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Meet thousands of teenagers for romantic only ,this is a group for meet people for romantic only in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • looking for a Relationship

    02 FEB   Oshawa, ON, Canada

    i just want a loyal girlfriend, who is nice, kind, sweet, caring,and funny 

  • Feel free to chat with me...girls fags?

    21 FEB   Stafford, TX, United

    Hi I'm a boy who is into really nice girls and single and definitely anti-feminist. I'm into videogames, goin outside, and hanging out with friends. So if u want qen can chat...

  • dont have any idea what to do with her

    20 FEB   Calgary, AB, Canada

    hey um guys

    i love a girl here who doesnt have any bf nd im trying a lot to make her mine but she says nope.....anyone who can give an idea what to tell her......HER NAME STARTS WITH "D".....

  • 16 FEB   Alexandria, VA, USA


  • Looking for real relationship with girl 13-15

    16 FEB   White Plains, MD, US

    I’m looking for a girl that will love me for who I am an wants a long lasting relationship and maybe meet up one day. don’t care if freaky or not 

  • Looking for girlfriend

    14 FEB   Lansing, MI, USA

    I'm looking for a girlfriend that supports  bisexuals that is very nice 

    some things I like are soccer surfing the web and playing video games.

    anyone would be fine if interested message or email me at

  • Looking for a real and great relationship

    14 FEB   Columbus, IN, United

    Hey, my name is Luke and I’m 15. I was looking for a pretty girl, but who is also caring, funny, and adventurous. I’m in band (I play the alto sax), and I am single. My Snapchat is lfriesner, that would be the quickest way to add me since I rarely get on here. Okay have a good week/weekend everyone 

  • Meet new people and find a boyfriend in the process

    13 FEB   Lansing, MI, USA

    Hi I'm Evan and I'm 16 and looking for a boyfriend and I'm a positive person with a loving heart and I just want somebody in my life. I love art and music and Halsey is my favorite artist. On top that I am an animal lover and I love video games and meeting new people.

  • Looking for girls that want to have fun.

    11 FEB   Olympia, WA, USA

    Paul 19 single. Looking for girls any age that are fun to chat with. Interested in trading and talking

  • Semi Confused but That-s Fine

    10 FEB   Doniphan, MO, United

    So last September I made a post saying I'm pa romantic which is true but me being straight was just a guess. I still have no idea what I am but I'm gonna guess im closer to bi. And I don't feel the need to experiment so don't ask. But, yeah. I like who I like and I focus on personality more than anything.I may change my mind again at some point and that's fine.

  • I-m not sure what this title should be so whatever.

    29 SEP   Doniphan, MO, United

    So I'm panromantic but I'm straight and have had crushes on a girl, a guy, some other things.. ya know? Like sometimes you just have a cool personality and that makes you like 30 percent cuter in my head. So yeah. I don't really know what else to say. I'd prefer to talk to people between 15 and 17 but it's whatever really.

  • looking for boyfriend :)

    11 JUL   Planet earth

    I love theatre, swimming, and art. Im looking for a guy I can rely on, but can also rely on me. Age limits are 13-16

  • relationship with a girl/boy

    10 FEB   North Plainfield, NJ

    15 years old. Bisexual. Like people who make me laugh and really think like me. I also like to draw on my free time.

  • Looking for someone for date, chat and roleplay

    02 DEC   Fremont, OH, United

    looking fot a girl or a guy 14-17 who wants to date, chat and roleplay with me

  • Locking for a loving boyfriend

    04 FEB   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Wassup, my name is Frida and I’m looking for a boyfriend that won’t cheat. I’m looking for a boyfriend that is 13-15 years old and that is loyal and fully committed to a relationship.

  • Looking for a gf 16-19

    08 FEB   Kalamazoo, MI, USA

    My names daniel im 17 i like sports and music im not a normal guy im not afraid to show my sensitive side if ur intrested hmu snapchat dderyke9 or email me at

  • Something real with someone real

    07 FEB   Beavercreek, OH, Uni

    They say theres someone out there for everyone. Who's my someone? Who's gonna be that one special lady for me?

