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Teen Singles

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teen singles ,this is a group for meet people for teen singles in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • i-m looking to meet a girl

    17 OCT   Charlottesville, VA,

    I'm a cool guy. i like to do everyday things like hangout, and go to the beach.

  • Looking for someone to treat me right

    17 OCT   Meredith, NH, USA

    I am 13 and looking for the one. I've been hurt before and are skeptical, cautious, and anxious about finding someone new. Most but not all people I've talked to on and off the web are creeps asking for nudes. Tbh I just want someone who will hold me close when I break down.

  • Looking for a boyfriend that lives close

    10 OCT   South NJ, United Sta

    Just want someone who likes me for me. Someone who gets my humor. Someone who lives close. Someone who doesn’t mind about getting a little freaky. 

    MichiganLibertarian Pfft! I only a couple hundred miles away nothing much
    ctemple5686 Im literally in the state right next to you
    2 days ago
  • Bored. HMU if you-re brave enough, because I won-t take shit from anybody

    15 OCT   Fayetteville, NC, US

    Reread the title. 

    Still don't get it?

    Read it again. 

    Musiclover032018(taken) Hey want to be friends?
    1 day ago
    Heckty Damnnn 😶😳
    12 hours ago
    legomaster87544 Add me on snapchat @legomaster87544 Instagram: @legomaster87544
    12 hours ago
  • Looking for GF/BF live in Holyoke Massachusetts

    16 OCT   Holyoke, MA, USA

    Looking for someone to go on dates with to have fun and kisses and make out and maybe some dirty stuff too

  • I am looking for guys of the age of 16!

    25 SEP   Indianapolis, IN, US

    I am looking for somebody in my area, that will love me for me and not what I can give him. I like to cuddle and watch romantic movies with him. My interests are:

    Music – Pop, rock, alternative, and country!

    Books – Humor, romance, horror, and mystery!

    Movies – Same as books except with teenage drama!

    T.V. – I like shows like Rick and Morty and Once Upon A Time

    If you would like to contact me to talk to me, you can contact me on Google Hangouts!

  • Girlfriend 14-16, play softball or other sports

    16 OCT   Columbia, SC, USA

    I want a girl 14-16, serious relationship please, message on kik, prefer if you like sports

  • Just a single Pringle

    14 OCT   Broadway, NC, USA



    I'm Nicky

    Okay this is getting awkward

    I didnt really know what to put here

    I like anyone who likes any of the following I guess

    Anime,Manga,sleep,the colors Yellow and Black, talking, sunflowers, Talking for hours at a time

    I guess if you wanna chat Hmu on snap or insta

    Sc: Aesthetic,Nicky

    Instagram: Nicky.Aesthetic

  • I AM STRAIGHT minimum 20 characters

    09 OCT   New York, NY, USA

    I AM STRAIGHT, so if you are gay dont hmu. minimum 80 characters minimum 80 characters minimum 80 characters

  • Add my snapchat girls

    10 OCT   Belfast, UK

    hi if ur a girl who wants a relationship or a friendship add my snapchat my username is: zach7321     

    Add meeeeee

  • Remessage me on kik please

    06 JUN   Chicago, IL, USA

    Ok so a bunch of people messaged me on kik and most of them were really old guys so I never responded but because I never responded they just built up and crashed my kik app lol so if your 13-14 and you messaged me just shoot me another one so I see it thanks and no people older than 14 if you message me and your to old I’m blocking you thanks?

    Anthony I messaged you on kik you haven’t replied I know I’m older than what you asked.
    Barca What’s ur Snapchat?

    08 OCT   Tilburg, Netherlands

    For all the girls out there, sorry boys. Add me on Snapchat and let's have a conversation and see what's going to happen. My snapchat is: visser-jelle. 

    See you on Snapchat! 

  • Any single girls from San Jose or gilroy out there?

    08 OCT   Gilroy, CA, USA

    im nice and respectful person. I will treat you like a queen and spoil you looking for someone  16 -17 yrs old 

  • Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend cant send face or body kik sriser

    07 OCT   Planet Jupiter

    I like Xbox Ps4 Nights of azure The last of us Persona 4  Billie Eilish Lauv and more

  • Bored, hit me up on snapchat

    06 OCT   Rome, Metropolitan C

    ask me anyhing, chat with me on snapchat or kik or whatever u want, just chillin around and doing anything, girl preferred, no matter what age

  • I-m Zaria (14) im pretty chill

    20 JAN   Knoxville, TN, Unite

    Heyy, Im 14, just looking for a loyal, honest, caring, boyfriend. I dont mind long distance relationships. I live in germany rn but im moving to Tennessee in 5 months, so yeahh i just dont text people first bc im terrible at having a conversation

    dice i think i like you already
    Jwealth Hey,lets be can follow me on twitter JWEALTHFUNDS1@GMAIL.COM
    Dani3l Hey text me in Snapchat dboorum I’m nice caring and respectful and loyal
    Yusuf abubakar Man from zaria pls give me a call 08138969261
  • i looking for a girl to settle down with

    04 OCT   Charlottesville, VA,

    I am a respectable person. I come off as defensive sometimes. I am a nice guy. I have a passion to travel. I just want to find  the right person for me. 

