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  • Looking for someone in Orlando FL

    22 JUN   Orlando, FL, United

    Hi. My name is Hannah and I'm interested in finding a relationship irl. I was hoping on here I would have some luck.

    To start, I'm pansexual. (meaning I like a person no matter their gender identification. Although some people can be a little ridiculous) My passion is music and I would like to direct a professional choir someday. I also enjoy others company and pretty much anything besides being bored at this point.

    I'm looking for someone who's gentle and nice and is willing to give as much love as they'll receive. I also want someone who can lay next to me and just talk the night away, listening to the sounds of their voice.

  • I would love to meet you and chat with you!

    21 JUN   Hardesty, OK, United

    Hit me up if you want to talk or something!  For those interested in hearing about me as a person, i'm not the strongest person or the best looking person,  but I am ( not trying to be self-centered of course)  generally nice person with a good attitude towards life. I won't say cheap things to get into your pants. If anything happens, it will be because of something actually there.  But hey, you read through this and you're still here, so why not go ahead and message me, preferably on Kik!  I'll talk to you soon! 

  • Looking to date a boy or girl.

    21 JUN   Providence, RI, Unit

    The title says it. If you're still not interested, here's a biography I made: http://textuploader.com/d0qgw  Thanks! )

  • hi im single i need a gf and i have no idea what im going on here so help

    07 JUN   St. Petersburg, FL,

    i play baseball soccer and cross country i want a girl that likes me for me and preferably plays sports but doesnt have to. plz message me

    Adylyn__ Leave them Audi, I lost my chance at happiness anyways
    Alessandro By what I read this kmreeves02 is a slut
    Sienna_Raee Ouch! Lol! But hi Marty
    1 day ago
  • trying to find a white girl with blonde hair

    04 MAY   Corpus Christi, TX,

    hey i am a 17 male. i have all of the soical media sites so yeah let get to know each other. trying to find a nice white girl with blonde hair . lets chat

  • Looking for my prince<3

    20 MAR   Foothill Farms, CA,

    Anime, Manga, drawing, singing/dancing, cats, walking in the park, swimming, fashion, hanging with my friends, reading, and sleeping(by myself or with my cat), and cuddles.

    Ferdi1709 Please text me i want become your boyfriend!
  • Rules for messaging and other things

    05 JUN   New York, United Sta

    I'm not stupid or ignorant so here are some rules for you bitches out there

    • 13-15 only 
    • Don't send me d picks
    • If your 16 and up and try to message me I'll block you 

    Em6543 •no nudes
  • Hey. Still trying to meet new guys to see what kind of guys are out there f

    19 JUN   Alexandria, VA, Unit

    Hey. Still trying to meet new guys to see what kind of guys are out there for me. So far, a few but not quite. Hit me up if you think you're  the one. 

    LesbianLatina415 Hey I have a cousin who is interested in u he thinks youre really cute his name is Xavier
    2 days ago
  • Looking for that special someone

    11 JUN   Cambridge, MD, Unite

    Hey, my name is peyton I'm 16 I love baseball, basketball, and wrestling I am very fit and I'm enjoyable to talk to I'm just looking for a girl that will be able to be loyal honest sweet and pretty comment if you want to be that special someone :)

  • Looking 4 a girlfriend whos cool and not controlling

    29 MAY   Bradford, United Kin


    Im Charlie, 14. I love games that have lots of pvp inside them. I like 2 have a laugh and jk around a lot. I looking 4 a girlfriend who likes me 4 who i am and not how i look.

    Yvonne maybe we could get to know each other?
    DOUPCONON hello dear how are you l saw you in this mail l put interest to decuss with you about relationship which can bring treamenduous things in our life please here is my mail Evaconon111@gmail.com please as soon as you see me in the next mail respond to me so that l tell you more details and show some of my pictures which l attach best regard conon
    3 days ago
  • Looking to date a boy or girl.

    19 JUN   Providence, RI, Unit

    The title says it. If you're still not interested, here's a biography I made: http://textuploader.com/d0qgw   Thanks guys.

    SingleNSearching Hey wanna chat you can text me Im down to chat you up Im open to anyone (909)225-8047
    3 days ago
    Mister J Lol I aint gonna date some 21 year old pedo. Who do you take me for? A desperate idiot?
    3 days ago
    jslink hi mister j would u date a 13 year old
    3 days ago
  • Hi, I-m looking for a long distance relationship. If you are kind, loyal, c

    18 JUN   Illinois City, IL, U

    Hi, I'm looking for a long distance relationship. If you are kind, loyal, caring, and a little dirty hmu. 13-15 y.o only

    Hunter Hey Im 15 my number is 620-333-4033 if u want to chat and date
    Grant H Hey 479-597-6688
  • Looking to date a boy or girl. 4

    15 JUN   Providence, RI, Unit

    The title says it. If you're still not interested, here's a biography I made: http://textuploader.com/d0qgw   Derp.

    Badboy360420 Hey whats up Mister J
  • Trying to meet new people

    16 JUN   Houston, TX, United

    Hi I'm Sebastian I'm 15 years old I love playing baseball listening to music like three days grace 21 pilots etc. And hanging out with friends and family message me if you want to talk even if it's just to say hi ??

