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  • Looking for a girlfriend that will love me for who i am

    22 FEB   Pittsburg, KS, USA

    Hello, im Jacob "bo". I want a gf that who will love me for who i am. Im a artist, 100 completion Gamer and A B student. Im 17. I still practice guitar and keyboard/piano. Im a Junior in HS

  • looking for a girlfriend/BOYFRIEND

    21 FEB   Georgetown, Guyana

    Don't really care how you look but atlease cute...just please be loyal and get ready to explore a crazy ass chick like me.......and please please love pizza.

  • Meeting new people, trying o make friends... maybe more?

    21 FEB   Delta, BC, Canada

    Hey y’all!! Just casually looking for some pals to chat with. I’m a 15 year old canadian soccer player and musician. I also run a lot and go 4 walks with my pup. If u wanna chat or start a streak or just say hi, add me on snap!!

  • im looking for a girl with a good personality(realtionship)

    21 FEB   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    hey im caesar im looking for a girls with a great personality im not a guy about beauty just a girl for who she is im loyal,funny,cute,shy,friendly,im German Russian Mexican British so text if you want to chat thax my ig is caesar_melero_la_vibe and my snapchat is caesarmelero so text me there if you cant here.

    girl with a great personality and i like short chicks i dont know i think there cute 


    20 FEB   Suwanee, GA, United

    i know im ugly, but im still gonna try looking for a gf. I like asians, indians, and whites but i really dont care what race you are.

  • here is about me iam a kind and nice guy

    20 FEB   New York, IA, USA

    hi iam Michel iam 19 years old.

    iam looking to make new friends

    iam single not active looking for a girlfriend but iam always open cuz you never know

    if you have questions just ask

  • Need a sweat looking Girlfriend and someone who will care of me

    19 FEB   Kota, Rajasthan, Ind

    Need a girlfriend who is serious in this relationship

  • Looking for That Some One

    19 FEB   Fort Madison, IA, US

    I Hope To Find That Some One I Am Straight  looking for  some one to be with and to talk to and to like and to love Expert at Cuddling lol and i am easy to get along with and i am nice and kind I am a gentle Giant Thank You Hope To Find You  

  • Hey, hey name is Behrad,16. And I just want to talk, take pics and text me

    18 FEB   Rockledge, FL, USA

    Add me on snapchat preferably girls 

    My snapchat is Behrad.moghadam.

  • Meet someone to date! Hmu cowboys

    01 JAN   Shelby, NE, United S

    Hi there :) I'm Taylor, I'm 17 will be 18 January 24. I'm a country girl. I like to hunt, fish, ride horses, go mudding and have a good time. I'm looking for a cowboy to show me a good time! Is there one one out there?

  • Looking for cute guys/girls 12-15

    21 AUG   Colorado

    Hey! I like to read cook paint draw play sports and hang out with friends. I'm looking for someone with the same interests. HMU if you're interested 

  • Anyone Wanna Date???

    28 JAN   Denton, TX, United S

    Hey peoples reading this im London,13.I would describe myself chill,kind of silly,single,and kind of an dare devil.I live in Denton Texas and im looking for a boyfriend that doesn’t live really far away,we could hangout sometime,your kind of like me,and that were not that far in age.Hmu if you wanna date(I suggest Snapchat because im not on here alot)

  • looking for boyfriend

    19 NOV   Fort Smith, AR, Unit

    Hey! I am Emily and I am 13 years of age. I love to do anything realated topartying and having fun! I am looking to get a new boyfriend, so hit me up!

  • Looking for a kind girl

    17 FEB   Broken Arrow, OK, Un

    Hey there! Add me on Snapchat if you want a guy who is loyal and will treat you right. After the first add I wont accept any one else. My snap is huseman11caleb 

    i am 18 years old

  • Girlfriend In Need and better not be a fake

    12 JUN   Marysville, CA, Unit

    They must be loyal,faithful and trustworthy thats all I want in a girl 

  • Introducing me to you

    19 MAR   Lexington, MO, Unite

    Hi I'm Keely, 16. I'm very shy and quiet when I first meet someone but become more talkitive when you get to know me better. I'm not judgemental and am good at keeping secrets. I love reading and music.

