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Romantic only

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Meet thousands of teenagers for romantic only ,this is a group for meet people for romantic only in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Kik me @ImRare7 Bored asf

    12 AUG   Chicago, IL, USA

    Kik me @ImRare7.. bored asf.. someone open minded hit me up.. girls only!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looking for a girl only (single)

    12 AUG   Otwell, IN, USA

    I will do anything you want. It does not matter whether it is sexual of you want it you got it. If you are looking for a slave, I'm who your looking for. Your looking for just a fuckbuddy, I'm your man.

  • Bi - only boys add! 13-19

    12 AUG   Birmingham, UK

    add me if between 13-19, Male and have a good torso! You need to be able to show face thanks xx 

  • Looking for a cute boyfriend

    23 OCT   Grand Rapids, MI, Un

    Hi,  I'm Delilah but call me Rene if you actually like me. I'm super nice, outgoing and can get a little freaky sometimes. I want a cute, clingy, strong and cute boy. 

    Hack Dynamo Hey Dear Search No more Because I am Looking For a girlfriend Just like You.
    Ace hey im her message me
    Dante What is your email
    3 days ago
  • Looking for a bf no one weird

    15 JUL   London, UK

    I'm looking for a boyfriend but don't be send me weird pics. How to live near cryoden or tulse hill. Please don't pu if ur weird. 

    DJ Blog Im not weird
    3 days ago
  • I-m a single Pringle

    10 AUG   Galt, CA, USA

    Hi I just need someone to love me unconditionally btw I'm kinda clingy and get jealous easy

  • relationship (boys only)

    09 JUN   Pequannock Township,

    hello! i’m looking for a boyfriend! guys from 16-18 message me if you live anywhere on the east coast :)

  • Looking for a boyfriend 13-15yr old only.

    10 AUG   HOME

    I need a boyfriend 13-15yr old only. i wont accept 16 n older. send me a message lol........................................................

  • Sub waiting for domme

    09 AUG   Otwell, IN, USA

    I am a 14 yr old kid who likes to be dominated by girls in what ever way they like

  • Trying to meet guys or girls

    09 AUG   Turlock, CA, USA

    I’m bi and looking for someone to talk to will to exchange ? My Snapchat is on my profile and here dylpickle1629

  • I-m just looking for girls or boys to talk to and get a relationship with

    09 AUG   Remsen, IA, USA

    I'm not a hoe but I am kinda a bad girl? I don't do dirty pics tho. I am kinda thick so if you don't like that bye. I prefer dark skin guys but any race is fine. oh and i like girls so thats cool?

  • Looking for boyfriend.

    07 AUG   Grants Pass, OR, USA

    Living in Grants Pass Oregon, just looking for a romantic only relationship. message me please

  • Gay looking for a boy friend

    06 AUG   Wolverhampton, UK

    Hi there I'm matt I'm looking for a boyfriend in the west midlands I'm kind caring soul message me for more 

  • Hi I-m Zach any girl HMU if you want to rp

    29 JUL   Granby, CT, USA

    If any girl wants to role play with me send me you Kik username so we can start this up

    Justin e x c u s e m e w h a t t h e f u c k
  • I?m not interested in swapping pics

    06 AUG   St. Charles, IL, USA

    Im into both genders, and I love silly romance stuff :) My snapchats on my profile :)))

  • Looking for a sweet and wonderful girl to be in my life!

    05 AUG   Monrovia, CA, United

    Hello I'm Ben i'm single and lookin 4 a nice girl to be in my life or be around for fun if thats what your into lol. I have a big heart, and need someone with a big heart as well! If you like to know more feel free to shoot me a message on snapchat, and or instagram I unfortunatley no longer have kik. I hope to talk to you very soon!

