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  • Looking For A Boyfriend!

    03 SEP   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hey, I'm Amber. Umm as you see, I'm looking for a boyfriend who will treat me just like his princess and nothing less than his princess. If you think you can fulfill that role, just hmu on here or on my kik which is on my profile page! ?

    Kaleb ^^^^ true that @lucid
    Brody I will treat you like a princess and protect you from harms way i will always be loyal and loving to you and thats a promise my lady
    3 days ago
    Jeremiah Im interested
    3 days ago
    RetroCollin My lady you shall be a princess and I shal be your prince and together we can become king and queen, and you shall have all you want because you were my princess and have become my queen
    2 days ago

  • There is a pedophile on this site (not me!)

    22 OCT   Mt Washington, KY, U

    Don't respond to themaster anything. He is not a teen, He is 33 years old and a convicted felon in Texas (probably for raping young girls). Me and my boyfriend have already had a chat with him and warned him so he better fuck off because if not, he is going back to prison

    Natalie Yeah ive had 2 pedophiles already message me from this site on my snapchat. Those fucking creeps need help
    3 days ago
  • Need friends or jus someone to talk to n get closer...

    08 NOV   Detroit, MI, United

    Whats up peeps... Um yea i need friends lmfao girls guys hit me up idc lol but im alex im from detroit, ima boxer, singer/songwriter, im 16, i like to work out, im single(got cheated on), i liek hanging wit friends watching movies n shit, i like basketball and i play football, im sorta  nerd i like anime, and reading comics n shit but yea lol i love music tho so hit me up i guess

  • Shy Teen Male looking for Female

    15 NOV   Hopkinton, NH, Unite

    Shy teen guy, looking for females, (I'm bad with words don't judge...) I'm kinda geeky and nerdy.. Hit me up if you want to maybe chat?

  • Looking for friendship/relationship

    15 NOV  

    Hi! I'm Trevor, I am 14 and looking for someone whos nice to chat and hang out with and possibly have a relationship. Someone who is kind, caring, sweet, and has a great personalitly. Message me if you're interested in a friendship or even more than that if you want, either/or is fine. 

  • hey I-m single snap me

    14 NOV   Quincy, IL, United S

    any single white fit males who like bigger girls and who actually care about girls and not sex.also please be kind to me ???????????????????????????

  • Looking For Girlfriend or someone to talk to

    12 NOV   Kuala Lumpur Federal

    Hello there im Trip im 16 i like playing basketbal and talking for hours im looking for a GF my old Girlfriend Recently moved and im kinda sad looking for someone i can talk to text Msg me must be over 14 sorry

    Robert💯 @kaylee are you stupid? The fact that its taken from Google, you dont know who the fuck you are messaging behind that profile could be a pedophile which your dumbass
    Robert💯 @kaylee btw why you keep changing profiles of different girls which your fake ass fuck outta here
    Robert💯 pics of different girls
    Rizzy Add me on snap: rizzy.1243
  • Hi, I-m looking for a long distance relationship. If you are kind, loyal, c

    18 JUN   Illinois City, IL, U

    Hi, I'm looking for a long distance relationship. If you are kind, loyal, caring, and a little dirty hmu. 13-15 y.o only

    Caleb hi im 14 and in kind loyal and caring and a little dirty too pm if you wanna talk
    Jalen Hey im interested maybe we can chat
    JustinB14WI Hello I am interested maybe we should message eachother.
  • Just looking to see where it goes

    10 NOV   Leesburg, VA, United

    Hey I’m nick I’m 17 and fun loving I love nature, I play guitar, and I dance. I’m a little bit of a nerd if you can’t tell already I’m just trying to fill up the space but I’d love to hear from you?

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    19 AUG   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a boyfriend aged 15-17. I love sport; both watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. Someone kind, caring and remains loyal. Message me if your interested.

    dhardy Hi Keely. You seem to be a nice. girl. Im Richard, nice to meet you.
  • Broken hearted sole);

    07 NOV   Roswell, GA, United

    I am in pain. My ex gf had sex with another and doesnt remember me asking to date her. I am broken hearted and need love. I am loving and fun. Plz be nice and understanding as i am going through severe depression. If you are interested, plz message my profile. I will give you my number so we can text then. If not, i have hangouts. I just want a sweet, sexy gf who doesnt make me pay for nudes. No dating site profile making. No craigslist and no email making please. Just want a good time. Idc if you have kids or not.

