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Teens Ages 13 to 16

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 13 to 16 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 13 to 16 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Meet teen guy who isn-t jerk

    27 FEB   .

    I'm Sofia. I'm 13 years old and looking for a guy who doesn't just want nudes and wants an actual relationship and who is 13-15.I like to run and excercise but also chill and hangout. Needs to have good sense of humor and be kind. I'm from Bwoling Green where all the guys are idiots or jerks. I can do a long distance relationship but living close would be even better. My Kik is sofiajn. so feel free to contact me if you're interested. 

    KILL$TREAK Bruh all these comments just be saying (trade nudes) and (hey cutie) like nigga tf ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Eddy U all hor ny shi ts
    Joshh3535 Hey beautiful message me
    4 hours ago
    RorocoEnt I wish I could have people all over me like this๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    3 hours ago

  • Hit me up on Instagram plz

    19 AUG   Newport, MN, USA

    Hey im 13 and I'm looking to make new friends I'm funny, kind, loving, sweet, shy, and  loyal and I want to make some new friends so text me on Instagram if u want to talk me ? Instagram: ahnamay5691

  • I-m Bored and lonely...

    19 AUG   Sydney NSW, Australi

    Wanna talk?

    Hit me up on I.G. Looking for friends, maybe even a gf of any age.

  • Message me if you want to ?

    19 AUG   Krosno, Poland

    anyone text me on instagram, or snapchat or kik xP

    instagram : @alxnn._

    snapchat : alan12_34

    kik: alanfdo98 

  • Looking for mates, relationships too

    18 AUG   Wickford, UK

    Yo! Just looking for a mate or a relationship really.

    Add my snap - Nathan.lewis23

    Dont just message with 'Hi' or 'Hey' . Please message something interesting ahah. Cause i probably wont reply if its just a hi

    Jaz polzin single Hey I would love to get to know you.
    1 day ago
  • Friends or more than friends?

    19 AUG   Huntley, IL, USA

    Hey guys, I’m Andrew or Andy, and I’m a Korean boy, I’m bi so I like both boys and girls(Well it depends really) and HMU if u wanna talk, we can be friends or more than friends ? P.S. I’m into Kpop so if u like Kpop too we r going to get along perfectly ?

  • looking for some one

    18 AUG   Dubai - United Arab

    hey im looking for some one in dubai to take me out on a date preferably 13-14 years of age

  • Looking for cute and intresting people to talk to

    17 AUG   Wisbech, UK

    Hi im bi and are looking for somone to talk to and have fun with. Id prefer somone that has freckles and green eyes. 

    Kik: smithsjumper

  • Please don?t add me on Snapchat just for nudes

    01 MAY   Sydney NSW, Australi

    Hey guys just an update 

    please don’t add me on Snapchat and just want me to send nudes 

    and please don’t send videos of you being horny cause I don’t want to see that 

    I’m looking for a nice caring boyfriend 

    Aged from 14-17

    Aaron Hello I am interested I am a nice and caring and loving problem is I am 12 turning 13 in November
    Lochlain Aaron you are 12 she is 14 she is hot af u gotta chill get some 12 relationship she will be mine lol plus you are still in primary school should u be on here like it said teen not twelveve
    2 days ago
  • Im Looking For Friends

    07 MAY   Gainestown, AL, Unit

    Hi Im Hannah , I'm Just Looking For Someone To Talk To & Be Friends w Maybe more idk, I Like Girls But I Talk To Both So Hmu If Youd Like To Be Friends (:

    Fiona Hay how about, you send me a friend request on Facebook and we can chat whenever. @Fiona owan.
    Mosheh Call 2674761267
    Isaac Hit me up on WhatsApp๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡ 263 0778471110
    3 days ago
  • Need a loyal Gf that will do anything. ?

    15 JUN   NY, USA

    I need a gf that is a or Isint a freak. Really doesn’t matter honestly. Just HMU if your a girl looking for a boy must be beautiful. HMU snap: therealjake13 

  • looking for an online date or friend 13 to 16

    15 AUG   Planet Jupiter

    Hi Im looking for an online date Or friend age 13 to 16. I like The Last of Us, Persona 4, Danganronpa, Billie Eilish, Troye Sivan, twenty one pilots,Halsey, drawing, and talking to people. I can be annoying at times but I think im a fun person to talk to message me ok kik

  • Anyone who wants to chat

    14 AUG   Buffalo, NY, USA

    My names raven Im bored and i wanna talk to anyone im up for any kind of chat friendly clean dirty anything im just bored

