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  • Looking for a great person to be in a relationship with!

    25 JUN   Fremont, OH, United

    Hey! I'm Sasha but my friends call me Sushi, I'm 15 turning 16 this Nov, and my hobbies include art, anime, youtube, dancing, board games, and lolita fashion. I love to always try to see the best in things and am very optimistic. Lol I sound like a nerd which is awesome but I want a real relationship so if you just want sexual stuff like that please don't bother. Thanks for your time! 

  • Looking for a relationship

    08 APR   Corry, PA, United St

    Hi, My name is Caleb Morris. Im looking for a relationship. It can be long distance or close. Some of my hobbies are music, hunting, hiking and everything, really. 

  • looking for bf/gf??hmu

    21 JUN   Norwalk, CA, United

    im 15 and im just looking for someone who actually wants to talk and shit i dont mind dirty talking but im not sending nudes. 

    YourPokemon @lesbianlatina415 Ight ill back off :p
    3 days ago
    Galaxygirl ? Hello message me if your interested
    3 days ago
    aj007 hey i am of 14 please chat me.
    2 days ago
    Alex Hey hmu if interested you are really cute
    2 days ago
  • finding friendships or even a relationship.

    23 JUN   Woodstock, IL, Unite

    hello Im Michayla,17. I have a lot of additude,I am a funny person I make people laugh when they are down,I love to play soccer,I come from a a family of 7.I am looking for someone that has simular intrests that would be great but if you have some different interests that will fine.we dont want to be completly the same person that will be boring.  

    Loneboi21 Text me (909)225-8047
    2 days ago
  • If you wanna hangout and get freaky message me

    03 JUN   Tully, NY, United St

    Message me on kik SC or here if u wanna get weird... we can get sexual or just friends being weird I'm open to anything

    Elijah johnson what you mean anything
  • Looking for a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend

    07 MAY   Port Hueneme, CA, Un

    just looking for a relationship or friend I get lonely on weekends and need someone to talk to

    TotallyAlien slowly raise hand up
    Vale hey im a girl and im also lookin for someone , so maybe?
  • hmu if ur ready to be my bf I-m single guys

    21 JUN   Palm Bay, FL, United

    Looking for a bf hmu if ur single and  committed  to a realtiomship 

    smith7602 Hey Ill be what ever u want me to be
    BiNCute21 Im committed how bought you text me youre cute Ill go for you (909)225-8047 😘
  • Looking for a bf so if ur single hmu

    21 JUN   Palm Bay, FL, United

    I'm look for a bf hmu  add me on Snapchat najadeb69 I live in Palm Bay Florida 

    BiNCute21 Txt me (909)225-8047
  • Looking for a nice cute girlfriend

    20 JUN   Henderson, NV, Unite

    I just want someone i can talk and joke around with is that too much to ask

  • Looking for a boyfriend the love of my life

    15 JUN   Averill Park, NY, Un

    I really don't like single life tbh. I'm 17 and looking for a boyfriend who will love me for me,help me through hard times,care about me,send me good morning and night texts,send me unexpected texts,talk to me,make me smile and laugh. Please have snapchat or kik. U can be from America,Australia or the U.K. Doesn't matter as long as I find the right one

    Archis Hey. I dont have a snapchat or kik yet but I feel like I can be the type of guy youre looking for. All I ask is that you give me a chance and I bet I can show you.
    hunter Inbox me beautiful
    Michael21 Hope maybe we can chat text me (909)225-8047
  • contact me im 14

    18 JAN   Lexington, KY, Unite

    Hey i am really looking for a girl around my age and i want someone who is loyal and will snuggle. I dont care about long realtionships

    natcat14 hi im natalie im 14 too
  • Who wants to hear a story with a morale

    16 FEB   venice ca, usa

    Let me tell you all a little story.
    It's about this 14 year old Aussie fella
    His parents went away for the weekend, leaving him home alone
    And you see, there was this older girl, about 16, maybe 17.
    The boy wanted desperatly to impress this girl.
    So, he allowed himself to be talked into a local Tattoo Shop.
    Morale of this story:
    Two tattoos later, boy, just got off lockdown after 6-months.
    But, they haven't made me get rid of the Tattoos..

