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  • looking for a girlfriend

    06 MAR   Liberia, Costa Rica

    Hi, my name is gus.... im looking for a girlfriend if you're interested hmu.

    Cupcake00044223 Im interested but what age are you looking for?

  • Looking for a fast relationship HMU

    19 JUN   Boston, MA, United S

    im bisexual I don't hate, but if your going to approach me like a perve you can leave age limit is 14

  • I-m just bored.. Looking for a boyfriend!! Hmu! If you want to.

    17 JUN   Moscow, ID, United S

    Hey! I'm so freaking bored right now. Well anyways hit me up! I'm single and ready to mingle!! :p so if your looking for a girl or just a friend, hmu!

    Gary Hey your really cute hmu on snapchat if you want to talk -gary.1010
    Bobhi Give me a text 2502128232 always looking for a gf!
    1 day ago
  • Looking For A Relationship

    22 JUN   Edinburgh, United Ki

    Hey there I am Justin. I am looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend who is up for a good time, is funny, open minded and wants to have fun. I am really into fitness and photography so if you think you suit me well feel free to message 

    Foxx Brah Im 14
    1 day ago

    22 JUN   Colorado Springs, CO


  • Looking for a nice girlfriend

    22 JUN   Tallahassee, FL, Uni

    Hi, I am Dominic DeLeo. I am a freshman in highschool and a theater techie. I love basketball and football. Most importantly, I love God and my Catholic Faith.

  • Looking for some nice action

    21 JUN   Ragley, LA, United S

    hi i am isaac and I am feeling dirty. Any girl who wants some of me send a nude to me with your real name. I am a great loving country boy. Give me a whirl ladies

    Isaac I am a noice lover
    Isaac One night stands are ok
  • I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out (music event

    15 JUN   Texas City, TX, Unit

    looking for that guy that can make me scream when he fucks me holla at me at

  • Horny people message me

    19 JUN   KCMO, MO, United Sta

    Somebody pleseas message me i am so horny and i really need somebody now!!!

    We can meet up and do something idk what that might be but i know it woould be fun

  • Looking for girlfriend

    16 JUN   Edinburgh, United Ki

    Hey girls!!

    I am Justin, I'm looking for a girl friend of any age. I need someone who is up for some fun. So if you think that's you feel free to message me anytime. I am from Scotland but I am happy if you want a long distance relationship. Anyway feel free to message and I will tell you more about myself 

    Cheyenne Hey Im looking for a bf
    DOUPCONON hello dear how are you l saw you in this mail l put interest to decuss with you about relationship which can bring treamenduous things in our life please here is my mail please as soon as you see me in the next mail respond to me so that l tell you more details and show some of my pictures which l attach best regard conon
  • looking for a real guy

    18 JUN   Lexington, KY, Unite

    I love dogs, people, good vibes, guitar, nature, ukulele, singing, hunting, making people laugh, and dancing carefree in public. I'm about to be a Lafayette senior, 16, birthday is June 30th,

    gabbird18 add me on ig: gabbicombs
    SingleNSearching Hi cutie wanna chat ? Text me (909)225-8047
  • yo im looking for a girl 16-17 who would like to be in a relationship,

    18 JUN   Greenwood, MS, Unite

    girls only and i have a bit of trust issues or trust problems how u would say it so only if u want to hit me up please

  • looking for relationship

    18 JUN   Tarboro, NC, United

    if any girls are interested, please message me. i don't message first, becuase im usually told to f off if i do, so yeah message me first. really the main things you need to know about me are i'm respectful towards women, NEVER hit one and don't plan to, i dont seek to control her life, i dont want a girlfriend to use her for sex and nudes, i don't care about looks, { as long as your not covered in tattoos and piercings} i dont cheat, i will be very loyal to her, no bisexual girl please, and i am a christian, so she has to be one to.

    again, message me if interested.

