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Teen Singles

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teen singles ,this is a group for meet people for teen singles in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Hi my name-s Huzaifa. I-m 17 year old

    23 APR   Karachi, Pakistan

    I'm single and looking for a girlfriend. I'm 5'10" tall, I am loyal and trustworthy . I love to sing and I like horror movies, romantic movies, action movies, sci-fi movies and life documentaries. I love long drive. If anyone's interested then contact me.

    AK Where r ya from?
    1 day ago
    rizhuzaifa Bro I want a girlfriend coz Im straight
    1 day ago
    AK Aah q bache!
    12 hours ago

  • I-m alone in this world and I would like someone to spend it with

    21 APR   Centralia, WA, USA

    I'm 13, and I would like some one to talk to many swap pic. Ask me anything. I will give a true answer and never looking for a girl 13-16. A boy also but you have to true really hard to get me to like you in one way. Only one person's done that.

  • Need a gf or someone to talk to

    25 APR   Jacksonville, IL, US

    Need girlfriend age 13-14. And some friends around my age. Idc if ur clean or dirty. Just don't be dirty all the time

  • Looking for some fun ;)

    23 APR   New York, NY, USA

    Hey add me on snap if you wanna have some fun my snap is jordanrobert954 any age or gender or we can just talk and chill

    Mary dont have snap what u good loking
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a single female

    24 APR   Alstad, Sweden

    Hi. I'm 17 and I live in Sweden. I have been single for the past 5 years. If you want to know more and talk. Hit me up.

    Chloe Hello Gabriel, I have hangouts. My account is Message me there for good times! 😉
    1 day ago
  • add man snap akram_winnner single ting

    24 APR   London, UK

    yo gals mans single and dat - add up mans snap  akram_winner and we can move on from there <3

  • Need new friends or something so hmu ig

    24 APR   Bellingham, WA, USA

    Text me. 360-441-6542 snap. Iloveidkpatrick. Lol ik it’s stupid. I don’t expect people to add me ot text me but guys and girls welcome to 

  • i want a serious relationship who will never leave me and will support me

    24 APR   NY, USA

    anyone here for a true ralationship ? please lest me know in my email

    .i need a girl who is cute shy and good in behaviour tooo let me know.....hi i am shaimon i am Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out (music events, art exhibitions, takin pics, walking around, dining, 


    24 APR   Attleboro, MA, USA

    Looking for some new friends 

    open to both sides but don’t get hurt if I say no just be urself

    relationships or more welcome but must be loyal af

  • a bit about me for a few of ya;)

    23 APR   Delaware, OH, USA

    Just to hola out there for a few of y'all. I am a decent person. I am not a fucking hoe. I only send nudes to my SO but I don't have one so that can tall you something. I am not an easy person to win over. I can flirt hella hard with yo but don't you ever assume i'm falling till I tell you. ALSO, to the few of you that think i will date you after 2 days of knowing you exist, you can leave, litterally looking ot something real???? anyone else?????

    Bsilva2021 Mad respect for the game - let’s play
    2 days ago
  • Looking for Mr. Right

    27 FEB   Manila, Metro Manila

    Hi I'm Kim. Open minded with positive attitude, I lile to read books and I love eating and crafting some arts. I'm looking for a guy who is sweet, kind, gentlemen, accept me and love me of who I'am and a guy who is older than me like 17-20.

    P.S  I hate rude and horny guys.

    Don't hesitate to comment or chat me?

    Jaydeh38 I thought I was him?
  • Looking for a nice bf

    23 APR   C

    I’m 15 looking for a bf that would mind cuddling and video chatting. I’m looking for a guy from 14 to 18 years of age. 

    message-to-trade-nudes hey add me jordanrobert954
    2 days ago
    Harry Lewis Hey would you like to be mine
    2 days ago
  • Girls hurry I am going to be for one month

    22 APR   San Bernardino, CA,

    Text soon as possible I will give you the time to text me. In one month I will be single for one yery then come back l.

  • Single And Wanting To Mingle

    19 APR   New York, NY, USA

    Hiya I'm Kiera. Now thing is, do not try to get with me immediately. It takes time fam. I'm an anime geek, bookworm, and a meme lover. So chill and take it slow. I'm straight and looking for a nice guy.

    Alyzan HMU on sc you can find it on my profile
    JayDodds hmu for a chat
    genemason Hey text me off of my Snapchat jakeup121
    Mike Hey, hmu on my instagram @monstermike_201
  • Any girls what-s to go in a date :)

    21 APR   San Bernardino, CA,

    Please text me if you what to go in a date. I am not gay!!!. I will take any age because I have no life :) I am open anytime ok.

  • Add me on kik or snapchat redmoons99

    10 NOV   Pomona, CA, United S

    I'm a really open person I don't care what we talk about it could be any thing.

