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  • Relationship Goals 2k17

    23 NOV   Birmingham, AL, Unit

    So, I'm 18 years old, I met somebody very special and he treats me right... He never gives up on me, and he's always there for me when I need him to be. This guy means the World to me and I will do anything just to be with him no matter what goes down....

  • Looking for a relationship;)))

    11 NOV   Katy, TX, United Sta

     I’m 16 I love to play volleyball and I love to have a good time and looking for a boyfriend so hml on sc:creamneopretty or kik:cindy.txp or just text me @8327163068??

  • Looking for girls to talk to and have some fun with

    01 JUL   Washington, DC, Unit

    Hii. Im justin looking for a girl who is equaly as bad as me but still is nice ;) 

    nanabae I live to get into trouble!
    1 day ago
  • Boyfriend or friend

    22 NOV   Nashville, TN, Unite

    Hiya I'm looking for a guy who wants a real relationship and that lives in Tennessee I don't care what race or color.

    Viresh Shah heyy... dont live in Tennessee though scratches head
    1 day ago
  • Would like to meet new people for eventual relationship

    21 NOV   Robstown, TX, United

    Hi, my name is austin. I'm seventeen years old and a senior in high school. I have an excellent work ethic. I have already enlisted into the United states army and have 7 months until I begin training. I love anything outdoors, from hiking to swimming in a creek down some country backroad. I am texan born and raised. I love country living and usually don't like being in a big city but can deal with it. I am highly conservative as far as my political standpoint. I love all physical activities. I like hunting and fishing. I am willing to bringredients someone in from outside of the United states and help them to become a naturalized citizen if necessary. 

  • Looking for relationship

    18 NOV   Oklahoma City, OK, U

    Hello! I'm looking for a stable relationship! please text me if interested!

    I would love to get to know you better before I get in a relationship! ((can be female or male! ))

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    20 NOV   California

    My name is Chris, 15 I want a girlfriend who likes me for being me and will be there to support me and I will do the same to them so yea hmu and I will respond as soon as possible have a nice day  

  • Meet a girl for a long loving relationship

    15 NOV   Bliss, ID, United St

    hi there everyone, My name is Roy. 17 years old straight, and will definitely love you to the moon and back. I am straight btw so add me and we'll see what can happen ?

  • Looking for a cute boyfriend

    23 OCT   Grand Rapids, MI, Un

    Hi,  I'm Delilah but call me Rene if you actually like me. I'm super nice, outgoing and can get a little freaky sometimes. I want a cute, clingy, strong and cute boy. 

    Bre Thats what I want too. You are kinda like me.
  • Frienda or more,,,who knows

    13 NOV   Boston, MA, United S

    whats good, my names chloe, im 16, um... idk im low key lame but thats aight, text me i guess

  • Syd2 new account text me boys ?

    02 JAN   Saint Cloud, MN, Uni

    hey guys this is syd2 new account so anyone that wanted to chat and I didn't get back to them I am locked out of my account and this is my new one? Boys for dating only please

    heyimedison12 ok how is your feel. . ?
    Skyler gowey Hey cutie pm me
    JustinB14WI Hello, message me please.
  • 13-15 Year Old Single Girl Teens

    01 NOV   Frederick, MD, Unite

    My Name Is Steven I'm 14 And Single And Ready To Mingle With A Nice,Funny,Sweet And Outgoing Girl Who Would Be There When I Need Her And Be Loyal

    ashley you can date me I am 15
  • I-m lonely and want friends

    26 SEP   Rugeley, United King

    hi guys, im looking for friends or something to talk to and have a bit of banter with, I'm bisexual and I'm also home schooled.. I'm a socially awkward person who watches horror films to cheer himself up and listenz to electo music because why not... so please up


    Jeffery (taken) Hey girl Im 16 and would lile to go put
    Moomaster (taken) lol, im a guy... 2017, dont assume gender XD
  • Looking for ages 16-20

    03 NOV   Milwaukee, WI, Unite

    Kik me at: Pearl_Hurlbutt 

    I might send some private pictures your way ;)

  • Desperate need for a winter fling

    04 NOV   Mountain Home, ID, U

    I play guitar, a big person on memes, don't pay attention to technology. I pay may attention to you 99 of the time. I like cracking jokes! I hate arguments so you don't have to worry about me fighting with you all the time unless it's something big. I also love going to concerts. Especially rock ones. Hit me upp!!!