  • Hi there I-m looking for a girl friend that is beautiful, loving and Caring

    17 JUN   Bronx, ID, United St

    Hi I'm acc a really nice guy. I'm caring, I love football, I love people and I make sure I put smiles on a lot of people's faces

  • Hi, Im Esperanza 13, Looking to find friends or a relationship.

    25 JAN   Anderson, SC, United

    I'm bisexual. I love music and hoping to find people with the same interests as me. I also Love accents!! i dont care if you have one or not. i just love them.

    amira hey m amira looking for frnds
    Arnold24 Would wish us to be lovers
    Isaiah Hit me up on Kik issiahderrick
    SexyStud Text me (909)225-8047
  • I am looking for a friend,possiby a boyfriend

    14 JUN   Miami, FL, United St

    Hey I'm Imani, 14. I like to laugh and talk about whatever. I enjoy spending time with friends and being showered in compliments. If you're intereted in me pleae don't send pics of your dick and don't ask me to show you my body. I'm looking for a relationship not sex.

    deondrerye84 What interests you like in a bf
    Brit. taylor she didnt say girls
  • Looking For a Gf Hmu Don-t Be Shy

    14 JUN   Villa Park, IL, Unit

    Hey, Im Tyree Johnson I'm a Singer, Musician, Im Very Talented, Athletic and very romantic like words can't explain!

  • Hi, I-m Arnel,15yrs old, looking for a gf

    25 APR   Coral Springs, FL, U

    I noticed not alot of people post in this forum  so there is a first for everything. But yeah I'm interested in looking for a gf or someone who doesn't mind being showered in compliments and flirts on a regular(lol). But yeah if your interested my kik is 


    Arnel.c Is this some sort of joke cuz Im confused?
  • Looking for a romantic relationship with a female

    19 MAR   Santa Ynez, CA, Unit

    Hey everybody I've been really lonely lately and I feel that romantically I fit better with women(but I will make exceptions for men because I like both genders) so if you're interested, which you probably aren't cause I'm nerdy as hell, hmu:) (please no dirty pictures or sexting)

    Charlotte Hi Im interested and your cute
    Shame Hi Im bi too I like both gender and Im a girl
    Shame Ur so cute😊😊
    Imsooooobi Hi my name is ebony and I would like to get to know you so kik me anytime heckyeahawesome so please contact me

  • I hope to find the one I am looking for my perfect gal

    10 JUN   Fairfield, CA, Unite

    1. Hey I am looking for a relationship with a girl - a beautiful girl solid you are interested HMU my Kik is heckyeahawesome ( only girls) sorry guys. I love music and dancing huge passion for dancing but I want someone I can dance with come one girls

    Ellierose Uh Im Ellie and Im also 14 so
  • Looking for an open-minded girlfriend

    10 JUN   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Hello! My name is Trinity. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am non-binary (I only had two options for my profile, so I went with my sex assigned at birth.) 

    I am not into really anything of the new day and age. I like to think of myself as something of a time traveller or sorts. I love the sixties and seventies in particular. My interests include music, as I am a musician, art, and all sorts of stuff. I enjoy life. 

    I listen to stuff like The Doors, David Bowie, The Beatles, Queen, T. Rex, Janis Joplin, things like that. I also listen to soul, Motown, jazz, girl groups, etc. 

    I love movies like The Rocky Horror Picture Show (original film), Phantom of the Paradise, Young Frankenstien, etc. 

    I have been homeschooled for most of my life. 

    Feel free to message me anytime! I am looking for a relationship with an open-minded, respectful girl (16-18) who I have things in common with. I don't need to take things super slow either. I am simply looking for respect, honesty and attraction on an energetic, mental, and physical level. 

    LesbianLatina415 Well Im all yours ;)
  • Horny people message me

    10 JUN   KCMO, MO, United Sta

    Hi i am very horny so if u wanna have a good time message me so we can do stuff and have fun

    DMD14 Fuck off horny dick ass bitch
  • Bored looking for someone to talk to

    08 JUN   Havana, FL, United S

    I just want to talk unless u want more.


