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  • Looking for a awesome girlfreind

    22 MAY   Lebanon, OH, United

    I would love to have a girlfreind NEAR me and maybe we could meet up sometime so leave your number if your comfortable with it and you might just have the perfect boyfriend ever!

  • not hot but personality is a solid 7.5 according to myself & Jesus

    21 MAR   Cincinnati, OH, Unit

    so i guess i've reached new heights of boredom and loneliness to steep to this level but fuck it. i like indie/punk/pop music, 2008 Katy Perry, cheezits, sitcoms w/out the laugh track, WWII, drag queens & meth (jk). so if any of that interests you say something i guess.  

    papi.aid LoL and cheezits are the bomb to.
    Jordanian3421 I won!d love to go out with you
    12 hours ago
  • Hey I-m Kearstin I-m 15

    04 APR   Clyde, OH, United St

    Favorit things to do: Play/watch sports, fish,camp,hang out with friends and family,play video games,taking pictures.

    I'm very werid,akward,loud,outgoing,funny,nice person.

    I'm looking for a guy close to me and taller then me and like 1-2 years older then me.

    appiahgabriel Hello i qualify ok. . Add me and we chat
    Antonio Thomas We could get to know each other if u would like
    Jordanian3421 Jhey I would love to go out with you
    12 hours ago
  • single and ready to mingle

    02 MAY   Boston, MA, United S

    i dont have a pic but i have a big butt i am very pretty and want to find the right guy 14-16

    Mason I would like to talk with you sometime.
    1 day ago
    Damien I luv a big ass
    1 day ago
    Steven999 Dont do it guys she is tryin to get attention
    1 day ago
    Presley i think i know this person
    1 day ago
  • I want to meet boys here not girls

    20 MAY   Waterville, ME, Unit

    If you asked me am I bisexual the answer is no im not . I'm only here to talk to guys not girls (only as friends) .

    tvanatta Do you want to message? or would you be more comfortable if the conversation was in the comments? Doesnt matter to me
    2 days ago
    Joshua what state
    2 days ago
    Tiberius Hey want to message??
    1 day ago
  • Meeting new people and looking for gf

    21 MAY   Vila Nova de Milfont

    Hi, my name is Quévin, 18. Hard to say what i like, since i am into a big variety of things from sports, to games, reading, and hiking, etc. I am looking to find someone that i can conect with. If you wanna know more just om me here or kik :)

  • Looking for Love

    05 FEB   Danville, PA, United

    Alaerial... Im 15 i do dance cheer and skateboarding. I'm looking for a guy to date thats sweet kind and has the perfect personality. 

    Thee_Parker Hey!!! message me and we can talk
    dallas good luck finding him lol
    Mason I would be pleased to make your acquaintance sometime. You seem like a lovely girl.
    1 day ago
  • Athlete who-s 6-0 tall and I-m straight.

    04 MAY   Littleton, MA, Unite

    Hi, my name is Kyle I like to workout, play football, and run track. I'm 14 years old almost 15 and single.

  • 17 male Bisexual looking

    18 MAY   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Hey I'm Chris, and i am looking for people to chat with, but am open to mor if it leads to it. Hmu if you want to know anything about me.

  • Looking for a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend

    07 MAY   Port Hueneme, CA, Un

    just looking for a relationship or friend I get lonely on weekends and need someone to talk to

    mark4599 hi im mark are you interested in getting to know me to see if you maybe wanna be my GF im not like other boys?
  • Meet new people and find a boyfriend or girlfriend

    07 MAY   Port Hueneme, CA, Un

    Alola my name is Bella I'm a bisexual 15 year old girl who is currently a single Pringle I like anime and  dogs and much more. 

    Mark Hey Im a guy looking for a gf wanna get to know eachother?
    Music4Life Hey, Im Ethan. Im looking for a nice, fun loving gf who doesnt want anything sexual. My interests are playing pop songs on the piano, reading, climbing, Rubiks cubes, and sometimes video games. Im a joker and I love to laugh - Im usually smiling about something :p. Solo... Hmu if youre interested.
    Braden riley Im Braden Im 13 Im looking for a nice beautiful woman to be my loving gf if not can we be friends txt me 5307869671
    Singh Hello I am a guy and looking for a girlfriend and I am 15 and I would like to chat with you
  • looking for a girlfriend

    15 MAY   San Diego, CA, Unite

    hi im mark are you interested in getting to know me to see if you maybe wanna be my GF im not like other boys? im also unique and gifted

  • Looking for a cute girl

    13 MAY   New York, NY, United

    I'm Nick, I play a lot of sports. I'm nice and sweet to everyone, I'm looking for a cute girl, and I do anything that u want.

  • I want the one that cares

    15 MAY   Houston, TX, United

    Looking for the one that actually cares so leave me a msg or email me tavillarreal21@gmail.com. 

