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Romantic only

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Meet thousands of teenagers for romantic only ,this is a group for meet people for romantic only in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Bisexual female looking for love

    15 OCT   Oxford, UK

    I'm 16, I like anime, video games, baking, guitar. I'm pretty shy but I open up a lot when I get to know someone, I'm also a little bit chubby and a christian and I dont send nudes. I'm looking for someone who will have lots of time for me, who is happy to talk every day (or nearly every day). Long distance is ok but I would prefer someone near me, I'm not picky about appearance so as long as your nice, come talk to me.

    Jordan Hey, I like guitar too hmu on Snapchat jords071598

  • I need cute and pretty female friends

    16 OCT   Lagos

    Am really bored so I need cute and pretty female friends who are romantic, fell free to make friend sigh me, chat me up anytime and I will reply. 

    shelby019 (Taken) hey. in need of friends too
    12 hours ago
    estella hi I am one of them
    12 hours ago
  • Its so gross like stop

    08 OCT   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Oh my GOD stop texting me if your trying to get nasty pictures not like that so stop!!

    Henry Chafton(looking) Woah woah whos been asking you for nudes ill straighen them up real quick lol
    Hanna (Happily taken) I feel you but TBH most guys on here are like that
    MichiganLibertarian Sending nude pics to minors is child porn
    12 hours ago
  • Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

    16 OCT   Lairg, UK

    I want somebody to love but it's hard since I'mn a trans male and I'm gay so it's hard to find somebody in Scotland 

  • want a good relationship

    13 OCT   Bellefonte, PA, USA

    • hi guys im new here how are u? why am i doing bullet points for you because this is what i want in a guy 
    • want someone that will love me and care about me 
    • being romantic and not being mean to me 
    • wont  ask for nudes
    • i can handle long distance relationship
    • favorite color is pink and purple and turquoise 

    Brady Do u just wanna chat as friends? Cause I’m kinda bored and wanna talk with someone
    3 days ago
    TankNate (im a guy) what Adu said but i dont like pink or purple but i can handle it
    3 days ago
    Dawson Im gonna add your snap so we can talk
    2 days ago
  • long distance relationship

    13 OCT   Philadelphia, PA, US

    im moving to aus or usa soon so im looking to start something special with the right person, hmu or drop ur addy. tnx.

  • looking for a romantic romance only

    09 OCT   Raleigh, NC, USA

    Hey! Is there any girl or guy here just looking for a purely romantic relationship? I'm asexual so I'm not that interested in any sexual relationship of any kind. message me if your interested! I'm a really sweet and chill girl 

    Kortnee Just click her profile she made a whole post about being a sophmore in college til someone reminded her this was a teen site.. then she changed her age to 19 and made a new post.. tomorrow she will see this and make a new post.. she is most likely an old man pretending to be a teen.. or a sophomore In college
    Adam Hey im interested and i like to talk you about anything that you like so my snap is @adam_lvn hmu if you interested . Btw im 20 yo from Chicago
    Kortnee There we go age appropriate people... on the wrong site... 20 isn’t teen
  • Single and looking for someone special

    09 OCT   Monrovia, CA, United

    Hello I'm Ben i'm single and lookin 4 a nice girl to be in my life or be around for fun if thats what your into lol. I have a big heart, and need someone with a big heart as well! If you like to know more feel free to shoot me a message on snapchat, and or instagram or kik. I hope to talk to you very soon!

  • Single and looking to love

    09 OCT   Monrovia, CA, United

    Hello I'm Ben i'm single and lookin 4 a nice girl to be in my life or be around for fun if thats what your into lol. I have a big heart, and need someone with a big heart as well! If you like to know more feel free to shoot me a message on snapchat, and or instagram I unfortunatley no longer have kik. I hope to talk to you very soon!

  • Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend cant send face or body kik sriser

    08 OCT   Planet Jupiter

    Im lookin for a bf or gf I like Billie Eilish Persona 4 twenty on pilots and moreeeee

  • add on snap if r u a girl just for fun

    04 OCT   Boston, MA, USA

    im bored youre bored we're on this wesite already so why not lets have some fun

    shelby019 (Taken) hmu on hangouts or facebook and we can have all the fun you want! ;)
  • This is the best title ever

    03 OCT   Pottstown, PA, USA

    Um hi me again I just wanted to say hello I have kik snap and skype hmu plz. Want to talk to people 

  • Need a girlfriend plz

    02 OCT   Pottstown, PA, USA

    i hate being alone my profile says my social media platforms. Only girls 

  • Relationship, NON-SEXUAL

    29 SEP   McKinney, TX, USA

    I am currently looking for a guy or girl to chat with on hangouts or skype. Looking for something non-sexual but also something hopefully long-term. Hmu if your interested. 

