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Teens Ages 13 to 16

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 13 to 16 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 13 to 16 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • IM look ing for a girl to have a fun conversation

    17 OCT   Hyderabad, Telangana


    im praneeth

    im looking for a girl with whom spend some time having

    fun conversation 

  • Looking for a girlfriend (13-16)

    17 OCT   Eastbourne, United K

    Looking for a girlfriend, must be funny, easy to talk to and chill back. Message me on Instagram: cloudiio

  • Looking for a bf or gf or more

    28 AUG   Eau Claire, WI,

    Hi I'm 14 and I'm bi, I'm looking for a bf or a gf or more hmu on snap sebbycollins324

  • Hmu on my social media platforms

    15 OCT   Pottstown, PA, USA

    Plz I have few friends I would like if you would add me you would find them on my profile anyone can talk to me so plz hmu if you hadn’t already 

  • Meet people for friendship maybe more

    11 OCT   Columbus, OH, USA

    Hi I'm Heidi (the ugly blond I'm my profile picture) hit me up for a friend once we get to know each other it could turn out to be more.

    Dawson Hey id lobe to talk to you
    2 days ago
    Dawson I just made myself look dumb oops I meant to type Id love to talk to you
    2 days ago
  • Looking for girls to have fun with on Snapchat

    15 OCT   Yukon, OK, USA

    I am looking for a girl that will have some naughty fun with me. HMU on Snapchat. It is listed on my profile

  • if you-re not gonna be a perv or send nasty/lude pics, hmu on discord

    14 OCT   Salt Lake City, UT,

    my discord is Misty#4608. ONLY msg me if youre NOT going to send any sexual msgs or pics. thank you. goodbye

  • A little about myself I guess?

    14 OCT   Broadway, NC, USA

    Hi, Hello I'm Nik you can call me Nik,Nicky,or whatever you want I guess. I like art,anime,the color yellow,sunflowers, indie music, and anything aestheticly pleasing. I'm nonbinary( They/Them) and I'm into guys,girls and nonbinary people.

                                                                                                      That is all for now I guess,

                                                                                                                          Nicky <3

  • Swedish girl looking for cute slim guys :D

    09 OCT   Stockholm, Sweden

    Hey! Looking for any cute boys in my age 14-18. I have kik and you can add me there if you like. Also, always send a live facepic first and I will do the same. My kik: bumblybumbles

  • looking for a girl friend to chat with and any one from america to date or

    13 OCT   Lagos, Nigeria

    looking for a girl friend to date ,chat withand fun from uk   us    canada

  • Read this before adding me...

    29 SEP   Norway, MI, USA

    I add back everyone. But if you are older then 17 then don't bother. If you send or ask for nudes then I'll block you, so if you can't have a normal convo wothout sending nudes or asking for "body picks ect" then don't bother. If I ask "Who are you" then I'm not asking for your name or gender...I'm asking for Age, where you from...that's all. But love meeting new ppl so hmu

    MichiganLibertarian Norway Michigan thats on the edge of the up
    Greg πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
  • REALLY Need Someone to Talk To...

    12 OCT   Evanston, WY, USA

    So lately ive been having anxiety/panic attacks and i would just cry out of nowhere, and about nothing..i also have some things i just want to rant to someone if someoune out there could just hmu you might just make my life better. luv u's!

    ZombieBunny I can help I suffer from depression myself so I can understand alittle about what you’re going though
  • Look for relation ship or friends

    15 SEP   Airdrie, AB, Canada

    Hi, I'm Lauryann I'm 13  I'm looking for friendships that could become more if I'm interested in you. I have Instagram and Facebook might be getting snap soon. I don't do sexual stuff or nudes, stuff like that. I speak French and ya send me a message and I might reply :P

    Kaydonlemay Bonjour ma belle, donner mois un message sur snap si tu la et si non donne un message avec to insta
    christian ok but im not single
  • Would like a girlfriend around my age

    11 OCT   Monroe, GA, USA

    Any girls 13-16 looking for a boyfriend just hmu, we can do or talk about anything. 

  • Would like a relationship with a girl my age (14).