  • Looking for a serious relationship. Preferably someone I can hang out

    07 NOV   Abbyville, KS, Unite

    Hey, I’m Lisa. I’d love to meet someone that I can physically be with instead of over text. I’m looking for a caring, loyal, honest, protective, romantic, charming, good looking, funny and communicational guy. I won’t send nor do I really like receiving nudes. I like conversation more then anything. And if you have proper grammar that’s a big plus.

    Isaac junior hey am hear for you
  • Looking for a Girlfriend

    06 NOV   Redcar, United Kingd

    Hi, I'm Jake,15. I'm a lonely guy looking for a girl 14-16 to date. I am a good listener, play games and like to be a bit pervy/inappropriate at times X3.

  • I need a girlfriend. Help

    06 NOV   Wellman, IA, United

    Sup the title says it. I’m a nerd who hates sports and enjoys drawing, anime, video games, and swimming. I feel lonely.

  • I am looking for a relationship

    06 NOV   Madison, CT, United

    Hey, I'm nick and I'm 15. 5'7" I play guitar and I'm in a band. I have long hair. For sports I play football also, I am a kind, open hearted guy just looking for someone to Give Care to. If you wanna chat over snap it is in my profile.

  • Looking for someone special

    04 NOV   Arizona City, AZ, Un

    Hey there guess this is a dating site so wanna get a gf here. I mean a real one. Am loyal faithful kind likes hanging out. Music is my passion and loved a girl who cherishes me the way I am. Am 16 btw. Comment or hmu

  • Hey teens help me answer these questions please

    27 OCT   Accra

    Why are enough teens around the world and on this site but still others cant get their gfs or bfs? someone should help me out here thanks. They said its not yet 80 words dont thats my questions. I need answers pleaseee hmmm girls too what is it about guys that you lol and guys too what about girls do you like?

    Katia Idk i hope I will but I bet most people will
    Brainy hmmm lets hope so
    Gusgus Let us hope so
  • Look for a boyfriend

    26 AUG   Auckland, New Zealan

    Looking for a boyfriend 13 to 16 u can add me on snap chat - b.campbell03 or instagram - ayee.benjamin  if ur instead 

    jamesbaby hey im 16 gay and want a bf
  • Looking for a girl 14-17

    30 OCT   Loganton, PA, United

    Hey im looking for a girl 14-17 years old im country and pretty sporty i play babesball and football you can text me on snapchat mine is Gmanprime20 

  • want to find a relationship and kind of someone dirty, fun and trusting.

    26 OCT   Lawton, OK, United S

    Hey im Johnmichael 17 bout to turn 18 nov 1st. I am tall and i am about to play basketball for western oklahoma state college. I write music and i am goint to start producing soon i am looking to meet people that i can have a relationship with and more just hit me up on here or email me at johnmic.claunch@email.wosc.edu

  • Looking for a guy???

    25 OCT   Sydney, New South Wa

    Poking for a guy aged 13-16 that has Instagram or snapchat xoxo text me ?

  • Looking for a boyfriend (so HMU) ?????

    24 OCT   NC, United States

    My name is Nicholas, I’m 13 and looking for a boyfriend (13-16) I just want somebody to stay up late to chat with, talk about our days and how they sucked or were super fun (typical relationship things) and just have a good time and have fun/live life. I do like  skinny guys but HMU (it’s all in the heart) so I may change my mind, who knows...so add me on Snapchat or text me on kik and let’s get chatting 

  • just an introduction

    31 AUG   FL, United States

    Hey :) I'm Amy, 16. I love to chat so just hmu anytime. No, I'm not a catfish lol. I prefer texting on imessage so if we hit it off I'll give you my number :) xoxo

    awkwardpanda(taken) heya Im tee. Im single and ready to eat 20 cans of Pringles xD
  • Meet a nice girl that wants to date

    23 OCT   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    hey if your a single girl looking for a guy to date then give me a text 775 374 0051