  • Who I am, What i do, What i like to do

    26 MAY   Troy, ID, United Sta

    My name is Devon Collins (pronounced devin) and i like to play videogames, hang out with my dog and with friends as well as watch movies as regular live TV. Currently im a student in highschool as a junior and a senior come next year which is the 2018-19 school year and i also am a YouTuber. When i'm not at school, playing videogames, or hanging out with my dog im either doing stuff for my youtube channel or my gaming team as well as hanging out with friends and if that certain someone becomes more than friends...well actually friends or not i will most likely bend my schedule a little to hang out and chat or talk for awhile

    wolf girl Ok maybe we can talk
    wolf girl I love your dog and your nice lookingπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‹
  • hi I-m tyler looking for a gf hmu

    15 JUN   Rome, GA, United Sta

    hello I'm tyler what's up I'm 14 years old I'm a wrestler and I do track also looking for a gf my Snapchat is tbertleff hmu see you soon

  • Hi. I-m 15. Looking for a lasting relationship

    10 JUN   Colorado Springs, CO

    Looking for a lasting relationship. I want someone who cares as much as I do. 

    Howard-s.orgy24 Hi Im mike u can get my sc. Howards.orgy24
  • Lit Flirty Friendship

    14 JUN   Cincinnati, OH, Unit

    Yo, my names Bri and I'm a pretty chill and fun person i like to think. Im 16 and looking for someone to be friends with that is funny and chill af. Memes are a Plus, Flirting is okay i guess lmao. I play select softball and im in Marching Band.  Please feel free to message me or reply, or my kik is bri_love_softball. Thanks! 

    Jwright99 what do you play in the band, i march euphonium
  • People to talk to and have fun

    02 JUN   Austin, TX, United S

    Hey just want people to talk to guys or girls dont mind can't be older then 17 just message me

    Tymothy Look no more...
    Mason Hi Claudia. I am Alex and I am 15 almost 16. I would love to talk
  • not hot but personality is a solid 7.5 according to myself & Jesus

    21 MAR   Cincinnati, OH, Unit

    so i guess i've reached new heights of boredom and loneliness to steep to this level but fuck it. i like indie/punk/pop music, 2008 Katy Perry, cheezits, sitcoms w/out the laugh track, WWII, drag queens & meth (jk). so if any of that interests you say something i guess.  

    Joe kapalka Quick question are u actually religious or was that a joke cuz if u r thats cool I just hate when people go over bored with it
  • Hey I-m Kearstin I-m 15

    04 APR   Clyde, OH, United St

    Favorit things to do: Play/watch sports, fish,camp,hang out with friends and family,play video games,taking pictures.

    I'm very werid,akward,loud,outgoing,funny,nice person.

    I'm looking for a guy close to me and taller then me and like 1-2 years older then me.

  • Looking for a boyfriend 14-16

    12 JUN   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    I'am open minded with a positive attitude.I love sports,kids,movies,books,reading,writing.I love nature and wouldn't mind a quiet relationship.I want someone who can be funny but knows when to stop.Message me if your interest.I want a clean relationship.

    James Same but I have some differents and I cant say that because Im no better XD but message me if your okay with me and dont judge my book by its cover
    Lucas Hey there <3
    John Sauer Hey 😘 I love pretty much all the same things and would like to learn more about you
    Alex I really hope Im not to late for this one but you seem real nice and I at least want to know you a little better. Message me if you are interested
  • Girlfriend In Need and better not be a fake

    12 JUN   Marysville, CA, Unit

    They must be loyal,faithful and trustworthy thats all I want in a girl 

  • Cute and sexy white boys hmu on sc or kik

    10 JUN   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Hey, im nora. White and cute non fuckbois hmu 13-18. Lets talk on sc or kik, add me. Laughter and having a good time required. I love watching netflix and working out, also very motivated to talk to others. Lets hang out if youre near me. Lets have fun ?

  • Looking for someone

    10 JUN   Wesley Chapel, FL, U

    Hey, it's me, again.  Looking for someone to chill with. 16 year old. Brown hair blue eyes 

  • Looking for someone...

