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Teens Ages 13 to 16

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 13 to 16 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 13 to 16 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Hey I?m looking for a girl which is a bit different

    18 JUN   Manchester, UK

    hey I’m Jerome and I’m looking for someone who is not really and instagram model or really that thin. Tbh Id like to try out a girl who is a a bit chubby and I’ll tell you why once we get to know each other. The reason is a tad weird so that’s why I want someone who is really understanding 

    sorry if if this is weird to ask for

  • ayy it-s me again and like read this if you want

    16 JUN   USA

    i need something. if you wanna sext, great. if you wanna just talk, great. if you wanna juuuust idfk do something with a human hmu. idc anymore lemme bring all the boys to the yard LMAO ;)

    Jack the loser @locjaw r/niceguys
    12 hours ago
    Vicovic Hey, am here for u tho, you can hit me up
    12 hours ago
    locjaw @sriracha_sos no problem, just hope you know whats best for you im not here to criticize you, i only joined to see if i could find true friendship/relationship not trying to be desperate but my ex gf causing me alot of trouble lately... though havent really posted anything yet Oh and thanks for following me. wish i can change my username£
    12 hours ago
    Yash Dang it bruh 😳 That post tho.. never seen somethin like that 🤔 Thats some rock solid post 😨 Good luck LoL
    12 hours ago
  • meet new people friendship/relationship

    15 JUN   Trinity, FL, USA

    I'm Sarah from Tampa, Florida, I'm 14 (almost 15)  hmu if you live near or want to talk!

    Jonathan Heyy u tryin to talk... add me on snap at jo_pro30
    2 days ago
    Akash Shara I like you
    2 days ago
  • Heyy looking for a friend or maybe more

    23 JUL   United Kingdom

    Hi :) My names Alysha im 13 and i live in the uk im looking for somebody to meet up and just chill and hangout with ;) im Bi so yh pm me if u interested

    jack Hey, hmu if you want i’ll most likely not be busy
    corinacorrin 231 hi Im Corina from Africa
    Jackls Im in the uk :)
    1 day ago
  • Any girls wanna snap?

    16 JUN   Portland, OR, USA

    Looking for girls preferably ages 13-16 to snap. I'm single and 16. Any race or size doesnt matter to me.

  • meet loyal girlfriend tryed of fake ppl

    13 JUN   Syracuse, NY, USA

    hi there im gene, 14. i like to play video gmaes and chill looking for a loyal gf a girl who wanna be in mylife hit me up on instagram @youngboy1212316

    Erika{Warning:Does-bite} Tired Games You need a space between “my” and “life” You’re Welcome
    sriracha_sos erika you a savage dude ROFLMAO
    1 day ago
  • (Insert Amazing Title Here)

    28 JAN   Long Island, NY, Uni

    Im your typical New York hipster wanna be. I sing, play the ukulele,guitar,piano,drums. I skate and Love me some Video games. 

    Q:Where did sally go after the explosion


    If i made you smile or laugh check out my instagram....Maxamoto12 (DEFINITELY  NOT SELF ADVERTISING OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT)

    no hi. I just listened to you singing and youre amazing
    m hi i also like games and i love to play piano so yay!!!!! lmao
    sriracha_sos i sing and play guitar too. you seem cool hum
    1 day ago
    sriracha_sos hmu wowwww good job sara eyeroll
    1 day ago
  • Looking for friends maybe a gf

    14 JUN   Portland, OR, USA

    Looking for some cool friends maybe a girlfriend if the right girl shows up. I like all sizes and races. Hmu on snap if you wanna chat. Preferably girls ages 13-16

    Bored_bitch12 Your a true jerk
    2 days ago
    Mikayla Maybe he was a jerk because u were being a bjt of a bitch, all guys do it
    2 days ago
  • Correction on Last Post

    09 MAY   Virginia Beach, VA,

    Any Boy or Girl. Cause I am bi. Looking for something serious 

  • Lookin- For A Guy and a few friends .

    05 APR   Bangalore, Karnataka

    Hey there :) 

    You can call me Hazel .  I'm from India .

    I am a tomboy . Love sports ,not really into makeup and other stuff. I'm mysterious and I go with the flow .

    Text me if your interested :) 

    Trevor spradlin hi private message me.
    2 days ago
  • friends, ibfs, long distance, anything :))

    05 JUN   Orlando, FL, USA

    hiiii :) im delaynee, im 13, and i love joke around ?‍??? if anyone wants to be friends, or anything else feel free to hmu ??

    Devin500 Hey, this place is dead. Add me on emeralchat. Its way more fun.
    gurkaran singh This is my whats app number please message me 919780308083
    3 days ago
    chris hello dear
    3 days ago
  • Still looking for a Man, 13-16 and im offline for a few days! Sorry!

    14 JUN   Long Beach, CA, USA

    Offline until the 16th, got in trouble XD what am i gonna do with myself i am so bad. XD

  • Need a loyal Gf that will do anything. ?

