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Teen Singles

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teen singles ,this is a group for meet people for teen singles in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Hello i need a boyfreind

    21 JUN   Homeland ca

    Im gay 13 years old and need a bf 13-14 text me through snapchat for a pic of me and you send me a pic first i love people that are romantic and have a lot of heart

  • Single only 13-15. If older will be blocked

    01 FEB   Orlando, FL, United

    Hey so I'm Lakendella. Some people call me Della or Kendall.Call me whatever you want.

    I'm 13 and 3/4. I do dance, cheer and volleyball. I'm single so hmu

    Chris doshna Im available for friendship ^w^
    2 days ago
    Mr.DudeMan14 Hey names David I just wanna say you are really pretty and I would not mind going out with you
    9 hours ago
  • Looking for a boy or girl who lives in Florida and doesn-t mind driving

    20 JUN   Melbourne, FL, USA

    Hey. I'm Dallas and I am 15 years old. I am looking for a person between 15-18 and who lives in florida. I like Lana Del Ray, XXXTENTACION, coffee, the beach, and photography. I am looking for a sweet guy/girl who doesn't mind driving and is in Florida. Hmu if you are interested and I get back to you as soon as I can. 

  • Looking for basically an online only relationship

    20 JUN   Tampa, FL, USA

    Hello! My name's Gabrielle, or you can call me Gabby. I'm 15 from Tampa, FL. I'm going into 10th grade next year (2018-2019 school year) at Tampa Bay Technical High School. Message me please!

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    20 JUN   Burtchville, MI, USA

    Im Cheyanne, 15 years old and I want a cute, funny, sweet, and adorable guy as a boyfriend. NO ASKING FOR NUDES OR SEX

  • Meet a girl who wants a bf

    18 JUN   Hawthorne, Californi

    I live in Hawthorne California and I'm sixteen and I have no dating experience but I am looking for a girlfriend but I would like to start out as friends and I won't do long distance relationships from another state I prefer nearby but I'm not to picky I'm 5'1 and I look twelve thanks to my spina bifida. Hmu if you want.

  • Cute girl to kik me (14-19)

    18 JUN   Enid, OK, USA

    Hmu in kik yoitsdylanbruh

    It will be fun I'm not very good looking but I can show u a good time so hmu

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    18 JUN   Burtchville, MI, USA

    hey :) I’m Cheyanne, 15 years old. Looking force boyfriend who’s cute, funny, outgoing, and doesn’t just want me for sex. He has to be 15-16 years old. Hit me up!

  • I?m looking for some beautiful girls to HMU on snap

    18 JUN   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Add my snap (girls only) I’m 100 real and I’m 17, I’m an athlete and love laying the “hit stick” on and off the field. Snap me for a fun time, I’m not a creep. I love to have fun ??

  • Lookin for a Wonderful GF

    16 JUN   Monrovia, CA, United

    Hello I'm Ben i'm single and lookin 4 a nice girl to be in my life. I have a big heart,  im going through a bit of a tough time in my life and need someone with a big heart as well! If you like to know more feel free to shoot me a message on snapchat, and or instagram i no longer have kik. I hope to talk to you very soon!

    Angelanguyen if u have fb give your name , my name hard to find , thanks gentelman
    Elizabeth Angelanguyen hes 21 not 17
    Angelanguyen thanks for helpful,
    3 days ago
  • looking for a relationship

    30 MAR   Grand Rapids, MI, US

    Hi I'm Mason, 15. Love to have fun and am in high school. I'm smart have a great sense of humor. I'm looking for someone caring and open minded .

    Victoria Hi, are you 15 or 17? If 15 wanna talk?
    Maddie Hey Im Maddie! Hmu if you want to talk
    3 days ago
  • Add me on Snapchat I?m bored asf (girls only)

    17 JUN   Sylacauga, AL, USA

    Add me on Snapchat @seth_clif …..........................................................................................—————-/-/————-;/$/&/(:&:):(/&/$/(-)-)-)/(/)/$-&-@/)/): 


  • So I deleted Snapchat but u can add me on google hangouts

    16 JUN   Deerfield, IL, USA

    My email is and I’m bi so either girls or boys(don’t rly have a preference). I’d also prefer in the 13-16 age range pls and thanks!

  • Just want to have some fun with some new people

    29 MAY   Newark, DE, USA

    all I want is to have some fun and to meet as many new people as I can. Don’t hesitate to add me on snap I reply pretty fast!

  • Girl looking for a 15 year old bf

    20 AUG   Fishersville, VA, Un

    I am looking for a 15 year old boy who wants a sexy girl to date!