    I'm 15 i don't care bout ages

  • Aye first time online dating :P

    14 MAY   Santa Clarita, CA, U

    Im an asian kid and i play football. Im also a gamer. Just looking for a cute girl to be mine :P

  • Meet new people for friendship

    14 MAY   Pongola, KwaZulu-Nat

    Hi there ;) I'm Mandy, 15, funny ,bubbly,down to earth, I like watching movies , drawing, dancing , singing,Im also a maths and science girl, Im looking to meet people with similar traits as mine and the guy that I'll like and hang out with and see what the future holds for us. Ciao!

  • Meet new girls to talk to.

    12 MAY   Hope Mills, NC, Unit

    Hey im Austin. I like anything from gaming to fishing and camping. Looking for teen girls 15-17.

  • Single and ready to mingle

    12 MAY   Piedmont, MO, United

    Hey my names Breeze and I'm 15. I like anime, games, music, animals, and writing. I want someone who relatively shares some of the same intrests. I'm pansexual so anyone hmu. 

  • Looking For Friendships? and A Boyfriend

    25 JAN   Atlanta, GA, United

    I want a Loyal ass Boyfriend and friend. I want a friend that will be there for me and also meet them in person. And a strong connection with them.

    and Boyfriend.. I want him to be loyal and respectful and know his priorities in life. And can make me laugh?. So Message me.

    Bigboss12 I like your way of thinking
  • Single looling for the one boys and girls hmu

    10 MAY   Conyers, GA, United

    looking for friends 13-14 hmu on snapchat austinking20029 ps4 bo3 or watchdogs if u want to lets play boys and girls

  • Hi im Celeste im new here

    08 MAY   Byron, MI, United St

    Hi im Celeste. Im 15 years old and i live in Michigan i am also single. I have depression, anxiety, adhd and im bipolar. Im looking for love/friends. I like to listen to music and watch YouTube videos (mostly Markiplier and Jacksepticeye). I have had a very rough life if you would like to know about it just message me either on kik or here and i have other social media platforms just message me for those.

    Jacob117117 Hey Im Jacob, 17 and live in Ohio. Also single and looking for similar things. Ive suffered from depression and anxiety but found ways to overcome them. Shoot me a private message if you want to talk
  • send me dick pics to rate ;)

    05 MAY   Christchurch, Canter

    i wanna rate your dick pic ;) send them to me on kik to get a /10 rating

    kik me at



    boredgurll bored girl here boys hit me up and show me what u got lol
  • Looking for a beautiful girl that will date me

    04 MAY   Hazlet, NJ, United S

    I am Dominic I am about to turn 13 and I would like to meet a beautiful girl that would date. But she needs to live in New Jersey. I'm funny, love people, and I am very kind.

  • Relationship and I am Straight

    12 FEB   Luzerne, PA, United

    Hello again, update. I am looking for someone who is 17-18 years old. Male. No older people or I'm calling cops on them. 

  • Hi I-m andrew and I need a gf

    01 MAY   Otto, NC, United Sta

    I'm andrew, I'm a16year old athletic teen who loves sports. Age doesn't matter to me just looking for someone to be in a relationship with. Hmu also I'm loyal. 

  • Hi, its Phoe looking for love and friendship

    13 APR   Corona, CA, United S

    hey, im tired of boys who keep taing advantage of me, i want a guy who is nice and kind at the same time and respects my personality and my body. Don't get offended when you ask for a shirtless pic and i say no, because you dont know me.

    Anyway, looking for a boy who is 14 or younger and yeah.

    J.Jones LOL. Its so sad how now every girl thinks that EVERY GUY wants sex in any relationship....
    Donottextorfollowmebecauseideletedthisaccountsoplsdonttextme yeah you think that because ur a nice guy, but ur the only one who has messaged me and NOT asked me for nudes
  • looking for a relationship with a girl from the uk

    07 JAN   Newent, United Kingd

    Hi im fred, im a drummer and my favourite types of music are: Slam metal, deathcore, nu metal, pop punk and melodic hardcore. Im a pretty cool guy (i think, ha ha xD)

    if you have a similar music taste hmu :)

    Chelsea4343 Hey my name is Chelsea i am 15 and single your cute
    Chloe Hi, Im Chloe. You look nice
  • Just a cupcake looking for her stud muffin.

    30 MAR   Chattanooga, TN, Uni

    I'm pretty lame in all actuality. A rather shy, 4'11 theatre geek, I love writing, drawing, and playing the ukulele/piano. Like most, I want a guy who will treat me well, enjoys a little cuddling, and will put up with my singing and even perhaps join in sometimes, no matter how terrible we sound. XP

    Mazin Joda nice hobbys u have guy!really eanna start chating wth u soon ...
    appiahgabriel inbox me or 2330248014481 WhatsApp me
    EdwardEl do you ever find good guys here?
  • Wanna meet a girl that will actually care about me.

    30 APR   Cumberland, RI, Unit

    Pretty lonely lately. wana be with a girl who cares. im an otaku and a gamer. i like dyed hair on girls. idk y xD

  • Hmu if your 14 or younger

    13 APR   Corona, CA, United S

    wow, i write a lot of these

    msg me on google if u have it 


    for those who are under 14

    bye :)

  • What up it-s BAE here!!!

