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Teen Singles

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teen singles ,this is a group for meet people for teen singles in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • this place sucks a little no friends

    09 DEC   Kisumu, Kenya

    This place now looks boating no girls are ready to date 

  • Hmu if wanna talk or date

    09 DEC   Pontiac, MI, USA

    Hmu on any of my social media and we can talk or date if u want. I'm friendly 

  • Need someone to chat

    12 OCT   New Delhi, Delhi, In

    Am bored alone can someone add me in kik or      

    I will be waiting

  • looking for a girlfriend

    08 DEC   Thrissur, Kerala, In


           Iam Hakkim iam looking for a girlfriend better outside from india if u like me please msg me

  • Hello guys :) I-m 14, bisexual, and looking to talk or maybe more haha

    26 JUL   Albany, OR, United S

    Hi! I'm Rayn. I'm 14, bi, and looking for people to talk to. I'm into Kpop and Asian culture. I tend to like Asians physically but it really depends on the person ;) Hmu :D 

  • Very deep heart break

    08 DEC   Memphis, MO, United

    Anyone wanna fix my heart and soul because I’m tired of being rejected I hate being alone will this ever go away 

    Brian Hey whats up add me on snapchat if you want to talk
    1 day ago
    TankNate (im a guy and single) why do i connect to this post mot than people?
    1 day ago
  • Meeting new people and having a nice conversation

    27 NOV   Orlando, FL, USA

    I wanna talk and get to know people better just some things about me is that I’m 16, a guy, I’m a big star wars geek, and I’m around 6’2 so if you wanna talk just to talk or what ever I’m here.

  • Hi Im looking for a straight relationship

    07 DEC   Marysville, WA, USA

    I’m probably the most caring person you’ll ever meet. But I’m also very blunt. I want someone who is bold and understanding, someone who is a cool-headed person. I don’t send nudes, so don’t even try 

  • Looking for boyfriend. (Read Description First)

    20 SEP   Somewhere

    Just broke up with my evil bf my names Taylor if you don’t have Snap or Insta msg me for my email. I’m looking for a bf long distance is fine with me. Don’t ask for nudes bc you won’t get them. I would like a funny, sweet, interesting guy, who likes to talk. Looks don’t really matter to me. Looking for ages 13-17

    YvngEli23 Im a nice,caring,loving, guy
    weird gay guy(single) i talk way to much but i would like to talk to u my email is
    2 days ago
    brycemiller Hey whats up how was your day
    2 days ago
  • Looking for someone ???

    09 APR   Rainier, OR, United

    I'm a bi female looking for a bf or gf close by to where i live :)

    My name is Sumer, but I like to be called Shu, I'm 13 and I love to draw.

    I am not sexual, though I am REALLY clingy and cuddly. 

    brycemiller Hi i live in beaverton
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a relationship

    02 NOV   Belfair, WA, United

    Hi, I'm Katie. I'm 13 and I'm looking for a person who will love to cuddle and read.

    brycemiller I think we would be perfect
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a GF that will be ok to date a dwarf

    07 DEC   Green Mountain Falls

    I am a Dwarf looking for a girlfriend. my exact hight is 3ft 6in. Hmu on Skype, Kik, Instagram ,or Snapchat. Or on this site. I live in Colorado but I am willing to do a long distance relationship if needed. My last girlfriend dated me for a day and then broke up with me because she felt like she was dating a kindergartener because of my size and that she didn't want to be bullied for dating me. But little did she know I was on perpusly friend with all the bully's exept one who which drove me out of public school and to online school. Any who HMU.

  • Looking for girls to talk with!

    07 DEC   London, UK

    Your age doesn't matter I just wanna have fun time chatting. feel free to hit me up..

  • Any cool girls to chat with?

    05 DEC   London, UK

    Your age doesn't matter I just wanna have fun time chatting. feel free to hit me up.

  • Wanna meet some new girls 14-17

    04 DEC   Arlington, TX, USA

    Hey Girls, or ladies which ever you like.

    I am a 15 year old french athlete, I want to talk to some girls that can make me laugh or i can make laugh, even get to know, If your down u can get freaky(if you like not forcing it)but overall im pretty chill funny and very busy(that would be why i dont answer right away)

    Any ways thanks and maybe we could chat maybe a bit more ;)

    P.S. i only chat on snapchat thanks again.