    09 JUN   Erie, PA, United Sta

    Hi, I'm C.C. I'm Bi, and I'm honestly just on here because I want someone to talk to. I just, I dunno. Am I stupid for doing this? I hope not. Well um. Yeah. I just..l don't be afraid to talk. I'm a bit awkward but I'm a... person lol. So yeah. 

    Moka waitttt I wanna be friends >-< no fair
    Shame Hmu in Snapchat if u want too Im not pushing u😊
    Shame Alright And lol Ill follow you
    C.C Omg it glitched
  • Just wanted to tell you

    09 JUN   La Crescent, MN, Uni

    Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you that the photo is actually me. I had to screenshot a picture off of my Instagram, follow me @RainaMarieHowland. But it does look like I'm a crazy person and am trying to catfish people, But I'm not

    Ben wilcox Hello, your cute
  • Hi my name is cassidy I am single and looking

    07 JUN   Meadville, PA, Unite

    As you may know my name is cassidy I am 14 and single. I am also bisexual but I lean more towards dating girls. I am looking for someone 14-15 who is kind,smart, and funny. I also want someone who will always be there and will actually trust me. I have had many  heart broken so many times I really need someone to help pick up the pieces. 

    Shame Well thnx,but Im guessing ur sweeter than me, and I dont know why they broke ur heart.
    Boredomking Wow you are smooth
    Gary Hey Im a nice and sweet guy and everything you said is the way I am so if you want hmu
    Ben wilcox Hi im lookin for someone like you
  • Athlete who-s 6-0 tall and I-m straight.

    04 MAY   Littleton, MA, Unite

    Hi, my name is Kyle I like to workout, play football, and run track. I'm 14 years old almost 15 and single.

  • Looking For A Special Girl

    07 JUN   Watford, United King

    I'm looking for a girl who really does make me feel hope. I want somebody to really understand me and really change the way I feel about my life right now. If you think you can do that, go for it. And just know I am a kind person and I can make you genuinely happy, and I really just want that. No nudes or anything, I want someone special so that I can tell them how special they are when they're down too, and somebody who will pick me back up when I feel that low too.

  • Looking For nice female friend

    03 JUN   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    hey I'm looking for a nice female friend to chat with. Be open to talking and snapchatting. Looking for a nice funny and pretty girl. Snapchat me!

    Audi_Lynn Well, my friend added you, and you blocked her because she didnt like sexual things or something like that
  • Any single girls? hmu on kik

    03 JUN   Groveland, FL, Unite

    Any girls 13-16 hmu on kik or message me need a loyal girl or a good friend I can talk to 

    Erick_56565 Kik is pblq πŸ‘„
  • Meet anyone honestly as long as your nice.

    31 MAY   Charleston, WV, Unit

    Lonely, sad, and i wish someone was their for me but prob not i am just trying this website out i might not stay on it depends my skype is SkullCandyPro17 if you have any questions dont be afriad to ask go ahead and ask me just msg me.

  • Yo. I am new And I wanna meet chu!

    27 JAN   Scotts Mills, OR, Un

    HEYO I DO NOT WANT NUDES! yo I am here to meet new peps cause I am so SO FREAKING TIRED of being lonely. I am nice and I like exciting people. I am 16. So! ya know drop a message if you like nice people. and you're a nice person I AM NOT GAY! so don't EVEN! 

  • Meeting cute manga loving girls

    27 MAY   St. Louis, MO, Unite

    Let's see what our friendship leads to.I love every anime and I want to meet a manga nerd girl alot of nerd girls are cute.I really love girls with glasses.Mostly looking for girls my age summer just started. 

    Lawrence D. Williams IV Im looking for girls that lives close too
    Lawrence D. Williams IV Plus im extremely loyal
  • Hi Anyone In for a single guy? not Homo sexual Straight into girls

    10 FEB   Howell, MI, United S

    I am lonely and looking for a nice girlfriend like 15 or 16 years old

    im 16 btw

    Tombraider Hi Steve Im 14 almost 15. I would like to get to know you.
  • Looking for Relationship

    29 MAY   Mesa, AZ, United Sta

    Hi, I'm Tony. I'm 15 years old. I'm looking for a relationship, preferable someone between the ages 13-17. I like to write, play piano, listen to music, walk, and all that jazz. If you want to get to know me better... hmu!