    (Fair warning: I also have a sorta stalker who goes by Elizabeth on this site, I am currently looking for way to get her to stop following me and posting lies on my posts but as of now everypost I make she continously comments on my posts trying to claim I'm someone that I am not please do ignore her comments, unfortunatley she does suffer from autism and does not know how to regulate her anger, thank you for this consideration)

  • Hiiii looking for a relationship

    10 AUG   Wichita, KS, United

    Heyooo my names Emily im Panromantic and am looking for a relationship. I like videogames,youtube,and anime. Im pretty emo and love Panic!, FOB , SIO, and Hollywood Undead. If you don't want a relationship then you can move on...Comment if your interested 12-16

    X_-kain-_X Hi. Im Shelby. I love all those bands. Im very romantic. And trust me Im not lying to u.
    Aditya Hey I am aditya I have the same interest as u We can be close friends
    Sean8309 I want a relationship with you add me on whatever
  • Looking for an Anime nerd who needs love

    02 AUG   Omagh, UK

    Hello. I'm Miriam. I'm very very lonely. I would love to have someone to love. I like Anime and Music. I would love to live in Japan some day. I'm really attracted to east Asian ills, but if you are not then I do not mind. I live in Northern Ireland but I could also go with long distance relationships. But be warned. I hate racism, Sexism and any type of discrimination. I believe in a peaceful unity between all creatures. So if you are someone who thinks like me then please write as soon as possible

    DrFranky Anime, music, unity, well my friendo don’t we have a lot to chat about >:3
    William (not gay) i like music anime and I would like to live in japan some day too
  • Want a short girlfriend..?

    13 JUL   Austin, TX, United S

    I'm 5'4 and looking for a romantic partner living in or around Austin, TX. I've always been the taller one in the relationship and I want to try being the shorter one. I love to kiss, cuddle, talk, and maybe get a little freaky. Anybody can hit me up; guy or girl. 

    Connor Well 5ft 10.5
    Richard Rochester Hey Im 6 2 if you want something like that hmu
    Leo Hi Ayden I live in texas I am 62
    John Hi ayden! Im john, im 58 and am 13. You are very pretty and seem like a nice girl, i live in fortworth texas so we can probably get together? Hmu on skype if ya want. My username is John castellanos

  • looking for relationship

    18 JUN   Tarboro, NC, United

    if any girls are interested, please message me. i don't message first, becuase im usually told to f off if i do, so yeah message me first. really the main things you need to know about me are i'm respectful towards women, NEVER hit one and don't plan to, i dont seek to control her life, i dont want a girlfriend to use her for sex and nudes, i don't care about looks, { as long as your not covered in tattoos and piercings} i dont cheat, i will be very loyal to her, no bisexual girl please, and i am a christian, so she has to be one to.

    again, message me if interested.

  • Looking for a relationship all are welcome

    25 JUL   Delhi, India

    Looking for a relationship all are welcome just massage me on snapchat with your asl and please shy people don't massage me thanku ......

  • Any girls in LA? m14 here, looking to date~

    25 JUL   Burbank, CA, USA

    Im looking to date girls in la county, im open for anyone lol hmu~

    Im Richie, and uhhhh looking to date

    id love to talk to anyone aaaaaa

  • Looking for a man who is not like the typical sheep of humanity

    24 JUL   Leominster, MA, USA

    Looking for a guy that’s different than the majority of people! I want someone unique and interesting! Someone who has more about them than being a teenage boy who’s dealing with hormones! 

    I want someone strange. I want a MAN (not an immature boy like everyone seems to be) who can understand this world and how much it sucks well. 

    I’m someone who loves nature, writing fantasy books, bloody steak, collecting knives, and life, death, and the creation of both. 

    Yoyo Thats one way to be blunt lmfao. I got a friend. He cant get on but hes a nice guy P
    Zekelat77 Your world view is fucked
    Jackl210 I mean, I race boats in my free time if thats interesting enough. Hmu on insta, kik, snap @jackl210
  • Kik me or dm me on instgram im boredddddd

    24 JUL   Belgrade, Serbia

    Chat,females,bored im 17 m from Serbia kik me anyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEeeyee

  • I want a guy who is in Maine and loyal and sweet to me 17 or 16

    22 JUL   Portland, ME, USA

    Don't ask me for nudes I am not that kind of girl/ I will go to a park with you if u want to 

    Kenzil Twixh am full and ready to satisfy you in all means of our relationship
    Karrina345 You are not in Maine though
    Karrina345 Read the title
  • Meet New Girl To Have A Relationship With

    21 JUL   Rochester, NY, USA

    I am looking for a 13-15 year old girl who lives in the Rochester, NY area to start dating.

