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Romantic only

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Meet thousands of teenagers for romantic only ,this is a group for meet people for romantic only in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for a normal relationship gf or bf

    11 DEC   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Hey im 14 and im looking for love again i got hert a month ago and trying again and im look for a girlfriend or boyfriend idc if its long distance if u r interested hmu on Instagram emo_alex129 13-14 maybe 15

  • Girls who want to have some fun

    08 DEC   Green Mountain Falls

    Hey if there are any girls who want to have fun with a dwarf hmu on any social media all the usernames are on my account

  • Almost 15 year old dwarf boy looking for GF

    07 DEC   Green Mountain Falls

    I am a amost 15 year old dwarf looking for a GF Near or far away i don't care. I want them to treat me with respect. I am 3ft 6in hmu if you are interested on this or any other social media. HMU please

  • A girlfriend or anything

    07 DEC   Germantown, WI, USA

    hey my name is Tyler, im looking for a relationship with a girl that’s a sweet kind and loving person. I can get pretty freaky to be honest and idc if they don’t have it cause I then just wont show it. I’m up to long distance relationships but doesn’t matter. If you want to know more Hmu. 

    Ty Also by kinda I mean really
  • I-m bisexual so up for anyone?

    07 DEC   San Jacinto, CA, USA

    Looking for somebody who would actually love me and have a good relationship distance doesn't matter to me. Looking for ppl who are Only 14... I might make exeptions.?

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    07 DEC   Victorville, CA, USA

    Text me if your down to come over and we can do whatever you want 

  • Someone hmu on Snapchat or kik dirty chat or clean

    18 DEC   Pleasanton, TX, Unit

    I’m looking for girls that are 15 to 19 that are willing to have a fun time over the phone 

    vax Me need my fuck buddy from uganda and any one willing just contact me.0754096001
    vax 256754096001
  • Toronto or GTA girls hmu

    05 DEC   Toronto, ON, Canada

     looking to meet a girl from Toronto or the greater Toronto area, hmu on snap cuz I probably won’t be on here for another few weeks minimum. 

  • Looking for girlfriend

    02 DEC   Keizer, OR, USA

    I am a bisexual plus-sized male and am looking for anyone 14 or 15 years old as a girlfriend or boyfriend I am 5.7 and like darker hair or natural red hair but I give everyone a chance

  • Hi I would like to get to know you

    01 DEC   Gosnell, AR, USA

    I'm looking for a girl that will always be supportive like I will if her time of need and a person that actually loves me and not for what they want me to be.  If you want hmu on sc nightblade236  bye. I am not gay either just so you know and I’m also 16 

    Blade I’m also into anime- romance, fantasy, comedy, magic, etc.. games- survival and free roam music- country, pop, RMB, and a little bit of rock
  • Real love, Real Relationship. Boyfriend

    28 NOV   Summerville GA, USA

    Hey guy.  I am looking for boyfriend as real relationship. I am deaf.  Like cannot hear.  I like the guy who alway support me and here for me. I am16 year old  Who I am. I love to clean house,  cooking,  love pets animals.  I am silly & Crazy girl.  If you wanna know more deep.  Age only (15,16,17) Add me in Instagram: blueking1500

  • Looking for girlfriend/boyfriend

    26 JUN   Woolwich Township, N

    im bisexual so im looking for either girls or boys to get to know better. Age should be between 16-18. They have to live in new jersey. Im 17 so i can drive. Im looking for something serious with someone whos kind and loyal. Snap or dm me  

  • #Bisexual want a gf or bf relationship

    24 MAY   Fresno, CA, USA

    Hey I’m maddie. I’m bisexual. I love to listen to music. Tan brown eyes and brown hair. Have many friends. Popular. Funny, attractive, love to listen to music, love to write,I’ve to hang out and talk. Really nice and sweet but very sassy. Love to be sarcastic ? want friends to and someone to date. Age range must be 13 - 15 

  • looking for a boyfriend

    27 NOV   San Bernardino, CA,

    • ????Good hygiene

    Its number one because it’s so important. If you’re going on a date make sure you shower, brush your teeth and use some deodorant. While some pheromones might be a turn-on, BO is not. Taking care over your appearance, your home and even your car if she’s going to ride in it are all marks of respect which women value.