  • Meet new people for friendship and relationship

    23 OCT   isolo

    Hey there ppl its jose so i am looking for a funny,cute,loyal gf and sum1 who can take away my dark side so PLS HMU if ya so dem cute!!! :D

  • Looking for cute guy to be my bf

    11 OCT   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hi im a 16 year old girl looking for a cute guy between ages 15-17 to be my bf...they have to be kind, compassionate, and caring and always show me the love, affection, and support i need no matter what...so if u are intrerested, hmu or message me:)

    AshMann i wouldnt call myself cute, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
  • Looking for someone to talk too :)

    20 OCT   IN, United States

    Ayo I’m an 18 yr old dude and I enjoy chillin, exercising, vidya games, drawing, and a bunch of other stuff I’m too lazy to mention. Hmu :)

  • Some friends and maybe a relationship with a girl

    20 OCT   California

    Hey you all im looking for a friend that may or may not become a girlfriend but guys hit me up too for friendship. Im pretty well off unless some of the public chats gets weird. I like video games and tv. I dont really care for anmie (mostly because no idea what it is) Im 13 and turning 14 in nov. If you want to hit me up look in my profile for my snapchat and ill send you a face pic. I have this pic because i dont like putting my face out there but if you ask you get one. So hit me up in anyways u want. Im allmost always in gen chat :) stay chill my friends.

  • Whatever, whenever and probably wherever

    19 OCT   Calgary, AB, Canada

    Looking for someone preferably close by so that maybe we could actually meetup and talk. It's okay to be yourself around me, I don't judge and won't blame you because noone is perfect. I really love talking to new people and long term conversations.

  • Looking for a Serious Relationship(Im Straight)

    18 OCT   Katy, TX, United Sta

    Looking for a girl I can love,talk for hours,spend time,or just hang out with.  (I'll be there for you as often as I can, and I can garuntee you I'll be faithful because people who cheat aren't people at all but just filth).                                                                  

    What is most important to me is I love to talk to people, and understand their opinions,beliefs, and perspectives. Im a HUGE advocate for open communication, and honesty, I dont play the subtle mind game, the indirect coy stuff, or any mind reader crap. But if you have a problem and I am there to help you, I will do anything I can to help make it better, and make you feel happy, and loved.

                                                  Things about me

    - Im funny when the moment calls for it but I dont crack out jokes like stand up comedy.

    -Been told I'm a nerd(even though that words has been used to death) since I'm a fan of anime, and comic books.{Favorite Anime: Toradora/FMA       Favorite Comic Book Universe: Marvel  Favorite Comic Book Character: Batman Yes,I know my favorite comic book universe is different from the one my favorite character is in )

    -I also enjoy some more psuedo-intellectual stuff like philosophy, and psychology. (I'm not too well versed but I do find those topics interesting, like the Placebo effect, and I'm currently reading Beyond Good and Evil by Friedrich Nietzsche.)   

    -I'm also a Republican, and Agnostic..but if you dont try to convert me i wont convert you, I respect peoples abilities to say, and think different things.           

    (If you read all of this, and want to try to see if we can start a relationship together HMU :D)

  • I-m looking for a gf in Iowa or close to Iowa

    17 OCT   Booneville, IA, Unit

    I'm 14 and I'm looking for a clingy and loving female to call my own HMU if you feel like your the one btw I do not care about looks 

  • Chatting Strangers, Relationship, Meet up

    14 OCT   Ashburn, Virginia, U

    Im a little cute girl looking for some fun here. Who's up for sexting ,trade pics ? Any fetishes ? Kik me now,im living there - MeAudrey16

  • looking for long distance relationship 13-16 hmu girls

    21 MAY   Peoria, AZ, United S

    Sup looking for fun /dirty online relationship/girlfriend im really nice and honest once u get to know me thanks .???????

  • 13 bi girl looking for boyfriend or girlfriend <3

    14 OCT   Menifee, CA, United

    Im 13, bisexual, from Cali, looking for a kind caring boyfriend or gf like me <3
    I have depression, anxiety, and insomnia. And I love emos

  • I am 14 looking for a loving and clingy gf

    13 OCT   Booneville, IA, Unit

    I am looking for someone that is in Iowa and likes to cuddle. I need a lot to love and hope ur very clingy.