    Isaiah Ferguson how are you I am 15 I would like to get to know you?
    Isaiah Ferguson how are you I am 15 I would like to get to know you?
    Jessica Uh wait what?? 😂😂 she said girl looking for a bf then she said boy looking for a girl 😂... Catfish 😕🤐🤐
    Jessica Oh wait nvm read that wrong XD
  • Guy or girl someone hmu

    13 JUN   College Station, TX,

    We can talk about whatever idc if you gay or not hmu guy or girl. We can start a conversation some how 


    24 APR   Walpole, MA, USA

    Looking for some new friends 

    open to both sides but don’t get hurt if I say no just be urself

    relationships or more welcome but must be loyal af

  • Looking for a potential girlfriend hmu if you want to talk

    13 JUN   Pennsylvania, USA

    I'm looking for a potential girlfriend that is from Pennsylvania or New York. If you want to talk just message me on here of course.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Single and want to mingle

    12 MAY   NY, USA

    Hey do not try to get with me immediately.   So chill and take it slow. I'm straight and looking for a beautiful girl. HMU anytime 

  • Meeting new people for flirting or dating, I?m pan & poly

    26 MAY   Cadet, MO, USA

    Hey my name is Crystal, I’m pansexual and I’m also polyamorous.

    Im currently single but im looking for people to possibly date, or even just friends.

    you can reach me on; 

    kik: captain.cry 

    Snapchat: K1ng.crystal

  • Looking for a boy or girl who lives in Florida and doesn-t mind driving

    12 JUN   Melbourne, FL, USA

    Hey. I'm Dallas and I am bisexual. If anyone is in florida, just hmu. My snap is

    @lost-overb if u wanna chat some more. Just pm if you wanna meet up somewhere. I will only accept those who live near Melbourne florida. No body out of state. Must be 14-17. No one over 18. I like photography, movies, and video games. Just hmu if interested. I date guys and girls. 

  • Biracial. 16 yrs old. AMOSC.

    12 JUN   Fairfax, VT, USA

    I play basketball and soccer hmu if you wanna talk my Snapchat is jacobbrueckner        

    Kar Why are u in a tree also dm me
  • I?m a single nerdy boi

    12 JUN   Warwick, NY, USA

    After typing that title I should mention I’m 17 ? anyway I’m Ken I’m looking for a relationship like real deal WITH A GIRL (sorry no offense to my brothers out there I just don’t swing that way) I love video games anime comics all that I’m chill and I’d never cheat on you if treat you right and everything so hit me up and I’d prefer girls older than 16 that is as low as I’ll go 

  • Meet new guys who are funny and kind for a possible relationship

    10 JUN   Middle Island, NY, U

    I’m funny smart and love to talk lookin for some guys friends that could possibly lead to a relationship ? 

    Ihatemylife666 Most of the guys on here are thirsty asf tbh.
    Erika{Licensed-Catfish(fake-people)-Hunter Most of the guys here are thirsty bastards (Pardon my French). Some get really gross. All I’m saying is......suspect everything.
    Seagalswag I got twelve bucks that this doesn’t work but I’m Ken I’m single I’m funny too the only catch is I’m a nerd
  • Lookin for a nice girl to talk to

    11 JUN   Hollywood, FL, USA

    Hi I’m Jonathan lookin for a girl I can talk to and mabye get down a bit 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    11 JUN   London, UK

    Hey, I’m single and I want a girlfriend. Add my snap Akram_winner and we can talk some more. You have to be from London 

  • Looking for a girl for possible relationship

    10 JUN   L A, CA, USA

    Hello there if u are reading this then I am looking for a sweet girl who is just have a clear mind and to whom I can talk whole days and nights well if we like each other we could date too well I'll try my best to make you laugh I have talked with my friends and they said I am very funny soo let's see is I am really funny. Hope you are having a good day guys and girls. 

    See ya! 

  • Hey I-m a lonely single bisexual person who needs love

    10 JUN   Melbourne, FL, USA

    Hey. I'm Dallas and I am looking for a bf/gf. I don't mind if you live in the us. Please hmu if interested. Must be 14-17 and doesn't mind texting..........Peace

  • getting a boyfriend to talk to

    06 MAY   Salt Lake City, UT,

    hello there :) my name is khloe 15 and im looking for a boyfriend.  i love football and love to laugh and have fun. im looking for some to date that likes what i like. hmu if you are intested in me 14 13 15 16 

    Dylan ur not single
    Kasey c. HMU on sc @dylanroboter
    Harish Interested text me
  • Hello New to this website

    02 JUN   Chicago, IL, USA

    Hello I just made my profile I’m 14 looking to meet new guys preferably guys 13-14 no older guys that’s weird lol just message me on kik I’ll see it sooner or later

    Amani Hi Im interested
    09/06/2018 Hey I am 15 but that is not wierd lol
    Dalton Hi my name is dalton and I’m interested in talking to one of the most prettiest girls I Have ever seen
  • Add me on Snapchat (girls only) I

    10 JUN   Sylacauga, AL, USA

    Hey add me on Snapchat @seth_clif ......................………………

  • add man snap akram_winnner single ting

    24 APR   London, UK

    yo gals mans single and dat - add up mans snap  akram_winner and we can move on from there <3

