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  • Looking for a girlfreind

    22 MAY   Lebanon, OH, United

     My name is Jordan I am a funny guy and if you are interested in me give me your number and I will contact you and you might have the perfect boyfriend!

  • looking for long distance relationship 13-16 hmu girls

    21 MAY   Peoria, AZ, United S

    Sup looking for fun /dirty online relationship/girlfriend im really nice and honest once u get to know me thanks .???????

  • Looking to date a boy or girl.

    21 MAY   Providence, RI, Unit

    If it isn't already obvious, I'm bisexual. That being said, I'm hoping I could find someone on here I can date, or at the very least hookup with. That doesn't mean I'm throwing the idea of an relationship out of the window, because I am open to one. Just not focused on it. As of right now, I like guys than I do girls, so... yeah. If you wanna know more about me, here's a "short" biography made. http://textuploader.com/d9g8m

  • hey it is penny here just looking for friends

    15 MAY   Casselberry, FL, Uni

    Hi my name is Cheyenne. I am 13 and looking for a 14,15,or16 year old boy .I also want good,fun friends that love life and are very open to listening to me.I love fashon.

    Brit. taylor no he didnt i promise my sis woudnt do something that dumb
    3 days ago
    Christian Hi my name is Christian and Im just a guy whos single and have some fun times with a girl.
    2 days ago
  • looking for someone who will do and or show u anything well here he is.

    16 MAY   Mason City, IA, Unit

    looking for someone who will do and or show u anything well here he is.

    Talk to me if I'm who you are looking for

  • Looking for a girl friend

    18 MAY   Arcadia, IN, United

    I am 15 and looking for a 15 female who is willing to go out with me or be really really good friends on the verge of dating

  • For people that are out there looking for a gf i am here u most be cute

    16 APR   Decatur, GA, United

    If u r lonely i am here i wiwll fuck if u want too ya that way ages 15 to 17.

    Phrince Would want t talk more.whats app num is 233204063807
    Qúééñ Kááy Smh can yall readπŸ˜‚ anyway hey girlπŸ‘‹
  • Meet new people for possible relationship

    06 MAY   Albuquerque, NM, Uni

    Hi! I am looking for a loveing, nice guy who doesnt expect anything sexual from me. A good, healthy realationship!

    Music4Life Not classical hit the send button too soon lol
    Makenna B. Text me Music4life.
    Makenna B. Michael, message me and well talk
  • looking for a kind girlfriend

    15 MAY   Valley East, ON, Can

    hey im looking for a girlfriend thats kind beaitful and can come over i live in canada ontario valcaron and i am a kind hearted guy that isnt a cheat or a lier and im always am truthful to my gf but now im single and looking for someone challangeing for me

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    15 MAY   Irmo, SC, United Sta

    Looking for a girlfriend. Message me if your interested.

    The rest is for filling space.

    The rest is for filling space.

    The rest is for filling space.

  • Long distance relationship or close

    13 MAY   Fort Dodge, IA, Unit

    Hi I'm Adam Neavin I have been trying to find the perfect girl will be her

    Megspahr Hey. Im Meghan.
    Allie Hi Im allie
  • looking for a gf and friends

    10 MAY   Wilson, NC, United S

    looking for a girlfriend hit me up if you single im nice sweet and kind and im alex i like to meet you too 

  • Looking for girlfriend 13-18

    06 APR   Brookline, MA, Unite

    Hello I'm James, I'm nice, open minded, and I'm very socially awkward. I'm obsessed with anime, videogames, and cartoons. I'm not into sports or smoking anything. I'm looking for a girl with the same passion for anime as me. Message me if you're interested

    Jessica you found her
  • anyone want to hook up :)

    11 MAY   South Cerney, United

    hi anyone want to hook up and possibly see where it will go and see if u want to do long distance

  • Long Term Relationship

    24 FEB   Orange, CA, United S

    My name's Park Jimin, but you can call me Jimin or Chim Chim. 

    I don't want any inapproriate photos. If not a LT Relationship, a friendship would do. 

