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Alisan *Single Lesbian*

14 · Woman

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  • People Of The Universe!!! I am officially logging off FOREVER!!!


    OK, so If you have read my last post, you will know that My school is taking my computer on monday, which is today! So, Bye Bye, I love you all ( Most of you, anyway, ) Bye to my wonderful girlfriend Abbi, and My Best Friend 8ball.  Maybe I'll be back? Idk if I will be or not, but yeah. So, um, Ciao )

  • If you know me or talk to me often, please read this post!!!!


    Ok, so The computer in which I am accessing this website is my school's computer, and as the school year is ending, they are taking it on monday. Imma log out on then, but I will never be able to log back in ever again. So On monday, I will be gone. I am going to miss you guys so much, espessally my girlfriend Abbi and 8ball. So bye, guys.??‍???‍???‍?

  • Hey, ignore my name please!


    Ok, so I am taken, but for some reason, this will not let me chage my name! So, please ignore, and if you know anyway to fix it, then Hmu. but anyway, I am taken

  • Looking for a girlfriend ( sorry, but no guys )


    Hi there people of the universe.  I'm Alisan, 14 and I like to watch anime, listen to kpop, read, sing and play guitar. I am looking for a generally happy person that doesn't want nudes or sexual stuff. I honestly have no clue what to put next, so Pm me or something if you're interested or stuff. 

  • Anyone here who likes Broadway?


    Any People who like Broadway Musicals here? I like Hamilton, Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, and Others! Hello at me if you like any of these ! 

  • Looking for some Friends.


    Hiya. I'm looking for some people to talk to and just be friends with.  Idk what else to add to make this longer. so yeah....