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  • Looking for boyfriend or girlfriend (I-m bi)

    18 SEP   Edinburgh, United Ki

    Hey I'm looking for anyone who wants a meaningful relationship. I'm 17 and from Scotland. I like to play rugby and ride motorbikes in my spare time. Anyone feel free to message me and I promise I will be caring and will cherish any bf or gf I have....

  • teen boyfriend age 13-15

    11 SEP   Frederick, CO, Unite

    looking for someone is easy finding and falling in love with is hard and losing them is impossibe to deal with.

    Colby5768 Hey Im Colby hit me up in looking for a gf
    Kaleb Connolly I am all of them this
  • If you-re a bisexual or lesbian girl read this!

    27 JUN   Utica, NY, United St

    Hi I'm LJ.  I want a long or short distance relationship with a nice girl who won't lie to me. I want to flirt and maybe extange pictures. If you are interested please message or Kik me. My Kik is Ljanimallover6. 

  • Hello, this is me, give me a chance

    18 MAR   Manchester-by-the-Se

    Dear Reader, this is who I am... in a series of bullet points... 

    1. I am a polyamorist... which istypically the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships where individuals may have more than one partner, with the knowledge and consent of all partners. 
    2. I am Bisexual... I am attracted to both genders...a person who is sexually attracted to both men and women... And that doesn't make it ok to have threesomes...
    3. My Likes... I like writing, reading, drawing, singing... I even have my own youtube account. I also have fan fiction websites which I write to every time I finish a chapter.
    4. My type of guy: I like guys who are about 5'10 or taller, stonge, someone who wont judge me by my looks
    5. My type of girl: I really don't care... 
    6. If there is anything you want to know about me, just let me know

    Dylan Message me
    Phanton hey there wanna chat
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    16 JUL   Allentown, PA, Unite

    I'm looking for a guy who will treat me like his king and will love me for me and will make me smile and laugh

    Phanton hey there wanna chat
  • im brent and have been unallowed to date for 13 years.looking for secret gf

    12 SEP   Springtown, TX, Unit

    im hoping to get a secret gf. im 13.

    i have been locked up by my parents, being sad, and eating my feeling but am working out

  • Looking to chat with a girl

    31 AUG   Space

    Want to have some fun with a girl so msg me and let me know so i give u my snap

    Rachaelgrennen I love fun and Im on cheer and I just quite modeling because school and I love romance
  • looking for a relationship

    12 SEP   Raynham, MA, United

    Hi am Colby I'm am 15 years old I am bisexual. I am looking for a bf or gf to date hit me up with a selfie if interested

  • Single teen girls 13-15 message me

    11 SEP   Anderson, MO, United

    Hi. I'm Kaleb, 14. I like to watch anime/movies, play videogames, listen to music, and draw. I'm trying to find a girlfriend. Message me on Kik. My username is Kaleb_OHearon_03

  • I-ll always be there for you

    10 AUG   Bakersfield, CA, Uni

    Hi, I'm Samuel, straight, 16, looking for a girlfriend. I'm about 5'11", I'm a guitar player, gamer, extrovert (sort of), and I love roller coasters. So hmu. :) 

    AlienGirl Hey whats up Samuel Im Jenny
  • Looking for a relationship

    07 SEP   Palm Bay, FL, United

    I'm looking for a bf who is possessive,funny,caring and won't hurt me message me if interested Ages 14-16


    22 JUN   Colorado Springs, CO


  • looking for a bf to love

    09 JUL   New York, NY, United

    in want a boy who makes me laugh and chill. Annd i want him to be loyal and not a man hoe.

    Nhguy U r beautiful
    logancorbin No fuxk all the other guy Im the best for u..
    Ceil Ill try it out
    Freddy madrid dont date this girl she is a hoe she is a liar and a cheater
  • Want to have some fun ?

    01 SEP  

    Hey guys! My name is Lauren. I'm 16. I just joined a few days ago. Looking to meet some guys that want to have an awesome time. ?Message me if you want to exchange some pretty fun pics ?

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    15 AUG  

    Hi I'm 14 I want a girlfriend around 13-15 years old

    I'm not a heart breaker cuz I know how that feels and I don't care where your from all I want is someone to love pretty much and I'm respectful and will respect people. If your interested text me or leave a comment. maybe we can get to know each other and if we like each other maybe be bf and gf :)

    Mitul Hi :) whats up? Wanna talk? 😁
  • I-m turned on and looking for fun

    16 AUG   Bay Shore, NY, Unite

    Looking for a girl (any age) that i can have some "fun" with at snap?. Hmu at fredword204

  • Want a short girlfriend..?