  • looking for relationship

    15 JUN   Tarboro, NC, United

    i'm Dustin. looking for a girl who may have the same hobbies as me. if you don't, thats fine.  my main hobbies are anything marvel/ dc related, comic, movies, biking, exercise.

    but there are a few requirements.

    no bi. preferrably NOT a country girl. mainly looking for a city girl. no tattos. no drugs, smoking, or drinking. and i am a Christian, so she has to be that to.

    your looks don't matter to me. i think girl's who wear glasses are actually pretty cute. actually kinda in to the nerdy type, because i'm kinda geeky to.

  • Meet new people for possible relationship

    06 MAY   Albuquerque, NM, Uni

    Hi! I am looking for a loveing, nice guy who doesnt expect anything sexual from me. A good, healthy realationship!

    Makenna B. Text me Music4life.
    Makenna B. Michael, message me and well talk
    Danial Hey makenna im really intersted in getting to know you, we can text if u want, im 17 i can play the piano and the guitar, from malaysia just got here tho before i was living in paris, I can speak english , Malay and french. So dm me if u wanna get to know :)
  • I want a gf who is trustful and kind. 13 yo only.

    14 JUN   Menomonee Falls WI

    Hi! I'm William but I liked to be called Will. I am quite short right now '-' (4'10) I am thirteen and looking for a gf. 

  • Hmu on kik (girls only)

    14 JUN   Duluth, MN, United S

    Add me on kik : zekekz

    i can show you my "thing" if you want me too ;) you won't have to send anything back. I just want you to rate it (Girls only) I don't care what age you are

  • The right boy who will treat me like his princess for the right boy texts

    14 JUN   Averill Park, NY, Un

    I'm 17 from New York my name is Colbie but I go by Colbs. I'm looking for the right boy who will treat me amazing and like their princess and who will send goodnight good morning messages as well as Long unexpected messages! Someone who will love me for who I am!! Ages 15-17 and please have snapchat 

    Crimson Hey hit me up loving the hair btw Im on snap.

  • Looking For a Girl for a relationship

    14 JUN   Kuala Lumpur Federal

    Hey girls im 17, im looking for a gf who is loyal, pretty, funny, and can cuddle with me:)  I can play the piano and the guitar, i can speak malay, english, french I have live in India, Paris, Malaysia. For me every girl has their own way of beauty. I do work out and for abs :), 

  • Long Term Relationship

    24 FEB   Orange, CA, United S

    My name's Park Jimin, but you can call me Jimin or Chim Chim. 

    I don't want any inapproriate photos. If not a LT Relationship, a friendship would do. 

    BabyBlues<3 Hello:) Feel free to talk to me if you want:) Im really friendly!
    sreyneath btssss jimin!!!!!
    Hannah first off love the arm thing second off not the real jimin but love the pic i love BTS
    Kris Bts ❤❤
  • I-m Looking for a girlfriend

    13 JUN   Lafayette, LA, Unite

    I'm Justin, I'm looking for a sweet girl to experience life with if interested hmu 

  • Trying to find a girlfriend

    13 JUN   Gahanna, OH, United

    I need want to send dick pics to a girl and I want to receive nudes and sext if they like 

  • Hey Justin I-m 16 and looking for a nice and sweet gf?

    13 JUN   Lafayette, LA, Unite

    Hey Justin 16 live in Louisiana and just looking for a girl to have some fun and experience life with

  • Please stop everyone

    13 JUN   Bucyrus, OH, United

    Please stop trying to get me and being a sicko if you want to talk to me have my bf okay first @Mark15 if not then he will make you stop. Just a warning everyone if you need a friend that's fine making out is not.

  • Seeking a relationship??l

    13 JUN   Aurora, IL, United S

    Hello I am nick. I am 16 and looking for a serious relationship with someone who will not treat me like a pile of shit

  • looking for possible boyfriend to fill my life

    10 JUN   Minneapolis, MN, Uni

    Hey, im Maria im almost 15, im Looking for a guy who isnt a f-boy but can joke around, is funny, and creative. Looking for someone with similar intrests like rapping, skateboarding, and be stupidly funny. Hmu if u r 14-17 

    Antwan Ill be your bf I rap bun dont skateboard no more
  • Meeting girls to date

    10 JUN   Cowarts, AL, United

    Hi I'm Brison Lindsey. I'm looking for a nice hot and sexy girl, ages 14-20, to date, and maybe even trade nudes too! Hmu on kik: ilikegirls368 and Instagram: brizillakingofthesavages 

  • I-m Joy, 13, looking for friends or a gf/bf.

    10 JUN   Menifee, CA, United

    I'm bisexual. Text me if you would like to chat. <3 I won't judge.

  • Anybody okay with slightly bigger guys? I-m bi.

    09 JUN   Kent, WA, United Sta

    I'm 5/9 1/2" and 250 pounds, so I am about 60 pounds overweight. I'm bi like I said so I'll take any gender.

  • Girls looking for you beby..

