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  • Getting to know gals & pals in escondido area

    20 NOV   Escondido, CA, Unite

    Yeet. Uh hey I'm Sawyer, local LGBT teen. I'm nonbinary (but that's not an option here sO) and use they/them pronouns! I'm 16, a cosplayer and a makeup artist. I'm just trying to find someone to be around yknow? Platonic or otherwise (nOT sexual).

    caden hi hook me up
    34 minutes ago

  • looking for boyfriend

    19 NOV   Fort Smith, AR, Unit

    Hey! I am Emily and I am 13 years of age. I love to do anything realated topartying and having fun! I am looking to get a new boyfriend, so hit me up!

  • Who on here is a whovian

    20 NOV   Carthage, MO, United

    I swear if Anybody is I will love you forever ??? that's my shit

  • Need someone to chat

    12 OCT   New Delhi, Delhi, In

    Am bored alone can someone add me in kik or facebook:christisharma7@gmail.com      

    I will be waiting

  • Make some friends and maybe we could be more?

    19 NOV   Petaling Jaya Selang

    Hi there. I'm Stacey, 16 :) I'm open minded to a certain extent, very loyal, have a positive attitude, likes to laugh, very friendly. I'm bisexual, so girls/boys hmu! Waiting for the one and only. . Send me a SC request and let's chat, no nudes please I don't wanna see ?

  • been through a rough break up

    10 OCT   Abu Dhabi - United A

    hi i've just been through a rough break up and i just kinda want someone to talk to.

    info:im 15 ,6'1", play guitar and love anything metal

    we can talk about anything. i just want some one to not be bored with.

    Bri Damn a breakup.... I feel you dude. You broke up with her or she dumped you?
    1 day ago
  • Does anyone have kik here?

    05 AUG   Vancouver, BC, Canad

    Im jeremy, i just looking for meet new people. I like music, food and movies.

    Live pic first please

    remy wow what a cutie
    1 day ago
  • Meet new guys for love

    18 NOV   Harare, Harare Provi

    Hi I'm Nevaeh?. I'm 14. Open minded I like talking a lot. I like singing. I like a guy who I can always talk to. I'm looking for a guy 14-16 years of age who stays loyal has a positive attitude and a good personality

    Yathze Hey add me on snapchat yeisiangeles123
    1 day ago
  • lookin for a relationship

    18 NOV   Memphis, TN, United

    hey single asf and want a queen by my side any takers been lookin for a queen for awhile haven't found one if any of ya willing the one thing i ask is for u too not judge me and give me a chance

  • Anyone message me I-m down for almost anything

    18 NOV   Sydney, New South Wa

    I'm really bored anyone message me please I don't really care about age as long as you not old af 

  • Hey I-m nathen15 looking for anyone to talk to

    18 NOV   Sydney, New South Wa

    I'm really bored and looking to talk to Anyone about anything I don't mind add

    me @ nathen095 on snap chat 

  • Looking for a Romance, like blow up her phone

    17 NOV   Bliss, ID, United St

    I'm looking for a short cutie that'll blow up my phone and keep me up till late at night, if that's you hmu 

  • Hi I-m interested in meeting new people and would like to get to know u

    17 NOV   Guyton, Georgia, Uni

    Hi I would like to get to know u and be friends or lovers either is fine. I'm looking for some one with a good personality and who's wanting to find love if you are interested plz email or text me on kik or snapchat I'm looking for 15 girlso if possible plz and thank you for reading this.

  • Friends and streak hmu

    13 NOV   Charleston, WV, Unit

    18 hmu to text or my number 803-351-8243 no men older than 20 or over 20 just wanting to have friends an maybe a relationship

    Brainy hey can i get your country code too
    Nicholas Dorsey Johnson Hello how are you pretty
  • hey I-m single snap me

    16 NOV   Quincy, IL, United S

    hey any single white fit males who r into ddlg an r experienced an love spoiling their littles and live in quincy,il. Snapchat me hurry before I get taken

    Henry Chafton Hey message me at evaneye henry chafton
  • Want to chat with people

    14 NOV   Pleasant Hill, CA, U

    Hi, I'm Chloe. And i'm currenly bored. Anyone wanna chat? (it can be deep or random) i dont care really. 

    Michael Care to talk
  • Teen guy bored and wants to talk to girls

    13 AUG   Fresno, CA, United S

    I'm bored af lol. Hmu. I wont being super bored. I play guitar, and Like music. I just can't play my guitar rn and I am bored af

    Megan Hey how r u?
    akash im fine if like to chat with me on whatsapp send your number plz
  • Looking for a bf or gf (ages 15-18)

    14 NOV   New Hope, MN, United

    Hi! My name is Haley!  I love to talk to people! I love joking, animals, crocheting and many other things. Don't be a stranger! I love a lot of shows like Grey's anatomy, Supernatural, Stranger thingsand Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. My kik is hailers1224 

  • Cute and sexy white boys hmu on sc or kik

    10 JUN   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Hey, im nora. White and cute non fuckbois hmu 13-18. Lets talk on sc or kik, add me. Laughter and having a good time required. I love watching netflix and working out, also very motivated to talk to others. Lets hang out if youre near me. Lets have fun ?