    Henry Chafton(taken by Lyssa) I might be auditioning for americas got talent and well i actually hear youre a very similar person when it comes to the love of music
  • teen boyfriend age 13-15

    11 SEP   Frederick, CO, Unite

    looking for someone is easy finding and falling in love with is hard and losing them is impossibe to deal with.

    Henry Chafton(taken by Lyssa) Lol guys you gotta take it slow get to know her first be smooth be sweet dont just line up making yourself look like a fucboi
    Dylan Green HMU ok I’m down if u r . You r perfection👌Babba bing badda boom😂
    Sam Hey Im single
  • Looking for a good boyfriend

    30 OCT   New York, NY, United

    Heyy my name is max and i am 13 yrs old i am a happy person i like to laugh to i am looking for a boyfriend that will kiss me hug me carry me and hug me threw the back and a good boyfriend that will care for me and buy me stuff make sure to hmu

    Cheeseballkid Are you a girl or boy? If girl shure Ill be your BF
  • Frisky Girls who want to have fun

    27 OCT   Warriors Mark, PA, U

    Any girl who wants to get frisky, PM me and ill give u further details, although i think you know what i have in mind. details are contacts

  • Looking for a GF in Las Cruces area

    26 OCT   Las Cruces, NM, Unit

    Hello, I'm Katia. I'm a 17-year old bisexual but I lean towards girls. I like writing, dancing, singing, acting, and I do all kinds of art. I have a dark past, and I'd preferably have someone aware of depression, PTSD, etc. HMU. 

    Warnings: I cuss so much it'd make a sailor blush and a sailors mother ashamed of a sailor. 

  • I-m looking for a gf/bf who will love me for me

    25 OCT   Spartanburg, SC, Uni

    I'm looking for a bf/gf who won't just date me just because i'm available. I want someone who will love me for me. I will like to get to know you well first. I don't care if you're transgender or anything.

    This is unnecessary, but I have a thing for guys with long hair. 

    Trajan Hey im looking for a GF u want to talk. U also look nice
  • Its so gross like stop

    08 OCT   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Oh my GOD stop texting me if your trying to get nasty pictures not like that so stop!!

    Benny I dont do any of that, I dont see the point in it
    Henry Chafton(taken by Lyssa) Woah woah whos been asking you for nudes ill straighen them up real quick lol
    Hanna (Happily taken) I feel you but TBH most guys on here are like that
  • what would you do if...

    31 JUL   Summerville, SC, Uni

    hey guys its kenz, so i have a question, what would you do for me if i...:

    1. couldn't sleep
    2. had a nightmare
    3. was scared
    4. was sad
    5. was crying

    please answer one at a time in order

    Phanton 1234 and 5: i would comfort you until your all better now and i wont stop until your nice and calm
    fabrice deco(single) if u could not slip i would sing 4 u caress u in every way make u happy if u had a nightmare i dnt knw but i will hold u tight in ma arms to keep u secure even wen your scared .... message me 4 the other answers
    Benny Id be the comforting arm
    Fiona Ill make you laugh, and sing for u until you fall asleep :)
  • Looking for genuine people.

    22 OCT  

    Hi, I'm Shaniqua,14. I'm from Nicaragua but i live in Miami. I love having deep conversations and talking to people who enjoy my presence. Having a similar mindset as me is definetly a plus. Looking to start talk to some new people and maybe even a relationship. Please message me is you are intersted. ;)

    Fiona Hi, my name is Fiona. Ill love to be your friend. :)
    Huszain I can be ur friend
  • Looking for a Serious Relationship(Straight 5-3 Asian Guy)

    17 OCT   Katy, TX, United Sta

    Looking for a girl I can love,talk for hours,spend time,or just hang out with.  (I'll be there for you as often as I can, and I can garuntee you I'll be faithful because people who cheat aren't people at all but just filth).                                                                  

    What is most important to me is I love to talk to people, and understand their opinions,beliefs, and perspectives. Im a HUGE advocate for open communication, and honesty, I dont play the subtle mind game, the indirect coy stuff, or any mind reader crap. But if you have a problem and I am there to help you, I will do anything I can to help make it better, and make you feel happy, and loved.