  • Hey Guys

    04 JAN   Windermere, FL, Unit

    Whats up? Im gay, 14, and wishing to be in a serious relationship. Hit me up if u guys wanna talk:)

  • Syd2 new account text me boys ?

    02 JAN   Saint Cloud, MN, Uni

    hey guys this is syd2 new account so anyone that wanted to chat and I didn't get back to them I am locked out of my account and this is my new one? Boys for dating only please

  • I-m here for friends or a girlfriend

    10 FEB   Astoria, OR, United

    Hi there:) I'm chauncy, 17. open minded with possitive attitude. I like to laugh and have a good time. I'm lookin to meet people with similar mindset. For hanging out.

  • Hi I-m Leslie I live in San Antonio TX, I-m 15 years old

    17 APR   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    Hi Im Leslie, 15,
    Im very mature for my age. I love to read, sing. I want someone who is romantic. Who will love me for me. Someone who will always stand beside me. Someone who will care for me. Someone who will stand up for me. Someone so caring and sweet and loving. I want someone who will not be scared to be themselves

    That1Dude223 Ur young love will come when its the right moment :)
  • I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people

    03 JUN   Texas City, TX, Unit

    am looking for someone that lives in china i want to chat and share nudes with get me on 

  • hit up on Skype to get to know this metal head tomboy

    03 JUN   Dawsonville, GA, Uni

    If u want to get to know me better 

    Skype BlackWolf Dragon

    Stay metal my friends

  • Hello:3 I-m a bisexual, nerdy, and clingy type of girl/boy (yeah, I-m both)

    13 MAY   West Sacramento, CA,

    Looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend

    Nerdy as hell, and I swing either way, sooooo... Yeah...

    My real name is Reah, but I like to be called Alek. I am into sci-fi stuff and I'm into gaming (ps4 of anybody wants to know)

    If you want to know more, just ask ;)

  • I don-t know what to call this ?

    30 MAY   Kraków, Polan

    My name is Barret. Most people call my Bear. I like farming, Woodworking, wrestling, hunting, guns, and space. I really want a girlfriend. Must be near me so we actually see each other. A lot of people like me when they meet me.

  • Meet new people for relationship

    27 MAY   Long Beach, CA, Unit

    Hey jut looking to meet new and cool people close by, hang and see how it goes

  • Looking for new friends and maybe even a girlfriend >~<

    26 MAY   Houston, TX, United

    Hello! I'm quite new here and I'm looking for new friends and possibly even a girl that I could call my own!

  • Hiya, I-m looking for loving and caring people.

    26 MAY   Temple City, CA, Uni

    Hi I'm Aeon and I am looking for a girl who is honest and caring and defintely loving.  I am the same way, even if I am very shy, you just have to let me open up to you.  Also I am a huge nerd, Nintendo, Anime, I know (most of) it.  Ciao!

  • Bi,Single,Looking For Queen Or King

    21 MAY   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Well Im 13...14 In August Been Single Since Like Forever and i like i want someone to adore me and treat me like a Quees n and in vice-versa tadore you and treat you like a queen or king and im black but a lil white and a country back ground so kik me (marithabomn) or message me on here

    Ellierose Hello Im Ellie message me if intersted
  • Single Girls Who tryna hmu?????

    30 JAN   New York, NY, United

     Single girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who tryna be mine forever and be loved forever. U gotta be cute tho if u wanna be mine. I like any type of girls.S

    wolf girl So what if the girl is cute. Girls are all different
  • Teen male looking for a romantic relationship.

