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Teenager Dating

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teenager dating ,this is a group for meet people for teenager dating in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    24 APR   Ghent, MN, USA

    Hi I’m Beau I’m 16 and looking for a gf that is sweet and someone that I can trust. I love sports the outdoors and many more things. I’m kind of shy though but open up when I get to know someone. 

  • I want to meet a single girl to date

    24 APR   Whiteville, NC, USA

    Hie there my name is William I am 16 “single “ i am looking for a single girl “I am not gay “ so all u word fighters that cool for y’all but plz no text me I am Hispanic and white

  • Friendship, Teen Dating

    23 APR   unknown, unknown

    Helloo I am Anthony looking for ethere a Friend or a girlfriend I am 15 

    LIAN hey,Anthony..
    12 hours ago
  • Looking for Relationship

    23 APR   Farmers Branch, TX,

    Hi , Im Alex . Im a Computer Nerd , Gamer , And more ! im looking for a girl 14-16 , im down for log distance . Im looking for a girl whos loyal , playful , and kinky . I want someone whos willing to call at random . 

  • Looking for a Boyfriend ;)

    17 APR   Manila, NCR, Philipp

    I'm 16 grade 10 and looking for a boyfriend who's older than my age. Inbox me ♥ 

    Harry Lewis Hey, would you like to be my g......
    Dada segun Really...... You beautiful.......hard to believe you dont have boyfriend???
    DBSPAM Iā€™m in
  • Really bored and wanna chat

    23 APR   Bredasdorp, South Af

    I'm really bored and i'm down to do anything girls only pls... I'm also open to have a girlfriend so if you intrested come and chat with me .... i'm 17 form south africa and really open harted 

  • Here to meet a nice girl to be with

    23 APR   Kingston, Jamaica

    Hi.....I’m SEAN. I consider myself positive and upbeat, though I’m quiet at first.....I’m here looking for a girl I can get to know and share the things I love with, and here to do the same with me....i like music most genres, I like video games (mostly pc) and also just good company in general...if u think you fit each requirement...then massage me... :-)

  • I-m Looking For A Guy??

    23 APR   Riverstone NSW, Aust

    Hello People of the World, -- why not start this post with something cringey ---

    My name is Mya, pronounced my-a, I'm 15 years old and I live in the Land Down Under, Australia in New South Wales. I have a strong Egyptian and English background but cannot speak Arabic as I am not allowed to learn it. I love to choreograph and perform dance, I love to read and be weird :)). I want to travel the world and discover new things and cultures. Nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it. I'm a very awkward and weird person. I'm an insane introvert but I will be loud on some days and not even hear a squeak out of me the next. I want to hear about your stupid stories or cheesy jokes so honestly like feel free to message me! 

    I'm looking for a cute, kind, caring, honest & funny guy that is 15-16 years of age. I'm open to long distance but I need to see an actual picture of them/you before actually dating you. I don't want to be catfished. I prefer to start by becoming friends first then we will cross that bridge of dating when we have to.

    Look on my profile for my social media info. 

    Harry Lewis Hey, would you like to be mine
    1 day ago
  • Hey, Im bored af. Could someone message me? Hmu

    21 APR   Kingsville, TX, Unit

    I'm sooo bored and wanna talk 2 someone rn. And I'm still looking for a bf. So guys hmu?

    KingP Txt me 2149571460
    1 day ago
  • Looking for girlfriend with same interests

    23 APR   Cheras 9 Miles, Sela

    Hi everyone! I am Joel from Malaysia. I know some of you won't accept me but please accept as I am waiting for a 13 to 16 years of age girls to be my gf. I like soccer and soccer video games on phone. I play mostly on soccer and sometimes can play badminton. I am good at speaking English but not so great. I also like music. I am also lokking for a girl wh is smart, pretty, esy to comunicate, have same interests like me and good at making both of us laugh. I know my expections to high but please accpt me and forgive me anyway. Please comment below. Hope to hear one of you soon.

    :) :)

  • Looking for a girl who wants a relationship or some fun

    23 APR   Woodstock, GA, Unite

    Hey I’m Mark I love music art theatre and video games. I am looking for a girl who wants a relationship or some fun. Has to be between 13 and 16

  • My Terms of Service!!!