    Tyler Hey whats ur insta
    Wilford Hey you got fb or insta?
  • I need girlfriend for love

    26 JUN   Rajpipla, Gujarat, I

    Hello I'm single I need girlfriend I love her so so so so so so so so much he need anything I will give her my WhatsApp number is 9104810444

    Yashpal lalas e bhan ke loda love arega mc
    Yashpal lalas thare bap ne keje papa mujhe f chiye
  • I wanna talk NBA with someone

    06 AUG   Dixon, CA, USA

    I love the Sacramento Kings. I’m re writing this cause it glitched with another post. If you don’t wanna tank sports that’s fine, but no gays please. And if you are a girl (13-16) to comply with the category. Thanks. Talk soon.

    Alfredo Fox and hield finna blow up! Especially Marvin
  • (Girls only) new girls on the site looking for clean chat

    15 AUG   Brixham, UK

    If your new to the site your probably Gina get bombarded with messages for nudes but I don't want that I just want a clean chat and to make friends and if u feel the need to send a nude then u can I don't screenshot. Hmu of Snapchat 


  • Want Loyal Girlfriend

    15 AUG   Schiller Park, IL, U

    Loyal girl

    msg me on social media or on this ask me out 

  • (Girls only) looking for a chat with someone

    15 AUG   Brixham, UK

    Just looking to chat for now so hmu (girls only) 

    Snapchat- kieron.g69

  • Name is nathan I live in Staten island ny

    14 AUG   Staten Island, NY, U

    Hi my name is Nathan I am looking for a girl between that age of 13 and 15  (Mostly 14 and 15). I want a girl who is smart and beautiful. Also she'll be down with anything that goes on.

  • im looking for a loyal girl around my age

    14 AUG   San Jose, CA, USA

    hi my name is shane and im 14 going into high school atm, and i came on here cause why not?anyway i have bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair my favorite things to do would be video games, long walks on the beach no just kidding XD i also like hmmm i dont know i kinda just really like video games but its not all i do its just kinda all i do in my spare time anyway hit me up! 

  • (Girls only) looking for a chat with someone

    14 AUG   Brixham, UK

    Not looking for nudes just a chat and if you wanted it to lead to something else then anything is posible.


    Snapchat- kieron.g69

  • Relationship or Friendship

    21 JUL   Greenville, NC, USA name is Ashanti I'm turning 13 in August....Im bisexual and Im looking for a someone or even friends..I prefer girls more than boys but i can do boys also...I would prefer someone thats in North Carolina but other places are fine..oh yeah if you ask for nudes or send nudes your getting blocked instantly...Im looking for someone thats loyal,funny,and kind...12-15 is fine with me..? 


  • Looking for loyal girl

    14 AUG   Schiller Park, IL, U

    Hi. girl that is loyal

    msg me on social media or on her does't matter on what

    Age- 14 to 16

  • bored anyone have hangouts????

    11 JUL   Southaven, MS, USA

    hi im bored just wantting a friend to talk to someone message me at thx you nd have a nice day 

  • (Girls only) looking for a chat with someone

    14 AUG   Brixham, UK

    Hmu just looking for a chat for now unless you wana get serious after talking (no nudes) 

    Loving guy101 Sorry man but you look way older then 16
  • looking for someone near me...

    01 APR   Temple, TX, USA

    im aurora im really kind sweet and fun to be around. i like a guy who is kind good sense of humor. plz feel free to hit me up boy or girl.. 

  • Friendship or maybe a relationship, looking for a real guy

    13 AUG   Naas, County Kildare

    Only guys

    add my Snapchat 

    ~ ellac1812

    somebody to chat to and maybe date :)

    I’m definitely looking for a guy with a sense of humor, so if you add me, start with a joke! 

    Kyler Daulton Hey ill add you tonight
    Kieron.g69 Hey, add me I dont mind a chat
  • Meeting new people who-s decent guy

    13 AUG   City of Angels, Pamp

    Hi chat me whenever you like, I'm not up for dirty things. Just wanna talk some people because I'm bored. If you are interested just chat me I don't bite hahaha.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    13 AUG   Gonzales, LA, USA

    I love to talk to girls they are kind and pretty and more than just people HMU on my snap I’m hoping I can get a girl that is cute and the right one for me.

  • I need a girlfriend

    13 AUG   Durham, NC, USA

    I need a girlfriend that's 13 14 15 or 16  i need them to be loyal I don't want them called ugly I'll protect them and need to fix my broken heart

  • Important plz read thank you

    12 AUG   America, USA

    Welp I'm bored add me on skype and yeah no nudes plz 

  • Kik me please!!! Im super bored

    12 AUG   De Soto, IA, USA

    My kik is Just.Chelsea. please send a face pic first if you message me. Guys 13-16 preferred.