  • Hello meeting new people

    05 APR   Telford, UK

    Heya I'm Laura, 16, I'm small (very small) and single. Not necessarily looking for a relationship but I'll see where things go. I am also an identical twin. And please no creeps who are much older than me  much appreciated x

  • Remessage me on kik please

    06 JUN   Chicago, IL, USA

    Ok so a bunch of people messaged me on kik and most of them were really old guys so I never responded but because I never responded they just built up and crashed my kik app lol so if your 13-14 and you messaged me just shoot me another one so I see it thanks and no people older than 14 if you message me and your to old I’m blocking you thanks?

    rhernandez_05 hey Im 13 and Im just looking for a friendship so I might text you if thats okay
    Abby Yea my kik app like crashed and I lost a bunch of messages sorry
  • Add me and snap me every age

    07 JUN   Wuppertal, Germany

    Hey, i'm tired need some people to chat with idc about ur age. I'm very open u must like it ig idk fibd it out

  • Looking for friend or more than a friend

    06 JUN   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Hi I’m Christian. Looking for a friend or maybe more than a friend. Hmu

  • Girls add my Snapchat

    06 JUN   Fairfax, VT, USA

    I'm 16, I play basketball, Soccer and I do track. Girls Add me on Snapchat if you wanna talk, @jacobbrueckner

  • Just a 17 year old nerd who wants a nice girl to be with for life

    05 JUN   Inkster, MI, USA

    Heya I'm just the average nerd who games a lot but I text as soon as i can (usually its right away) I'm 17 I have  a currently dead youtube channel (wont be dead for long maybe.. idk) I'm also smart (sometimes I'm dumb but whatever) nice caring and kind plus once you get to know me well.... I'm fun to be around... or annoying whichever one but yeah just looking for a girl to spend time with for life whos loyal whos willing to help me become a better person and who will not use me for my body I'm also open minded about a lot of things so yeah hmu ig

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    05 JUN   Fridley, MN, USA

    hHi folks, thought I  might ask if anyone is single near me, I am faithful, loyal, and obedient, I am curious if anyone is up to meeting, Thank you

  • Looking for someone in Florida

    05 JUN   Melbourne, FL, USA

    Hello. My name is Dallas and I am looking for someone who lives in Florida. I don't mind if you live far from melbourne just be in florida. My snap is @lostoverb if you wanna hmu. I like reading, coffee, watching Netflix, and chilling. Please pm if interested and I will get back to you. Btw, I am bisexual. So guys and girls, don't be afraid to hmu. 

  • Cute Girls for Truth or Dare on Snap?

    05 JUN   Hartford, CT, USA

    hi, I’m Nick, I wanna play t or d with someone cute :) add my snap if you’re interested 

  • No more creeps allowed

    04 JUN   Chicago, IL, USA

    if you’re a guy older than 15 don’t message me I don’t want to get spammed by creepy old guys it’s weird I’ll accept any age girls I just want to meet new people and stuff not get creeped out by old dudes lol

    John T Hey I’m not a creep can we chat
    Conlan Staunton Im 14 and Im not a creep hmu
  • Looking for a boy or girl who lives near Florida

    04 JUN   Melbourne, FL, USA

    Hi! My name is Dallas and I am 15 years old. I am currently looking for a guy or girl to be friends or more with. My snap is @lost.overb if you wanna hmu.

    Jason I tried to add you up but I didnt find you
  • Pretty Girls Interested?

    04 JUN   Hartford, CT, USA

    Hi, any girls around Hartford, CT or any girls bored with snap around??? Hmu if you think I’m cute :)

  • 6?0 M 17 California, faded and kinda bored. Girls hmu @dramafreeplez

    03 JUN   Laguna Beach, CA, US

    Like I said above, kinda faded. Horny rn, trade sext/chat Anything is cool, if you just wanna waste or have a little fun hmu @dramafreeplez

  • Looking for a girlfriend....

    03 JUN   Sacramento, CA, USA

    I'm jaycob, I go by jay, 15, I'm open minded, have a great sense of humor. I play for football and basketball for my highschool. I'm looking for someone who I can talk with and is similar to me, add me on snapchat if u wanna talk. Jay_aramburu31 .      #31 is the number I was for football and 24 for basketball. HMU

  • Looking for relationship

    03 JUN   Bristol, UK

    Hi I'm jake, I'm 16. I like football, running, rugby, gaming and more. I'm a friendly person looking for a girl who would like me for my personality, takes pics together and is loyal. I know how to have a laugh.

    I live in south west part of England and I don't mind if it is short distance or long distance relationship. So if you are interested message me.

  • Looking for people to talk to

    03 JUN   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    I'm soooooo bored so I'm looking to meet new people hmu on kik or snapchat or message me for my number to text or facetime 

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