    23 APR   Syracuse, NY, USA

    Okay, hey. I'm 15 years old. If you add my on Snapchat and send me inappropriate pictures/videos or try to "talk dirty" to me, I am blocking you. If you ask me about sending nudes of myself, I CANNOT because it's illegal and it's considered CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. You and I could get into trouble. So, just a warning. And yes, I'm a girl so stop asking and read my profile. If you do not agree with my terms of service, please don't message me. Must be 14-17 to talk to me.

  • Not gay- Hi I am single and looking for a girlfriend

    22 APR   San Bernardino, CA,

    Text let's know each other more. I like to bake and cook and more. Just text me

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    22 APR   Miami, FL, USA

    hii I’m 15 and I’m gay. I’m looking to talk to more people and maybe start a serious relationship after a few dates. 


    insta: add me on snap and ask me there

  • Hey looking for guy that-s nice

    22 APR   Ralston, PA, United

    HEY I'm Dalton, I'm looking for a nice guy that won't mind being with another guy that wants to be a female. I'm hoping for a guy that is kind and sweet and loves to cuddle. A little about myself is I'm kind caring and very clingy. I did cheerleading I want to do cosmetology like hair makeup and nails hmu if interested 

                                     Love u all

  • Looking for a girlfriend!!

    22 APR   Clinton, NC, USA

    Im 17, looking for a cool, beautiful girl to be my girlfriend, im ugly. but I will treat you right, never leave nor forsake you, and will NEVER cheat.. Please be near me! Thanks!!!

  • I-m Simon. I-m looking for a relationship. ^^

    21 APR   Melbourne, FL, USA

    Hey, I'm Simon. I'm a junior at Eau Gallie High School in Melbourne, FL. I love tennis, sketching, poetry, music, political science, and a bunch of other stuff. I have a lot of interests and I'm pretty open to trying new things. I'm looking to meet girls age 14-18 somewhere in central Florida. Hit me up if you're interested! ^^

  • Meet a nice and sweet teen boy

    06 APR   Seattle, WA, USA

    Hi. My name is Isabela and i am 14. I'm on here looking for a bf that's kind, loyal, and that will cheer me up and make me laugh when i'm feeling down. 

    Paul clemens Hey Iā€™m interested in the boyfriend position HMU if you want
    3 days ago
    franky I think Im the one message me
    3 days ago
  • Looking for cute girlfriend

    20 APR   Indore, Madhya Prade

    Hey i am sam i am looking for a cute girlfriend if any girl wants too chat with me msg me i need a caring girl and wana make her my princess . I will take care of her for everything what ahe wabts from me. 

  • looking for a gf or or girl friend to talk too

    20 APR   Chicago, IL, USA

    if any girl would like to add me and just talk or maybe have a relationship please feel free to dm me on snapchat :) thank you and have a great day 

  • Hi i am Marc 16 yo and Dutch

    20 APR   Breda, Netherlands

    Hi peeps! I would love to meet new ppl. I dont care of its clean or dirty i am fine with all.

  • Want to meet new people and maybe find someone who is more than a friend

    19 APR   Naperville, IL, USA

    Hi I am connor and I want to find new people to talk to and snap with and maybe find someone who is more than a friend. I am bi so anyone can become more than a friend if we snap enough. I want a gf or bf so pls add me on snap connorschick20 

  • meet new friends or love interest

    17 APR   Nottingham, UK

    I'm Olivia 

    I'm looking for friends or even a possible love interest 13 -15 (not interested in nude pics)

    i have a bubbly peronality and love to laugh

    My main interests are Archery, Science, Gaming and Sketching but i aslo have others

    i have low self confidence so please no mean comments 

  • Meet people for dating.

    18 APR   Accra, Ghana

    Hi there. I'm George from Ghana. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I'm looking to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out (music events, art exhibitions, takin pics, walking around, dining, exploring the city..). And most seriously I need a girlfriend.

  • My name-s Belle and I-m looking for a serious relationship (guy or girl)

    16 APR   Nashville, TN, USA

    I'm demisexual, which means I don't really feel sexual attraction for the most part (unless I am really really really in love with somebody), and I'm open to guys, girls, or nonbinaries! 

    I would really love it if they adored musicals like me, too, so I could have someone to rant to!

    Message me! <3

    XCD51 I am a fellow demisexual, message me any time, I have sent you some ino already
    Max Thacker Music appreciation is awesome
    Max Thacker Not to mention attractive too
  • Looking for girlfriend

    17 APR   London, UK

    I am looking for a girlfriend. Would like someone fun and who has a great sense of humour as I like to joke alot, doing A-levels and working towards my drivers license. I am smart and also very compassionate and respectful. I am fond of going out even if its just to hang out.