  • Looking for friend or relationship

    11 AUG   Wickford, UK

    Yo! Looking for some friendship or relationship. Just message me on my sc if you look at my profile. 

  • looking for an online date or friend 13 to 16

    11 AUG   Planet Jupiter

    Hi Im looking for an online date age 13 to 16. I like The Last of Us, Persona 4, Danganronpa, Billie Eilish, Troye Sivan, twenty one pilots,Halsey, drawing, and talking to people. I can be annoying at times but I think im a fun person to talk to message me ok kik

  • I-ll teach you stuff

    11 AUG   Newark, NJ, USA

    If you want I can teach you how to take better pics and talk to more girls    hmu on kik  My username is Joylindsey69 

  • Looking for a bf or just friends

    10 AUG   Metz, France

    Hey I'm just looking for someone cute to chill with aha distance doesnt matter. i dont really care about the age tho but yeah. If u wanna be friend or more just HMU on sc or kik or insta ig. I'm down for anything really 

  • Looking for a gay boyfriend who lives in Gravesend

    10 AUG   Miami, FL, USA

    I'm 14 years old and I'm bisexual. I'm exploring my options but right now I'm focusing on guys, so if you're 13 - 15 and gay/bi, message me. 

  • Friend or something more.

    01 AUG   Crossett, AR, USA

    I want someone to think I'm great and amazing (even though I am not) Someone who will tell me my ugly ass is beautiful and who actually believes that

    John T Hey u wanna chat
    Alex;IsACoolName But you arent ugly wym???? ๐Ÿ˜•
  • Someone! I-m bored help meee

    10 AUG   Lakewood, WA, USA

    Who ever lives near me add me on snap let's talk we can hang out chill out just have fun do shit ya know ??? I'm honestly bored of sitting in my place for hours and hours and not doing anything so please anyone HMU ??

  • Meet friends maybe bf or gf

    23 JUL   Walterboro, SC, USA

    I do long distance I would never cheat that would brake my heart..... Im looking for a boy or girl for a relationship and new friends

  • Friend or something more.

    03 AUG   Crossett, AR, USA

    Im looking for girls and guys to be friends with!  Pleaee add me!!

  • I just want somebody to chat with me

    09 AUG   Jodhpur, Rajasthan,

    I just want a girl to talk and express my felling to somebody who cares 

  • I want to meet people! I?m never not looking for a relationship, so.

    09 AUG   Liverpool, UK

    Hi, I want to make friends, but I’m really ugly and awkward. If you love cats, or can stay up till 3am to watch a movie or YouTube, you’re cool to me :).

  • Hii I just want to meet new friends

    08 AUG   The Moon

    Im Iyahna

    I want to meet people and make new friends

    We can start a gc and talk about random and akward things bc im just like that. Everyone welcome?

  • Looking for Friends?

    08 AUG   Strasbourg, France

    so..yeah I’m new to this. I’m a guy who likes creativity and artsy stuff, warning: extremely sarcastic. And I’m gay! Just to put that out there, I’m also a bit on the plus side, and i’m Extremely sorry to whoever is patient enough with me and had to go through my awkward/‘just met you’ phase until they realize I’m an absolute goofy potato.

  • Looking for a bf? who-s loyal

    07 AUG   Cornwall, ON, Canada

    Hello I'm 13 years old my name is Willow looking for a boyfriend who's nice,funny,handsome,loyal .. I do not do nudes or nasty pics. Ages: 13-15 if interested add my Snapchat I also have Instagram Skype I do not go on anymore but there on my profile if wanting to add me.

  • Friendship hopefully more as in relationship

    06 AUG   Monticello, New York

    Want to have a frienfriendship which turns I to something more beautiful and amazing with a truly have a good relationship of trust and respect no harm no more heart breaks a girl to have a friendship and a bond of getting to know each other better no sexual things or nudes I'm not after that but a girls heart and feelings

    Karrina345 aw shawn you deserve that more than any other person in this world
  • I wanna talk sports with someone

    06 AUG   Dixon, CA, USA

    I love the NBA and the Sacramento Kings. So if you want to talk with me about sports. HMU. But you don’t want to I’m ok with that, but please no gays. And if girl, you see the category (13-16). Thanks. Talk soon

    benster1120 (taken) this is fake do not fall for it
    benster1120 (taken) This is just some thirsty pervert looking for nudes
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