    • Attention

    Generally women love to talk and they want a man who’ll listen to them without rolling their eyes or tuning out. Show the woman in your life you care by really paying her some attention rather than just lapping up the attention she gives you.

    • Sense of humour

    Make her laugh, help her see the lighter side of life and not only will it make you feel good about yourself but she’ll come to see you as someone who could be a real friend as well as a partner.

    • Sensitivity

    You don’t need to wear your heart on your sleeve all the time but it’s important that you let her see you have a sensitive side even if you never let anyone else see it.

    • Honesty

    There’s a lot of guys out there who are players and women are looking for someone who they can trust. Your honesty can be demonstrated in small ways like being on time, doing what you say you are going to do and telling her the truth about how you feel.

    • Respect

    It doesn’t matter how liberated or feminist a woman is they all want to be treated with respect. That means caring about her feelings, supporting her and not messing her about.

    • Integrity

    Women respect men who have values, beliefs, principals and who will stand up for what they believe in. Men are often physically stronger but even if they aren’t women want to know a man will stand up for her, protect her and be on her side when she needs it.

    • Thoughtfulness

    Doing those little jobs without being nagged; sending a message just to let her know you’re thinking of her or remembering something important that’s going on in her life even if it doesn’t involve you. Offer to help her when you can but don’t assume she’s always asking you to fix a problem sometimes she might just want you to listen.

    •  Desire

    No woman wants to be with a man who doesn’t find her attractive but she’ll soon lose interest if your desire is only shown in the bedroom. She needs to know it is her you desire rather than just sex. Show this through affection, compliments and don’t assume she should know, tell her.

    •  Ability to commit

    While some women may prefer the emotionally unavailable type, those who are genuinely looking for a boyfriend want someone who shows that they have the ability to commit. Be on time for dates; make arrangements and stick to them, don’t be flaky when it comes to your feelings about her. Consistency and stability in your work, friendships and family situation are all great indicators that you are someone she can rely on.

  • Looking for girls age 13-15 wanting to have fun on snapchat

    27 NOV   Escondido, CA, USA

    Looking for girls age 13-15 wanting to have fun on snapchat my snapis guachinho so be sure to add me and say "from ourteennetwork" so i know who you are thx

  • Wooooooowwwwwww nun yet??

    03 APR   Lauderhill, FL, USA

    If u got my IF (Instagram)  text me heart eyes so I know u interested!??!!?? My Ig is @Zack_mybaby

    LORD LINCOLN Mi Ready En Find Me On 0786977506
  • Eternally bored and down for whatever

    25 NOV   Chicago, IL, USA

    Honestly I'm just looking for something fun to do. I'm down for whatever. Just don't be boring and don't be over 19. So hmu if you wanna get to know me, got something interesting to say, or just wanna get naughty lol

  • Eternally bored and down for whatever

    25 NOV   Chicago, IL, USA

    I'm always up to do whatever, and I check my phone all the time. Hmu if wanna make a new friend, share stories, or get naughty. It don't matter to me. Just don't be boring lol

  • Girls add me on Snapchat

    23 NOV   Birmingham, AL, USA

    Anyone looking to chat feel free to add me. Looking for friends and other interesting people. 

  • Looking for a freaky girlfriend

    23 NOV   Hinesville, GA, USA

    Hey I'm 17 looking for a girlfriend

    Must be 17-18

    That's about it lol 

    I'm a funny but yet weird person, I know I'm ugly but I can treat you right

    I like to draw a lot and I'm also a gamer I have a PS3 at the moment but I will get a PS4 by Christmas 

  • Who am I and what am I looking for~?

    21 NOV   Buckeye Lake, OH, US

    Hi there~!
    My name is Saige, I'm pansexual, and I'm 16 years old. I'm very creative and intelligent, and I guess a lot of other things that I could say on here but wouldn't really mean much lol You'd have to meet me to know that I'm special, ya know? Anyways, I like video games (I mostly play PS4, but PC as well), anime, animals, digital art, and I LOVE singing. Also very 420 friendly if ya know what I mean lol. When it comes to music, I listen to mostly rock and dubstep. I'm leaning more toward females on this site, but I'm still very open to talking to guys. If anyone's interested in talking more, I use Facebook and Discord~!