    18 MAY   Asheville, NC, Unite

    I am Anton morrow, 16 years old/a gamer/total geek and lord of the rings enthusiast, so more or less Im just your average dork.
    I am a gluton for horror and anything scary, I am a performer of sorts and am a short film director. Im looking for a romantic partner, pm me if interested (or comment here obviously)

  • hey ladies! im dallas :)

    16 MAY   Acton, CA, United St

    Hi im dallas and im 17 looking for a relationship with a sweet girl who is beutiful and likes to have a little fun! hmu if youre intersted :) <3

  • Looking for someone to roleplay with

    11 MAR   Galway, Ireland

    anyone wanna roleplay? i'm bored as hell I really don't care what happens. boys and girls are welcome

    Michael Ill role play with you Emelia message me
    R. Ben I will role play. Message me?
    Cartar500 Im down to role play but make me anything in your pleasure
    Dominic Christensen ill role play message me
  • Looking for a relationship

    27 MAR   Wolverhampton, Unite

    hi im matt 14 from wolves im kind and friendly but shy im looking for someone whos intrested in a relationship any gender who can make me feel loved and whos careing message me if ur close by 

  • Looking for a new best friend or more

    14 MAR  

    Hi im Tom, never been good at socializing... I am getting homeschooled until september, ppl never give me a chance so i hope someone out there can exept me and make eachother happy. Also my mind is sexual and normal, depends on my mood.. And i have a lot of problems that put me in hospital for 3 yrs straight... Thx 4 reading

  • I-m single male with depression an would like a gf

    28 JAN   Allentown, PA, Unite

    Im 13 white and 4"10 likes to go biking funnyish not that handsom looking for a gitl that is 13 -14 funny caring likes to play video games and  lives in allentown pa 

    Tombraider Look, love I have depression also, and had depression for 2 long years I will help you in any way.
    Pricyla I dont live near but I do like video games and struggled with depression I wanna get to know u love
  • I-m looking for a girl

    28 MAR   Fountain City, IN, U

    I'm looking for a girl 12-15, I live in Indiana. I am a redneck and I love guns. If you text me I will txt you back. I am really into nice yet funny girls. If you wanna talk dirty I'm fine with that like I said I'm a redneck. I am completely straight. If you love me I will love you.

  • About me, and what I-m interested in XD

    05 FEB   Birmingham, United K

    Hey, my names Sean, 14, I like to play video games, chill out, hang out with friends, and in general just have a fun time and laugh my way through everything. I'm looking to meet a girl that cares, likes to have fun and is honest, not fake. Thats really it to be honest lol.

    lesliecool101 hey sean want to talk?
    Sean Hi Evelina lol Im pretty crap at responding. And sure
    Moomaster If u get a girl like that ur lucky, there isnt much of em anymore.
  • Any Busty girl looking to get funky?

    30 APR   Warriors Mark, PA, U

    are there any busty girls who wanna get funk and try to match the charachter limit? msg me your body and youll get mine

  • Online relationship

    03 APR   Glendale

    hey my name is Bennett Davis and I am 14 years old and I am looking for a online relationship with girls that are 13,14,or 15 if you are interested message my kik @bdav5274 or my Snapchat @bdav52

  • Bisexual guy wanting company

    26 FEB   Belfast, United King

    Hey. I'm bisexual and wanting either a guy or girl to talk to. I'm not a creep im just lonely. Idc if it's serious or not. Text me if you feel the same. Thanks???

    Gay baby boy Hey pls message me
  • I-m looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend that would treat me right

    20 APR   Thornton, CO, United

    I'm looking for a girlfriend that is really beautiful or a guy that is super hot. i want someone to treat me right and loves me for me and i like when they like my personality 

    Stanly Im always on snapchat
    riley15 i will treat you right
    Rebecca im a girl wanting you to be my girlfriend im not perfect but I can treat you with respect I will never cheat on you I will always love you
    Wiliam Speck III Respect loyalty funniness honesty and most of imports treatment Ill respect u like a queen show loyalty like a best friend give u funniness like Kevin hart be honest with u like I was a parent I will treat u like u were last girl on earth or the universe and ur the queen
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