  • Need to find a connection with someone

    06 FEB   Houston, TX, USA

    Hello, I’m Rebekah. I’m funny, compassionate, and introverted. I love meeting kind people who are open minded and genuine. I enjoy things like YouTube, music, art, and dance. I really need a good person in my life right now! 

  • I?m chris and I need a gf

    07 FEB   Anaheim, CA, United

    Hmu on Snapchat if you wanna be my girlfriend, I’m 17 always been single and just want to love

  • I?m looking for a mistress and or slave girls

    07 FEB  

    Hey I’m Aidan I wanna have a girl master or girl Slaves HMU if u want me 

  • Meet new people for romantic relationship

    01 FEB   Encino, TX, United S

    Im kaden, 14. open minded with good attitude, i like basketball and socer, i would love to meet some looking for a relation ship

  • Hi, I?m Chris, I?m 17 looking for gf

    05 FEB   Anaheim, CA, United

    Hmu on sc, ccaronna5, I’m a nice guy who’s funny just looking for a sweet gf to love.

  • 17 looking for a girlfriend

    04 FEB   Anaheim, CA, United

    Hi I’m chris I’m 17 and I’ve always been single, I’m just looking for someone to Love so if you’re interested hmu on sc

  • what would you do if...

    31 JUL   Summerville, SC, Uni

    hey guys its kenz, so i have a question, what would you do for me if i...:

    1. couldn't sleep
    2. had a nightmare
    3. was scared
    4. was sad
    5. was crying

    please answer one at a time in order

  • Hi im looking for a freaky friend i can talk to

    30 JAN   Apex, NC, United Sta

    Im looking for a freaky girl i can talk to and send pics to Im african american and im looking for any girl thats interested

  • Hey ?? I?m Aidan I?m looking forward to meeting someone with same interests

    29 JAN  

    Hey I’m Aida im16 I’m looking for a good girl and hot but I wanna talk before anything  I’m a big fan of airsoft some games I don’t know what to talk about 

  • Any girls up for talking I?m up for anything

    29 JAN  

    I’m up for anything dirty talk ect I like dominat girls I’m down for absolutely anything  but I wanna talk  a little just send me a message and will talk 

  • Life?s to rough to go through alone....

    28 JAN   Humble, TX, United S

    Life just sucks doesn’t it, like it feels school just has it out for you. Don’t want to keep trying to go through it fully alone, so if anyone wants to give me a chance or however that wording should be (oof) let me know please. I’m a nerd and gamer so almost anything in those categories are great for me. Just want someone that I can go through things with and have that support....

  • Looking For A Girlfriend

    26 JAN   Frederick, MD, Unite

    Hey My Name Is Steven,I'm 14 And I Want A Girl Who's Gonna Love Me For Me And Always Be Faithful Because I've Been Cheated On Before But Don't Just Hit Me Up If You Just Want To Use Me To Get Back At Someone Or Make Someone Jealous Only Hit Me Up If You Want To Have A Relationship I Don't Want To Be Hurt Again

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    16 JUL   Allentown, PA, Unite

    I'm looking for a guy who will treat me like his king and will love me for me

  • A fair deal any thing you want just for one video

    21 JAN   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    if you send me a video of you cumming I’ll send you what ever you want. Guys only any age. I’ll give you some teaser photos so you know what’s coming. Username: amywarren652

  • hello im jordan im looking for a gf

    25 JAN   Fort Ashby, WV, Unit

    im jordan i play fortball i like soccer im looking for a gf perferbly around 15-17 .. im carying loving guy.. 

  • im just here to say hello

    23 JAN   San Francisco, CA, U

    hey im daniel im 13! im a trans FTM boy. im pansexual. im honest, loyal and kind. dm me if u want XP

  • Syd2 new account text me boys ?

