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Shane (deactivated)

17 · Man

Buffalo, NY, United State


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  • Idk what to put here But I-m looking for a gf or just friends

    Meet girl teen

    My name is Shane, I'm country and I like to go mudding, hunting, and fishing, and i love to shoot guns. I don't care about to body type of girls all i look for is personality, my sc is shanebrain64, my instagram is sean_the_sheep121 

  • Looking for a girlfriend to love

    Meet girl teen

    I'm shane, im a country boy, distance doesn't matter, I'm very caring and loving, i will do anything to keep you happy 

  • Looking for a nice girl

    Meet girl teen

    Hi I'm shane I'm single, I'm very caring and I will do anything to keep you happy in the relationship but I don't want a gold digger 

  • Im taken only friends


    im in a relationship with the most beautiful girl ever and I don't want to lose her 

  • Thank you so much every one


    Thank you for everyone who messaged me and or commented on my last post it really helped me see there is more good than evil in this world I love you all

  • I don-t know what to do anymore


    If there is anyone out there who cares let me know because I'm about to stop fighting my depression