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  • I like making friends and kinda hope i can make a gf or bf or both.

    10 SEP   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    Hey fwiends nice chu meet you I'm malay, turning 16 soon, i like being funny, being positive, like to learn new things, i like going to places and having fun, im bisexual, i love anime, i love manga, i love listening to music, i love people who be themselves, i love fewd, i luv animals, and im really weird. I like making fwiends and having fun. Derp. 

  • meet lgbt friendly people for possible relationship

    18 SEP   Midlothian, TX, Unit

    Hi im Madison im 15 a pansexual trans girl (no hormones yet maybe soon) looking for a caring loving relationship maybe slightly sexual i love music and bands such as Top, Mcr, P!atD, etc i play the euphonium (a brass instrument) hit me up if interested

  • hey anyone wanna video chat??

    18 SEP   Tucson, AZ, United S

    Anyone wanna video chat with me? hmu                                                                                                                                             

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    18 SEP   Petersburg, VA, Unit

    Hi there I'm martina , 19 and I living in Virginia and I'm single and I'm a girl and I'm Catholic and looking for a boyfriend let me know if u are my Kik is oceanswing98

  • Wishin to be a better person (I-m smart but no one likes me)

    07 AUG   Chicago Heights, IL,

    Listen, for one second
    I don't get why nobody wants to text me or at least text back
    These past days has been so horrible for me it's like everyone is turning against me
    I don't barely get paid I'm going through a struggle right now
    it's like I am on my own

    Sometimes, I have to cry to let it all out
    This anger inside me is going to cause me turn into a crazy ass boy
    People already calling me weird
    It's like I don't deserve to be in this world
    I have lived in my hometown since I was born and everyone tryna kick me out

    I'm so glad I have my granny in my life she is who I go to sometimes
    Without her, I wouldn't be happy nomo
    Somedays I don't eat cus I just want to starve to death knowing no one gives a shit about me
    I just wanna sit in my room and just go to sleep for days
    Cus I keep hoping for a better day but I'm always alone

    Imma.lonelywayne Why I keep beating myself up over the littlest things, I dont feel happy or safe nomo for no reason
    1 day ago
    nicole im sure u will be ok
    1 day ago
  • Just a cupcake looking for her stud muffin.

    30 MAR   Chattanooga, TN, Uni

    I'm pretty lame in all actuality. A rather shy, 4'11 theatre geek, I love writing, drawing, and playing the ukulele/piano. Like most, I want a guy who will treat me well, enjoys a little cuddling, and will put up with my singing and even perhaps join in sometimes, no matter how terrible we sound. XP

    EdwardEl do you ever find good guys here?
    Duck21 I live in Tennessee too and I would like to be your bf
    1 day ago
    Duck21 That sounded desperate didnt it
    1 day ago
  • girls into dogs hmu girls only please read!!

    29 JUL   Detroit, MI, United

    hey im looking for a girl who is open minded have you ever thought about touching your dog or you have before or you want to but are scared or shy well message me on here or on kik at jeffhines123 or snap jeffhines234 lets talk about this hope to hear from you soon don't be shy ttyl

    bradley6969 Never thought about touching a dog but Id bang you. Woof!
    2 days ago
    Weirdgirl1349 wtfffffff. Thats some messed up sh!t!
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a girl with a lil bad and savage in them

    17 SEP   Fresno, CA, United S

    wassup looking for a gf with a Lil bad and savage and naughty if u know what I mean  in them  that I could love and spoil 

  • Meet new people for friendship or relationship

    16 SEP   Detroit, MI, United

    Hi, I'm 16, I like to laugh and have fun im in 11th grade and Im hoping to find friends with similar interests as me but I'm open minded and looking forward to making new friends :)

  • Looking for a cute gf.

    15 SEP   Edgewater, FL, Unite

    I'm James and I'm looking for a cute gf who is funny and cool 

  • Girl looking for a 15 year old bf

    20 AUG   Fishersville, VA, Un

    I am looking for a 15 year old boy who wants a sexy girl to date!

  • Dying of boredom and looking for friends

    02 AUG   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    Bored, Kik me, send face pic please. Down for anything and will send face pic in return.

    Damion I will be your friend
    Solar liver cell I didnt know boredom was a sickness
  • want someone to talk to ;)

    03 JUL   Zionsville, IN, Unit

    hey there ! my name is reece, i'm 14 on the ninth, and i'd like to talk to some guys my age. chatting on here is usually a bit slow, so texting works a lot better. 3174346772 or 317-759-5350 are two numbers you can text me with. please hit me up and include a recent photo so i can be sure that you are near my age. ttyl!