  • Looking for a nice girl, long distance could work.

    20 JUL   Harlev, Denmark

    Hi my name is Mikkel and I'm from Denmark but of course speak and write English without problems?
    Looking for someone who'd want to try having a serious but fun relationship. I can be awkward since I'm shy but will hopefully pass?

    I like watching anime, working on my own projects since I'm an IT student and gaming.

    Want to try your luck then hmu om my kik, same as my username.

  • Real relationship looking for Boyfriend 15-18

    17 JUL   Summerville, GA, USA

    Hey, i am Emily breanna cash, i am 16 yrs and by the way ( i am deaf) like cant hear at all. I am looking for boyfriend that who is he loyal in thr 100 i only wanna in boys in the USA. That he will be respect to me and as loyal no matter what.... if you guys wanna know more, talk to me in snapchat Breannajohnsons

    Rapxboyz Hii lets chat. Can i register for it?:p
    Emily16 alright i got all
    manish029 Hey I’m in but can we make it a long distance relationship Coz I’m not from USA
  • Looking for a gf tht has snap

    17 JUL   Warner Robins, GA, U

    I'm 15 and looking for a gf tht has Snapchat. Gf has to be 13-16 I do casual flirting but don't mind getting a little dirty I'm loyal and easy to get along with. I like talking ab Hamilton and Fortnite but can have a convo ab anything. Comment below and add me on snap @sniper14c if ur interested??

  • Want to chat with girls im boreddddd

    17 JUL   Belgrade, Serbia

    Females kik me or dm me on instagram im boreddd im up for anythinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • A Nearby Girlfriend Preffered

    14 JUL   San Bernardino, CA,

    I Want To Meet A Girl That Is Prefferably Near Me And That Is Looking For A Bf. I wouldn’t really like far but I can give it a shot? Someone that cares about me and makes me feel conforming 

  • add my new snap elijahestrada

    11 JUL   Lowell, MA, USA

    very horny and openly bisexual i will send nudes and hopefully you too???

  • Someone who is from Europe

    08 JUL   Cebu City, Central V

    Any European guys here? Looking for one to have fun with (more likely no label relationship). By the way I'm from Philippines. As usual typical Filipina. Lol

    KP Hey add me on Kik: megamanwwc
    Jeppe K Sure go ahead and add me, jeppek123, on Kik, from Denmark turning 19 this September, would love to get to know you
    juliedivine63 Think I already found one
  • Girl 14-16 for a relationship that has skype

    08 JUL   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    If you are a girl age 14 - 16 and have Skype and want a boyfriend then HMU and talk to me on a Skype chat

  • Lookin for a gf and or fun with a sweet gal

    06 JUL   Monrovia, CA, United

    Hello I'm Ben i'm single and lookin 4 a nice girl to be in my life or be around for fun I enjoy that sometimes. I have a big heart, and need someone with a big heart as well! If you like to know more feel free to shoot me a message on snapchat, and or instagram i no longer have kik. I hope to talk to you very soon!

    Elizabeth Hes 21 not 17
  • some contact info, message me via facebook

    05 JUL   Olds, AB, Canada

    facebook - kiernan bell 

    message me on there if you like my profile plz 

  • Looking for a real relationship(15-17

    02 JUL   Capitol Heights, MD,

    Looking for a gf that is really loyal and that doesn’t cheat. I’m looking for a girl that is nice and cute and someone that lives in my area.

    Nikmirge Hey how are you ??
  • Wanting A Realtionship

    29 JUN   Morehead, KY, USA

    Hi! i am stephen i am wanting a relationship with a girl that can accept me of who i am and care for me and love me and sweet! i am also sweet and romantic and i will date any race and i will still love you or like you! im not much on looks i mostly care for personallity but doesnt matter i will like you the way you are! also if you want to add me on snapchat my snap is sdonathan0 and i tried to put a photo on this app but when i do it errors.

