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Teenager Dating

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teenager dating ,this is a group for meet people for teenager dating in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • What I?m looking for in a girl.

    18 AUG   Glendale, AZ, USA

    i want a girl who likes me for being me an will laugh at my jokes so if that’s u hit me up!?

  • Looking for a lovely girlfriend

    18 AUG   Gouda, Netherlands

    Hey my name is Nikki. As you can see I'm 17 years old. and I'm from the Netherlands. I'm a very outgoing person. I speak multiple languages and am eager to learn more. I consider myself to be a kind person and love to spoil my girl. Girls can HMU ?

  • Looking for a sweet little relationship ?

    17 AUG   Tunis, Tunisia


    Snap me up if you are cute ♥ 

    P.S. I'm straight so only girls! 

    Cheer, luc_boy9.

  • I am a guy in need of a girlfriend message me now

    17 AUG   Detroit, MI, USA

    Looking for a girlfiend im up for anything i am 16 but anyone whos interested can message me and ill answer

  • Down for anything (straight)

    16 AUG   Rochester, NY, USA

    Will do long distance relationships or close. I don't really have an opinion on sexting but willing to try something new. I also don't have a preference when it comes to looks. as for age 13-15. If you're interested in me hmu on snap or kik @ gunnerjonzy

    Justin I forgot to add my snap username so here it is: justinjonzy
    2 days ago
  • Trying to find an awesome guy

    09 AUG   PA, United States

    Im Looking for a loyal bf he won’t cheat on me or leave me. I want a cute relationship and I want someone awesome. I DO NOT trade nudes so don’t HMU and ask me for nudes. I want someone to love not someone to trade nudes with. Btw I’m 15 and I’m from Pennsylvania 

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    15 AUG   Mount Washington, KY

    Hi, my name is Alexia Barnes, I'm 13 years old, in the 8th grade, looking for a boyfriend 13-14.I'm fun, smart, courageous, shy, musician, loyal, supportive, and calm.

    Send me a message if you want to get to know me better

    Can't wait to meet you! :)

  • Anyone in LA wanna meet up~?

    16 AUG   Burbank, CA, USA

    idk lol

    oh shit minimum characters


  • Looking for a cutw girl 13-18

    16 AUG   Whiteford, MD, USA

    Hi I'm David and i'm 13 but i can be very funny. 

    So any girls that want to chat hmu at my skype or snapchat ok talk to you there

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    15 AUG   Hebron, MD, USA

    Hi my name is Tyler and I'm looking for a girlfriend I've been lonely and want to have a relationship with a cute girl

  • Looking for a cute girlfriend :)

    15 MAY   Rapid City, SD, USA

    Hey! My name is Hunter. I am 16 years old. I am from a small town and even smaller state. I speak three languages and I’m a very outgoing person! I am an entrepenuer and I run an awesome online store! I consider myself a kind person and love to spoil my girl.  Girls can HMU :)

    Skysea Hi Im really shy and trying to be more outgoing love to chat if thats ok with u
    luc_boy9 I need one too
  • I-m Looking For A Guy??

    23 APR   Riverstone NSW, Aust

    Hello People of the World, -- why not start this post with something cringey ---

    My name is Mya, pronounced my-a, I'm 15 years old and I live in the Land Down Under, Australia in New South Wales. I have a strong Egyptian and English background but cannot speak Arabic as I am not allowed to learn it. I love to choreograph and perform dance, I love to read and be weird :)). I want to travel the world and discover new things and cultures. Nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it. I'm a very awkward and weird person. I'm an insane introvert but I will be loud on some days and not even hear a squeak out of me the next. I want to hear about your stupid stories or cheesy jokes so honestly like feel free to message me! 

    I'm looking for a cute, kind, caring, honest & funny guy that is 15-16 years of age. I'm open to long distance but I need to see an actual picture of them/you before actually dating you. I don't want to be catfished. I prefer to start by becoming friends first then we will cross that bridge of dating when we have to.

    Look on my profile for my social media info. 

    Harry Lewis Hey, would you like to be mine
    Lochlain Never new there was some one som perfect
  • Kik me please!!! Im bored

    12 AUG   De Soto, IA, USA

    My kik is Just.Chelsea. please send a face pic or you'll get no response. 13-16 yr old guys preferred .

  • I am lonely I need a Girlfriend

    13 AUG   Philadelphia, PA, US

    Hello I am a 13 year old boy Looking for A girlfriend I want a girl who plays sports or do gymnastics I like watching sports and playing hockey.  