    11 OCT   somwhere

    Hey, my name is Tyler. I'm not going to tell about how I'm so different from other guys cause I'm really not, unless you consider different to be fun, loyal, loving, and having a dick that's over 7 inches! ;) all jokes aside I'm really not that picky. im just not into playing games. I'd like you to be able to talk to me without any bullshit, and I'd like you to know that when I say something I'm not lying. If you can't be open about your feelings or be open minded you're not for me.

    I don't have snapchat. if you want you can message me your instagram or email. If not, mine are below

    My instagram is: _tyliir_

    My Google Hangouts email is:

  • Wanna have more Snapchat friends

    10 OCT   Colorado Springs, CO

    HMU on Snapchat pls don’t text me just for pics. I do love to do truth or dare. HMU . Only girls under 16

  • looking for a bf or gf

    09 OCT   Planet Jupiter

    I 0.ike persona 4 twenty one piilots manga and billie eilish I dont watch anime

  • I need more friends i feel lonely

    07 OCT   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Im raven and ive lost a lot of friends because ive been gone so long. I would like to make new ones and hopefully be able to keep them. I love to chat and im bored so hit me up. Im also single.??

    Heckty Hmmm well I hit you up
    Shaiiiii ¿πŸ€ͺπŸ’— Heyyy new friends πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ
  • Looking for a true relationship

    07 OCT   London, UK

    Im Devesh, 16. I love games that have lots of pvp inside them. I like 2 have a laugh and jk around a lot. I looking 4 a girlfriend who likes me 4 who i am and not how i look. Wherever you r in the world , dosent really matter , jus hit me with message. Promise to be the best person u've ever met in your life .

  • dating and new ships and love

    07 OCT   Alamogordo, NM, USA

    hi am Chris I love gaming and reading I play the alto saxophone 


    31 AUG   Davao City, Davao de

    Looking for someone to talk to :")I'm not a bad guy who'll ask for your nude pictures :)

  • Just to add on to my last one

    07 OCT   Humboldt, SK, Canada

    I love most animals, like dogs cats and many more I personally have 2 lovely dogs.

  • Hit me up I?m bored.....

    22 SEP   Stow, OH, USA

    Hey it’s Hope, Hit me up! I’m super bored............... I’m not gay I’m straight so girls please don’t hit me up unless u just wanna be friends. Also if u just lookin for a friend hmu also!!!!!! 

  • Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend cant send face or body

    05 OCT   Planet Jupiter

    I like Steven Universe Star vs the forces of evil the loud house The last of us Nights of azure and some manga

  • Looking for girls to talk to

    04 OCT   Bristow, VA, USA

    I’m a guy about 5 foot 7 13yo just looking for girls to talk to so hit me up also I ain’t gay so no dudes. I’m not into nudes so don’t send any. I’m into sports, gaming, and if your into anime I’ve watched Naruto. 13-15 is the age range I’m looking for.

  • I never know what to put for these things

    03 APR  

    Hi, I’m Olivia I’m really nice and fun to talk to, I like playing volleyball, piano, I like the arts, and listening to music, boys plz HMU, my snap is mwah-1

    Savionja Hey beautiful can I get your number
  • Girls hmu on snap at czechamerican10

    01 SEP   Vancouver, WA, Unite

    Hey for some fun. I don't care what we do. Any age, anyone, just hmu. No guys sorry

    VDUBLOVE88 Add me on snapchat @mfugit8
  • New friends or girl to talk to

    03 OCT   Poughkeepsie, NY, Un

    Hey everybody. I'm really imterested on making friends or more here. My life has been terrible recently and boring. PLS, ANYBODY HMU!!!

  • I?m trying to meet new people

    03 OCT   Cypress, TX, USA

    I’m clean and straight. I don’t accept any nudity from anyone. If you try, im blocking you. I’m just bored

  • kik me friends cus am not mostly available on snap available on s

    02 OCT   Accra, Gh

    Kik me friends  cause am not mostly available on snap so kik me  because  some of of you added me on snap 

  • Hangouts/kik messages? HMU

    02 OCT   Bristol, UK

    Anyone have hangouts i use to mainly message also kik ?? btw im straight so no guys ?

