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Tucson, AZ, USA

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  • I?m gay and looking for a guy


    Gonna be straight forward. I don’t want nudes I don’t want to deal with bullshit and I usually play the victim. Why? Because people who I talked to or who are interested in me are jerks. People always want to be assholes and be be forward. Sure I get it we’re all unique but I’m not gonna deal with some asshole who doesn’t deserve me I felt like I run a list of exes and continue to have one a month, making me feel like a whore by I’m not. I hate being messed with. Why do people add you, say they live you and the. Say I can’t I’m sorry . 

    Every day I wonder “am I ugly? Am I not worthy of finding that one guy? Am I going  to die alone?” I have the most craziest roller coaster of emotions and when sadness comes I think of those questions.

    you can set me off really quickly with your wording. 

    My flaws always come out as a reason not to be with me 

    I give up on dating I’ve tried and I’m picky with guys and I just want to cry because of how worthless I am. 

    I always imagine what the perfect guy would be and our future. I think he’s a gamer, he’s smart, has a future, is older than me but not too old, texts me daily, doesn’t hide things from me and says this to me “I love you”.

    i want the special guy and if he’s out there I hope he texts me on snpachat. 

    Sorry for the long rant but I need to vent  

  • Find a boyfriend 14-17


    I’m Chris. I’m a ps4 gamer(not fortnite) and a fan of Taylor Swift. I’m looking for a guy who I can talk to all day and long nights, someone who is a gamer and long distance doesn’t matter. I want to love someone and have a meaningful relationship :(

  • I want to talk to someone :(


    I want to date a guy who want dump me for some other guy that was cuter and all that BS. I hope someone is out there reading this. Text me on Snapchat I would like to talk with you and maybe start something.<3 

  • Meet someone for love or friendship


    Hi I’m Chris, 14. I’m opened minded with a positive attitude, I like meeting new people. I am a die hard Taylor Swift fan and a ps4 gamer.  Say hello to me on Snapchat. :) looking  for someone ages 14-16. #Swifties

  • Looking for a relationship with a guy


    Hi there :) Im Chris, 14. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I'm looking to meet people with similar interests (Taylor Swift Fan, PS4 gamer, chatting, and Technology) Say hello at me :) looking for a guy near me or long distance.