    17 APR   Clarksville, IN, USA

    Heyo, I'm just looking to meet new people, and enjoy life. I love anime,video games, I have a big passion for music,motivational quotes/speeches. I also love my family friends and would do anything to keep them safe ^.^

    Anyways I'm looking for a serious relationship, and I'm sensitive, sweet person. At leas that's how I see myself. I've also been called wise/noble but I don't listen to that much. Anyways hmu if you're intrested ^.^

    I'm also in to DDLG.......

    Rhea_debutiaco šŸ‘šŸ˜˜šŸ˜
  • Looking for a cute Gf

    17 APR   Tagum City, Davao de

    hi there :D im James form PH and i need girlfriend...its okay  long distance relationship

  • This is a little bit about me and a little bit on what I like to do.

    17 APR   Kelowna, BC, Canada

    This is a new post because I realized I put 14 and not 15 so this is it. I am 15 years old I mainly like girls with dyed maroon hair or brown hair with highlights I am a animal lover but not a “furry” I like hanging out and having fun and adventuring. Yes I am looking for a gf and no I don’t live in Canada at the time I live in the USA but I was originally born in Canada. I am a gamer I love video games and trying new things. If you want to message me do so @kik @MaxAnthony239

  • Just looking for someone to talk to

    17 APR   Michigan

    Just trying to find someone to talk to and maybe get to know. Preferably ages 14-18

  • single teenager (straight)

    16 APR   Telford, United King

    please no creeps and bored of people i know. recently got insta so go follow and now got twitter so new to everything :). i am very very small (about 4"11) and i am a 16 living in the UK.

  • Helloz!! I like thinks and I am looking for a relationship

    16 APR   Cape Town, South Afr


    I am Rohan and I am 13...I think I am 13. I kinda forgot how old I am. Anyways, I'm looking for a gf or bf or you can just talk to me about general topics like anime, youtube and other fun things like that. I enjoy Biology and Maths and I am kinda smart! Unfortunately, I am not that good looking so if you are looking for an attractive bf then I am not the best fit. I am okay with longdistance relationships but It would be nice to have someone I can meet IRL. That's all from me!


  • My name is Elizabeth

    16 APR   Memphis, TN, United

    im single and looking for a boyfriend ages 15-18 only

    i like boys who are skinny/muscular/toned/tan/fit or have abs

    you have to be cute,funny,loyal,taller than me

    you have to call me

    you have to text me back within 5 mins

    i hate golddiggers,cheaters,liers,perverts,pricks, and fuckboys

    Skyler James gowey (single) Hey cutie I requested you on Instagram Im cute skinny funny and loyal af
    steven Im on ig and Im 17 I add you on. Ig

    16 APR   Clarksville, IN, USA

    Heyo, I'm just looking to meet new people, and enjoy life. I love anime,video games, I have a big passion for music,motivational quotes/speeches. I also love my family friends and would do anything to keep them safe ^.^

    Anyways I'm looking for a serious relationship, and I'm sensitive, sweet person. At leas that's how I see myself. I've also been called wise/noble but I don't listen to that much. Anyways hmu if you're intrested ^.^

    I'm also in to DDLG

    Meant ot put this under dating Sorry XS

  • Yo. Looking for guys or girls for a special friendship.

    10 APR   West Chester, PA, US

    Yo im looking for a special kind of relationship. We won't talk too much but we could always exchange special pictures or vids. And if it gets serious I travel a lot and redirect my travels in your direction for something even more ?

  • Looking for a girlfriend-s!

    14 APR   Lathrop, CA, USA

    Name is david fernandez im a motocross/ supercross racer im a cross country runner and a track and field star at my school would love to meet any girl's that find me cute 14 to16 years old my snap kik and insta are all in my profile so hit me up so we could talk !! ???