  • Hi guys I-m new here

    26 MAY   Bellefonte, PA, USA

    Hi Im Alexis Im 18 and my boyfriend and I broke up yesterday so I need a boyfriend or just a friend or something like that lol
    Please feel free to message me thanks :)

    Emmanuel hey Im Emmanuel wanna chat
    mark Hi text me
  • Single- Looking for a Boyfriend

    22 NOV   Douglas, Isle of Man

    Hiya I'm Hannah I'm 14 and need a boyfriend. If anyone's interested hmu:) Thanks!

    emjay 45 hi there beautiful,names pere and i would love to have a relationship with you
    Kane Im up for it
    Why so serious Hi, would you like to chat? If you do just message me
  • hello can i talk to mike lowery?

    26 OCT   Grand Rapids, MI, US

    so since ya hoe lonely, im really tired of all the rude fboys at my school so maybe hmu to date lmao?

  • Need a good beautiful girlfriend

    02 DEC   Lagos, Nigeria

    Hello! I need a beautiful girl to be my girlfriend from13 to 20. You won’t get disappointed with me, I promise you I will love you and make you happy.

  • Wanna treat someones daughter right

    02 DEC   Spring, TX, USA

    Honestly looking for a little shawty that is funny, loyal, a lil crazy lol, but yeah hmu from 14-16 really just looks dont even matter if you got a great personality

  • meet new people and make friends ig

    08 AUG   Oakland, CA, United

    I just wanna trade nudes with females or trade female nudes for other girls nudes because idk I’m bored af rn and it’s midnight

  • Looking for girlfriend

    30 NOV   NY, USA

    I am looking for someone to love me. To have fun with. I want someone to chat with, because I am bored as fuck. 

  • Single only 13-15. If older will be blocked

    01 FEB   Orlando, FL, United

    Hey so I'm Lakendella. Some people call me Della or Kendall.Call me whatever you want.

    I'm 13 and 3/4. I do dance, cheer and volleyball. I'm single so hmu

    Rey_kingluis I just wanna state that I am a county defensive player of the season
    Rey_kingluis oh and I am that type of person that will always be there if your in trouble therefore I can be a really good friend
    kjolly threatening to block people on a site that doesnt have a block function... clever
  • Finding a trusting boyfriend

    19 MAY   Tampa, FL, USA

    Wassup) my name is yaneli I love to 

    • Sing
    • Dance
    • Play soccer 
    • Play the keyboard
    • Play the guitar

    And im hoping to find a good boyfriend

    Harish Interested text me
    Dylan3387 I sing I dont mind dancing I play the guitar And im goid a soccer
    LORD LINCOLN However, In Uganda We Do all, So It Iz Incumbent Upon U! #Da Legend!
  • 13 bi anyone msg on snapchat

    24 NOV   London, UK

    message me on snapchat and i'll probably reply because i have nothing better to do. i don't really mind how old you are x

    🌈grey🌈 (butch lesbian) Hey I don’t have Snapchat but I just wanted to tell you your really pretty XD
  • Finding a Girlfriend

    04 MAY   Millers Creek, NC, U

    Hi,I am 14 turning 15 in 2 months.Looking for a girlfried,havent had one in a long time...looking for one now.I am 5' 6" and I play soccer,basketball(not really good) and jog sometimes.I am laid back and funny.I am Mexican and I am positive attitude.HMU(girls ony)


  • Honestly I want a boy (don?t be a pervert)

    06 NOV   Hogwarts

    Honestly I want a boyfriend who is loyal and is not  awkward around me and won’t mind my crazy boring life 

    14-16 years old 

    also don’t be a person that just tho k they are going to get nudes from me 

  • Just look at this plzzzzzz

    28 NOV   somewhere far away

    Just because I have a shoe as a profile picture doesn't mean I'm not glowing with beauty and have an awesome personality so why don't you add my snapchat and see what I look like?

    Marchgirl265 Hey, I dont have snap. But we can talk on here.
    Jeremyboy02 Hello Im Jeremy..hmu
  • I-m bored... is there any -decent- guy here????

    27 NOV   Parañaque, Me

    I'm not looking for naughty ones...well maybe not too naughty would be fine

    Agent Kram (straight) Ok if you want to talk thats fine
  • Somebody who will love me an no one else

    27 NOV   Silverton, ID, USA

    Looking for a BOYFRIEND who is 14 or 15 because I'm turning 14 on February 12 2019 I love texting and video calling 

    15m id be down to be ur bf. u look really pretty. i see u have snap. ill add u if u want
    Yung_brackish i dont care about looks, ill add you on snap when i can,gotta make new insta first
  • Looking for a Girlfriend..