    02 JAN   Saint Cloud, MN, Uni

    hey guys this is syd2 new account so anyone that wanted to chat and I didn't get back to them I am locked out of my account and this is my new one? Boys for dating only please

  • A Girlfriend example for me

    19 JAN   Moore, OK, United St

    I want a girl whos sweet kind and always supportive. Doesnt matter about how she looks. She HAS to be 13 to 15

  • lookin 4 a relationship

    20 JAN   Monrovia, CA, United

    Hello I'm Ben i'm single and looking 4 a nice gal to be in my life. I have a big heart, and am not some f boi after nudes im going through a bit of a tough time in my life and need someone with a big heart as well! If you like to know more feel free to shoot me a message I'm on kik, snapchat, and or instagram.

  • Looking for a cute boyfriend

    23 OCT   Grand Rapids, MI, Un

    Hi,  I'm Delilah but call me Rene if you actually like me. I'm super nice, outgoing and can get a little freaky sometimes. I want a cute, clingy, strong and cute boy. 

  • Looking for a true relationship

    17 JAN   Spartanburg, SC, Uni

    I'm looking for a relationship with someone who will stay there for me. No fakes. I'm pansexual so I don't mind who texts me ?. Ages 13-15 only and no dirty talking or nudes. I don't want to be heartbroken again. If you're interested, my snapchat is cutie_pie0450 

  • Whole 1st month free

    14 JAN   SPAM

    Anybody wanna more fun or special service ..then add me on snapchat my username is Theonejasperhale

    Any age, anyone..can add me..i will give you full satisfication..

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    13 JAN   Wauconda, IL, United

    Hi I am 15 years old. I am looking for a girlfriend near me but if u aren't really that close that is ok. Hit me up if you are interested and don't worry I don't bite. Lol?

  • Hey, looking for a bf 17-18

    12 JAN   Salem, NY, United St

    Hey there. I'm Hailey, 17. I'm a girl who loves horses and cheerleading. Being a cheerleader allows me to be able bend in ways that some girls can't. Msg me.

  • Meet guys in my area who will love me

    11 JAN   Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    I’m looking for a tall guy in my area to stay up late with and cuddle and watch horror movies together and that can handle everything about me and will love me for who I am and not try and change me and will game with me

  • Closing in on Valentine?s Day Amy single ladies or guys?

    11 JAN   Louisville, KY, Unit

    How’s everyone doing? I am a guy searching his valentine near or far! Would love to chat some with you, find out about you and how your days are going. Just a partner to share everything with. Girl guy, any age doesn’t matter if we hit it off. Whether you’re older than me or younger, just be you. Be true to yourself and we will get along great! Share secrets dreams and goals with each other! 

  • I like girls and guys ??


    Im Katie, im 13 and I like girls and boys please don’t send me nudes 

  • Looking for girlfriend <3

    06 JAN   Delran, NJ, USA

    I'm 16 (soon to be 17) and looking for a girlfriend within the 17 - 18 age range who'd be fine with an open relationship and trying out Puppyplay as the dominant. Just message me to get to know me! I really like cuddling girls and phone calls to talk about random things.

  • 13 boy looking 4 boyfriend

    04 JAN   Morgan Hill, CA, Uni

    HMU I’m in San Jose CA anyone near? I’m lookin for someone who can be more than friends? 

  • lookin 4 a relationship

    04 JAN   Monrovia, CA, United

    Hello im ben i'm single and looking 4 a nice gal to be in my life. I have a big heart, and am not some f boi after nudes im going through a bit of a tough time in my life and need someone with a big heart as well! If you like to know more feel free to shoot me a message I'm on kik, snapchat, and or instagram.

  • looking for a boyfriend

    13 JUL  

    someone kik me(males only 15-17) im bored kik:graceanne2434 clean chat only please....looking for a boyfriend

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