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Anyone looking for a boyfriend?

07/DEC Teenager Dating

I'm quite a funny guy, I'm a metalhead and a punk rockstar ?. Music is my passion. When it comes to girls, I want a girl who's a mixture of cute and naughty. Looks don't matter is my policy. If you a 10 on 10 hottie but are a stupid arrogant shit, you are trash for me. If you a 4/10 chick with a nice behavior, you're my type.

( That doesn't mean I'm not interested in hotties )

sgtcarlaanderson Hello Lucky that I came across your profile today, I feel you are a good woman and have a special feeling for you. I want to know more about you. Tell me what do you think of me after you read my profile, ok ? I am here to wait for my soul mate and life partner here with my 100 sincerity. I have read your profile carefully. After read your profile I found that we have something in common. Therefore, I am writing to tell you that I want to begin friendship with you first to know more about each other. Let me introduce myself first.I am an outgoing person who is also very understanding loving and caring. I my spare time, I like reading, listening music, watching movies and doing sports. How about you? Have you ever taste VN food? Do you like? If you like, i hope that i can cook for you one day. If you are also interested in me, please reply me on my mailing address: ( so that i can send you more photos of me and tell you more about myself. Thanks and best regards Carla Anderson.