  • Hey I?m Rohan add me

    02 OCT   Melbourne VIC, Austr

    Hey I’m Rohan I’m 15 and want someone to talk to or something I’m from Australia and love sports so add me ^^ add me girls 

  • I?m bi so boys hmu..

    29 SEP   Somewhere in the usa

    Hi I’m 14 I’m bisexual leaning on the boy side more so hmu kinda getting bored with no one to text 

  • Hi I am hakeem 13 I like anime, games etc.

    16 JAN   McDonough, GA, Unite

    Im Hakeem 13 I am positive kind hearted and loving I like to play video games and watch movies. I am looking for a friend who I can chat with about anything. If you want to date I would only do chat dates. I like anime and rpg games. I like all girls preferably asian girls.

    haydos0508 Hey man wanna be friends and do u like pokemon
    Thedearpyshrimp Better nerf greninja
  • LookinGordon for people in london

    16 MAY   Feltham, UK

    Hi my name is jack in know I'm ugly buthe I have a loving heart I'm not bi or gay so girls only :)

  • Need an online boyfriend

    16 OCT   Sydney, New South Wa

    hello i'm precious, i'm single and free you can alway hit me up. Anytime. Also fyi i'm 5'3" and tan. I really want someone who reply fast and and if you need a friend you  can HMU. I am also here to meet new people from around the world

  • Yo I-m up for a good chat

    28 SEP   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Listen I wanna have some good talks and I'm straight to many guys go to my page it's weird

  • I?m am bored and I need something to do

    27 SEP   King George, VA, USA

    I’m bored and I’m okay with anything as long as you say what you want to do.

  • Snapchat me girls for some fun

    27 SEP   Yukon, OK, USA

    hey girls I’m 14 and I’m looking for someone to trade with on Snapchat my username is boy14yo04

  • meet some nice people become friends

    27 SEP   Auburndale, FL, USA

    hey, I'm not gay so if you came here for that you came to the wrong place. I'm a gamer I play drums and i love airsoft and paintball. just looking for new people to have friends.

  • Haven-t been here in a bit.

    27 SEP   Greenup, KY, USA

    So, I haven't really been here that much, but I just recently went through something pretty shitty, and no one I know is up right now, so hmu I guess.. I wanna have some actual conversations, and not some shallow stuff, so please keep that in mind.

  • Looking for fun hmu boys

    13 SEP   Vero Beach, FL, USA

    Boys add me on snap cgm2k for fun, the younger you are the better, I’m always looking

    Ashton You have Snapchat
    Mujtaba.a Hey baby ! You are so cute if you will be my girlfriend then i will treat you like a princess
  • Ignore me and all of what I say

    26 SEP   Kearns, UT, USA

    please ignore me

    if your not going to hmu and we can talk

  • Meet people around Noblesville Indiana to be friends or more

    23 SEP   Noblesville, IN, USA

    I am looking for a nice boy or girl to be friends or more. I am a competitive cheerleader and have been for 7 years and I am trying out for my high school cheer team next year

    Kendall03 I ment nice boy not girl
    Triston Beech Grove Indiana
    Braden Batesville Indiana
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    25 SEP   New York, NY, USA


    -has to have Snapchat 

    -has to be loyal 

    -has to live in the US on east coast.

  • I don-t know, I-m just bored I guess

    05 MAR   Antigo, WI, United S

    I'm open to virtually everything so don't be afraid to text me, oh and I'll send you memes if things start going south

    Logan/Jughead Hey. Im interested to talk if youre up for it
  • Looking for a relationship

    25 SEP   Chesapeake, VA, USA

    Wassup just trying to find someone after last breakup I’m not doing to well?? so if ur in he Chesapeake VA area just hit me up and maybe we’ll be a good 

  • Meet new people for friend

    24 SEP   Bennettsville, SC, U

    Hey,  my name is Kyli,  and you're watching Disney Channel.  

    I'm 13, 14 in October.  I'm looking for friends only.13-16 Females, males, or anything you identify yourself as. No nudes and junk.  I like anime,  roleplay, drawing,  and reading. Hmu, my future friends.  Roleplay with me. 

    Snapchat:  cinnamomonstrrawr

    Instagram: cinnamomonsterrawr

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