    Steven Coleman Can You Date A Black Boy in Me
    Young Gravity Steven when she says WHITE she means WHITE
    Young Gravity Lol you say sexy when you don’t want fuckbois lol
    Steven Coleman But Thats Racist That She Only Wants White Boys

  • hey I-m single snap me

    10 NOV   Quincy, IL, United S

    only white fit single males in quincy,il who like bigger girls and who like to rp send a live pic of you plz . only guys in quincy,il please and 17-19 maybe 29 okay.

    Henry Chafton Oh nvm im a young strong,an but im not fit
  • Looking for true love

    12 OCT   Everett, WA, United

    I know it's cliche but I'm looking for a girl who is my everything, loves me for me, and wants to be with me. 

    Hopefully in or close to my area, but I have a car.

    I don't just want sex, I want texting, love, hanging out and more.

    I want a best friend and a girlfriend.

  • Yo. I am new And I wanna meet chu!

    27 JAN   Scotts Mills, OR, Un

    HEYO I DO NOT WANT NUDES! yo I am here to meet new peps cause I am so SO FREAKING TIRED of being lonely. I am nice and I like exciting people. I am 16. So! ya know drop a message if you like nice people. and you're a nice person I AM NOT GAY! so don't EVEN! 

  • Single, looking for friends or a girlfriend

    09 OCT   Seattle, WA, United

    Hey, my name's Alex. I don't have very many friends and I'm looking for someone cool to talk to. I'd love to get to know someone and find a girlfriend. My kik is kuroneko27

    aj frazier add me on snapchat
  • Looking for a bf 15 yrs or younger

    12 NOV   Wausau, WI, United S

    I love music and animals. I am a singer I like basketball, softball, baseball, and volleyball. My snapchat is: single77pringle

    No pervs!

    Cheeseballkid Hey Im single and will be your bf. I like to play my instruments. Send me your phone 📱 numbe.
    Tyson Hi Im single and I live on a farm and I have heaps of animals add me tstapleton24404
    Tyson Hi Im single and I live on a farm and I have heaps of animals add me tstapleton24404
  • Add me on kik or snapchat redmoons99

    10 NOV   Pomona, CA, United S

    I'm a really open person I don't care what we talk about it could be any thing.

    I also like to help out so yes hmu

    Isaac junior yeah sweety we can be friends
  • Looking for girls 13 to 15

    11 NOV   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    Hi, I'm joey. I love sports, chilling, and spending time with people. My Snapchat is jcato813 hmu

  • Lookin to find a lady

    10 NOV   Portsmouth, NH, Unit

    So, I'm kind of new to the whole "online dating" thing but regardless, I'm attempting to find a girl within the age range of 14-15, it's mostly to take my mind off of the anxiety and depression, so if you wanna chill, hmu.

  • Bored looking to talk to people

    06 NOV   Pensilvania

    Just really bored looking to talk to people on Snapchat I'm 17 male and straight

  • Looking for a relationship with a girl.

    08 NOV   Redcar, United Kingd

    Hi, I'm Jake. 15, and from Redcar, near Middlesbrough. I'm looking for a girl who is either in or near either Redcar or borough and hope to have a relationship l. I don't really do sport, am very lean, about 5'7 to 5'8 and play alot of videogames, hopefully who ever sees this has similar interests.

    Keely Hes taken now
  • I need a relationship

    09 NOV   Chippewa Falls, WI,

    hey there I’m a 14 year old straight male looking for a relation ship I like to play basketball and football all the time I’m from Wisconsin and my Snapchat is anthonyflott30 add me 

  • Meet new people and/or relationship

    09 NOV   Glasgow, KY, United

    Hello, I'm looking for a guy or girl for my best friend. Her name is Reaiah and she is a really nice girl. She's sarcastic, caring, funny, and the person anyone would go to for advice or anything. The guy or girl has to be genuine and honest. They have to be serious and not a fake. Her Instagram is _just_a_bit_crazy_

  • Where do the good boys go to hide away?

    07 NOV  

    Anyways just looking for a guy to have a real conversation with and talk about random fun things. Also I get so many messages that just say hey. That gets really boring after awhile. If you want to get my attention send me something interesting and be unique! Don’t be like any other guy because in tired of having fake conversation that go nowhere. Thanks

    Kking123 I’m a good one who needs some company
    Helper cause mostly girls only see uk, or usa boys .they dont see a good character and beautiful heart boys.
    Lyle yo girl hit me u if ur interested in deep stuff ill go all in if thats what u want.
    Skyler gowey Hit me up sexy
  • Finding someone who can close to me

    06 OCT   New Delhi, Delhi, In

    Actually i am finding who can be open minded and can share with me a lot of things....I love funny people. I want them to add me in kik...

