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Teen Singles

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teen singles ,this is a group for meet people for teen singles in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Want a relationship with someone

    03 OCT   San Jose, CA, United

    hi I’m an13 year old girl turning 14 soon and I’m looking for someone who’s funny and loyal, it would be nice if your tall and if you live around where I do so we could meet

    a little about me is in a weirdo with a funny personality and I’m a tall blond with bluish and greenish eyes and I would like someone 14 - 16 years old who will be loyal and real to me and be one of those creeps you find on here

    Will Yo Im pretty close to San jose
    2 days ago
    Joshh3535 Hey girl message me
    4 hours ago
    Xavier Webber Hey I am 14. My name is Xavier and I would love to get to know you more my snap is xwebber
    3 hours ago

  • Remessage me on kik please

    06 JUN   Chicago, IL, USA

    Ok so a bunch of people messaged me on kik and most of them were really old guys so I never responded but because I never responded they just built up and crashed my kik app lol so if your 13-14 and you messaged me just shoot me another one so I see it thanks and no people older than 14 if you message me and your to old I’m blocking you thanks?

    noah i am 14 and i am not retared
    1 day ago
    Anselmmart733 Hey Im 14 whats ur kik
    12 hours ago
    Alan Fernando im 14, and i could text u. Whats ur kik username tho?
    12 hours ago
    Joshh3535 Hey message me
    3 hours ago
  • I?m here to find A nice girl

    19 AUG   Warwick, NY, USA

    hay I’m Ken im 17 im single and ready to mingle(god that was bad) as you can see I make jokes most pretty bad I love video games comic anime your basic nerd but I’m committed I’m a nice guy I’ll do anything to make you happy and smile and if you give me a chance I’ll be the best guy check me out on kik at seagulswag so we can talk see you there ?

  • meet new people to have fun with on the daily

    19 AUG   Toronto, ON, Canada

    not gonna lie this site is ass, if u wanna get in contact with me than snap me, i’m just here to find people to have fun with on snap, if u ain’t into that then sorry ig, have a good day if u ain’t.

  • Add my snap Kayyezz

    17 AUG   Bournemouth, UK

    I’m 6’10

    anyone wanna talk add me snap 


  • I just want someone to love

    31 JUL   Milwaukee, WI, USA

    Summer time, the scenerio of love and care.
    Summer time, the time I have more dispair, time, and no care.
    Summer time, hold on to me lies that I wish to see.

    The time has come. Many in love, many in the arms of their mated soul. But time passes and I'm still alone. Relationships in the distance, none to calm my necesity. Tears of the lonely nights. Looking at Skype to the person I wish to hug. But far away to give a kiss.

    Moonless night, my friend is already gone. Looking at the monitor and i can only doubt.
    Moonless night, hold on to me the hope of a new light, but not here to give me the sign.
    Moonless night, please be close to me for once! dont you see that I suffer every night?

    Here it comes. The message of the hope of a new start. Come and go, but you are not around. I want to escape this suicidal thoughts! Hold on to me, but I can only see through the screen. Come for me I can't breath. But you just say "believe". 

    I guess you've gotten this far hu? That poem is what I live. Dated many men and women but they are so far away. The struggle to be with someone is so hard, and I cant keep going like this. I want to find someone to love, care, and believe in. I do so much that I cant keep going on myself. So I'm making this request for men and women of my age (15) and a bit older (not passing 19) to text me. Lets create a strong relationship together. Lets know ourselves fully. Looks? I couldn't care less. Ass long as you are not a one night stands I'm totally going to accept you for who you are. 

    Also you must be in the Milwaulkee, WI. area. I want t know and care for you. That you are shy? That's fine! That you like dirty jokes? Great! If you are you and you aren't trying to be someone else, I dont for what you look like. I will love you with your flaws and virtues. You will see me with my flaws and i will see yours. As one we will fight and protect each other.

    This is long I know but is what I request.

    Thanks for listening to this lonely soul.