  • Looking for a girlfriend and new friend

    04 OCT   Olive Branch, MS, US

    i don’t have that many friends on snap so add me snap on profile 

  • Looking for a relationship

    04 OCT   Makaha Valley, HI, U

    ok yea im really akward with this shit, so yea, here goes nothing, 16, sophomore, the ocean is home, Im a mix mainly of Italian and Irish, Video games are a hobby, Natural hair color is brown, My eyes change color depending on the lights and the colors, mainly there green with golden brown specks. I go by a.jay alot and im very open about stuff.
    art is a way out and photography is a passion. Music is my soul and games are my heart. 

  • Hey add me on any of mine apps that I have in profile

    02 OCT   Plymouth, MA, USA

    I don't add guys because they just hit on me. If you not one those and your a guy, let just be friends. If you a girl, I add all of you but just dont send those links

  • Hey, i-m looking for an bf

    05 SEP   Wyndham Vale VIC, Au

    hey i'm jess, im looking for a bf between 12-16 from Melbourne, Australia. please don't be a 45 year old man. if you're interested, message me

    Daniel Hey hmu if you wanna talk or something, Im mainly active on snapchat.
  • Just someone to talk to

    30 SEP   Twentynine Palms, CA

    Want a nice connection with someone. Just to talk to when you need a friend.

    abdullah i want to chat
  • Lonely Guy lookin for love

    29 SEP   Flagstaff, AZ, USA

    Straight guy just looking for a girl that likes playing games and just wants to talk!

    Preferably 14-16 plz. Don't wanna date a 13 year old or an 18 year old :/

  • Just wants friends, bf or gf

    29 SEP   Kansas city, MO, USA

    Hey I just want to meet new people friends and maybe find a bf or gf. Im here if you need a person to talk so hmu 

  • Any Scandinavians looking?

    29 SEP   Denmark

    Long distance relationships are fine, but gotta keep it realistic. That's why I'm looking for Scandinavian girls who might be interested.

    Message me if any interest.

  • i need something new

    27 SEP   McKinney, TX, USA

    I am so tired of all these guys asking for nudes it i annoying and stupid a body is something personal to every human and i dont want to advertize mine so if you just want nudes leave me alone, but if you just want to talk be chill and get to know eachother then hmu!

    Cl053D Sooner or later itll all catch up to them perverted guys, in serious trouble and likely sentence 5-6 years in jail for that disgusting shit, we all know what they do to those nudes it gets sent to other guys and gets anonymously circulated online other than for trades with other people.
  • Hello guys :) I-m 14, bisexual, and looking to talk or maybe more haha

    26 JUL   Albany, OR, United S

    Hi! I'm Rayn. I'm 14, bi, and looking for people to talk to. I'm into Kpop and Asian culture. I tend to like Asians physically but it really depends on the person ;) Hmu :D 

    Ali Asian. I can speak to u...if u wanna.
    Jood_hiti2 Hii i am bi and i like kpop too xD
  • What am I looking for?

    14 SEP   Indianapolis, IN, US

    I am looking for a guy who will love me for me, not just what I can give him! He has to be 16 years of age or older, not that much older though! I love to cuddle, so somebody that won't hesitate to put their arms around me. I have had past trauma, so somebody that will help me through it! My hangouts is or you can leave your number and I will text you!

  • Trying to meet the right one and if you think you hmu

    24 SEP   Charlotte, NC, USA

    Im looking for an hot boyfriend im into white or Hispanic people. hmu if your hot and play sports but and no ugly people to.

  • Hmu girls around my age (amos alexf720)

    22 SEP   Philadelphia, PA, Un

    Just trying to meet new people so add me if ur 14-17 and ur chillin ill add all back on snapchat alexf720 dont message me on here i probably wont get to it 

  • Want a relationship with someone

    03 OCT   San Jose, CA, United

    hi I’m an13 year old girl turning 14 soon and I’m looking for someone who’s funny and loyal, it would be nice if your tall and if you live around where I do so we could meet

    a little about me is in a weirdo with a funny personality and I’m a tall blond with bluish and greenish eyes and I would like someone 14 - 16 years old who will be loyal and real to me and be one of those creeps you find on here

    jon Im great Im loyal I just ant got anyone to be loyal to I need some one to give some loving to Im my life
    Will Yo Im pretty close to San jose
  • Looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend

    22 SEP   Canton, IL, USA

    I'm looking for a more relationship. I'm a 15-year-old pansexual girl. I like drawing, acting, singing, writing. I could write a love story for us :) If you're interested, talk to me 

  • Looking for boyfriend. (Read Description First)

    20 SEP   Somewhere

    Just broke up with my evil bf my names Taylor if you don’t have Snap or Insta msg me for my email. I’m looking for a bf long distance is fine with me. Don’t ask for nudes bc you won’t get them. I would like a funny, sweet, interesting guy, who likes to talk. Looks don’t really matter to me. Looking for ages 13-17

    Toaster Hey Taylor you think I’m a worthy candidate #loveyou
  • Currently single, looking for a girl between 16-17

    20 SEP   Parramatta NSW, Aust


    My name is Parthil and I live in Sydney, currently  Iam single but look forward into geeting in a relationship.