  • Wanting A Realtionship

    29 JUN   Morehead, KY, USA

    Hi! i am stephen i wanted a girlfriend that can accept me of who i am and love me and care for me and be sweet! i am sweef myself and i am the romantic type, i will date any race and im not much on looks mostly looking for that personallity but i dont care for both i will love you or like you the way you are! also i would like to say sorry that i do not have a photo i tried to put a photo on but it errors lol, just add my snap it is sdonathan2.

  • I?m always down to ?talk? lol

    27 JUN   Springfield, MO, USA

    I’m down to text, sext, fuck, or get high and watch Disney movies XD But do me a favor, don’t start something you can’t finish. I need a bad bitch, nothing less

  • Looking for girlfriend/boyfriend

    26 JUN   Woolwich Township, N

    im bisexual so im looking for either girls or boys to get to know better. Age should be between 16-18. They have to live in new jersey. Im 17 so i can drive. Im looking for something serious with someone whos kind and loyal. Snap or dm me  

  • Gay, single, and ready to mingle

    26 JUN   Granite City, IL, US

    I'm looking for someone in western illinois/st.louis region to call mine, I'm looking  for someone to just grab my ass and hold me tight (if interested snap me @jt-oncer2201 or dm me on insta @jt_oncer2201) (no long distance stuff, sorry)

  • Looking for a new girlfriend

    04 MAR   Valders, WI, USA

    Hi my name is Tim Yeager, 13. I'm looking for a girlfriend age 13-15. I enjoy playing sports. I play catcher in baseball, mid lb and fullback/runningback in football and I also wrestle. I am a huge race fan and watch NASCAR a lot. I love to go hunting and take walks in the woods. If you are funny and care a lot for other people please contact me.

    sydney Hi. can you be my boyfriend? 😊
    Kayla Hi my name is Kayla I play cf, 3rd and lf for my softball team and I would like to get to know u 😄
    Kayla I also watch NASCAR ( I love jimmy Johnson )
    Elise Hi Im Elise I play softball Im normAlly outfeild I just turned 14 I love to hunt fish play in tge mud I like to watch NASCAR Im join in JROTC I like to walk I like to play volleyball byt I dont play for a rec or school just for fun I love animals I like to ride horses him if u wanna talk
  • Looking for a girlfriend (preferably 13-17 but age doesn?t matter to me)

    24 JUN   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    I’m looking for a girlfriend preferably 13-17 but age doesn’t matter to me. HMU if ur interested. Or if u just wanna be friends. I’m fine with either. Just let me know tho which one. My Snapchat is @thepennguinn

  • Looking for a gf (14-18)

    18 MAY   Virginia

    Looking for someone who tryna share love with and is confident in how they look hmu (:

    sammy hi ..tdailey80.msg me
    sammy do u have skype tdailey80
    sammy do u have skype tdailey80.give me
    Tdailey80 Tenyce Dailey
  • Looking for real relationship with girl 13-15

    16 FEB   White Plains, MD, US

    I’m looking for a girl that will love me for who I am an wants a long lasting relationship and maybe meet up one day. don’t care if freaky or not 

  • looking for a Relationship

    02 FEB   Oshawa, ON, Canada

    i just want a loyal girlfriend, who is nice, kind, sweet, caring,and funny 

  • Trying to find a relationship with a girl my age

    19 JUN   Ware, MA, USA

    Hi, I'm Derrick, I'm 13 years old, and I'm an INTJ. I would like a relationship with a girl who is kind, understanding, and artistic. I have lots of interests, but lately, all I've been doing is animating, drawing, and voice acting. Message me if you want to chat! :)

    Insaneredhead813 Hey, I’m interested in this offer lol. I’m Alyssa.
    divinephotodrago hey im lexi and i would like to get to know y better can we chat.....but uh thru here im not rlly able to figure out confirming my enail and if i do
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