  • Single 12-15 year old girls

    17 FEB   Hoosick Falls, NY, U

    I’m single again and want to talk to people and maybe date but we’ll see.

  • looking for a relationship xP

    25 JAN   West Point, UT, Unit

    Looking for a girl to get to know and chat with, but anyone is welcome so don't be shy. I'm new to this site so bare with me, I'm easier to get a hold of on kik and snap so hmu

  • Looking for possible gf (13-15)

    16 FEB   Port Charlotte, FL,

    Just want to talk and possibly share some nudes ;) . Hmu my snapchat is: yaboityler2

    PS: im 7 inches ;)

  • Single only 13-15. If older will be blocked

    01 FEB   Orlando, FL, United

    Hey so I'm Lakendella. Some people call me Della or Kendall.Call me whatever you want.

    I'm 13 and 3/4. I do dance, cheer and volleyball. I'm single so hmu

  • I need a christain girl for real and good relationship

    15 FEB   Alaska, MI, USA

    Hi. There. I am prince. I am openminded with thought of positive. I want to have a good relationship with a christain girl who also has good Altitude. Because i know the family i came from. Am from a good background. I have snapchat and Skype. My snapchat id is pchukwuma61. Am 19 yrs old. 

  • I-m 15, looking for a boyfriend/friend aged between 15 and 17

    16 FEB   London, UK

    Hey, I am looking for a boyfriend or a friend who lives in the UK and is aged between 15 and 17, who will treat me right.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    16 FEB   Downey, CA, United S

    looking for a gf 15-19 

    i like gaming, movies, art, sport and acting

    my favorite food is everything (i just luv food lol)

    my fave movie is Forrest Gump

  • Hi :) I-m Queenester, 15 looking for a bf who will treat me right.

    28 JAN   Quincy, IL, United S

    Hit me up. If u wanna date. And if you are going to treat me right.

  • It?s Assetnszn and I?m lonely

    07 JAN   Sioux City, Iowa, Un

    All I want is someone new to talk to. GIRLS ONLY I already have enough guy friends lol. Just someone to talk to, you can be horny I don’t care either way just hmu and be cool.

  • Relationship or just friends

    14 FEB   Athena, OR, USA

    My names is Cody, I live in Oregon, and I’m bisexual. I’m looking for a relationship or we can just be friends. A long distance relationship is okay with me as long as it’s not awkward.

  • Guys I need to talk to y?all

    20 JAN   Bellevue, WA, United

    I realized I was so stupid and I didn’t realize that I was getting lied and hurt to. But I want to apologize for ignoring everyone. I really need someone right now. Someone who will always be there no matter what. Someone who won’t lie, cheat or be fake. Someone who will be super fun ALL THE TIME. Please help me out. Thanks:)

  • Need a girlfriend 13 -17 years old

    14 FEB   Lansing, MI, USA

    I'm looking for a girlfriend that supports  bisexuals that is very nice 

    some things I like are soccer surfing the web and playing video games. I'm  bisexual I have a boyfriend and anyone would be nice. 

    anyone would be fine if interested message me at roconnor000@gmail.com

  • Recently single and open minded, lookin for fun or a relationship

    14 FEB   Bloomington, IL, Uni

    I’m bi curious, so lookin for a cute guy to experiment with or a super kinky girl, if u r close to my area definitely hmu and we can meet up to have a little fun, talk on kik or snapchat

  • A freaking greeting card.

    13 FEB  

    For people who don't understand. 

    1 Yes I am taken.

    2 No you cant change that.

    3 Yes he is cuter than you.

    4 Yes I really love him, thats what one year will do.

    5 Don't hit on me after reading this.

    6 Yes I am still taken. 

    Take a hint.