  • Pansexual! Kinda want a girlfriend more rn...

    28 SEP   Gloucester, UK

    Message me, loves 

    I’m more active on Snapchat shana_9917

    message me, I won’t do nudes; I’m looking for a relationship.. 


  • Looking for a nice girl

    28 SEP   Schuylerville, NY, U

    I’m just looking for a girl to chat with and maybe have a relationship with. Add me on my Snapchat bc I usually don’t check my messages on this. Im down to trade pics but that’s not all I care about

  • Im looking for a gf

    24 SEP   San Germán, P

    Im looking for a gf that is a otaku dm me on Instagram@ anime anim.neko2003 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    23 SEP   Crown Point, IN, USA

    i am 15 years old my name is jenna i have face book only. i live in crownpoint IN. I AM LESBIAN. i hahve had like 13 guys messageing me and stuff and i wanna kill myself because of it. i am nice, ugly and suicidal.

  • I want a girl I don?t like guys

    22 SEP   Orangeville, ON, Can

    Hey I’m Nyah’s add me on snap ngraham200 I looking for a nice girl 

  • Looking for a relationship

    22 SEP   Perris, CA, USA

    I’m down for anything, hoping to find a girl like that too. I don’t care about looks, just love me haha

  • Looling for a nice crazy nerdy girl to have a good long relationship with

    18 SEP   Winchester, VA, USA

    I have been lonely for a good amount of time now and ive been rejected again and again at my school so now im looking outwards for that special girl that might just be mine someday

    gem gem Aww bless ya x
  • Boyfriend/ loveable and funny

    19 DEC   Pico Rivera, CA, Uni

    Looking for a boyfriend that will love me how I am and I don’t like nasty pic I real cool if you are cool and fun and l want a boyfriend that like to laugh and be loveable and kind and Sweets and ages 13 through 16 add me on Snapchat or instagram 

  • I wanna have some fun

    17 SEP   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Guys i wanna have some dirty fun if u are up just faster add me on Snapchat - janeroks

  • I-m looking into a relationships (looking into woman and feminine man)

    13 SEP   Edmonton, AB, Canada

    • Likes music, games, myths and MOVIES!!
    • Just for you to know i'm transgender but I haven't started testosterone, so i look like a baby rn
    • I would like to see people who live in the same city asme
    • Ages 14-16 

  • Hi I play Bass and Guitar

    10 SEP   Austin, TX, USA

    If youre interested in a musician then go to my SnapChat or Instagram and uhhhhhhhh sooooooooo ya

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    07 SEP   OK, USA

    1. im looking for a girlfriend anywere from 13-14??????
    2. I'd like her to be in the sam????e country

  • Looking for a Girlfriend age (15-16)

    04 SEP   Woodbridge Township,

    I really want a girlfriend but I never had one before. Please contact me.

  • Looking for a relationship w/ girl. 13-14 mabye 15

    26 AUG   Tonbridge, UK

    Hi im Steven. Im 14 from Paddock wood, Tonbridge, Kent, London. Im looking for a truthful and faithful girl to call my gf. I dont want nudes or any dirty talk just someone to talk heart to heart. Age needs to be 13 or 14 mabye 15 and distance doesnt matter just preferably in England.

  • Looking for a bf 13 and older

    13 MAY   Copperas Cove, TX, U

    im looking for a boy who loves to play video games and is funny creative smart thoughtful kind who is willing to stay when im sad.

    Dee789 Hey i will do all that stuff
  • Looking for a relationship

    06 MAY   Wichita, KS, USA

    Hey I’m Emily. I’m pansexual and I’m looking for a relationship :). I’m 13 so don’t expect sexual things.

  • Want to talk to someone, perhaps romantically?

    24 AUG   Fayetteville, NC, US

    I don't send nudes, I don't cam nude, I will block you if you bring up sex on the first day or so of talking. I literally want to find someone who is interested in who I am as a person, not my body. I'm already going through enough shit right now, so please only message me if you're actually serious. 

