all of my old chats(can someone tell me why?)


    I apologise to everyone for any inconvience my best friend cuased to you. And i am espicially sorry to zach for what my best freind did to zach. I dont know what he told you, but from what i have read, it must have been horrific. I apologise from his behalf.

    So guys, this is my new account, and im back!