    Die-Anywhere-Else Hello! I would love to get to know you. ;p If you feel the same, feel free to hit me up! I dont send inappropriate pics, because I simply just dont like like stuff like that. I hope you consider! Have a good day. :)
    BabyBlues<3 Hello:) Feel free to talk to me if you want:) Im really friendly!
  • Ahh my crush has,rejected me

    06 MAY   London, United Kingd

    I like boys who are sporty and not older than fifteen I'm not desperate but like to have a boy to be loyal to me 

    Nishad i am listening
    DolphinGirl if a person rejects you they are missing out.
    Nishad ok i am sorry i was just being a retard over there i was stressed, does pm works?
  • hellooooooooo my names leah

    27 MAR   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    hey, I'm leah. just bored af and tryna talk to people. I'm into cheerleading, dance, soccer, and some video games on the computer.

    pm me if you want to talk, ill give ya my kik i guess. lol


    Phoenix my name is phoenix nice to meet you. extends hand for hand shake
    collin Sup. Message me if u want
    Music4Life Hey, Im Ethan. Im a fun loving 15 year old who is always smiling about something. Im musically minded - no matter what Im doing, Im always wring a song in my head. My other interests are Rubiks cubes, climbing, and sometimes video games though honestly when I have a choice I play piano instead of video games. I write piano covers of popular songs.
  • anyone want to date me

    07 MAY   South Cerney, United

    im 16 and live in the UK. if u r interested in doing a long distance relationship

  • looking for gf that will be loyal

    06 MAY   South Cerney, United

    i am 16 and i am looking for a gf that will be able to do a long distance relationship and also be loyal.

  • Looking for boyfriend

    15 MAR   Oregon City, OR, Uni

    My name is Alaina.  I'm looking for a bf from the West coast.  WA,  OR,  or CA.  If you are in the general north west or west I'd be happy as well.  You don't have to be fit but not overweight lol. I'm 15 and tall.  I am very fit and have a 6 pack.  I like running, playing video games and basketball.  

    Music4Life Hey, Im Ethan. Im moving from Idaho to Washington. Im funny and crack a lot of jokes but I can also be caring and serious. I am a very musical person. If you are interested then... Hit me up lol
  • looking for girlfriend

    04 MAY   South Cerney, United

    looking for a girlfriend that will be able to do long distance and will be loyal

  • trying to find a white girl with blonde hair

    04 MAY   Corpus Christi, TX,

    hey i am a 17 male. i have all of the soical media sites so yeah let get to know each other. trying to find a nice white girl with blonde hair . lets chat

  • Looking for girl that wants to have fun

    29 JAN   San Fernando, CA, Un

    Hey I'm craig, I just want to have fun. I like partying, playing guitar, driving fast ;) hiking, and making friends. I'm a metal head 

  • I-m single and looking for a boyfriend

    14 APR   Memphis, TN, United

    I am looking for a new boyfriend that is sweet kind not inappropriate cute adorable sexy hot fine tall ages only 13-18

    Mikeyj Would u mind sending Mme a picture of urself and my name is michael
    Elizabeth Send me a pic
    Mikeyj Will do but I will send it to u in a message. Im still new to this site so I dont know how to work every thing
    Elizabeth i have a bf now
  • Hi my name is josh. I-m 15, athletic, and confident.

    16 MAR   Temecula, CA, United

    I'm looking for a potential relationship with a nice girl who is kind and who is cool with who I am.

  • ahhh im 15 and I need a Girlfriend by the end OF THE WEEK!!!

    07 MAR  

    Im 15 I live in San Dimas California and I need a Girlfriend by the end of the week, even if its just for a little bit, msg me for details!!!

  • meet new people for teenager dating

    22 FEB   Philadelphia, PA, Un

    hi i am jamir,15. open minded with most things,i like to chill and have fun.i'm looking to meet people with similar idea's for hangin out (chilling,taking walks,drawing,games,cooking,just enjoying life)hit me up:)

  • Looking for a gf who is loyal

    26 APR   Dalton, GA, United S

    I just want someone who I can cuddle with and who will call me on the phone??

  • 16, Bi, and looking for 14-18

    30 MAR   Miami, FL, United St

    Hello, my name is Ciel. I like anime, manga, and games, and am looking for someone that I can have fun with. I love exploring new places, movies, and arcades. Whether you're a boy or girl, doesn't matter. Let me know if you're interested!

    R. Ben Im interested.
    Hot21boy Would you like to chat text me (909)225-8047
    Ferdi1709 yeah! chat me in ferdyhassan7@gmail.com!
  • Bored and want someone to talk to or occupy my time. Girls only.

    06 FEB   Dallas, TX, United S

    I work for a locksmith company, enjoy longboarding, music, and romance. Hmu if you feel like having a fun conversation that can last as long as you want.