    15 JUN   NY, USA

    I need a gf that is a or Isint a freak. Really doesn’t matter honestly. Just HMU if your a girl looking for a boy must be beautiful. HMU snap: therealjake13 

  • Want a person to make me happy

    15 JUN   Branson, MO, USA

     Want someone that will follow through in a relationship and I need someone to commit I just got my heart broken and was wondering if there is any ladies 13-16 to warm someones hart back?

  • Hello I am trevor and im looking for people

    14 JUN   Geneva, OH, USA

    Hello. i am a 16 year old bisexual male. I am down to do basically anything. I am verstile but i prefer top. I am more looking for sex tha a relationship rn but we can still talk as frieds. If you intrested message me on sc: trevormilled04

  • looking for guy near me

    17 APR   Fullerton, CA, USA

    hey im aurora im im looking for someone whos sweet and kind but romantic and funny. id prefer people who are near me, but im open. plz message me. i love music and disney. big sports girl. plz if ur just texting em for a booty call dont waste my time

    SumPerson Id love to chat first if you want hmu 😄
    Ezy.XboxOne.89 Im near you Btw aurora sounds like a nice name text me
    Sam Hey add me on Snapchat Sam.s080
  • Need Girlfriend (Im Filipino)

    14 APR   Tagum City, Davao de

    Hi Im James 16 and i like to get a girl that so cute and sweet not in really lazy and annoying.....and its okay for long distance relationship :D

  • if you want to talk msg me

    14 JUN   Denville, NJ, USA

    need some one to talk well i am here and just add me on snapchat or skype.

  • Looking for boyfriend

    03 JUN   Greeley, CO, USA

    I’m Ari and I’m 14. Lonely and looking for a boyfriend. Don’t send or ask for nudes. I’m sick of it. Ew. Preferably ages 13-14. 

    Dalton Im 15 is that good enough

  • I need someone to love me

    10 JAN   Melbourne, Victoria,

    Hey I’m Izzie I’m 14 just what someone to  love me 

    Meezy girl if tts u.......u look amazing
    JJackCClarke Hey Liz I’m here add up my snap just look to talk
    Berlania kleckley Don’t worry about it if they want to make you happy and love you they’d come to you not you having to ask I mean I understand how you feel like nobody loves you and every person you meet treats you wrong but it’ll get better that special someone is coming just like mines did
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    13 JUN   Penns Grove, NJ, USA

    looking for a potential boyfriend. I’m 14 so don’t hmu if ur older then 16

    Jake Post ur snapchat
    Jake I’m 14 and if we talk I’ll send u a photo of me so u know how I look
    Savage_boy_oscar Hey im 13 can we talk
    Sebastian Yo Yo are you a McDonald’s meal cause I’m loving it!!!
  • Want GF omg (not clickbait)

    13 JUN   Ewa Beach, HI, USA

    I don’t really care for dating but you know stil... I’m up for it.

  • hi i want to meet ppl pls help me acheve this

    12 JUN   Għaxaq, Malta

    hi im tessa,13.i like to coo,sing,dance and paint im european and you will probably not know were my country is when i tell but hmu

  • Looking for somebody to date

    12 JUN   Abbeville, SC, USA

    Hey I'm Alexis. I'm looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend between the ages of 13-16. Add me on Snapchat or instagram @cali_girl4l.

  • Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

    13 JUN   Webberville, MI, USA

    i need someone please. Whale someone be with me. (Im d e s p e r a t e) i am so lonesome. 

  • Looking for gf long distance fine 13-16

    12 JUN   Macclesfield, UK

    So I like rock music favorite band my chemical romance. I am laid back and fun to be around .

  • just want a relationshippp

    08 JUN   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Hi im beth! I'm pan and im looking for a casual relationship. Im 15 years old and I live in pittsburghhhh

    I don't know what else to say about me >.< xD Hey cutie add me on snap
    Paul clemens Hey hmu you’re cute
    Miguel Snapchat is adame.miguel
  • Single as a Pringle k

    12 JUN   LaSalle, IL, USA

    I'm single Pringle ready to mingle. I'm 14. I'm a gamer and I'm also a YouTuber. I play piano. I like the outdoors. And I just wanna meet a girl that wants to date and maybe have fun together or just tlk. Anyway hmu

  • 13 - 16 year old Boy Friend who is cute!

    12 JUN   Long Beach, CA, USA

    I need to have a serious relationship cause im single like always... P  I want someone who won't judge me and i want someone who understands me. I like cats. Text me 951 446 6277 if ur interested.