    Itsyaboitris Ur actually a really good poet no jokes cant do that I molstly rap I can tell u some of them if u want
    Dawson Hi! Lets talk lol i am looking for someone
    3 days ago
    Lochlain Im all URLs if ur a girl
    2 days ago
  • I?m tired of being single now

    16 AUG   Add me on snap plz

    I’m tired of this single bs now so hmu if u can most likely do long distance and be loyal and if u got some good looks with a good personality and can keep a conversation but I’m so serious I’m tired of this single shiiiiiii so hml on snap?

  • need girlfriend for snap

    15 AUG   Tunis, Tunisia

    Race doesn't matter

    If any girl intersted, snap me up. 


  • Looking for exuberant girls 15-18 that I could ignite a spark in

    14 AUG   Omaha, NE, United St

    I am 17, 6’1 and I’m nice, skinny, and love to listen to music! I’m looking for a girl ages 15-18 that would be interested in a relationship, if we are  compatible! Preferably in or around Omaha, Ne you don’t have to be though! I am super excited and can’t wait to see what kind of person you are! Add me on Snapchat if you want to give this a try! Zachbro13 is my user. 

  • Looking for a sweet girl ?

    14 AUG   Tunis, Tunisia


    Sup? I'm Luc, aged 16.

    I am into anything :-) Loving, humorous, and friendly are my charecteristics. 

    At the moment, I am looking for a pretty princess. I am badly in need of a relationship! 

  • Looking for a romantic relationship with a girl near me

    13 AUG   San Jose, CA, USA

    Hello I'm Dennis, I'm 13 turning 14 soon. I'm looking for a girl who wants to have a fun relationship who's around my age. Race doesn't matter to me. I want someone to get to know and hang out with

    Feel free to PM me anytime if you wanna hangout sometime

  • Add me on snap or insta if you wanna talk

    13 AUG   Williston, VT, USA

    I'm not showing my face on this website coz of previous events but add me and we can talk and facetime. Idc what gender you are but I'm not gay. just to put it out there. only add me if ur 13-15 coz you shouldn't be on here if ur twelve and I dont talk to people over 2  years older than me alot.

  • Single and looking, send a message

    12 AUG   Umeå, Sweden


    I'm Robin, currently 17 and living in Sweden. If any single pringles want to get to know me go ahead and add me on Kik or Snapchat. I am straight, open to any kinds of people. Thanks for giving me a look and have an amazing day. I'd recommend hitting me up if you need some help with that last part. See you around!

  • This is just a poem for those who feel broken...please enjoy I wrote it.

    30 JUL   Milwaukee, WI, USA

      So I wrote this poem...please enjoy and let me know your opinion please...
    All The Same

    Shattered like the ones that once mattered
    Shattered like lost souls control by long lasting locks
    Shattered like many homes which fight only cause lost life's
    As shattered as we are we keep living, one, just like many ghost upon the night lost. Can only be true, that care is most dry when you are happy? Or, could it be that souls teach and at a same, they learn and care for us? Is blessing upon us? Do we deserve eyes to see, when we can only portrait a science of visions and no souls? Do we deserve a voice that only breaks souls, and brings sorrow and anxiety to one's weaker? We are us and the world holds upon us a damage to the mind and soul. Many give up to the lies and submit to death that is a primary desire in our head. Weak we are. Chained to the life destened to end. Shortly we'll see what us beyond stars but we won't come back to tell the dear hearted ones.
    We lost many, we hurt many but at the end. We are the same.

    Carolyn You are an amazing poet!!! I can so relate to this and it’s the best thing I think I have ever read !
    brandonb04 Wow where did you learn to be poetic
    Ash Thats so amazing you can put these feelings into words so beautiful!!!
  • Single and ready to mingle

    12 MAY   Piedmont, MO, United

    Hey my names Breeze and I'm 15. I like anime, games, music, animals, and writing. I want someone who relatively shares some of the same intrests. I'm pansexual so anyone hmu. 