  • Single and looking for someone

    20 SEP   Doonside NSW, Austra

    hi there names Desmond just a nominal Irish person looking for someone to date 

  • Hey girls hit me up on snapchat

    13 MAY   St. Peters, MO, USA

    Lookin for a girlfriend, but, I never had a chance to have a girlfriend, I ain’t gay. Pieces of sh!t never get the girls, that’s why I ain’t got a girlfriend

    Mya Shrum I think you could get a girlfriend...hit me up on google hangouts!
  • Hey I want to meet some cool girlz

    18 SEP   Fruitland Park, FL,

    hello!! I am excited to meet some cool people. Send me a message on any of the platforms I have posted. Go peep that

    Mya Shrum I would like to meet you! my hangouts if you have it is
  • looking to chat with some people

    28 AUG   Prince Frederick, MD

    looking to chat with some peeps, hmu if interested. try not to be bland if you wanna talk please. I want an actual convo or some activity involvement, not one word replies

  • bisexual girl looking for girlfriend

    20 MAY   Seguin, TX, USA

    okay so i just joined, this is my first post. Basically I joined because I'm a bisexual girl, and I lean more towards girls. I'd like to start talking to a girl and maybe find a girlfriend.

    message me on here or snapchat/instagram!

    Briannatucker230 Hey I’m a girl looking for a girl I
    Beautifulgirl You look like my dream girl.
    footballlife I will get to know you instagram goat_god8_24 amosc blackboy472
  • Need a real woman!!!!!

    18 SEP   Virginia

    just need someone who is gonna care and like me for who I am I think I’m a pretty cool guy preferably ages 14-18 add my snap- djmasterpaul 

  • looking for a girlfriend

    18 SEP   Nashville, TN, USA

    I'm 13 years old and looking for a girlfriend to protect and compliment her everyday. I need a sweet nice pretty girl to love. I'm sweet , chill, charming, and funny. i would protect u with my life. I would give the best attention hnu on sc

  • Finding a girlfriend

    11 SEP   London, UK

    Hi I am Eric, I am 15 years old. I am looking for girlfriend who won’t cheat on me and is kind. I don’t mind long distance relationship so if you are interested, message me on here or on Instagram 

    Eric1905 You can message me Emily
    Cheycheer1434 Hey I’m Chey I’m 15. And I’m interested in getting to know you seeing as we’re looking for the same things in a significant other.
    Cheycheer1434 Would you want to talk?
  • I?m here to meet people and have friends

    17 SEP   Titusville, FL, USA

    Hey guys I’m still here surprisingly but yeah I got my Snapchat working again and I’m still single long distance relationships work with me I’m fine with that and add me on Snapchat because that’s what I respond to the most @ Woz_w28 that’s my snap hit me up

  • Single looking for a relationship with a girl

    17 SEP   North Bay, ON, Canad

    Hey if u want to be in a relationship go to my Instagram @21turgeonbrady 

  • Hello meeting new people

    05 APR   Telford, UK

    Heya I'm Laura, 16, I'm small (very small) and single. Not necessarily looking for a relationship but I'll see where things go. I am also an identical twin. And please no creeps who are much older than me  much appreciated x

    Kory Add me on sc I’m 16 also and single: xXkory_harkinXx
    brad818 hi im 14 but ya know theres nothin ring there is there
  • Single, and depressed

    16 SEP   Gulfport, MS, USA

    If anyone wants to hook up im fine with add me on instagram or snapchat if you want to hook up. I don't care what you would look like.


    25 AUG   Hanoi, Vietnam

    Are you single? Do you like Asians? And do you have an Instagram account? We are going to have a matchmaking project on Instagram in around one month. If all the answers are YES, and you are not a pervert ?, please follow our Instagram page @hoingamtraitay to get matched ?

    Mitch Is this legit?
  • I-m looking for a girl to love and to love me back

    14 SEP   Nashville, TN, USA

    I'm a sweet funny caring loving and nice guy. I'm a very selfless person so I would risk my life to protect the girl I love the most. I will complement u everyday no matter what and I will be there through ur through times cause I don't like seeing sad I love seeing love . I love seeing positive no negative unless ur getted tested for hiv then I hope ur turn out negative

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