    My preference: I like girl's who are short and athletic 

  • Im 16 looking for a relationship hmu girls everyone is welcome

    12 AUG   Detroit, MI, USA

    Im a nice guy not sure what exactly i want so im not looking for anyone specific i have no age limits or restrictions if youre a single girl looking for a guy hmu and lets see where things go

  • Lesbian group chat kik

    27 MAR   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    Hey I'm Savi and what to know if there are actual girls that are into girls that want to join on kik group chat. Just hmu

    Angrybearkid Id love to join!!
    Just ask No. Being gay is a sin. Please stop. God loves you he doesnt hate you but he doesnt love your actions. Turn from sins while there is still time
  • Relationship or just friendship

    11 AUG   Chesterfield, VA, US

    Hey guys hoping to find a guy/girl that will make my world a whole lot better. If you live in chesterfield that’s a plus but if not that’s no problem! HMU the older the better. Would love to have fun adventures also lmao but I am chill and layed back so don’t be afraid to add me on snap 

  • meeting new friends and maybe more

    10 AUG   Lakeland, FL, USA

    im a nice guy looking for a new best friend and maybe more (not gay) 

  • Looking for a girlfriend 17

    10 AUG   Iowa City, IA, USA

    Only want a gf hmu if you need snap, etc if you want to chat on here msg me

  • Looking for relationship with girl(14-17)

    10 AUG   Cleveland, OH, Unite

    I'm looking for a relationship with a girl. I don't really care if it is long distance. Just follow me or add me on one of my socials. I dont bite :).

  • Looking for a relationship

    19 MAY   Cornelius, NC, USA

    Hi, I'm Lilo. I use they/them pronouns and I'm pansexual. Though someone in or around North Carolina, USA would be nice, I'm open to long distance.

  • I would like to meet someone to have a serious relationship.

    09 JUN   Elmore, OH, United S

    I’m ashton I’m looking for a sweet boy or girl to have a serious relationship. I like to go hiking, watch horror movies, go on trips, love animals.

  • H I?m gay I live in Massachusetts

    10 AUG   Beverly, MA, USA

    Really want a relationship. Tired of being single. HMU if u wanna become a couple 

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    09 AUG   PA, United States

    Cute loyal guys HMU plzzzz. I’ve been cheated on and used so don’t HMU if u just want nudes or if ur just gonna leave me. I want a guy who loves me for me and won’t cheat. I’ll respect u boo if u respect me 

  • Friendship or relationship

    08 AUG   Hondo, TX, USA

    I’m looking for a friend or someone to be in a relationship with 

  • Single and ready to mingle! (Bi)

    08 AUG   Austin, TX, USA

    Looking for a relationship with someone who’s around Austin, Texas. You gotta be attractive inside and out. Plus you gotta have similar interests. I’m bi but I like girls way more. Hmu on my snap if interested.

  • Meet a loyal guy to date

    08 AUG   PA, United States

    Y’all loyal guys HMU if u wanna loyal girl. I don’t trade nudes sorry not sorry. HMU on Snapchat:@vanderpool1234 or text me @570-637-2186!!

    Brady(taken) You put your number out here? There are so many creeps out here.
  • Introduction of Bear

    08 AUG   Sparks, NV, USA

    Heyo my names Bear and I'm new here!!

    Here's some info on me.

    •I live in Sparks, Nevada near Reno

    •I'm 14

    •I'm a lesbian 

    •I'm here to make friends/maybe find a girlfriend ( preferably in my area)

    •I identify as a boi lesbian

    •I usually only date older girls 

  • Seeking a relationship

    08 AUG   Arcata, CA, USA

    A few months ago, I had a girlfriend, but she and I broke up. I am single now, and looking to start a new relationship with an honest, kind, and understanding girl.

  • Hit ya girl up! (Bi) ;)

    07 AUG   Lubbock, TX, USA

    snap : im-annaleigh

    insta : xoxo_annaleigh

    all welcome:)

    age : 16

    hmu blow up my snap. Add me:)

  • Hopeing to find a girl friend

    05 AUG   Waterville, ME, USA

    Hi im kind. Fun loveing ,smart  ,thoughtful 14 teen year old boy who loves rock climbing, racing, auto body work,. Painting, fishing and swimming 

  • Looking for a Girlfriend

    05 AUG   Conyers, GA, USA

    One last thing. It feels reallly really stupid to not have a girlfriend by age 14-16 like most girls and boys do. Someone please help me. I don't want to be age 17 without a girlfriend. My last girlfriend was July 2016. It's really time for another one. I've always had dreams of having a girlfriend by age 14. Things failed. The girls at my school are to stupid and ugly and I didn't even know about this website when I was 14. Now at age 16 I'm really really getting to the point where if I don't get a girlfriend by Christmas 2018 I just going to go hide in a cave without a thing to eat or drink. Any girls who think they might want to go out with me and be my next girlfriend read all my posts and comment if you think you're the one for me. ages 12-19 are allowed. Rules 1 No Cheatting. 2 No negativity. 3 No innapropriate.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    05 AUG   Amherst, NY, USA

    I'm looking for a gir around 15-19 who doesnt smoke or abuse drugs. I want her to be real and i want her to love me for me

  • Looking for a Boyfriend!