    Ash Would u be willing to be friends I like anime and basically same stuff as u
  • Meet new friends or more

    10 AUG   Batesville, IN, USA

    My name is braden im 16 I play video games watch anime I am a ex football player and im looking for a girl how will care it doesn't matter if long distance 

  • Hmu on snap this title thing is dumb

    08 AUG   London, ON, Canada

    Hmu on snap if u tryna talk or sum bored af my snaps on my profile for anyone who was wondering........................

  • I want to meet cute girl, to snap with

    08 AUG   Kaunas, Lithuania

    I am 16 yrats old, from Lithuania. I am straight orentation. Looking formos cute girls?

    Snapchat: Paulius 169

  • meet new people and make friends ig

    08 AUG   Oakland, CA, United

    I just wanna trade nudes with females or trade female nudes for other girls nudes because idk I’m bored af rn and it’s midnight

  • bisexual girl looking for girlfriend

    20 MAY   Seguin, TX, USA

    okay so i just joined, this is my first post. Basically I joined because I'm a bisexual girl, and I lean more towards girls. I'd like to start talking to a girl and maybe find a girlfriend.

    message me on here or snapchat/instagram!

    Beautifulgirl I lean to girls too. But I am pan.
    Briannatucker230 Hey I’m a girl looking for a girl I
    Beautifulgirl You look like my dream girl.
  • Hi I-m interested in meeting new people and would like to get to know u

    17 NOV   Guyton, Georgia, Uni

    Hi I would like to get to know u and be friends or lovers either is fine. I'm looking for some one with a good personality and who's wanting to find love if you are interested plz email or text me on kik or snapchat I'm looking for 15 girlso if possible plz and thank you for reading this.

    Likalotpuss Looking for the perfect young girl thats open minded enough to try something new and exciti g
  • Looking to get friends or date

    05 AUG   Lapeer, MI, USA

    Heyyyy I'm looking for girls around my area to hit me up either on snap chat, kik, or Instagram so we can chat, preferably girls in Michigan that are close by. But anywhere will di ) anyways if you are interested in chatting and possibly dating and getting to know each other then definitely hmu.

  • Looking for a girl in my life

    02 AUG   Hallettsville, TX, U

    Im from a small texas town of halletsville and if your from the imedeat area or the south lets talk

  • Looking for fun or a beautiful relationship

    04 AUG   Monrovia, CA, United

    Hello I'm Ben i'm single and lookin 4 a nice girl to be in my life or be around for fun I enjoy that sometimes. I have a big heart, and need someone with a big heart as well! If you like to know more feel free to shoot me a message on snapchat, and or instagram I unfortunatley no longer have kik. I hope to talk to you very soon!

    benster1120 (taken) please do not mind what was just commented I am continuously being stalked by the individual above (Elizabeth) I do apologize for any inconvince this might have presented. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from all of you soon

    28 JUL   New Gloucester, ME,

    Just to clarify, I live in Maine so only contact me if you’re interested and you live in or near Maine like New Hampshire or Vermont.

    Karrina345 hi want to talk
  • Willing to do anything you my queen Desire

    02 AUG   China Grove, NC, USA

    Like me DataDin0 I'm 14 m and pretty freak mhghehdhfugjfk h gcjdjxjdbcjgkcjcjgjcncjcjvjcncncnvjgjfjcjvjcjvhvjfhfjcjcnchchvgovkckckcmckxjxjjcjxjcjckvkcjcjcjcjchchcj

  • To the pretty girls out there

    01 AUG   Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Hello I'm Dee and im 17 years old tbh I Jones this site to find some new friends 

    So let me tell about me I'm an athlete and I play basketball and im single I'm looking forward to meet open minded person so why don't you add me on Snapchat lets see our mutual interested stuff 

    Here's my snap dinushkasarawic

  • looking for a gf in Maine

    02 AUG   South Portland, ME,

    My name Is Zach K, I live In South Portland ME, I am looking for a gf 16-19, I’m 18, I have 3 tattoos, I’m cute I love to text and skateboard and show my love and I am cute!!! Give text me at 12076155571 

  • So I-m really new to this, and I was just hoping to meet new great people.