  • Looking for a cute guy

    09 APR   Mount Ida, AR, USA

    I’m looking for a cute guy who’s willing to talk all night and see how far it goes. Text me on Snapchat or on Instagram. (If you ride bulls that’s a huge plus)

    Ethan Add me on snap chat for trading nudes at ethan_lee920
    Sansith_dasavage Sup Jadyn, btw, you are really cute!!
    Harry Lewis Hey, message me in private message
  • Need a girlfriend in orlando fl

    15 SEP   Orlando, FL, United

    I'm David, 16 years old. I am a sporty person and i like to watch movies and play video games. I like to hangout with my friend and i like to travel. My favourite hobbies is playing video games and play basketball

    dallas.j (single) I live an hour away from Orlando. HMU
  • Looking for a special someone

    13 APR   Voorhees Township, N

    Hi there:) I’m Matt 14 will be 15 in October. I love animals and music. Currently I’m a songwriter and have 1 song out. I’m looking for partner who likes exploring nature, going on walks, and going out. 

  • I want a relationship with a Transgender

    13 APR   Fort Wayne, IN, Unit

    I really wanna pretty transgender male to female, I will date guy too but only if he wears makeup and looks female enough :)

    Im a cool guy and am open to a lot..

    Hmu looking for someone <3

  • Looking for a boy/girl who doesn-t mind texting

    13 APR   Satellite Beach, FL,

    Hello! My name is Dallas and I am looking for a sweet boyfriend/girlfriend between the ages of 14-17. I dont want nudes or any dirty pics. I like going to the beach, Starbucks, Video games, and Youtube. Please message me if interested. 

    PS: Must be in Florida

  • Relationships are cool i guess.

    10 APR   Spokane, MO, USA

    Okay, let's see if I have better English skills this time. I want a guy who doesn't send nudes, omg I know shocker! a girl isn't interested in seeing your dicks. I want to talk to a guy all night long, who will ask me how my day was. Who will send me good morning messages. If you can FaceTime that is a plus, lmao. I feel weird putting all of this out on the internet. Oh well.

    Triston Hmu I could do all the things on your list if you have sc @
    Bailey Do you have snap
    Harry Lewis Autumn be my girlfriend I will make you always happy šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š
  • Single and ready Mingle

    11 APR   Iowa City, IA, USA

    Hey im Austin, im 17, straight and ready to find a girl who is into me or just wants a friend thats also fine if you want too.

  • 14, single and a pringle

    11 APR   San Francisco, CA, U

    looking for a girl to talk to on skype/snapchat. i like talking alot and im often available. i would like something long distance. i like games and watching tv alot if you feel the same hmu

  • Just want someone to love if not friendship is good to :)

    14 MAR   Las Vegas, NV, USA

    Hey, the names Madison I am not very liked amoug people and teens in my area due to political veiws. I'm really outgoing and fun to be around i'm the kind of girl you can joke around with and I wont get offended. I can be hard-headed and hot headed at times and I do have air head moments sometimes okay most of the time. I also love animals including rodents, reptiles, equine, felines, and canies. One more thing you should know is that im not perfect and I wont try to look or act perfect how ever I do take care of my self physically and mentally. One more thing i'm straigh and suck at grammar.

    Alyzan Iā€™m interested
    Jessica/squish (Taken) Shawn u have issues...but anyways Madison u should come in general chat
    Danial hey i dont mind getting to know u
  • Looking for possible girlfriend (13-14)

    09 APR   Bentonville, AR, USA

    Looking for possible girlfriend (13-14)

    Hey, I'm Kaidog and im here to make some friends and posibily meet that special someone! Im a total book worm and I also love watching movies and TV! Disney is definitley my fav tho and then Nickelodeon! Im sweet and kindhearted and will never let you down! Im 5'6" and I have dirty blonda hair and blueish green eyes. My fav kind of music is Rock and my fav animals are cats. I have a pet dog and a pet cat atm and I love them both equally. I only want to talk to girls around my age (13-14) im also up for swapping if anyone wants to!(have a 7' btw)

    AbbiM (Single) Hi, Wanna be friends
  • Kik me EpicBlast1 .im call boy nd play boy ...??

    09 APR   Mumbai, Maharashtra,

    hey kik me EpicBlast1 a good nd friendly nd decent play boy nd call boy for unsatisfied women and girls nd lonely girls ...

  • Meet people for a relationship

    06 APR   Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    hi my name is haylie there isn’t much about me I’m just looking for a bf or gf 

    if you want to know more about me Kiki me

    Adam Y do u nned multiple ppl for a relationship
    Steven hi hit me up if you want to get to know me because id love to get to know you
    Daniel HMU if Iā€™m your type of guy
    Triston My Snapchat username is hmu if you want
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