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Teenager Dating

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teenager dating ,this is a group for meet people for teenager dating in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Meeting people to date

    18 JUN   Abbotsford, BC, Cana

    Hi there :) Im Dayton, 17 and single and bi. I'm open minded, I like to laugh and have a good time. I'm lookin to meet people with similar mindset to date online or off, im down with a long distance relationship add my snapchat: quinnixg or if you want to talk add my discord: CoZy Quinn #7704

  • Aiden: 13 year old looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend

    21 FEB   Niskayuna, NY, USA

    Hi there! I am Aiden, I live in NY, and I am looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend to be with! I am 13 years old, male. I have one older brother. I have 2 pets, both cats. My job I want to do when I grow up is be a professional Chef. My favorite two colors are Red (being #1) and Blue (being #2). I love riding my bike when its warm out, as well as swimming, and playing Baseball! When I do play baseball, I am usually Shortstop position. I am about 5'5" last time I checked. I am only looking for teenagers age 13-16. I don't want anyone older. I don't like sexting or anything like that. I also don't want people asking for nudes. Cause guess what? It won't happen! Hit me up on Snapchat, or Skype, Snapchat, or Kik! I am very enthusiastic, romantic, charming, cute, funny, and fun. I can't wait to meet you!

  • Looking for someone to talk with frankly

    17 JUN   Delhi, India

    Hi there. Iam charan 15 years old. Open minded and dirty too?. I want to find a girl whom i can talk and maybe some relationship afterwards. I like to play video games,click photos, traveling. But don't like to study that much. 

  • Looking for gf or bf hmu.. single...down for anything

    17 JUN   Tulsa, OK, USA

    Hi I'm Adyson, 13,  I'm looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend I'm down for anything hmu on Snapchat if u down, ages 13-19

    Savage_boy_oscar Hi add me on snapchat if you wanna talk
    1 day ago
    Tj3434 Hey snap mee ;)
    1 day ago
    Tj3434 Hey u wanna chat
    1 day ago
  • Need some girl to call my own in Jacksonville

    17 JUN   Saint Augustine, FL,

    I got dumped by a girl who cheated on me with a senior in less than 4 days. My heart  is still broken and need somebody to help me move on.

  • Meet a cute boy (14-16) (dark hair or blonde)

    15 JUN   Laurel, MD, United S

    Hi, I’m Katie.. I’m 14 and single. I’m looking for a great guy who has a big heart and who will love me for who I am. I love to laugh and have fun. I love animals too! My hobbies are: basketball, volleyball, painting.. and some others.. I also like to binge watch Netflix so I’m down with that. If u wanna know more or talk.. my Instagram is @_k.lisette ! HMU♥?

    John Just sent you a DM on instagram
    2 days ago
    jamezmichel15 Hi... this is a crappy pic. Add me on kik if you want a better one. iamthe_squeak
    2 days ago
    Akash Hi... U r really very cute .. I liked the pic and also the girl in the pic
    2 days ago
  • Hi looking for a gf either from America or another country

    15 JUN   Branson, MO, USA

    Hey ladies 13-16 hmu if you want to date I am willing to explore my boundaries for ladies and I am single???

  • Friendship and dating

    14 JUN   Amsterdam, Netherlan

    Hey guys i'm shares i'm from the netherlands i'm here to make friends and maybe even further it depands on the person really also i am not here for any nudes and stuff so don't worry i will always keep it real with people and expect the same thing or else i'm not keep wasting my time to people who don't deserve it anyway feel free to talk to me ??

  • Im tired of these games

    22 FEB   Saint Petersburg, FL

    Looking for a mixed guy who not finna play games (age:14-16) any older will be blocked

    Jack I look like mixed and 14
    Devin500 Hey, this place is dead. Add me on emeralchat. Its way more fun.
    Hashaam Addd me on snapchattt... At hashaamsaleem07... Im 15
  • looking for a nerdy gf

    14 JUN   Nebraska City, NE, U

    yes i'm zach i'm looking for a nice girl that plays games and is also nerdy and weird kinda like me

    don't be surprised if i don't respond to messages on insta or sc i haven't been either for a while now

    Zach btw you must be light enough for me to pick you up
  • I want to meet a new girl as a girlfriend

    10 OCT   Wellington, New Zeal

    Hey, my name is Stelio! I am a 15 year old boy from Wellington New Zealand and I am looking for someone to be my new girlfriend. We could talk about whatever we want, and do whatever we want. I will talk to anyone.