                                                  Things about me

    - Im funny when the moment calls for it but I dont crack out jokes like stand up comedy.

    -Been told I'm a nerd(even though that words has been used to death) since I'm a fan of anime, and comic books.{Favorite Anime: Toradora/FMA       Favorite Comic Book Universe: Marvel  Favorite Comic Book Character: Batman Yes,I know my favorite comic book universe is different from the one my favorite character is in )

    -I also enjoy some more psuedo-intellectual stuff like philosophy, and psychology. (I'm not too well versed but I do find those topics interesting, like the Placebo effect, and I'm currently reading Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche.)   

    -I'm also a Republican, and Agnostic..but if you dont try to convert me i wont convert you, I respect peoples abilities to say, and think different things.           

    (If you read all of this, and want to try to see if we can start a relationship together HMU :D)

  • looking for boyfriend :)

    11 JUL   Planet earth

    I love theatre, swimming, and art. Im looking for a guy I can rely on, but can also rely on me. Age limits are 13-16

    EDistin42 Oh and I love sports in general swimming cool I figure skate so its kind like the equivalent and its fun and I like thetature and I draw a little lol
    EDistin42 I have the wrong Snapchat on mya coconut if you wanna add me its ellisdistin4
    Christopher I would like to be your future boyfriend. Lets get to know each other first but I can already tell I like u
  • Bored girl here looking for something fun )

    12 OCT   Miami, FL, United St

    I'm bored out of my mind.  Hmu if you want to do something interesting with me.  And try and send a face pic.  I wanna see who I'll be chatting with. 

    Sean Hey hmu direct message me
  • People pm me if you wanna talk

    11 OCT   Saginaw, MI, United

    I’m a bi female looking for fun... pm me if you wanna talk!!!! I’m 17

  • Looking for a girlfreind or a friendship

    10 OCT   Syracuse, NY, United

     Im looking for a girl and a girl only, 13-17 and maybe have some fun on snapchat "hmoham6"

  • Looking for a love relationship with a girl

    30 SEP   Ijamsville, MD, Unit

    Hello, I'm Luis. I am 16 and enjoy music, hanging out, and going out to eat with friends. I love cuddling and am looking for a relationship with a girl that I can call mine and love forever.

  • I-m not sure what this title should be so whatever.

    29 SEP   Doniphan, MO, United

    So I'm panromantic but I'm straight and have had crushes on a girl, a guy, some other things.. ya know? Like sometimes you just have a cool personality and that makes you like 30 percent cuter in my head. So yeah. I don't really know what else to say. I'd prefer to talk to people between 15 and 17 but it's whatever really.

    kris Hey, Lexi I sent you a message on here.
  • yo im looking for a girl 16-17 who would like to be in a relationship,

    18 JUN   Greenwood, MS, Unite

    girls only and i have a bit of trust issues or trust problems how u would say it so only if u want to hit me up please

    Lexi Hi, I have trust issues too.
  • If you-re a bisexual or lesbian girl read this!

    27 JUN   Utica, NY, United St

    Hi I'm LJ.  I want a long or short distance relationship with a nice girl who won't lie to me. I want to flirt and maybe extange pictures. If you are interested please message or Kik me. My Kik is Ljanimallover6. 

  • Hello, this is me, give me a chance

    18 MAR   Manchester-by-the-Se

    Dear Reader, this is who I am... in a series of bullet points... 