  • 15 trans boy who lookin for a bf or gf

    06 FEB   Arlington, TX, Unite

    howdy,  I'm laurance and I'm 15. I'm trying to find the right person who would be willing to deal with me. I'm pansexual so I'm okay with anyone. I like South Park, superheroes, and homestuck

  • Need friends or a gf

    30 APR   San Diego, CA, Unite

    Yo my name is jadden i'm 15, a sophomore in high school, I'm always lit, smiling, and just being myself.  I'm really just looking for someone to talk to or 

  • Dating boys ages 15-17

    02 MAR   Melrose Park, PA, Un

     I am looking for a cute, hot guy to date. I just want to date a guy. If you are interested in dating me comment it. Boys to 15-17 age

    singleguy Is it cute and hot or just a guy?
    roseachim Hello dear one how are you my name is Rose Achim,i saw your profile picture today and i became interested in you please contact me (roseachim92@yahoo.com)
    GONE Hey there im 15 about to turn 16 if you would wanna talk a little and get to know eachother i have a kik
  • Looking for loyal girl

    12 FEB   Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Hey I'm dan. I'm lookin for a loyal gf. I like music, gaming, and I like to try new stuff.  HMU on Kik Dan_Rogo or text me @ 909-251-9469

  • Looking for a relationship Looking for a gf or bf. Meeasge me

    01 FEB   Oakville, ON, Canada

    Hey. Awesome guy here. Looking for a gf or abf to spend some time with and to possibly date. Live in oakville. If ur interested, message!

    sexyman12345 hi, im intrested
  • A little info about myself

    13 FEB   Mississauga, ON, Can

    Hi there I'm Faisal, 17, I have a positive attitude towards people and I like to laugh and have a good time. I'm looking to meet and chat with people that are just like myself. I was born with hearing loss and found out when I was 13 just 4 years ago. I'm a nice guy to talk to, so feel free to message me :) 

  • I want a gf who will love me

    26 APR   Dalton, GA, United S

    I just want someone who will cuddle with me and call once and awhile also my insta is squirtle7811 and my fb is Austin cannon 

    Makk But oh Yea apparently distance is a problem πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
  • Need a GF to chat and love

    24 APR   Vicksburg, MI, Unite

    Hi, i'm Tucker I have a wining personality and thats why you shoud vote for me as president. JK

  • Up for meeting new people, drop me a message

    03 APR   Cardiff, United King

    So yeah xD I'm looking for so.some girls to chat with, dw, I'm not a creep ? 

    Im a website and network engineer, just a huge fucking basically ??  

    I love giving people attention, so if you want to talk about a certain thing or you, you know where I am. 

  • I am looking for a real relationship

    23 APR   Pittsburgh, PA, Unit

    Hi my name is conner i am looking for a real relationship. And i'm 14 idc what age you are but if you're 5years older than me that's a no no so Hmu my number is 612-803-5288 or text me on here

  • Hey it-s me I-m new in here so gnu

    09 APR   Tooele, UT, United S

    Hi I'm Braeden Morison I'm 14 years old I am straight and single and ready to mingle i dont mind doing long distance or local so hmu on here or you can text me 801-893-2696

  • New here and looking for a girl

    25 FEB   Beloit, WI, United S

    I found this interesting site and am wondering if a girl of the following requirements would respond 

    fun, good sense of humor 


    nice personality

    Jessie hey! :) I think I fit those, but I mean, ig ud be the judge lol, message me if u want. :)
  • looking for a girlfriend

    09 FEB   Savannah, GA, United

    hi, my name's Gordon, and I a looking for a fun nice, nerdy, girl who likes to play games. I'm 15, and can do long distance or short. 

  • Looking for a strong but gentle guy

    09 APR   Orlando, FL, United

    For some reason, whenever I picture how the perfect guy would look like to me, he always turns out somewhat of a lumberjack. I just like someone who's bulky but gentle and has a voice that's sharp and grasp you but also lulls you to sleep and I like flannel and my dream house would be a cabin in a forest so I could imagine that I could just point to a tree and say, "That: in my fireplace." ...

  • Looking for a date mate or fwb!

    09 APR   Ithaca, NY, United S

    Heya! I'm Randy and I love to draw, sing, and sew! I'm open-minded mostly with optimistic views, and love to make people smile. I'm looking to find people for me to talk to and sing to, as well as someone to love <3<3 lol, I would really love to meet someone in the same town or area as me, but tough chance, right? XD the best date for me would be a picnic out in the park, or maybe just chilling at home and playing video games. If youre interested, my discord is @cogdot#4494 or my skype is Live:cog.dot315! Hit me up! 

    Notasalad What is your sexuality?
  • Looking to date or make new friends

    08 APR   Providence, RI, Unit

    The title says it. If you're still not interested. here's a biography I made: http://textuploader.com/dr0rf

  • Tired of always being lonely

    06 FEB   Suwanee, GA, United

    Hi, my name is Phillip. I'm 15 years old and enjoy music and skateboarding. Most my life I've always seen couples having fun, but never been in a real one. So hit me up if you wanna try something, no fake people please. I don't have to for you.

  • Looking for a girlfriend.

    05 APR   Blaine, WA, United S

    Looking for a young, good-looking blonde girl looking for a long-term relationship.

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