    30 JUL   Milwaukee, WI, USA


    My name is Angely. I'm new to this site. I seem to be pretty lonely at home, no friends, no support, and sick of being alone. I don't look for attention. Not a single bit of it. But I do look for friends. 

    Being expirienced, in many relationships that ended up violating my trust, though I never met them in real life, was a challenge. Still I want to meet, to know what is like to have someone close, someone that you can count on and that the second you wish to scream and cry out all the pain to just run to that person and hug it so close and so tight that it feels like the world can't beat you anymore. But I'm afraid. I'm afraid that I will only be used, afraid that, the person im putting my trust is just a fake.

    Life has hit me hard, life has treated me like scum. So I ask you stanger. Whoever you are, that reads and listens. That doesn't see, but observes. I ask this once. want to meet and put your trust on my hands to take care of it? And would you let me give you mine and together grow as one?

    I'll leave to think. you know where to find me.

    Also thanks for reading the words of a stranger that just wants the compassion and care of another stanger that soon will become a shield of care and no longer a stranger.


    Mr.Neb623 Let’s be friends
    RuthSilkyAsunaRCVREE I didnt know i could see the comments you guys are so sweet
    Karrina345 Hey lets be friends Im a very nice and friendly person
    Sakura (Waddles)😂🙃💚 Girl your poems are amazing and tbh, I could really use some friends too XD
  • This is just a quick update on my day so far

    30 JUL   Milwaukee, WI, USA


        Slowly getting quieter....the day has been the worst. Having great pain, sorrow, and other emotions. Social services came home today. It went well. My parents talked to me about it.
        They told me the things I have to improve on, and made me realize so many things. 
    I am so upset of myself. Im crying my guts out on how a bad person I've been. Well would you look at that i finally remembered how unperfect and weak I am.  I'm not ready to be DMed today. So please dont text me till later. 

    PS. I am looking for People on Milwaulkee Wisconsin (my area) to hang out with. So please DM me tomorrow if you wish to talk about it.

    Ruth Silky Asuna RCVREE

  • Why I don-t respond Dm-s in Kik

    30 JUL   Milwaukee, WI, USA


    As some of you know, I'm not feeling the best. Recently things are so bad at home that I can barely think. Right now the less thing I need is thirsty people.

    Thanks to those who take the time of having a soft entrence and first impression I apreaciate it a lot. Just give me time to clear my mind. Also please stop asking to have fun im not a play toy nor a semen watcher. Please just go to sites that provide you with the things you wish.

    Ruth Silky Asuna RCVREE

    Sãïßtãr Lõvëly Not kik... Give your instaa..
  • Hi im Tierra ........................

    30 JUL   Lithia Springs, GA,

    I am single and am looking for a boyfriend ...and some new friends I have kik,instagram,and Snapchat but I will only answer on snap and insta ?

  • Want to chat females onlyyy

    26 JUL   Belgrade, Serbia

    Im 17 male from Serbia 




    Cl053D Stop being desperate to pick up females on here.
  • Looking for relationship

    03 JUN   Bristol, UK

    Hi I'm jake, I'm 16. I like football, running, rugby, gaming and more. I'm a friendly person looking for a girl who would like me for my personality, takes pics together and is loyal. I know how to have a laugh.

    I live in south west part of England and I don't mind if it is short distance or long distance relationship. So if you are interested message me.

  • Looking for Girlfriend

    25 JUL   Spanish Fork, UT, US

    Hi there everyone! joined this site a little bit ago and thought I would write an intro/what i'm looking for out of this site. Like pretty much everyone else here i'm looking to find someone to be my gf. I am in Utah so would be great if you are local. I am mobile so not a huge deal if we don't live right next to each other. I am also open to long distance. 

    A little about me, i'm pretty nerdy I like Gaming and building computers. But also love the outdoors. Looking for someone genuine who likes to chat and have deep conversations about the universe, physics, aliens, philisophical conundrums, and everything interesting. 