    Kayla Message me Im from NZ too x
  • Any Christian boys 15 and up??

    13 JUN   Surabaya, Indonesia

    Hi.. Natasha here. I'm looking for a Christian faithful boy if there's any haha. I don't care about appearances. So yeah .. 

    AJ Hey there I’m a guy and I’m 15 but I still don’t know 100 where I stand with religion but I’m very open to anything so maybe you can help me understand then we can see were it takes us
    itsmecharles Hey :) I am a born again christian. I am devoted and faithful to him.
    NicholusH Im Christian 15 and loyal to my partner and i would love to talk to you if your down
  • I-m not very experienced in dating but I-d quite like a boyfriend

    12 JUN   Edinburgh, UK

    Sup, I'm your average artist who likes playing video games (I own a Switch but any console/PC is good). K-Pop is cool and I learn Korean here and there, but don't worry, I'm not an obsessive fangirl! I really like cats so if you have one I will spend more time with it than you...but I'd like to be able to meet up fairly often with a guy who's confident (but laid back) and just wants to hang out and will like me as much as I like you! :D

    scottie Hey if you wouldn’t mind I like to talk to ya.
    Scott Whatsapp or text or call me 07539 503958
  • Add me on Snapchat if you want to talk about dating maybe

    11 JUN   Kings Mountain, NC,

    Hmu if you think we could start something together (girls only) and you have to be 14 and older because I don't like dating people younger than me 

  • I want a gf i can be comfortable around

    12 JUN   Goose Creek, SC, Uni

    Looking for a nice gal in South Carolina, US that i can be comfortable with. Looking for females aged 15-18.

  • Looking for for a relationship

    11 JUN   Beech Grove, IN, USA

    My name is Triston I've played football for about 9 years and now it' summer and I can' play anymore I really want to talk to that will be kind and nice.

  • Hey, Im bored af. Could someone message me? Hmu

    21 APR   Kingsville, TX, Unit

    I'm sooo bored and wanna talk 2 someone rn. And I'm still looking for a bf. So guys hmu?

  • looking for friends and more (I-m strait) please

    11 JUN   Prescott, AZ, United

    Hi I'm Collin I am 15 , 6" green eyes single and stuck in my room because I'm a screw up. I am a good person I just tend to make poor choices but I'm one of the only gentlemen left in the gentelmens code. I am hoping to be a future marine, prop designer, voice actor (for rooster teeth) and a all arouncle good guy. I am single and can't contact the outside world so I have gotten a frwinds phone so I can, so please hear my plea and help me out.

  • Looking for a cute guy

    09 APR   Mount Ida, AR, USA

    I’m looking for a cute guy who’s willing to talk all night and see how far it goes. Text me on Snapchat or on Instagram. (If you ride bulls that’s a huge plus)

    Sansith_dasavage Sup Jadyn, btw, you are really cute!!
    Harry Lewis Hey, message me in private message

  • Hello I?m pretty new here looking for new people

    22 MAY   Chicago, IL, USA

    Im 16 i like to talk to guys and girls I’m looking to meet new people I’m bi so we could talk about that I guess lol I only use kik cuz I just don’t want to give out my other usernames so message me there I’m always checking my phone so message me whenever I would also be willing to talk about a relationship with a guy or a girl ages 13-17

  • Looking for Girlfriend 13-15

    11 JUN   Cookeville, TN, USA

    Looking for a girlfriend. If you want to know anything about me just add my snapchat and I will answer all your questions.

  • Add me on Snapchat.

