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Summerville, SC, USA


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  • Tbh I am just looking for a nice girl


    I just want to find a nice girl, perferably white, but hey it dosen't really matter. I like to be the guy in the relationship, even though I am not a complete dyke. I just want someone I can care for, love, and just call my bbg, and if u don't know what tha means bbg means baby girl

  • I just want someone who respects me


    I am Maranda, if u wanna see a picture of my face then look on my page. I am bisexual so a guy or a girl will be amazing, I just want somebody who wants to get to know me, not my butt or tits

  • I am Bi- just looking for a little fun

    Romantic only

    I am not really looking for any commetment right now, I just wanna have a little fun, with a boy or a girl I dosn't matter