    Erik O Hi Im going to text you now my number ends with 2627
    dacota hey babe message me
    CarterCrogan yo message me cutie
  • looking for someone to talk 2

    13 SEP   Tulsa, OK, United St

    Hey I'm Adam, and I'm 15, and well I'm looking for someone who like late nite texting. But idc if u just want 2 be friends or if u want ldr but if u can text than hmu on SC in my bio or just message me on here... And if u want to know more which u probably do than hmu, bye

  • Meet new people for friendship and more if you want.

    12 SEP   Accra

    Heyy everyone, nice meeting you all. Just wanted to know if i can get some cool friends and more if any.
    Btw Am Brainy from Ghana. 17y.o
    Like to read, listen to music, hang out with friends and others. Hmu to know more about me. Note: I dont bite lolxxx

  • Looking for that one girl and friends

    12 SEP   Miami, FL, United St

    I'm a single 14 year old guy from miami and I'm down for a real good relationship. Honestly I just want a girl that makes me happy and that can be there for me. Don't worry I'll be there for u too. I'd u ask and I'm down for it then nudes are fine. But other than that I really am looking forward for this one of a kind girl

    Amir G. Want to be friends
  • Looking for a relationship im 6 ft 2

    14 JUL   Tampa, FL, United St

    Hi im Anthony, 16. Humble with positive attitude , i love basketball and music. I also love working out and watching movies and YouTube 

    Im also loyal and loving hmu if you want know more or are interested.

    awkwardpanda heya my name is tee. ill be 15 in march. Im 5 ft 9 in case you where wondering xD.
  • Looking for someone

    10 JUN   Wesley Chapel, FL, U

    Hey, it's me, again.  Looking for someone to chill with. 16 year old. Brown hair blue eyes 

    awkwardpanda heya my name is tee. ill be 15 in march.i can FaceTime if you wanna.
  • Rally bored bi girl someone text me!

    11 SEP   Windsor, CA, United

    Hi my names Jenny(Jennifer) and I really bored sooo yup free to text/message me. I love horror movies and lots of music and I would love to meet someone. Please no nudes. 

    AlienGirl lol I meant really not rally XD

  • Sade 14 looking for a bf

    30 AUG   London, United Kingd

    Looking for a bf who I can have interesting conversations with

  • Jackson, 17 looking for relationship

    29 MAY   AL, United States

    just a simple teenager from the south thats too shy to talk to girls in person, would love someone around the alabama area but i dont mind long distance.

    Belle9600 Hi Jackson, Im Lauren.
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    07 SEP   Long Beach, CA, Unit

    Hi my name is Robert Age 16  and i am confident, arrogant, proud, athletic, intelligent, well-spoken, funny, a people person, sarcastic, friendly, warm hearted and generous

    Zacharah2211 Wow just like that huh
  • Hey I-m Michelle I-m 18 and bisexual hmu cuties

    10 AUG   North English, IA, U

    i met a guy on here named Ashton Henson if you see this I lost your sc sc me@shellbell1799

  • Looking for Love

    05 FEB   Danville, PA, United

    Alaerial... Im 15 i do dance cheer and skateboarding. I'm looking for a guy to date thats sweet kind and has the perfect personality. 

    dallas good luck finding him lol
    Mason I would be pleased to make your acquaintance sometime. You seem like a lovely girl.
  • If you want my snapchat ask

    04 SEP   Colorado Springs, CO

    If you want my snapchat message me. I will not send nudes so don't even ask. I will give out my snapchat if you ask me first it's as simple as that.

  • Long Distance Or Short Distance Relationship

    07 SEP   St. George, UT, Unit

    Hey I'm Trevor I'm 15 Male Have Depression And Shit But Yea I'm Looking for A Relationship

  • friendship and romantic love!

    06 SEP   Zamboanga, Zamboanga

    hi there im sven ,17. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with good heart and im searching for girlfriend too! 

  • Looking For Friendships? and A Boyfriend

    25 JAN   Atlanta, GA, United

    I want a Loyal ass Boyfriend and friend. I want a friend that will be there for me and also meet them in person. And a strong connection with them.

    and Boyfriend.. I want him to be loyal and respectful and know his priorities in life. And can make me laugh?. So Message me.

    Bigboss12 I like your way of thinking
    Devan wanna give me a try?
  • Looking for a gf, to be mine, loyal trustworthy

    06 SEP   North Tonawanda, NY,

    Hi, I'm looking for a GF between 15-18 hit me up if you're down, looking for a loyal and trustworthy girlfriend ?

  • Hello guys :) I-m 14, bisexual, and looking to talk or maybe more haha

    26 JUL   Albany, OR, United S

    Hi! I'm Rayn. I'm 14, bi, and looking for people to talk to. I'm into Kpop and Asian culture. I tend to like Asians physically but it really depends on the person ;) Hmu :D 

    jinxx15 Omg I like kpop too!!
    Noah Sc me if you want
  • Meet new people for friendship or relationship

    03 SEP   Colorado Springs, CO

    Hey I'm Katie. I'm 15 and from the wonderful weed state. I like to party and hang out. I am into photography and exploring new places. if you ever wanna talk just message me. 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    01 SEP   New Orleans, LA, Uni

    Hey what's up, just looking for a sweet girl who is looking for a boyfriend. I'm super chill but I love to get out and do stuff. I love football, running, fishing and staying in shape. Would love a girl who loves to talk. 

