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Alisan *Single Lesbian*

14 · Woman

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  • Looking for a girlfriend ( sorry, but no guys )


    Hi there people of the universe.  I'm Alisan, 14 and I like to watch anime, listen to kpop, read, sing and play guitar. I am looking for a generally happy person that doesn't want nudes or sexual stuff. I honestly have no clue what to put next, so Pm me or something if you're interested or stuff. 

  • Anyone here who likes Broadway?


    Any People who like Broadway Musicals here? I like Hamilton, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, and Others! Hello at me if you like any of these ! 

  • Looking for some Friends.


    Hiya. I'm looking for some people to talk to and just be friends with.  Idk what else to add to make this longer. so yeah....

  • I think I-m a lesbian????

    Teen Singles

    I honestly have no clue what I am, but I think I'm a lesbian. So, Please, Boys, Stop messaging me. Thanks guys!

  • Looking for a nice girlfriend


    Hey there people! I'm Alisan,14 and looking for a girlfriend! I am a Bisexual and Fun person, and I live anime such as Yuri!!! on ice, Black Butler, Attack on titan, Tokyo ghoul and others! I enjoy singing and playing guitar and listening to Music ( I listen to literally all music).I also really like reading! I am hoping to find someone with simular interests who is nice, fun to talk to and a happy person. Message me or Comment if You're Interested! Thanks~

  • Looking for a Girlfriend


    Hi, I'm Alisan and I am BI and looking for a girlfriend. I enjoy Reading, Anime and Music. I am Looking for a girl who is nice and does not hesitate to voice her opinion. Message me if you are interested.