    12 APR   Corona, CA, United S

    Hi, my name is Phoenix and I love people!

    I am a typical class clown, i'm on the school dance team and I am in honors, but dont worry, im not mean or self centered. I just want a man who is kind and respectful (and handsome) lol!

    Message me if you are interested!

  • i would like to meet a girl or boy

    07 JAN   Toronto, ON, Canada

    hi am already on this site as someone else so just txt me and u will see who i am.Well am nice,kind,funny and loyal and i dont have a problem with long distant relationship

  • bf or gf needed particularly fit

    20 MAR   Newnan, GA, United S

    I need a bf or gf who will help me get in shape and love me. I love anime and fnaf so if interested hmu i'll be waiting


  • I am new here looking for an honest relationship

    28 APR   Orange, MA, United S

    Hey my full name is skyler James gowey i dont have a fb but i do have a snapchat Sgowey and my number is 9785778393 for anyone who is a beautiful girl that is 14-18 and lives in Orange

  • I-m 14

    17 JAN   New York, NY, United

    Hey Im chase Im 14 Im just looking for girls not guys.im ight with just texting on Kik or sum like that ,Im savage

    MorganLIT haha my name is chase too
    Hannah Hey cutie hope we can talk xox
    Karla1155 Hi I love you
  • Looking for something special, maybe love

    24 APR   Escalon, CA, United

    16 years old, turning 17, sophomore in highschool, simple, honest guy just looking for a trustworthy person, add me on Snapchat if you wanna chat, or message me here but I might take a little to respond

    SC - kglobke00

    Thanks for reading :)

  • Looking for relationship Im a guy

    22 APR   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    I am 14 and i am currently looking for a relationship someone who is caring and helpful. I play football and soccer and i would love to find someone on this site and i don't go for looks so no matter what you look like i still love ya

  • A relationship maybe?

    19 APR   Chesterfield, VA, Un

    I'm Sammi, I'm 15 but 16 in July. Im bisexual. I'm pretty much an open book. 

    Dude5999 Hi, do you want to message back and forth and see where it goes?
    Phoenix hi how are you
    Thomas Denton im always looking for a serious relationship if you want to message me and possibly work things out
  • I-m Megan and I-m looking for a boyfriend and some friends

    14 APR   Lake Villa, IL, Unit

    I like anime, manga, and hanging out with my friends or family also listening to music and etc. 

    Dylan Hey can i be your bf
    Thomas Denton hi im Thomas and id be anyone boyfriend and id be anyones friend and im always sweet and soft with people and always know what to say to warm up a girls heart i really do
    Thomas Denton uh dude if your male i dont do gays sorry
  • Want a girl to talk to

    18 APR   Akron, OH, United St

    Im tryna have a chick to talk to that cares and looking to date and hangout with;) i like smoking and driving on roadtrips lol. Hmu on snapchat at mcvleidecker

  • Hi I-m looking for a girl friend I-m 16

    03 APR   Salt Lake City, UT,

    Hi my name is Tevis this is some of the things i like to do I like playing football and hanging out i love sports and going to the movies.

  • It-d be cool to have a girlfriend I guess

    15 APR   Watford, United King

    I'm Brendan. I'm a dude who's into rock music, trying to start a band and likes comic books and movies and stuff. I've never had a girlfriend before, and if you are in this sort of area and into the same stuff, hit me up.

  • Date and making out ??

    25 FEB   London, United Kingd

    Anyone wish to go out with me and have some fun - Im a nice girl who is 16 years old (offer us i my for boys 16 and over) ...so why not take me out and maybe we could do some making out xx

    Cuteboy20 Txt me sometime (909)225-8047 if ya like to chat
    Cute20yroldboy Im 20 give me a text (909)225-8047
    Daniel 07462 097864 hmu
    Gay baby boy Add me on Snapchat my username is mariahcareygl talk 2 me sometime I wanna get 2 know you
  • broke up and i want to move on

    13 APR   Durham, NC, United S

    Brok up with gf and i want to move on i want to find som one chill and cool thats not a stik in the mud

  • Hmu if you-re interested in talking to my friend.

    12 APR   Fellsmere, FL, Unite

    My friend is the one in the pic. I like playing matchmaker, so If you're interested let me know.

  • Looking for a relationship

    08 APR   Corry, PA, United St

    Hi, My name is Caleb Morris. Im looking for a relationship. It can be long distance or close. Some of my hobbies are music, hunting, hiking and everything, really. 

  • Hi I am looking for a gf 16-18

    09 APR   Jackson mo, United S

    Hi I'm Damian 17 I am looking for a gf with similar interests. I like to fish,hunt,and run and being outside in general.

  • I am josh I like to hunt , fish, bowl, and golf

    09 APR   Champlain, NY, Unite

    I just want a relationship I am a fun and lovable guy I like to play guitar I lost a brother in 2009 in a car accident he was hit by a drunk driver so if you have a life like mine where you hope things go right just once I am your guy 

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