    I also like to help out so yes hmu

    Isaac junior yeah sweety we can be friends
    Sarina Your cute as fuck
    nanabae Inbox or email me. :) xx, -Na Na
    samuelhagan456 hi am new i need a girlfriend
  • The best way to contact me.

    21 APR   Melbourne, FL, USA

    You can contact me through Discord. My Discord tag is Simon_the_Siberian_Husky #0376.
    I'm pretty psyched to talk to you. ^^

  • Wants a girlfriend or friends

    21 APR   Chisholm, MN, USA

    Hello :) My name is austin and I'm 17, I have reddish brownish hair, brown eyes, 5'9". I'm a gamer, friendly, funny, and caring. No matter who you are, I will never judge and will always be by your side when you need me

  • I am still looking for a girlfriend :)

    20 APR   San Bernardino, CA,

    Text me anytime. I am not gay!!! . Let talk maybe meet up somewhere lol. Text me and I will tell you more about me ;)

  • Looking for a girlfriend around my age

    20 APR   San Bernardino, CA,

    I am looking for a kined and cute girl well all girl are cute. I will respect you. I will dream about you. please text me :)

  • Single and ready to mingle

    12 MAY   Piedmont, MO, United

    Hey my names Breeze and I'm 15. I like anime, games, music, animals, and writing. I want someone who relatively shares some of the same intrests. I'm pansexual so anyone hmu. 

    XCD51 old post, but hmu
  • Trying to meet new girls around me?

    20 APR   Langhorne, PA, USA

    Hey everyone, looking for a good Christian girl around me. NO more than half an hour away to talk to. And who knows from there. Hmu 

  • I am single hit me up lol plz don-t hit me

    20 APR   San Bernardino, CA,

    Hi looking for a girlfriend :) I am up anytime text me. I am up for anything like true and dare like cool games. I am open anytime.

  • Looking to meet and talk to new people

    19 APR   Baton Rouge, LA, Uni

    I’m a normal guy who is just bored and looking for new people to talk to. I’m not a creep like a lot of guys on here. I’m nice, quality human being. Rare these days, I know.

    Hachiko Thats nice to hear 😄 i have kik too
  • Meet new people for friendship or mor

    19 APR   Attleboro, MA, USA

    looking cute girls to date

    guys must be super hot to date

    friends must like marvel dc Star Wars that kinda stuff but also sports

    add me on snap or insta

  • Trying to not be Single!

    18 APR   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Looking for a boy 13-14 in the Phoenix,Arizona area. Funny, smart, kind, and awesome person who can care about me. 

    JimSavage Hi your cute can I tell you something if I give you a kiss and you don’t like it you can return it... I’m funny if you like that
    sky im funny a lot of girls like my eyes sadly i dont live near there
    sky and i care about anyone i love
    Cs1510 Hey Im in Tucson would you mind talking to me
  • Message or snap me I-m up for anything

    05 MAR   Buffalo, NY, USA

    I'm a 17 year old guy looking for someone to talk to and maybe more. Maybe talk dirty if that's what you like ?. Message me or snap me. (Your more likley to get a reply on snap) So whether you just want somone to talk to or something more than that hmu and we'll see where it goes ?. Hope tp chat with some of you soon! 


  • Hello I am single :(

    18 APR   San Bernardino, CA,

    "I am not gay". I like to know each other first then we can date. If you are not looking for a boyfriend we can be friends :) See you soon

  • Look for a gf or a bf

    17 APR   Ballwin, MO, USA

    Hey I’m Alex I’m 18 I’m lookin for either a bf with abs or a gf who’s very outgoing and funny and just likes to chill and I’m lookin for a guy or girl that can cook or that have musical talent I’m a rapper and a guitarist I make my own songs and I really love to just chill and watch movies 

  • new friends or chats?

    16 APR   Telford, United King

    up for a laugh but only to an extent. Looking for new coversations or friends to help get though this year of stress. Hahaha and not getting rid of the thought of something else becomeing of the converstions. I am still very picky sorry :)


    17 APR   Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Hey I'm Dee and I'm kinda super bored actually so why don't any body hmu on Snapchat my snap is dinushkasarawic

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    17 APR   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Looking for a boyfriend 14-16 I do long distances but I would rather date somebody in Las Vegas where I live. I also don’t do nudes or send. My name is Olivia 

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    17 APR   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Looking for a boyfriend 14-16 I do long distances but I would rather date somebody in Las Vegas where I live. I also don’t do nudes or send. 

  • Single ? ready for a boyfriend

    16 APR   Middlesbrough, UK

    Looking for a relishionship and to settle down north east England ? I am 16 and would like a boyfriend to settle down with no nudes or daft relishionship ?