    Nathen Do you have snap chat?
    ericchan add me majesticedpony
    Huszain Im a funny guy u can check it out by adding me and messaging me
    Michael Wilga Im here for u dear
  • Looking to meet peeps

    08 OCT   Valdosta, GA, United

    Hey, I'm Melanie and I am 13 going on 14. I'm chill and funny. Would love to meet some new people.

  • Meet your new favorite punk rocker.

    03 NOV   Columbia, MD, United

    Hey there. Name's andrew. I'm a 15 year old marylander with a rebellious attitude to the world, and a respect for individuality and honesty in other people. My favorite things in the world are Skateboarding, Surfing, and Punk Rock[Duh!]. I'm straight, but I support the LGBT community. If you're a girl from ages 14-16, feel free to hit up my snap or instagram. Snap: deathssentance // Insta: againstauthority

    "fall in love, not in line."

  • I love playing with myself

    04 NOV   California City, CA,

    I love playing with myself on cam, message me if you want to play with me! ?

  • I honestly don-t know

    05 NOV   Dayton, OH, United S

    Hi thanks for taking your time to read this I'm not comfortable saying my name so if we do end up talking you can call me, A. Original am I right? I guess I should give you guys some background I'm 16 I've never really been good with people I often get ignored my girlfriend cheated on me after three weeks sorry that was depressing I like metal and video games so shoot me a pm and I'll add you.

  • Looking for a girlfriend.

    02 NOV   Worksop, United King

    Just looking for someone I can be myself around, and feel comfortable talking to.

    I am 16, and will talk to people of any age, providing you are not fake, or over 18. Distance doesn't really matter to me, neither does age. Please do not ask for any dirty pictures, nor send me them. Thanks!

    I'm into Travelling and Photography, I have a few pet cats, and I asbsolutely hate school (Who doesn't?)

    But yeah, that's really it.. Not that interesting in my opinion. But if I do somehow interest you, please feel free to message me.

    Hanna (Happily taken) I am almost exactly like you, I dont know why people BEG for nudes, its soooo gross
  • i need more guy friends

    03 NOV   Dallas, TX, United S

    i need more friends from the dallas area preferably guys and prefered ages 16-19 ok thanks and feel free to add my sc: mommat2k17

    Young Gravity I love Dallas Texas it’s fun I wish I could visit again but unfortunately since one of my family memebers passed I have no reason to go, I might try to go just for fun after high school
    Ian Im in frisco near Dallas Im 16
    Jr61612 Dang iam in porter tx is that fine
  • Nerdy freaky girls are my weakness ?

    04 NOV   Madera, CA, United S

    Don't be shy I don't judge , go ahead and talk to me of whatever you want lol . 

  • Looking for a relationship

    02 NOV   Belfair, WA, United

    Hi, I'm Katie. I'm 13 and I'm looking for a person who will love to cuddle and read.

  • Trying this site out a little :P

    31 OCT   Arizona City, AZ, Un

    Hey everyone I was surfing and bumped into this site. Is a dating site so gotta try it out. Any cool friends here or find a girl here. Am bi anyways. Hmu pls

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    28 OCT   Devils Lake, ND, Uni

    Looking for a cute girl to be my girlfriend and i love to fish and hangout with friends 

  • hay wanna chat looking to meet my dream guy

    27 OCT   Gympie, Queensland,

    Hi there :) Im Angel, 14 going on 15 in 4 months time. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out ( like meeting in real life an spending time together and having a fun time )

    Michael Hey I’m 14 and single I’ll add u on Snapchat
    Daniel Hey im Daniel i have a positive attitude as well as an open mind. Im 16 gonna be 17 come December
  • Looking for a relationship or someone i can talk to

    13 JUL   Farmington, MN, Unit

    hi im izzy i love animals and i am very very wierd but you will see it normal when we talk i love heavy metal pop and country music u can even massage me and say im ugly because that would be true or u could massage me or Snapchat me if you want to actually talk i am 12 looking for 12-14

    Sylvester Frimpong I am 19 can we chat so that I can ask you out?
    Jae McDonagh Hey, lets talk
    Henry Chafton Hello im an emo and well im 14 although i dont look like it im a sweet guy so yeah if you wanna talk then lets talk simple as that
  • Looking for single women

    04 AUG   Romulus, MI, United

    Hey any single women that are looking for a relationship message me on the site, at my kik: NathM913, or my Sc: knowyourownpow5.

  • Looking For New Friends Also if you have snap add me rezballer25 is my name

    27 OCT   Flandreau, SD, Unite

    hey i am 16 kinda chubby but i am beautiful i am thick and looking for new friends and also dont be shy to message me or hmu on here or snapchat my username is rezballer25 and raelynnrheanna2 any boys single wanna talk hmu and girls if you wanna be friends hmu also

  • Finding a girlfriend?!?

    27 OCT   Fayetteville, AL, Un

    Hey I'm Andrew and I'm 13 I am trying to find a girlfriend that will not cheat to me and will actually love me for me not if I'm trying to be someone else?!!? ?

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