    13 JUL   Austin, TX, United S

    I'm 5'4 and looking for a romantic partner living in or around Austin, TX. I've always been the taller one in the relationship and I want to try being the shorter one. I love to kiss, cuddle, talk, and maybe get a little freaky. Anybody can hit me up; guy or girl. 

    Connor Well 5ft 10.5
    Richard Rochester Hey Im 6 2 if you want something like that hmu
    Leo Hi Ayden I live in texas I am 62
  • Hiiii looking for a relationship

    10 AUG   Wichita, KS, United

    Heyooo my names Emily im Panromantic and am looking for a relationship. I like videogames,youtube,and anime. Im pretty emo and love Panic!, FOB , SIO, and Hollywood Undead. If you don't want a relationship then you can move on...Comment if your interested 12-16

    Spencer Mclaughlin My snap is spencer.m420
    sexyboysamuel Hey Im 13 too :)
    zachemrich hey. im16 and am intrested in dating. be carefull, i am planning on joining the us army green beret out of high school
  • Looking for a long relationship

    09 AUG   hell

    looking for a guy to treat me right! Hmu on here or snapchat if u want! Sc ian.queensmith 

    Jesse Castillo Hey Im 14 Im Hispanic I love to draw and cuddle

  • Meet new people to do dirt with

    23 JUL   Denver, CO, United S

    Hello hmu on kik @bruh_tis_ian to mabey swap pics, idc how old you are but you have timo be a girl, 

    Grace Youre cute wanna chat?
  • Looking for girl(potential relationship)

    03 AUG  

    Hey there, I am jay and I'm 17. I play guitar and drums, I surf, and listen to slot of music. Looking for a girl hopefully between 15-18! Looking for female friends maybe turning to something more. Message me if you are interested :)

    Dallas Jay, hun, I cant get into my messages. Do you have a gmail?
  • what would you do if...

    31 JUL   United States

    hey guys its kenz, so i have a question, what would you do for me if i...:

    1. couldn't sleep
    2. had a nightmare
    3. was scared
    4. was sad
    5. was crying

    please answer one at a time in order

    AK Babe ill kiss ya until all ya probs go away
    kenz theunwantedkid please message me
    Phanton 1234 and 5: i would comfort you until your all better now and i wont stop until your nice and calm
    fabrice deco if u could not slip i would sing 4 u caress u in every way make u happy if u had a nightmare i dnt knw but i will hold u tight in ma arms to keep u secure even wen your scared .... message me 4 the other answers
  • Hey Im Rahina :) nice to meet everyone

    04 AUG   Dumfries, VA, United

    Hi everyone Im looking for a real relationship with boys or girls whether it be long distance or in person. As long as we can have conversation and make each other smile im all good so hit me up on here snap or kik :)

  • BlackWolf lady looking for someone special

    04 APR   Dawsonville, GA, Uni

    Aowwww who wants to be my buddy an if u want to know more bout me I have a great personality I'm loyal smart and kind I am a unique black person u know y cause i do screamo and live to thrash

  • Need to be in a relationship Kik me

    02 AUG   Atlanta, GA, United

    Play games like to play with my dog just like to have. Allowed to pray Planks on people so if you don't like it then they have to get used to me. But on the other side I do need a relationship I'm at the age where I have my own place and just tired of being alone

  • hit up on Skype to get to know this metal head tomboy

    03 JUN   Dawsonville, GA, Uni

    If u want to get to know me better 

    Skype BlackWolf Dragon

    Stay metal my friends

    Jonathan fambro Kik me JonathanF1859
  • Girls only ... looking for partner

    31 JUL   Dammam, Eastern Prov

    If you are interested in me, lets talk... looking for partner

    Girls only .. 

    I know shit most people dont know sounds cocky but it is what it is...

  • Looking for a relationship

    18 JUL   Port Orange, FL, Uni

    I'm looking for a cuckold relationship. Hmu if interested! Or if you just want to chat hmu too.

    D temple I will like us to get together and know each other
  • 16 and a virgin looking for a girl to take it

    22 JUL   Pittsburg, KS, Unite

    my name is dacota and im really looking for a girl to have some fun with and chat to get to know one another 

  • Looking For a Gf Hmu Don-t Be Shy

    14 JUN   Villa Park, IL, Unit

    Hey, Im Tyree Johnson I'm a Singer, Musician, Im Very Talented, Athletic and very romantic like words can't explain!