  • Looking for a long relationship

    15 APR   Leominster, MA, USA

    Hey, guys! (Now to hope I’m doing this correctly)

    So, I’m a straight woman looking for a serious relationship. If interested, shoot me a message. 

    I do have a few requirements due to personal preference, however. Sorry if you don’t fall within requirements-

    1. Must be Caucasian. Sorry. Just a preference thing
    2. Must be a straight male who was born male. 
    3. Athiest 
    4. Have job prospects. I’d like to be a housewife in the future, so I find this highly important. I would preferably teach my future children at home instead of having them go to public school. 
    5. Be intellegent and mature
    6. Be masculine. Sorry, but I’m not interested if you shave your legs or wear skinny jeans. 
    7. Have a long term relationship in mind. Don’t start this with the mindset it’ll end. 
    8. This is a big one. DONT BE PC OR LIBERAL. I personally dislike that. 

    So, message me if you fit into this! I’d love to here from you!

    Tyldr Hey I think I am what you would be looking for
  • single and looking for someone

    15 APR   New Orleans, LA, USA

    Hello, I'm Lillian, 14 from Louisiana. I'm looking for a girlfriend. Distance is not an issue. I like just browsing the internet, casual anime watching, and reading and writing. I also ove learning new facts and I am an information sponge who forgets names super easy. My snap is bubblylils if you want to reach me there.

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    15 APR   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Hi there my name is Olivia and I’m 15 and single. I’m looking for a boyfriend who doesn’t ask for nudes or sends to me and who doesn’t break my heart. Snapchat and instagram in my profile. Boys have to be 14-16

    Harry Lewis Hey, would you like to be mine
  • Looking for serious relationship

    15 APR   Indore, Madhya Prade

    Hey girls if any one is intrested me than plz msg me i wana do a serious relationship soo we can doo fun and more things together

  • Looking for a serious relationship

    15 APR   London, UK

    Hey, I am Harry Lewis if anybody want to be my girlfriend then please don't cheat it's feels like anybody had shooted a bullet in my heart so please don't do like this with me 

  • Looking for a serious relationship

    04 APR   Plano, TX, USA

    my name is trevor and i want to find agirl who wants a serious relationship. i check my kik and snapchat a lot so if you want to message me there we can talk and get to know eachother. 

  • Need a gf that?s cute and funny and at least a little freaky lol

    05 OCT   Spring, TX, United S

    Hey I’m jay I’m pretty lit if I were to say so myself but I’m just looking for a girl that’s real and that isn’t fake like a lot of people ik 

  • Looking for a serious relationship

    05 APR   Cambridge, MD, Unite

    Looking for a serious relationship, not just someone wanting pics. Ages 13-17

    Charlie.LW totally down to get serial with a stranger
    SYLER Hello am SYLER i wish You to ne my friend first,learn both of US mutually ans let US see in the future
    HUSSNAIN AHMED I want a girl who will be in a long distance relation ship with me and a good looking like you i cant say or imagine how beautiful you was i just love you I love you
    HUSSNAIN AHMED I want a girl who will be in a long distance relation ship with me and a good looking like you i cant say or imagine how beautiful you was i just love you I love you i want relation and sex partner
  • I am on Facebook name Aiden Andreson

    14 APR   London, UK

    Hey, I am Harry Lewis 

    My hobbie is to playing DJ system

    Fashion is Bodybuilding and 

    Goal is to be bank manager

    I need a girlfriend who love me and she will never cheat me that type of girlfriend I need that's it nothing more ??

  • Hit me up on snapchat!

    13 APR   Dubai - United Arab

    Hey there,

    hit me up on snapchat to chat ? we can talk about anything :) 

  • don-t forget im bisexual, girls hmu

    20 MAR   Delaware, OH, USA

    ((still dont know why they make this to the point you have to type 80 letters)) perferably looking for people in the ohio area bc short distance relationships are better but Ill settle for what I can get

    Tyson Heyy even tho Im a boy can we be friends?
    Sam Hay can we be boyfriend and girlfriend?
    Michael555 ur hot and id like to chat with u
  • Looking for them Hookups any girls interested?

    12 APR   Downtown San Diego,

    yo, 18 from San Diego, just wanting to meet with any girls interested to hmu, any social media is fine that I have, message what you want exactly and I'll help out in anyway possible ;)  

  • Looking for someone to talk to please

    11 APR   Lincoln, UK

    Someone talk to me, bored I’ll talk about anything, clean or dirty I’m 21 male from uk ??

    Karsten Hall id reccomend you use another dating site your old enough
  • Kik me EpicBlast1 .im call boy nd play boy ...??

    10 APR   Mumbai, Maharashtra,

    hey ...girls for unsatisfied women and girls nd lonely girls whatsapp number is 91 7977643006 ...msg me if u have fun ....

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