  • Looking for a Relationship

    13 FEB   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend thats aged between 16-18. I love sport; both watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. Someone kind, caring and remains loyal. Preferably someone who lives close to where I live but can do long distance in UK

  • Hi I-m wiktoria I-m 13 years old soon 14 and I-m looking for a bf or friend

    29 DEC  

    If you are at the age 13_15 and maybe from UK or Ireland  add me on Snapchat ,instagram or text me .

    I'm looking for people that are loyal ,honest ,funny ,sarcastic and are not fake 

    My hobbies are reading ,photography , art, writing ,singing ,sports .


  • Single guy is alone as fear i was

    10 FEB   Nanticoke, ON, Canad

    Hey this is Ivan ;p i am age 14 and soon as 15 i used to in 14 years to be in single  am looking for an gf as friendship so anonymous means i am the only one in the single but strong in years and i was born hearing so got deaf i was so upset that everyone was not like me as well i have to be waitful when the girl is going to date me ;) so thanks 

  • I want a gf for vday

    11 FEB   Houston, TX, USA

    Hi there I dont wanna be single for valentines day, im straight btw so ladies hmu on my snap ediespino21 I will add you back and see where it goes from there dont be afraid I dont bite ;)

  • I think I-m a lesbian????

    11 FEB  

    I honestly have no clue what I am, but I think I'm a lesbian. So, Please, Boys, Stop messaging me. Thanks guys!

  • Hey - my names Georgia roana x

    30 DEC   Perth, Western Austr

    hey there I'm 13 my names georgia roana I'm a singer and athlete, I love hugs x I am very risky and love to have dangerous or troubling fun I'm looking for a long trusting relationship where I could meet up one day, I want a real bond. If you want to text me message me on instagram, don't ask for nudes or you will be blocked sorry. Ig: georgiaxroana

  • Friends or more.

    10 FEB   Norwich, CT, United

    Looking for friends to talk to or more once we get to know each other age doesn’t matter.                    

  • Add me on Snapchat or Kik

    09 FEB   Colombo, Western Pro

    looking fot a girl or a guy 14-17 who wants to date, chat and roleplay with me

  • dating u don-t no what ur missing

    09 FEB   West Palm Beach, FL,

    single is great people that have bf and gf yall don't no what yall missing single foreever .

  • hey there lookin for a girlfriend hmu

    08 FEB   London, United Kingd

    hey just lookin for a girl friend i dont care who i will alwys love u so if interested hmu ??

  • Looking for new friends and guys to chat with.

    08 FEB  

    What I'm looking for in a relationship is kindness and patience. I turn 16 in March, and I hope that soon I can find someone with the same intentions as me.

  • Add me on Snapchat or Kik Bored asf

    08 FEB   Colombo, Western Pro

    Hello there  :) Im Dee and I'm  17 . I m lookin to meet and talk people so add me on Snapchat or Kik ,whatsapp 

     Kik : diinushkaaaa

    Snapchat : dinushkasarawic

    Whatsapp : 94768357467

  • Chat with me or something

    08 FEB   Winfield, AL, United

    Yo,  I'm isaih I wanna chat and hangout unless u thinking about more then friends. I have been kinda down lately. Come cheer me up. 

  • Looking for a match or a friendship

    06 FEB   Knoxville, TN, Unite

    Hey im jordan im 16 in early march.im looking for a match but ill just flirt ;) and chat if you want to do that.Im into music and working out.

  • lookin for friends or a grlfriend hmu if intrsted

    07 FEB   London, United Kingd

    hey im just looking for friend, xbox gaming friends and a grlfriend i will do anything for you if u are my grlfriend so just hmu if intrsted ??

  • Goth girl looking for a bf

    07 FEB  

    So, I'm startlight. I will not trust you easily, you will be put through tests to see if you would stay, fail and I will leave if we are in a relationship. I am very insecure. Also looks will be a factor sadly to say. 

  • If any girl is looking for a bet y?all should hmu

    07 FEB   Reading, PA, United

    girls if you are looking for a bf we should and get to know each other if you are interested:)

  • Lookin for cute girls to talk to

    07 FEB   Philadelphia, PA, US

    hey if you think i’m cute msg me on the site and we can talk all night??‍??

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