  • Jackson, 17 looking for relationship

    29 MAY   AL, United States

    just a simple teenager from the south thats too shy to talk to girls in person, would love someone around the alabama area but i dont mind long distance.

  • meet people to date

    24 MAY   Hell, MI, United Sta

    Hey i'm looking for a relationship that's cute, but not too serious. I want someone that's easy to talk to and is really loyal. But i really want a bf or gf sooooo hmu!! No nudes plz...??

    Ellierose Hi Im Ellie message me if you want to talk
    Abby Are you open to girls? If so pm me
  • i want the one who cares so much plz

    25 MAY   Houston, TX, United

    If u have gmail add me on hangouts tavillarreal21@gmail.com

    If u dont then email me

    Plz ppl i just want the one 

    Badboy360420 If u want to u can email me at Jonathan.Fisher.360@Gmail.com
  • idk i need someone to play with :p~

    24 MAY   Detroit, MI, United

    hae guys. im Ashley. im new here lol. but message on kik at ashydashy199vb I send live pics and video chat!! I LOVE it!!! :p

    Peewee Im your man
    Kingboo1988 hi can you play with me sweetheart
    ivanwennersten hi im also new to this so I dont know actually what to do.
    Presley we got a hoe here
  • Looking for new friends, fun chat

    25 MAY   Fort Worth, TX, Unit

    looking for girls to talk to. Anyone kik me or snap me doesn't matter..................................

  • 17 male Bisexual looking

    18 MAY   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Hey I'm Chris, and i am looking for people to chat with, but am open to mor if it leads to it. Hmu if you want to know anything about me.

  • Looking for a awesome girlfreind

    22 MAY   Lebanon, OH, United

    I would love to have a girlfreind NEAR me and maybe we could meet up sometime so leave your number if your comfortable with it and you might just have the perfect boyfriend ever!

  • Meeting new people and looking for gf

    21 MAY   Vila Nova de Milfont

    Hi, my name is Quévin, 18. Hard to say what i like, since i am into a big variety of things from sports, to games, reading, and hiking, etc. I am looking to find someone that i can conect with. If you wanna know more just om me here or kik :)

  • Looking for Love

    05 FEB   Danville, PA, United

    Alaerial... Im 15 i do dance cheer and skateboarding. I'm looking for a guy to date thats sweet kind and has the perfect personality. 

    Jaxjack Saaammmee tho
    Thee_Parker Hey!!! message me and we can talk
    dallas good luck finding him lol
    Mason I would be pleased to make your acquaintance sometime. You seem like a lovely girl.
  • Meet new people and find a boyfriend or girlfriend

    07 MAY   Port Hueneme, CA, Un

    Alola my name is Bella I'm a bisexual 15 year old girl who is currently a single Pringle I like anime and  dogs and much more. 

    Mark Hey Im a guy looking for a gf wanna get to know eachother?
    Music4Life Hey, Im Ethan. Im looking for a nice, fun loving gf who doesnt want anything sexual. My interests are playing pop songs on the piano, reading, climbing, Rubiks cubes, and sometimes video games. Im a joker and I love to laugh - Im usually smiling about something :p. Solo... Hmu if youre interested.
    Braden riley Im Braden Im 13 Im looking for a nice beautiful woman to be my loving gf if not can we be friends txt me 5307869671
    Singh Hello I am a guy and looking for a girlfriend and I am 15 and I would like to chat with you
  • Looking for a cute girl

    13 MAY   New York, NY, United

    I'm Nick, I play a lot of sports. I'm nice and sweet to everyone, I'm looking for a cute girl, and I do anything that u want.

  • I want the one that cares

    15 MAY   Houston, TX, United

    Looking for the one that actually cares so leave me a msg or email me tavillarreal21@gmail.com. 

    I'm 15 i don't care bout ages

  • Aye first time online dating :P

    14 MAY   Santa Clarita, CA, U

    Im an asian kid and i play football. Im also a gamer. Just looking for a cute girl to be mine :P

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