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  • Looking for friendships and or a relationship

    22 FEB   Tillamook, OR, USA

    Shoot your shot i will text you back i promise and if i dont its because I'm busy but anyways have a good day

  • Looking for a special someone to spend my life with

    22 FEB   Eaton, OH, United St

    Hey, I'm 18, and very open to new things. I'm a eagle scout, I wrestle, cycle, & rock climb. I enjoy reading, playing video games, and watching tv. Feel free to ask me anything else you wanna know.

    About my type..........

    I have a lot of things I look for, but just because you don't have any of these doesn't mean I won't talk to you. Now of course I look for personality first, but These are the physical attributes 

    Age........ 12-20

    Gender........ doesn't matter 

    Ethnicity.......... White, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, African American, islander

    Sexuality........doesn't matter 

    Height.......... 4'0"-5'3"

    Smoke........... doesn't smoke

    Drink............. doesn't matter 

    Kids............... doesn't matter 

    Want kids....... doesn't matter

  • Im tired of these games

    22 FEB   Saint Petersburg, FL

    Looking for a mixed guy who not finna play games (age:14-16) any older will be blocked

  • looking for boyfriend

    21 FEB   Chalfont, PA, United

    Looking for some who is loyal, compassionate and not controlling. I perfer males but girls, we can become friends. Feel free to hmu if interested.

  • Meet new people(females)

    22 FEB   Eagan, MN, USA

    Giving this a try:)

    Little bit about me:

    I play soccer, wreslting, I also enjoy playing the piano. 


    Add me on snap: @joshybarca

  • Up for meeting new people, drop me a message

    03 APR   Cardiff, United King

    So yeah xD I'm looking for so.some girls to chat with, dw, I'm not a creep ? 

    Im a website and network engineer, just a huge fucking basically ??  

    I love giving people attention, so if you want to talk about a certain thing or you, you know where I am. 

  • Aiden: 13 year old looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend

    21 FEB   Niskayuna, NY, USA

    Hi there! I am Aiden, I live in NY, and I am looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend to be with! I am 13 years old, male. I have one older brother. I have 2 pets, both cats. My job I want to do when I grow up is be a professional Chef. My favorite two colors are Red (being #1) and Blue (being #2). I love riding my bike when its warm out, as well as swimming, and playing Baseball! When I do play baseball, I am usually Shortstop position. I am about 5'5" last time I checked. I am only looking for teenagers age 13-16. I don't want anyone older. I don't like sexting or anything like that. I also don't want people asking for nudes. Cause guess what? It won't happen! Hit me up on Snapchat, or Skype, Snapchat, or Kik! I am very enthusiastic, romantic, charming, cute, funny, and fun. I can't wait to meet you!

  • looking for a bf (15-18 yrs)

    06 FEB   Lincoln, NE, USA

    :)) hey i’m g - not saying my full name on here - and i’m looking for a boyf that’s 15-18 years old. if you’re interested hmu on sc: @geovwigho 

  • Meet new person to love

    21 FEB   Arvada, CO, USA

    Hi, I'm Peyton, I'd love to find someone that i connect with to love. Anyone hmu if you wanna talk. :)

  • Looking for a boyfriend and friends

    20 FEB   Rock Valley, IA, USA

    Hey I am looking for a boyfriend ages 12-14 and no one older and my Snapchat is kspaans3 

  • Looking for cute guy to be my bf

    11 OCT   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hi im a 16 year old girl looking for a cute guy between ages 15-17 to be my bf...they have to be kind, compassionate, and caring and always show me the love, affection, and support i need no matter what...so if u are intrerested, hmu or message me:)

  • Need a gf I?m 12 and single

    19 FEB   East Moline, IL, USA

    my name is Trevor I’m 12 and need a caring gf that I can love and take care of reply back if interested BTW I’m straight 

  • I?m chris and I?m 17 for gf 15-17

    19 FEB   Anaheim, CA, United

    Hi I’m chris, I’ve been single for ever and I just want a nice gf who is caring, I don’t care too much about looks. Hmu on sc

  • Im looking for weird chicks

    11 FEB   Augusta, ME, USA

    I'm weird and a weird girl is ideal so hmu

    I'm 6ft and a nice dude

  • Hey. ..Im ral,18.Photographer.Sassy yet chill ;)

    18 FEB   Bengaluru, Karnataka

    .Ughh im bad at this describing myself stuff up.Just HMU guys and lets have fun

  • I-m looking for a girlfriend 13-15

    18 FEB   Abbeville, SC, USA

    I want a girl that I can call and can trust. I want someone that can make me smile when i dont want to. Add me on Snapchat cali_girl4l if you are interested.

  • Hi I-m looking for a girl that I can call mine.

    18 FEB   Abbeville, SC, USA

    I really want a girlfriend that I text late at night and laugh with. I want you for you and that's all that matters.

  • I-m looking for a girlfriend 13-15

    18 FEB   Abbeville, SC, USA

    I want a girl who is funny and not self centered. I want a girl that I can call mine and can trust. I will except you for who you are and won't try to change that.

  • Some Relationship Post Thingy

    16 FEB   Matthews, NC, USA

    A'ight, I'll try to make sure I'm not from a dating websi-- wait... this is a dating website (sort of)... well shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii--

    Hey there to whoever stops by here! My name's Ethan, I'm 16 years old, and I'm currently looking for a relationship. I'm really interested in someone who shares the same interests as me and also someone that I can be weird around and that I can trust. Cliche, I know, but life is just full of cliches, so why not embrace it? ... oh yeah: people are unique. That's a thing.

  • Relationship and friends

    17 FEB   Sunnyside, WA, Unite

    I’m looking for a relationship or friends I like girls 

  • Maybe someone special

    29 JUN   Lehi

    I'm 18. Looking for a special person. I love making people laugh. I love caring for you and being romantic. Your in control of me. Don't be afraid to say no. 

  • Anyone want to talk or date?

    17 FEB   Puyallup, WA, United

    Hi, its me, im looking for people to talk to cause im bored af, im 13 and If u want to be my Gf dont be shy, im cool with it.?

  • hi my name is darren and i need a girlfriend

    16 FEB   Little Suamico, WI,

    my name is darren and i would like to find love some were in the usa im 6'5 and im 15                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  • A relationship with a teen girl 13-16

    15 FEB   White Plains, MD, US

    i want to have a real relationship with a girl who will love me for who I am and probably meet when we get older and don’t care if you be freaky or not 

  • Need A GF 15-17 years old

    14 FEB   St Joseph, MO, USA

    Hi im christian 16 year old  hardcore PC gamer. I'm looking for a girlfriend who is 14-16 years of age that would want to talk alot on kik or snapchat. 

  • Here to possibly find someone to date...!

    09 JAN   Andrews, TX, United

    Hi! I’m Aiyannah, but people usually call me Aiy. I am 15 years old. 

    My hobbies include:


    -Music (listening, writing, and playing)



    -Writing Stories/Poems

    I’m pretty chill, and a very good listener. I love late night discussions and deep conversations. 

    Also, I am a Little. I’m part of the DD/lg community. If you want to know more, you can ask or look it up for yourself, lol. ? You don’t have to be into it, though. It is simply a lifestyle I choose. 

    Anyways, I hope I didn’t scare anyone away by my usueless information! Just hmu if you wanna talk!

    (yes, I copy and pasted this from the friendship forum that I posted on because I really don’t wanna write another thing that sounds good, lol)