    My ideal person would be female, though like I said, I'm still open to guys. I want someone who most importantly shares some of my interests. Someone who I can laugh and smoke and cuddle with.. So let me make this very clear. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ONE NIGHT STANDS. Also, physical attraction isn't everything, but must at least somewhat be present. 

  • Want a short girlfriend..?

    13 JUL   Austin, TX, United S

    I'm 5'4 and looking for a romantic partner living in or around Austin, TX. I've always been the taller one in the relationship and I want to try being the shorter one. I love to kiss, cuddle, talk, and maybe get a little freaky. Anybody can hit me up; guy or girl. 

    Gavin Will this relationship last 1 week... I swear to God that if it is... Then Imma going to sue someone for this...
    Connor Hey Im 5ft 10 and Im nice
    Connor Well 5ft 10.5
    Richard Rochester Hey Im 6 2 if you want something like that hmu
  • Looking for a loving girlfriend

    07 NOV   Manchester, NH, USA

    I am 13 year old and I would like a loving girl that has tI'm for me and talk to me everyday

  • HMU uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    18 NOV   Longview, TX, USA

    Hey I’m just trying not gonna wanna was the time I got home I got a donut I got a lot going to do so I’ll send y’all the pic of y’all bye love ya girl I gotta ya got to me see y’all soon I love y’all too see you tyyyy was I just wrote random shit here

  • Looking for either friendship or maybe even a relationship.

    17 NOV   Spartanburg, SC, Uni

    I’m going to get straight to the point, I’m looking for makes friends with. Possibly even a relationship but I won’t guarantee anything. Preferably someone in either North or South Carolina but it’ll still be fine if you aren’t from either of those places. Also, I will nod send out nudes nor will I sext with anyone, so don’t ask. 

    I am 14 years old so I wouldn’t exactly feel comfortable talking to someone over 16, please keep that in mind. I’m also bisexual.

    If you’re interested in chatting with me, my Insta is: mitsuki.momo

  • I want a guy who is in Maine and loyal and sweet to me 17 or 16

    22 JUL   Portland, ME, USA

    Don't ask me for nudes I am not that kind of girl/ I will go to a park with you if u want to 

    Karrina345 You are not in Maine though
    Karrina345 Read the title
    ReZve Can i try?
  • Looking for a Girlfriend

    16 NOV   throb

    I'm a 16 year old Canadian looking for a girlfriend who shares similar interests, I play a lot of video games and I really like technology. I am strictly looking for a girlfriend, sorry.

  • Meet New Girl To Have A Relationship With

    21 JUL   Rochester, NY, USA

    I am looking for a 13-15 year old girl who lives in the Rochester, NY area to start dating.

  • im looking for someone that will accept me for who i am

    07 NOV   Charlottesville, VA,

    I am a very supportive person. I like to play sports. I play high school football. I like to play video games sometimes. I watch anime sometimes. I am a very kind person. What i see in a girl is a person that will support people who are in hardships of their life's. I see someone who likes to have fun. So if you are interested just hit me up.

    Dionysus_Darc Idk if your bi i dont assume peoples sexuality but I Hope you find someone who will accept you for you, you seem to be a cool person who at least deserves that. I wish you the best
  • Looking for someone in California

    13 NOV   Monrovia, CA, United

    Hello I'm Ben i'm single and lookin 4 a nice girl to be in my life or be around for fun if thats what your into lol. I have a big heart, and need someone with a big heart as well! If you like to know more feel free to shoot me a message on snapchat, and or instagram or kik. I hope to talk to you very soon! Also if ur from California stop by!

  • Just a little more about me

    12 NOV   DeKalb, IL, USA

    Im also not in sexual games, sexting, role-playing etc. 

    I would like a relationship to slowly build from a friendship to a romantic relationship. A romantic ralationship with no sex. I am yet ready to give up my virginity. But im also not waiting till marriage. Hopefully too you live near dekalb, sycamore or Sheffield in Illinois. So we can see eachother.

  • A request for anyone who wants a real boyfriend, a loving significant half

    12 NOV   NY, USA

    Hi I’m Ethan from NYC. I’m looking for a real relationship with a woman (age 14-16) from NYC. I promise to be loyal if you can say the same thing to me. NO FAKE DATING! You can reach me on any social media listed on my profile and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like to meet in person I will try to schedule that ASAP. Thx for reading and GN.