    1. I am a polyamorist... which istypically the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships where individuals may have more than one partner, with the knowledge and consent of all partners. 
    2. I am Bisexual... I am attracted to both genders...a person who is sexually attracted to both men and women... And that doesn't make it ok to have threesomes...
    3. My Likes... I like writing, reading, drawing, singing... I even have my own youtube account. I also have fan fiction websites which I write to every time I finish a chapter.
    4. My type of guy: I like guys who are about 5'10 or taller, stonge, someone who wont judge me by my looks
    5. My type of girl: I really don't care... 
    6. If there is anything you want to know about me, just let me know

    Dylan Message me
    Phanton hey there wanna chat
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    16 JUL   Allentown, PA, Unite

    I'm looking for a guy who will treat me like his king and will love me for me and will make me smile and laugh

    Phanton hey there wanna chat
  • im brent and have been unallowed to date for 13 years.looking for secret gf

    12 SEP   Springtown, TX, Unit

    im hoping to get a secret gf. im 13.

    i have been locked up by my parents, being sad, and eating my feeling but am working out

  • Looking to chat with a girl

    31 AUG   Space

    Want to have some fun with a girl so msg me and let me know so i give u my snap

    Rachaelgrennen I love fun and Im on cheer and I just quite modeling because school and I love romance
  • looking for a relationship

    12 SEP   Raynham, MA, United

    Hi am Colby I'm am 15 years old I am bisexual. I am looking for a bf or gf to date hit me up with a selfie if interested

  • Single teen girls 13-15 message me

    11 SEP   Anderson, MO, United

    Hi. I'm Kaleb, 14. I like to watch anime/movies, play videogames, listen to music, and draw. I'm trying to find a girlfriend. Message me on Kik. My username is Kaleb_OHearon_03

  • I-ll always be there for you

    10 AUG   Bakersfield, CA, Uni

    Hi, I'm Samuel, straight, 16, looking for a girlfriend. I'm about 5'11", I'm a guitar player, gamer, extrovert (sort of), and I love roller coasters. So hmu. :) 

    AlienGirl Hey whats up Samuel Im Jenny
  • Looking for a relationship

    07 SEP   Palm Bay, FL, United

    I'm looking for a bf who is possessive,funny,caring and won't hurt me message me if interested Ages 14-16


    22 JUN   Colorado Springs, CO


  • looking for a bf to love

    09 JUL   New York, NY, United

    in want a boy who makes me laugh and chill. Annd i want him to be loyal and not a man hoe.

    Nhguy U r beautiful
    logancorbin No fuxk all the other guy Im the best for u..
    Ceil Ill try it out
    Freddy madrid dont date this girl she is a hoe she is a liar and a cheater
  • Want to have some fun ?

    01 SEP  

    Hey guys! My name is Lauren. I'm 16. I just joined a few days ago. Looking to meet some guys that want to have an awesome time. ?Message me if you want to exchange some pretty fun pics ?

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    15 AUG  

    Hi I'm 14 I want a girlfriend around 13-15 years old

    I'm not a heart breaker cuz I know how that feels and I don't care where your from all I want is someone to love pretty much and I'm respectful and will respect people. If your interested text me or leave a comment. maybe we can get to know each other and if we like each other maybe be bf and gf :)

  • I-m turned on and looking for fun

    16 AUG   Bay Shore, NY, Unite

    Looking for a girl (any age) that i can have some "fun" with at snap?. Hmu at fredword204

  • Want a short girlfriend..?

    13 JUL   Austin, TX, United S

    I'm 5'4 and looking for a romantic partner living in or around Austin, TX. I've always been the taller one in the relationship and I want to try being the shorter one. I love to kiss, cuddle, talk, and maybe get a little freaky. Anybody can hit me up; guy or girl. 

    Connor Well 5ft 10.5
    Richard Rochester Hey Im 6 2 if you want something like that hmu
    Leo Hi Ayden I live in texas I am 62
  • Hiiii looking for a relationship

    10 AUG   Wichita, KS, United

    Heyooo my names Emily im Panromantic and am looking for a relationship. I like videogames,youtube,and anime. Im pretty emo and love Panic!, FOB , SIO, and Hollywood Undead. If you don't want a relationship then you can move on...Comment if your interested 12-16

    Spencer Mclaughlin My snap is spencer.m420
    sexyboysamuel Hey Im 13 too :)
    zachemrich hey. im16 and am intrested in dating. be carefull, i am planning on joining the us army green beret out of high school
  • Looking for a long relationship

    09 AUG   hell

    looking for a guy to treat me right! Hmu on here or snapchat if u want! Sc ian.queensmith 

    Jesse Castillo Hey Im 14 Im Hispanic I love to draw and cuddle
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