  • I need a bf who cares a lot ;) buhh not too much :)

    12 OCT   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    Hey bitches, I'm Teresa I go by Seven and I'm 13. I want SOMEONE willing to make me laugh and I have to be able to tell you anything and everything. What I'm looking for is a huge personality type of person you know ? And you ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS have to have food when I'm around if not always then most of the time !:)

  • meet boys for friend and relationships

    29 SEP   Bremen, IN, United S

    Hey. Im Caris. I am 17. I love anything country. I am a junior in high school. I am an amazing girl. I am looking for a guy. I love to have fun

    0V3RTune Hello. Do you want to chat?
    Royalty King R u open-minded?
    Angelo 16 hey beautiful message me
    Djawesome Hey beautiful lets chat
  • Would like boyfriend or girlfriend

    21 JUL   Auckland, New Zealan

    hi I'm ben I'm bi sexual look for a boyfriend or girlfriend 

    Kendall Im bisexual too
    Jessica Hi I really like you
    Kish Katrina Hallo .....Be with me .....
  • I want to meet a new girl as a girlfriend

    10 OCT   Wellington, New Zeal

    Hey, my name is Stelio! I am a 15 year old boy from Wellington New Zealand and I am looking for someone to be my new girlfriend. We could talk about whatever we want, and do whatever we want. I will talk to anyone.

  • looking for relationship

    15 JUN   Tarboro, NC, United

    i'm Dustin. looking for a girl who may have the same hobbies as me. if you don't, thats fine.  my main hobbies are anything marvel/ dc related, comic, movies, biking, exercise.

    but there are a few requirements.

    no bi. preferrably NOT a country girl. mainly looking for a city girl. no tattos. no drugs, smoking, or drinking. and i am a Christian, so she has to be that to.

    your looks don't matter to me. i think girl's who wear glasses are actually pretty cute. actually kinda in to the nerdy type, because i'm kinda geeky to.

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    08 OCT   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a boyfriend aged between 15-17. I love sport; both watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. Someone kind, caring and remains loyal. Message me if your interested. Preferably someone who lives close to me but i can do long distance in UK

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    28 SEP   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a boyfriend. Aged between 15-17. I love sport; both watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. Someone kind, caring and remains loyal. Message me if your interested. Preferably someone in UK close to where i live but can do long distance

    Deji Hi pm me Kik deji14_fresh
    iceman Looking for a gf
  • Looking 4 a girlfriend whos cool and not controlling

    29 MAY   Bradford, United Kin


    Im Charlie, 14. I love games that have lots of pvp inside them. I like 2 have a laugh and jk around a lot. I looking 4 a girlfriend who likes me 4 who i am and not how i look.

    amberchipman Hey I’m single look for a boyfriend and I’m cool and not controlling so if u want text me 😍🖤😍
    Victoria Cerda Hey, on our relationship u can be who u r
  • Lone wolf need a pack or a couple

    20 JUL   Kuala Lumpur Federal

    Hey... Im a lonely and boring person.. Want to kik me?  It's JustABoy12345678..feel free to chat with me if you all want

  • He looking for grils 13-17

    05 OCT   Loganton, PA, United

    Hey My name is Garrett im looking for a girlfriend...Im a farmer and i love sports 

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    28 SEP   Statesville, NC, Uni

    Heyy! Im leanna I'm on here to look and find a bf who lives near statesville nc or close I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out also i like to kiss and hangout and cuddle and watch movies and play xbox even though i suck at it... lol

    Kyle Hello my name is kyle
    Nathan(taken) Ur a lier😱 i thought u were 17????
  • Need a sweet caring and freaky girl

    01 OCT   Spring, TX, United S

    I want a girl to talk to that is cool chill and freaky like me that’s down to send pics and stuff but I’m down for a relationship as well 

  • Looking for Relationship

    26 SEP   Durham, United Kingd

    Hey. Im looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Anywhere aged between 15-17. I love sport; both watching and playing. Im looking for someone who i can love and they will love me. Someone kind, caring and remains loyal. Message me if your interested. Preferably UK close to where i live but can do long distance. 

    Moomaster (taken) hi, Im tom... Im not a massive sport fan but Im in the uk
    iceman Hey Kevin looking for a gf
    Matt_90 Hey Im Matthew looking for a gf
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