    11 JUN   Fairfax, VT, USA

    Girls add me if you want to talk. My Snapchat is @Jacobbrueckner   


  • someone hmu yoeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    09 JUN   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    need to talk to some people hmuu

    Amr hey add me on instagram @jrboshra or snapchat boshra_jr
    Soccerdude40144 Hey hmu my snap is @soccerdude4014 we can chat
    Mike Some one HMU on snap if u wanna trade. @ hallm196
  • Looking for a girl to date.

    10 JUN   Tooele, UT, USA

    I am looking for a girl that is not selfish and only cares about her well being, I want her to be there for me, and to support me through life events, and situations, I don't care about looks or body image, I care about the personality and what makes them one of a kind, I care a lot about the inner side of a woman, not the outside. Girls only and please give me a chance :)

  • I-m Simon. I-m looking for a relationship. ^^

    21 APR   Melbourne, FL, USA

    Hey, I'm Simon. I'm a junior at Eau Gallie High School in Melbourne, FL. I love tennis, sketching, poetry, music, political science, and a bunch of other stuff. I have a lot of interests and I'm pretty open to trying new things. I'm looking to meet girls age 14-18 somewhere in central Florida. Hit me up if you're interested! ^^

    dallas.j (single) hey. Im moving near Eau Gallie High. Hmu
  • looking for a boyfriend who will care about me for me

    13 MAR   Stockton, MO, USA

    Im looking for someone who will anwser all my texts and care what i haave to say and to have the same mind set as me.

    emmydio im not perfect but i would put in my best for you
    Quaker I will give you time and attention more than any one hit me up on Instagram
    Grayson balles I would be more than willing to do that for you plus we live in the same state.
  • I would like to meet someone to have a serious relationship.

    09 JUN   Elmore, OH, United S

    I’m ashton I’m looking for a sweet boy or girl to have a serious relationship. I like to go hiking, watch horror movies, go on trips, love animals.

  • Hi I-m looking for a girl that I can call mine.

    18 FEB   Abbeville, SC, USA

    I really want a girlfriend that I text late at night and laugh with. I want you for you and that's all that matters.

    Gabriel Can We Be Best Friends
  • Im Single neddd love

    21 MAR   New York, NY, United

    My name is freddy hernandez and im 14. Im looking for a girl to love and care about and chiil out with. Im a Soccer fanatic and also play games (FORTNITE is what i mostly play). Im charming and if you want to check out more of my pictures go on intsa- and look for my user - chickninjaflickyt or call or text me at 3477984114

  • Looking for a relationship (girls only)

    08 JUN   Sylacauga, AL, USA

    Looking for girls only hmu, on snap or insta…………….……

  • Hi im trying to find a girlfriend in L.A.

    08 JUN   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Hi there my name is Juan how are you.? I'm looking for a girlfriend to love and take care. I live  in L.A. So hmu of you're in L.A. or around L.A. Girls age 14 to 15. I like music, anime, and soccer. ?

  • Looking for someone to ride me all summer long

    08 JUN   Denton, TX, USA

    Hit me up and message me if you want some dick, girls only. Gotta be in texas too haha. Add me on snapchat because i dont get on here too much @fun.times239

  • Looking for boyfriend

    08 JUN   Miami, FL, USA

    hi I’m dale and feminine gay and 15 year old. I’m looking for a masculine gay (gay that act straight but likes guys) and bi guys to hmu , 15-17 yo and my snap is daledurog

  • Single and looking for a bf

    07 JUN   Robbins, TN, USA

    I’m 15 and I want someone I can tell everything to. Someone who will see me for my personality. I love to write. I’m a freshman and I like school and my classes and grades are everything. I need someone who understand that. I like to talk for a while before I date someone. I need to everything about you. If you want you can add me on Snapchat @shaniacross5

    broddy13 we can talk too
  • Basically Everything About Me Lol

    02 MAY   Newark, NJ, USA

    Lol Hi I'm Lily I am 16 years old and Im from New Jersey. I am really goofy so BBBEWWWWARRREEE LMAO. I love dogs and Marvel movies.LOKI DIES.I like any music except country oh dear lord help me if it comes on the radio lol. Im also a very good singer and artist lol

    Angel Hey Im too j and I love singing. My names angel and im 16. Lets talk?
    Seagalswag Hay I’m Ken I’m goofy too and I love marvel and dogs and legit I hate country too we should talk 😁
  • Meet new people for friendship and other stuff?