    31 MAY   Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Hi girls.. i am frankly minded,, & wants to chatting, cam dating & more fun. feel free & knock me..

    vanessa You didnt finish your sentence!! Lol!! 😂😂
    Tahbin Lol !!☺ because i know you are intelligence...
  • Looking for Girlfriend

    08 JUN   Saylorsburg, PA, Uni

    Im looking for a girlfriend to talk to help make us both feel better about life and stuff. I'm 5'4 14 years old and I like to play video games.

  • Looking to date a boy or girl. 2

    07 JUN   Providence, RI, Unit

    The title says it. If you're still not interested, here's a biography I made: http://textuploader.com/dr0rf  Thanks!

  • Looking for a nice girl

    07 JUN   Cambridge, MD, Unite

    Hi my name is peyton I'm 15 but I turn 16 in 3 days I play sports I'm very comforting and kind comment if you are interested ?

  • Hai der stalker person xD

    06 JUN   Idaho Falls, ID, Uni

    Haiii im an emo boy im 6 ft 1 

    I do love black im into guys snd girls mostly girls tho xD 

    So hmu peoplez RAWR XD

  • Want a boyfriend that will love me for who I am and won-t try to change me

    05 JUN   New York, United Sta

    My name is _____ and I'm 12 almost 13. I love gaming. I want a boyfriend who will love me for who I am and won't try to change me.

    Stevenherring Never mind i seen ur pic ur verry pretty
    Stevenherring If yes gon on my facebook and ill tell u any info u need
    mark4599 hi im mark are you interested in getting to know me to see if you maybe wanna be my GF im not like other boys?
  • Want a girlfriend who has a good sense of humor

    05 JUN   Phoenix

    Hi I'm Theo an African American ,I'm attractive n fun to be with I'm looking forward to having a girlfriend not just any girl but she must be special.

  • looking for long distance relationship 13-16 hmu girls

    21 MAY   Peoria, AZ, United S

    Sup looking for fun /dirty online relationship/girlfriend im really nice and honest once u get to know me thanks .???????

  • Looking for people that can hold a conversation.

    03 JUN   United States

    looking for guy who can hold a conversation without asking for nudes or sending dirty pics. And a guy who's intentions are to develop a friendship first. 

    Ben wilcox Im that kind of guy
  • I play varsity football

    03 JUN   Fargo, ND, United St

    Hello there my name is Kalvin i am open minded i like going to movies and the mall i like to cuddle, watch netflix, watch horror movies and i am varsity football player 

  • Hey there i am Kalvin i play varsity sports such as football and baseball

    02 JUN   Fargo, ND, United St

    I want to date a girl who likes wwe and limes varsity sports players like me i play varsity football and baseball i like listening to music and watch netflix and chill

  • I-m single and Looking For a gf

    01 JUN   Columbus, OH, United

    Hi I'm eddie cook I'm in Columbus Ohio and Looking for a Gf I'm 18 years old and single and Looking for a Gf in or around Ohio or near ohio age 18 to 24

  • Looking to date a boy or girl

    01 JUN   Providence, RI, Unit

    The title says it. If you're still not interested. here's a biography I made: http://textuploader.com/dr0rf  Thanks!

  • Just Be Careful Kids!

    31 MAY   Orlando, FL, United

    Haven't been on in a while, but I've noticed a lot more catfish. Coolen_mih21 is actually using a picture of a child p0rn victim... which is totally weird, illegal, and wrong on so many levels. So that's pretty pathetic. 

    There's some other chick using a pic of a emo kid who killed herself like 10 years ago. Also weird  

    But I'm not sure which is worse. Pretending to be a dead chick, or a chick who got her nudes posted online?

    Just be careful, kids! A lot of predators look to date and deceive teens online. 

  • Looking For A Girlfriend/Playmate

    30 MAY   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hi, my name is Wilkins, 21 from Arica. Looking forward to beimg in the states next year and wish to marry soon. So i need someone so we can be in courtship. I love travelling and always happy....

  • Meet new girls 13-16

    29 MAY   Lucknow, Uttar Prade

    Hi there:) I'm Tarun,16 open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and now just fed up to be lonely I love listening music and I am a fan of innumerable artists and I also love video games

  • Looking for a strong but gentle guy

    09 APR   Orlando, FL, United

    For some reason, whenever I picture how the perfect guy would look like to me, he always turns out somewhat of a lumberjack. I just like someone who's bulky but gentle and has a voice that's sharp and grasp you but also lulls you to sleep and I like flannel and my dream house would be a cabin in a forest so I could imagine that I could just point to a tree and say, "That: in my fireplace." ...

    Gbenguspapi Hey Im gbenguspapi and I would like to know you more if you dont mind? I seek a companionship, if your interested in a conversation you can kik me @gbenguspapi or whatsapp 2347067348039
  • For people that are out there looking for a gf i am here u most be cute

    16 APR   Decatur, GA, United

    If u r lonely i am here i wiwll fuck if u want too ya that way ages 15 to 17.

    Qúééñ Kááy Smh can yall read😂 anyway hey girl👋
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