  • Looking For Decent Convos

    21 JUL   East Orange, NJ, Uni

    Hiya, I'm Jose, 14, I'm here looking for someone to talk to because I'm tired of the boring convos. I like to draw and I've been known for confusing people with the things I say because I'm just like that, I love swimming but I don't swim much because I hate being by myself. I'm not sure what else to say about myself but if you're interested hmu, Let's see how far you get 

  • looking for boyfriend :)

    11 JUL   Planet earth

    I love theatre, swimming, and art. Im looking for a guy I can rely on, but can also rely on me. Age limits are 13-16

    EDistin42 Im Ellis Im 14 gay to I have some common interests and Im really looking for Love and the Love someone else and do it respectfully hopefully well be able to chat :)
    EDistin42 Oh and I love sports in general swimming cool I figure skate so its kind like the equivalent and its fun and I like thetature and I draw a little lol
    EDistin42 I have the wrong Snapchat on mya coconut if you wanna add me its ellisdistin4
    Christopher I would like to be your future boyfriend. Lets get to know each other first but I can already tell I like u
  • I am looking for Nude Pic Trades

    21 JUL   Florida City, FL, Un

    Hey, i am looking for girl to trade nude pics (:

    I am not showing my face out of safety reasons.

    sendnudes Girl or boy doesnt matter(:
  • Any English(British)Boys? ( 16-18 )

    21 JUL   United States

    Are there any cute British boys who would be interested in a conversation with me? ( please do not lie. ) I do also like truthful Boys. ( 16-18 ) If you want to know what I like here is a basic post about me.  ( ) 

  • I-m looking for a girl

    28 MAR   Fountain City, IN, U

    I'm looking for a girl 12-15, I live in Indiana. I am a redneck and I love guns. If you text me I will txt you back. I am really into nice yet funny girls. If you wanna talk dirty I'm fine with that like I said I'm a redneck. I am completely straight. If you love me I will love you.

  • Need a gf!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30 JAN   Gordonsville, VA, Un

    I can take on any date and pay for any date I just need someone that can actually physically see me and hang out anytime they want..................and I'm welcome to give out my number too

    Nella hey from where are you?
    J Virginia
    MoistMuffins OMG Ive been looking for a guy like you!!!
  • Looking for girls to talk to and have some fun with

    01 JUL   Washington, DC, Unit

    Hii. Im justin looking for a girl who is equaly as bad as me but still is nice ;) 

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    16 JUL   Allentown, PA, Unite

    I'm looking for a guy who will treat me like his king and will love me for me

  • Don-t open if u don-t like sexual things

    13 JUL   Eaton, OH, United St

    Looking to trade nudes with someone to help me get off. Any gender but have to be 10-14

  • looking for a boyfriend

    13 JUL   Kennesaw, GA, United

    someone kik me(males only 15-17) im bored kik:graceanne2434 clean chat only please....looking for a boyfriend

  • Anyone up for a chat??? :(

    10 JUL   Liverpool, United Ki

    No friends lol lookng for a nice lady to talk to and maybe date in the future 

  • Looking for relationship with a girl

    30 JUN   Winder, GA, United S

    ??????I  looking for girl that I can chat, and have a connection. I have no problem with race. If u look for real guy not a boy chat me. Mainly looking for a girl 14 but can be older. Chat with me on hear our Snapchat Amircm17: on hear daily.

  • Looking for a sweet guy

    27 JUN   Heredia, Heredia Pro

    I'm looking for a blue prince, basically. I know it's ridiculous to try to find one here, but who knows...

    Instagram: mauricio_ch_s

  • Looking for a relationship

    25 JUN   Palmetto, FL, United

    Hello, I'm Gabe. I am a Christian. I like to play video games, ping-pong, and the piano. I'm also a chill.

    Gracie Hey ya wanna talk😏😏
  • looking for a girlfriend

    06 MAR   Liberia, Costa Rica

    Hi, my name is gus.... im looking for a girlfriend if you're interested hmu.

    Cupcake00044223 Im interested but what age are you looking for?
  • Looking for a fast relationship HMU

    19 JUN   Boston, MA, United S

    im bisexual I don't hate, but if your going to approach me like a perve you can leave age limit is 14

  • Looking for some nice action

    21 JUN   Ragley, LA, United S

    hi i am isaac and I am feeling dirty. Any girl who wants some of me send a nude to me with your real name. I am a great loving country boy. Give me a whirl ladies

    Isaac I am a noice lover
    Isaac One night stands are ok
  • Horny people message me

    19 JUN   KCMO, MO, United Sta

    Somebody pleseas message me i am so horny and i really need somebody now!!!

    We can meet up and do something idk what that might be but i know it woould be fun

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