  • Guys that I can have fun with

    15 AUG   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Looking for a guy to have fun with. I'm open for crazy ideas?. Message me cause I'm in the mood to have a good time if u know what I mean.

    Etahn04 thats my snapchat thats me snapchat
    Josh Clark Im 15 whos down for anything
    Josh Clark Snapchat is iprofessionalll
    Megan Please disregard this message! Im not looking for something like this so dont contact me unless you have good intentions.
  • If your a singel girland u want a relationship

    30 AUG   Space

    I am singel and want a relationship

    Msg me and tell me about youself and mabey we match.

    Side note

    (always down for some fun if u want hmu )??

  • looking for someone who would like to be my first gf

    29 AUG   Tiffin, OH, United S

    if you would like to be my first gf text me at 4197018258 or add me on kik at bdog7023 or add me on snapchat at nicky.batesole9

  • Looking for girls 13-14 freind or maybe GF

    25 AUG   Colorado Springs, CO

    Hi. Im John,13. Positive attitude, i like videogames, music, and to have a good time with someone. Im looking for someone who shates my thoughts of fun. (Gamimg or playing instruments.) Hmu if your interested.

  • Looking for cute guys/girls 12-15

    21 AUG   Burlington, CO, Unit

    Hey! I like to read cook paint draw play sports and hang out with friends. I'm looking for someone with the same interests. HMU if you're interested 

    Jordan Cutter Hey Im interested in cooking and drawing too, message me? Im 15
    Austin Hey you look really cute hmu please
  • Looking for a fun girl

    27 AUG   London, United Kingd

    16 year old guy looking for a fun girl that likes to play around, if that's you add my kik below. 

  • Looking for a girlfriend that I can take care of for a long time

    25 AUG   London, United Kingd

    hi I'm Josh I'm looking for a girl any age want to have a relationship with me I'm a sporty guy who is 15  

  • Meet people to go to Fair with

    21 AUG   Ansonia, OH, United

    Hi I'm Aubrey and I would like to go to the Darke County Fair with someone or meet up with them... You have to be around my age at least

    Daniel I would love too but it might be to far u seem like a cool,interesting girl
  • This is simple courtesy people...

    22 JUL   Auburn, WA, United S

    When I post something about meeting people, I expect responses to be something along the lines of "Hi, my name is "___"" and tell me a bit about yourself, not just give me a fucking phone number. Jesus how lazy can people get?

    Alijah Williams Hiiii Im Alijah whats your name
  • Want someone to talk to

    23 AUG   Havana, FL, United S

    I'm rlly bored looking for someone to talk to. Message me on snap mikejones845 

  • Looking for Bf or Gf 13 -15

    20 AUG   Rochester, NY, Unite

    I'm 13,and bored.Looking for BF,or GF long distance doesn't matter. If you just wanna chat,that's fine too.I don't have kik.I like sports,and book's,and music.

    Z baby me
  • Looking for some girls In Minnesota

    21 AUG   Brooklyn Center, MN,

    I'm 13 

    Minnesota What I'm reppin ?

    Always keep my shit real ?




    Looking for a girl who understands my feelings. A girl who is always by my side. A girl who won't hide her feelings from me. And a girl I can love, protect,treat right, and call mine.

  • Looking for girls 14-17 to have an enchanting time with

    08 AUG   Omaha, NE, United St

    Hi! I'm looking for girls aged 14-17 to have a fun time with and maybe turn that into something later on down the road. I enjoy talking and having an encouraging chat with. I love playing games and hopefully she does too. Snap me @zachbro13. Or just message me on here ?

  • Want a girl I can call mine?? Just mine

    01 JUL   Omaha, NE, United St

    Im 14 and I want a cute, funny, crazy, goofy, mean, freaky, smart, latinaish kind of girl I can call "my girl" and girl that calls me hers anyone out there hmu??

  • Meet new people for dating

    20 AUG   Topeka, KS, United S

    hello ladies my name is caleb, 16. i am kind, nice, sporty, smart, i am 5'4, i like to help my grandma, trustworthy, honest, faithful, truthful, very respectful to my family and women, loyal, and i hope i find the right person who does not care about how many pimples i have or anything 

  • Somebody hml I-m into white guys

    19 AUG   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    Hey I'm looking for people to talk to preferably 13-16 and btw I'm interested in white guys so hmu

    loay Im white and im 15 so add me if u like youll have fun
    Jordan Cutter Hey, Im white and 15 so message me if you want to chat
    Bryan Hey baby doll hmu to chat girl!
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