    Age wise i'm not picky at all. If you are on this site it means we are fairly close in age already. So good enough lol. 

    anyway! that's pretty much it. Best way to get ahold of me is probably my Kik or snap. So hit me up on there. :)

  • Looking to chat girls onlyyyy

    25 JUL   Belgrade, Serbia

    Kik me od dm me on instagram



    im boredd want to chat ????????..

    Cl053D Desperate for girls only? cmon we all know what you trying to do, stop being a creep trying to lure girls in.
  • Looking for a girlfriend for a serious and long lasting relationship

    25 JUL   Port Harcourt, Niger

    Am here to know someone and for someone to knw me also do that we can love each other (gurl) 

  • I think you-ll should hit me up on Snapchat

    25 JUL   Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Hello I'm Dee  and im 17 and single I'm looking forward to meet new people so why don't you add me on Snapchat and kik I'm athlete and I play basketball .I really love to talk new people so please don't be shy add me on snapchat and kik id's are given below cheers

    Snapchat: dinushkasarawic


  • If you?re interested

    23 JUL   New Gloucester, ME,

    if you’re interested, Snapchat me or DM me on instagram, whichever works for you.

  • Looking for a boy or girl who lives in Florida and doesn-t mind driving

    12 JUN   Melbourne, FL, USA

    Hey. I'm Dallas and I am bisexual. If anyone is in florida, just hmu. My snap is

    @lost-overb if u wanna chat some more. Just pm if you wanna meet up somewhere. I will only accept those who live near Melbourne florida. No body out of state. Must be 14-17. No one over 18. I like photography, movies, and video games. Just hmu if interested. I date guys and girls. 

    Roydrick001 2347050698053... WhatsApp
    Aidan I live in Melbourne too
  • Sorry Im Bad at making titles

    23 JUL   Vermont

    Looking to meet new people on Snapchat, HMU if you wanna chat?                                  

  • I need a girlfriend hit me up on Instagram

    23 JUL   West Columbia, SC, U

    I want a girlfriend that will love me too and we can talk no fake stuff hit me up on Instagram @badvibescaleb

  • Looking for a relationship, Love..., friends ...

    22 JUL   Vienna, Austria

    Hey I'm Vincent, but you can call me Vinny! I'm based in Vienna and because of that, am searching for someone near Vienna if possible... I am 18 years old and have noticed that I am mainly attracted to younger girls... I am Bisexual but I am most attracted to girls..

    I am a very caring, passionate and kind person and quite lonely too.... I love doing stuff with friends...but as all of my friends prefer drinking and partying I rather stay alone than get myself drunk every single day of the week....

    I love Nature and Music and helping people and sometimes cleaning stuff...

    I'd love to hear from You! You can ask me anything and I'll be always...

  • Looking for a relationship

    22 JUL   Norwalk, CT, USA

    Hey im Nahjeera and im looking for someone that will be there for me and who is not afraid to talk to me about anything. Someone who is honest and caring...if anyone is looking for anything similar hmu?

    Hunterbalmer21 Hey I added you on Snapchat if you wanna talk
  • Lookin for some girls to chat with!

    21 JUL   Toronto, ON, Canada

    ayeee I’m 16, am single. Just down to have a chat and see where things go, am down for a bit more as well! ;)

  • Discord dating server for 13 through 19

    21 JUL   Portland, OR, USA

    Come one come all for the server that is the best 

    13 through 19 dating is aweome so come join the server

  • Hello meeting new people

    05 APR   Telford, UK

    Heya I'm Laura, 16, I'm small (very small) and single. Not necessarily looking for a relationship but I'll see where things go. I am also an identical twin. And please no creeps who are much older than me  much appreciated x

    Kory Add me on sc I’m 16 also and single: xXkory_harkinXx
    brad818 hi im 14 but ya know theres nothin ring there is there
  • meet a teen girl in California

    20 JUL   Hawthorne, Californi

    hi i'm kaleb i'm sixteen, have spina bifida, born in arkanas raised in tennessee and single can't do long distance to well, i was abused by my step father, my biological dad died before i was born hmu on my soicals on my profile

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