  • Looking for a Bf in NYC if anyobe is interested

    12 JUN   NY, USA

    Add my snapchat account x3-neo just send me a msg if your bi or gay and wanna be my bf im 15 Btw (New York USA Only)

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    12 JUN   Tucson, AZ, USA

    Hi im oscar and im (actually 13) and im trying to find a girl to date you can send nudes if your that type of girl, if your a girl that lives in the same town hit me up if you wanna date

  • Snapchat me girls (single)

    12 JUN   Portland, OR, USA

    Looking for some one to talk to. All girls are welcome preferably ages 13-16 but open to all races and ages. Hmu on snap.

  • Looking for gf 13-16 year old

    26 APR   New York, NY, USA

    Hey there my name is nick, I'm 15 years old and looking for a girlfriend. Hit me up. 

  • Hey I-m singlee now yay girls hmu

    29 MAY   East Brunswick, NJ,

    hey if there's any girls in new jersey who would enjoy a relationship hmu! Every girl in my school is too hard to figure out so add me on snap or kik: jamesdm12

  • Meet new people (single)

    11 JUN   Chicago, IL, USA

    Hey! My name's Maddie! I am single and looking to meet people who are sweet and loving and know how to make a girl happy. I hope to talk to you soon!

    scottie Hey, im 17. But i just turned it a like 2 days ago. Would you like to talk? Message me on anything.
  • Meet new people (girls)

    11 JUN   Goshen, AL, United S

    Hey im hunter, 14 and im trying to meet new people for fun or to talk to my Snapchat is hunterpartridg8

  • Meet new people for relationship

    11 JUN   Sydney NSW, Australi

    Hi, i'm 16 years old and my favourite hobbies are sports and art

  • looking for someone to be a gf

    10 JUN   Manchester, UK

    Hi, I'm looking for a girl who lives in England (preferably Manchester). I'm not too picky but if you

    Are 14 or 15, Like Gorillaz, Like Music in general, Not really into pop, can like me for the guy I am and just a good person in general

    then message me

  • i want a girlfriend

    10 JUN   Bhopal, Madhya Prade

    hii i am aniket and. I'm looking for a girlfriend your age upto 15 to 16 not above

  • im looking for a relationship

    10 JUN   Cleveland, OH, USA

    hi im looking for someone near me who would love me for who i am im bisexual and bipolar i need someone who is not afriaed to get dirty with me if i want to and who can sing good or somewhat sing with me for my youtube channel i dont have a camera but i do have a mic so u can show your face on videochat or just talk im open for friends and/or gf or bf

  • New friends or relationships. (F or M)

    18 APR   Milwaukee, WI, Unite

    I'm Evan and I'm genderfluid. I'm looking for someone to either date or be friends with. I am kinda clingy and open to an open relationship. My interests include...

    • Writing
    • Reading
    • Drawing
    • Cuddling
    • Smoking (cigarettes and weed)
    • Getting high
    • Talking
    • Roleplay 

    Nox yo when we gonna smoke
  • Hit me up .

    10 JUN   Queenstown, Otago, N

    Yo, just lookin for somone to talk to, add me on google hangouts my email is

  • Looking for a girlfriend to talk to.

    10 JUN   Birmingham, AL, USA

    Hi there my name is Kendall,14.I am good at Puyo Puyo,I'm a nice person to talk to,Im looking for a girlfriend.

  • Looking for friends maybe more

    09 JUN   Portland, OR, USA

    Looking for girls to talk to. I'm 16 like to surf workout and watch movies. Anyone can hmu. Any age or race.

  • An introduction and my hobbies

    13 FEB   Athol, MA, United St

    Hey, I'm LilyJay and I'm 14 years old. My interests are sex, teen boys, music, animals, I love high school musical and grease (they are my favorite movies) and food lol

  • Meet new people for relationship/ new friends

    09 JUN   McKinney, TX, USA

    Hi, my name is Parker. 

    A little about me ; I’m a quite socially awkward 14 year old, (I have pretty bad social anxiety) so it is pretty hard for me to make friends. Most of my day consists of me spending time with my couple of  friends online, playing games, or taking care of my dogs. I like to think of myself as a friendly person to those I do know, and I can be quite funny at times. 

    I’m looking for a girl who is 13 years old or more that’s looking for a relationship, or just a friend to talk to. I’m fine with a long distance relationship as well. If you want to talk, add me on Kik at RUSTEclipse or message me on here. (Better chance to get a response on Kik as I don’t come here often.)

  • Looking for a relationship.

    30 MAY   Seal Beach, CA, USA

    I’m Taylor. I’m 13 y.o. I am bi, and I’m looking for a stable relationship with a kind and funny person that I can have fun with and chat. Age range I’m looking for is 13-16.  Hmu on my instagram @taylormcos ;). 

    HUSSNAIN AHMED Hey I am a actor and comedian i also want a person to chat
    HUSSNAIN AHMED Your damn beautiful
  • Wanting a girlfriend that has snapchat

    08 JUN   Bernie, MO, USA

    I love basketball I am a Warriors fan and I love Baseball hit me up on Snapchat

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