  • So who wants to chat? (NO NUDES)

    09 NOV   Meredith, NH, USA

    Anyone looking for that special someone? Cause I am! Message me if you want to talk. I only give out my social media if I trust you so yeah. Please, 13-16 I don't make exceptions. I love anime, singing, writing, reading, and drawing, also I'm pansexual o yeah. Hey hello...nice meeting you
    Kaitlyn <3 Heyyy Im always open to talk
  • i wanna get freaky with a girl, so hmu

    07 NOV   Burton, OH, USA

    add me on snap: nate_hicks2003

    i get freaky and ill send??

  • Looking for any sort of relationship!

    06 NOV   Amsterdam, Netherlan

    I'm actually ready to settle and have a stable and healthy relationship! Add me on Snap @tinyxangel if you're interested!

    Lovehawck I texted you on snap
    Lovehawck I texted you on snap
    Prjwlucifer Hey ash i am searching for a true relationship. Lets try
    Bubba Hey how are you
  • Looking for a girlfriend (:

    06 NOV   Virginia

    Looking for a relationship with a girl (14-19) txt me tell me about yourself I’ll do the same and we’ll go from there and see how it turns out (: 

  • I am 16 any girl can chat with me

    06 NOV   Hyderabad, Telangana

    Insta id: power ---- praveen .Its an private account and follow me and I'll accept and I'll follow u

    Plz follow me

    Thank u???

  • Relationship, NON-SEXUAL

    29 SEP   McKinney, TX, USA

    I am currently looking for a guy or girl to chat with on hangouts or skype. Looking for something non-sexual but also something hopefully long-term. Hmu if your interested. 

  • Looking for serious girls only.

    09 JUN   Broken Arrow, OK, Un

    Hey there, I’m Caleb and I’m really lonely. Im not looking for any thing sexual, im just looking for a girl that’s serious and wants to be close and talk. I just need someone who will stay and work together for us to be happy. Hmu if you’re interested

  • Meet bi boys and into girls too

    31 OCT   Southampton, UK

    I’m bi so boys and girls hmu. Sc: legpebguy. I’m a fun guy and I’m 15, into rugby, swimming, football, musical theatre, music. I’m an actor and singer.

  • Bisexual female looking for love

    15 OCT   Oxford, UK

    I'm 16, I like anime, video games, baking, guitar. I'm pretty shy but I open up a lot when I get to know someone, I'm also a little bit chubby and a christian and I dont send nudes. I'm looking for someone who will have lots of time for me, who is happy to talk every day (or nearly every day). Long distance is ok but I would prefer someone near me, I'm not picky about appearance so as long as your nice, come talk to me.

    Alexandrite Hey, I’m a bisexual girl too. Send me a message.
  • want to be in a true relationship

    28 OCT   Kathmandu, Nepal

    i am looking for a girl who doesnot judge me on my personality between age 13-16 and some friends

  • Looking for my dream girl

    23 OCT   Orangeville, ON, Can

    I'm Nathan I'm looking for a nice girl to talk to and maybe date add me on snap ngraham200

  • im just here to say hello

    23 JAN   San Francisco, CA, U

    hey im daniel im 13! im a trans FTM boy. im pansexual. im honest, loyal and kind. dm me if u want XP

  • looking for a cute nice girl between 14-17

    23 OCT   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Hi im will and i want  friends but mostly a relationship if you live near me

  • Meet and talk to girls who are curious

    23 OCT   Warren, MI, USA

    Hey I'm Mark I looking for a romantic relationship I'm athletic creative and I like to think outside the box. I also like classic rock drawing and Legos I'm straight by the way If interested email me  at

  • Wanting a relationship

    10 MAR   Marysville, KS, Unit

    Hey ppl, I'm 13 and wanting a relationship. I would like a relationship with someone who will respect me, and someone who I can love and trust.

  • Looking for a girl only (single)

    12 AUG   Otwell, IN, USA

    I will do anything you want. It does not matter whether it is sexual of you want it you got it. If you are looking for a slave, I'm who your looking for. Your looking for just a fuckbuddy, I'm your man.

    Lydia Come meet up with me if you want to have some fun
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