    Braden Im here I think I hope ya in here
  • #Bisexual want a gf or bf relationship

    24 MAY   Fresno, CA, USA

    Hey I’m maddie. I’m bisexual. I love to listen to music. Tan brown eyes and brown hair. Have many friends. Popular. Funny, attractive, love to listen to music, love to write,I’ve to hang out and talk. Really nice and sweet but very sassy. Love to be sarcastic ? want friends to and someone to date. Age range must be 13 - 15 

  • i want a nice, loyal, and goofy guy

    19 AUG   Remsen, IA, USA

    i am a super loyal and goofy girl and i just want to share that with someone. i don’t send nudes and i don’t wnat to receive them. 13-16 year olds only

    Twatson4450 Hey I’m just like you and I’m super loyal and I’m wierd and I don’t send nudes and I’d like to talk to you
    Braden Hi im goofy to if you want some proof I give you my YouTube channel name
  • add me for snapchat streaks and a relationship

    19 AUG   Remsen, IA, USA

    i am loyal and i don’t want to see your  dick lol hmu if you are a nice loyal guy who doesn’t judge on looks and only personality

  • Looking for girls from 15 to 18 that are looking for a good time

    19 AUG   Columbia, PA, United

    Any girls or ladies looking for a good time and I can give you the time of your life 

  • To meet a nice girl

    17 AUG   Orangeville, ON, Can

    hey I’m Nathan and I’m 14 i race atvs and live in Canada I like to be out side I’m not the hottest guy in the world but I like to think I’m ok I would like a girl that nice frisky smart funny and like to be out side that will be by my side will do long distance 

  • Bi - only boys add! 13-19

    12 AUG   Birmingham, UK

    add me if between 13-19, Male and have a good torso! You need to be able to show face thanks xx 

  • Kik me @ImRare7 Bored asf

    12 AUG   Chicago, IL, USA

    Kik me @ImRare7.. bored asf.. someone open minded hit me up.. girls only!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looking for a girl only (single)

    12 AUG   Otwell, IN, USA

    I will do anything you want. It does not matter whether it is sexual of you want it you got it. If you are looking for a slave, I'm who your looking for. Your looking for just a fuckbuddy, I'm your man.

  • Looking for a cute boyfriend

    23 OCT   Grand Rapids, MI, Un

    Hi,  I'm Delilah but call me Rene if you actually like me. I'm super nice, outgoing and can get a little freaky sometimes. I want a cute, clingy, strong and cute boy. 

    alvez hey anything just for u
    Hack Dynamo Hey Dear Search No more Because I am Looking For a girlfriend Just like You.
    Ace hey im her message me
    Mitch Im fugly lol
  • Looking for a bf no one weird

    15 JUL   My house

    I'm looking for a boyfriend but don't be send me weird pics. How to live near cryoden or tulse hill. Please don't pu if ur weird. 

    DJ Blog Im not weird
  • I-m a single Pringle

    10 AUG   Galt, CA, USA

    Hi I just need someone to love me unconditionally btw I'm kinda clingy and get jealous easy

  • relationship (boys only)

    09 JUN   Pequannock Township,

    hello! i’m looking for a boyfriend! guys from 16-18 message me if you live anywhere on the east coast :)

  • Looking for a boyfriend 13-15yr old only.

    10 AUG   HOME

    I need a boyfriend 13-15yr old only. i wont accept 16 n older. send me a message lol........................................................

  • Sub waiting for domme

    09 AUG   Otwell, IN, USA

    I am a 14 yr old kid who likes to be dominated by girls in what ever way they like

  • Trying to meet guys or girls

    09 AUG   Turlock, CA, USA

    I’m bi and looking for someone to talk to will to exchange ? My Snapchat is on my profile and here dylpickle1629

  • I-m just looking for girls or boys to talk to and get a relationship with

    09 AUG   Remsen, IA, USA

    I'm not a hoe but I am kinda a bad girl? I don't do dirty pics tho. I am kinda thick so if you don't like that bye. I prefer dark skin guys but any race is fine. oh and i like girls so thats cool?

  • Looking for boyfriend.

    07 AUG   Grants Pass, OR, USA

    Living in Grants Pass Oregon, just looking for a romantic only relationship. message me please

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