    07 JUN   Lahore, Pakistan

    Hey there just joined the site. About me, I am 15,football lover and looking for girls to talk of age between 14 and 15.

  • I-m looking for a girlfriend 14-15

    07 JUN   Clinton, IN, USA

    Hi my name is chris I'm 14 and single looking for a girlfrend I love fishing and  football 

  • Hey. Anyone alive at 5 am? Lol

    21 JUL   Denison, TX, United

    Someone should message me. Im bored af lol. Im looking for a gf at the moment. 14 to 18. It helps if you are at least a little sexual and like video games but not required lol. 

  • Straight looking for girls age 14 to 19

    07 JUN   Fort Myers Beach, FL

    Im 16 and im straight want my snap its thenightmarelol add me.

  • Quickly want to mention I-m not gay (have nothing against it)

    05 JUN   Whitley Bay, UK

    Why hello there

    My name is not Karamu, I like many things,(Drawing, Martial arts, table tennis, playing the guitar and I LOVE music.) I am described as talented but I like to remain humble as clearly shown by the start of this sentence. My favourite colour is purple because it's a nice colour, anime and manga are a creation equal to the holy grail, so are hats, and finally, I am very surprisingly single, not a Pringle and ready to have productive small talk to nice people. ?

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    04 JUN   Nashville, TN, Unite

    Hi I’m Matthew and im looking for a girlfriend. My hobbies are playing sports. I am 5”11 and love to talk. Hit me up on Snapchat if your interested in me. 

  • Friendship/relationship

    04 JUN   Greensboro, NC, USA

    Hi. I am ky. I live in Greensboro NC and I am 13. I like comic books, photography, and music. I really just want some friends or maybe a relationship. If y’all wanna talk to me just go on my instagram and dm me. I prefer women so please don’t dm me if you are a boy or if you are over 15 thanks.

  • looking for a relationship

    04 JUN   Barrie, ON, Canada

    Hey Im Dan, im looking for a relationship short or long distance. I enjoy music, video games, going outdoors and having fun. Snap me @bigdano9

  • Looking for 18 Girl to Talk to

    04 JUN   Meyersdale, PA, USA

    Hi! I’m looking for a girl to talk to, can be friendship, or for dating. Either way, talk to me. :)

  • Hurry!! Really important note

    04 JUN   Tunis, Tunisia

    Hiiiiiiiiieee.... I'm mahdy... I need a girl who's Into photoraphy.. rap and rock music.. who got really alternative thoughts and unique... you have at last one of these... you hit the jackpot baby

  • Anyone in Australia message me on ?? 61 474 968 728??

    16 DEC   Sydney, New South Wa

    I'm 15 aus looking for anyone to talk to, I'm really bored so need something to do and it doesn't matter who you are just message me ?? 61 474 968 728??

    Lara hey do u wanna talk??
  • Looking for boyfriend

    02 JUN   Park Rapids, MN, USA

     Who understands my self harm and suicidal issues I just need someone to help me through this stuff right now

    master affendrought S.....sucidal issues! U r being troubled by something i guess...
    Hunter Quam Well Im here for you and Ill help you with whatever you want
    Axel Or AJ i just followed you on insta. im willing to help
  • Anyone wanna talk to me ?

    02 JUN   Lathrop, CA, USA

    I dont know why im doing this lmao but oh well.  I just wanna talk to some girl's.  I know most of them be saying in the group chat that us guys are fuck boys. But must of us are not. Maybe if you give us the fuckiny chance and time to talk to us . you would see how nice most of us are. But yeah someone talk to me plz

    David Fernandez Mx And yas i know my hair is longer in one picture . most of the girls be saying im cat fishing but like god damn i grow my hair out as much as i fucking want to
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