    04 AUG   Fayetteville, NC, US

    Looking for someone to roleplay with me. Requirements: Grammatical correctness, open-mindedness, IDK what else. Lol

    benster1120 (taken) Hello, Im Ben, I sent you a message on snapchat, I hope you dont mind.
  • Meet up and hook up in Denver

    04 AUG   Ken Caryl, CO, USA

    Anyone in Denver wanna hook up? Dm me and we’ll talk about where we can meet

  • Looking for a friend, and when we talk, more

    03 AUG   Nashville, TN, USA

    Im looking for a nice, pretty girlfriend who will care about me and someone i can care about as well

  • Meet new girlfriend to talk to and flirt and text whenever

    03 AUG   Nashville, TN, USA

    I am looking for a girl that has a good personality, is nice, and is pretty

  • Dating or friendship

    02 AUG   San Diego, CA, USA

    Looking for a girl to have a relationship or just friends up to you HMU 

  • Looking for a gf or bf

    02 JUL   Lake Geneva, WI, USA

    hey , I’m 13 years old , I play basketball, I’m bisexual. I’m looking to date but I want someone who lives near me and no older than 15

    Kyler Daulton I live near you and I’m 14
  • I-m looking for someone to connect with

    02 AUG   Whakatane, New Zeala

    Hi, im looking for someone to talk to,and connect with, my favorite colour is red, whats yours?

  • trying to find a nice boyfriend

    12 MAY   Glenwood, MD, United

    id love to start a relationship with a nice guy, but please don’t ask for nudes. I don’t send them and never will. i’m not that type of person. 

    isaac jnr I will be okay for u
    Tyler LaBranche Hello!!! My name is Tyler. I am looking for a successful loving relationship. I am very interested in getting to know you. What is your name? What are some of your interests and hobbies? The thing that I like most about myself is that I appreciate life and I enjoy spending time with people that I care about. In relationships, I am not at all concerned about age or distance, but I am really looking for someone who will accept me for who I am and enjoy lifes great moments with me as that is exactly how I define a successful loving relationship. I dont send any nude pictures to anyone and I wouldnt like to receive any nude pictures from anyone, because I only care about personality and character, which is exactly what builds and defines relationships. I am not at all concerned about age and age is really just a number. I am not at all concerned about distance, either. My friends often describe me as compassionate and responsible. I accept everyone for who they are. Despite having been bullied myself, I have stood up for people who have been bullied and I have spread the word that everyone deserves to be treated with respect. I am someone who want to make the world a better place in whatever way I am able to every day. My hobbies include listening to pop music, taking walks outdoors and spending time at the beach. I would be very glad to learn more about you. I will wait very patiently for your reply.
    Tyler LaBranche Hello!!! It is Tyler again. I have sent you a message on Kik. Your Kik username is annahk234 and my Kik username is Tyler3221996 and my full name is Tyler LaBranche. I will wait very patiently for your reply.
  • Looking for la long distance loyal asf relationship

    01 AUG   Toms River, NJ, USA

    I’m 16 I wanna date someone under 17 don’t care about ur age hmu

  • I looking for a girl to have a long term or short term relationship with

    01 AUG   Parsippany-Troy Hill

    I'm a really loving guy and all I want a nice and attractive women to have a fare or close relationship with. Also it can be for fun or serious relationship. My dating life has sucked so I just want a nice girlfriend that I can love and care for and she would do the same. I prefer and older girl though. But it doesn't matter to me;)

  • hmmm maybe looking for a relationship??

    16 JUL   house

    hey, I'm Prince my real name... looking for a girl that is loyal af like me and who can accept me for who I am.. hopefully can find one :D. btw  hit me up on here first


    Jordan Heyyy im very loyal and looking for a loyal loving man
  • Looking for a nice girl to have a long time or short time relationship with

    01 AUG   Parsippany-Troy Hill

    Hi I'm Andrew

     I'm looking for a nice and attractive women that I can have a good relationship with.y dating glove hasn't been that good someone looking for a pretty and sweet girl to have a long term or short term relationship with and it can be online fare away or close doesn't matter to me ;)

  • Teen liking for pretty and nice girl to date

    01 AUG   Parsippany-Troy Hill

    My name is Amdrew and I've hasn't had the best time with dating so I'm looking for a nice girl I can have a relationship with and I prefer older women but I don't really care

    Loving guy101 I meant to say looking lol
  • Hi I-m look for a girlfriend

    01 AUG   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Hi I like



    Editing videos

    And video games

  • Looking for a cute guy

    09 APR   Mount Ida, AR, USA

    I’m looking for a cute guy who’s willing to talk all night and see how far it goes. Text me on Snapchat or on Instagram. (If you ride bulls that’s a huge plus)

    Harry Lewis Hey, message me in private message
    John Hi jadyn. You are very pretty! If you wanna skype go to my profile
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