    27 NOV   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    I'm looking for a girlfriend who is comfortable chatting and maybe a little more so it's more like a relationship.. 

    Im 15; 6" tall; I have freckles; Play soccer, beach volleyball and basketball.

    I don't care about distance, if you have snap or kik id be down to try. Lmk :)

  • Looking for a Relationship

    26 NOV   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for friends but also a boyfriend or girlfriend thats aged between 16-18. I love sport; both watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. Someone kind, caring and remains loyal and honest. I need someone understanding and supportive. Preferably someone who lives close to where I live but can do long distance in EnglandW

  • Finding someone who can close to me

    06 OCT   New Delhi, Delhi, In

    Actually i am finding who can be open minded and can share with me a lot of things....I love funny people. I want them to add me in kik...

    Saurabh Hi Im from NCR
    John I am also searching for a trust worthy girl that has sincerity and honesty. Well, a sentence is not enough to express the whole idea in ones mind. I also desire a girl good in either music or sport perhaps both. Well I think Soccer girl already found d lucky one for her... : )
  • Looking for realtionship with a girl

    25 NOV   Lanesboro, MN, USA

    I am looking for a nice girl 15-17 to chat to and see where things go, i will consider a long distance relationship 

  • Time for a relationship???

    24 NOV   Lockport, IL, United

    Hey if there’s any beautiful intelligent Girl with a nice sense of humor and is ready to laugh with me and have good vibes only HMU I promise u I won’t let you down ?????.

  • Love for bf or gf who lives in LA and 13-14

    24 NOV   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Hey my name is miguel im 13 about to be 14 next month and im just looking for a girl ir boy who lives in LA like i want to love and be with im tired of long distance ill tell u more about me hmu on insta, snapchat, or kik and be 13-14 and no nudes plz 

    Prjwlucifer Yes fuck this website
  • 21 yo boy home alone

    24 NOV   Prague, Czechia

    21 yo boy from EU

    Bored while studying. And me on snap: anovy19 

  • 13, msg on snapchat x

    24 NOV   London, UK

    hi so im 13 yr old girl and need someone to msg me on snap x add me xalexabb idm if its boys or girls

  • Hey I want a real relationship and Someone I can trust.

    23 NOV   Waldron, AR, USA

    I am looking for someone I can get into a real  relationship. I am not gay. I want a girl that is a little crazy. Yes crazy. I want someone I can trust. I been cheated on more times then I can count. That is why I want someone I can trust. I have been through a lot in my life. If someone could make me happy, that would make me feal so good inside. 

    neha so sweet ...
    Kkaylinn I can for you
  • Looking to meet realtionship

    22 NOV   Lanesboro, MN, USA

    I like good girls, have to be honest i will talk to anyone and will do long distance message m if you want to get to know me

  • Looking for a GirlFriend

    22 NOV   Albuquerque, NM, USA

    I’m shy I don’t really like sports I do like fishing and racing I don’t have many friends and I like video games

  • New girls to talk so mf bored

    21 NOV   Manchester, UK

    Add me up on Snapchat seriously bored just want someone to talk to lol my username is zinctop

  • :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):

    21 NOV   Edinburg, TX, USA

    its been a while but im back, hmu for whatever you feel

  • Looking for cute boyfriend from the Netherlands (Noord-Holland)

    20 NOV   Haarlem, Netherlands

    Als je houd van kletsen en gezellig doen, app me en/of voeg me op insta. 

  • HMU on Kik HMU on Kik HMU on Kik

    20 NOV   Fayetteville, NC, US

     Check my profile for other medias like Snapchat, Skype, Instagram

    Kik: Musical_Raven

  • Meeting new guys to talk to

    20 NOV   Lexington, KY, USA

    Any cute guys ages 17-19 wanna talk to me, add my snap :) 

  • Hi I?m Anthony and I?m looking for either a gf or a new friend.

    19 NOV   Odenton, MD, USA

    Hey, I live in Maryland but I’m up for anything I like talking to people and getting to know people. I’m on the varsity football and Baseball team for my High school do HMU

  • Looking for girlfriend

    19 NOV   White Plains, MD, US

    Age 15

    Height 5’7

    chill,funny,open minded 

    looking for a girl 14-16 that lives in Maryland dark skin or mixed that will like me for who I am and will be able to meet up. Here is my number 7575035852 text me that your from this and send a pic so I know what you look like 50/50 make it or miss ?

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