Teens Ages 13 to 16

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 13 to 16 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 13 to 16 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Friendships, relationships

    21 FEB   Columbus, OH, USA

    Hello, Im Bari,yes like blueberrys,hence the username. Im rlly funny, i love memes, i love poetry and im into girls and guys. im not always on but hmu on my other social medias

  • Looking for someone to make me feel less lonely

    15 MAY   Glasgow, United King

    Hi, I'm Caitlin 13. Sassy, reckless and sarcastic, I'm a dancer but I also enjoy music and I'm slight fandom trash.

  • Meet new people/friends

    19 FEB   Hammon, OK, United S

    I'm bored add me on sc or kik... I want.more people to talk to I really like music and all so if you like rock music we might get along lol or if you like miw in this moment I like others as well. I don't get along with girls very much too much drama: /

    I'm 15

  • Hey snapchat me im bored and need people to talk to

    19 FEB   Burlington, NC, USA

    Hey. My name is emily and im a fun and funny person all the time and im allways an open book so i share a lot and im fun and i like to travel and explore new places and i would love if you would add me on snapchat and snap me 

  • looking for girlfriend 13-16

    20 FEB   Philadelphia, PA, US

    I like to laugh and have a good time. i want a good long lasting relationship with someone who will always be there

  • Hey I-m Luke,15, I-m looking for someone that I can love forever and will l

    11 JAN   Sarcoxie, MO, United

    Hey I'm Luke,15, I'm looking for someone that I can love forever and will love me back

  • looking for girls and boys

    17 FEB   Hoosick Falls, NY, U

    I’m 13 and like animating, thinking, playing games, boys and girls, and more.

    Hmu if you want to try. I look for more personality than looks. I’m very nice and called a therapist sometimes.

  • I need someone to love me

    10 JAN   Melbourne, Victoria,

    Hey I’m Izzie I’m 14 just what someone to  love me 

  • Need an online boyfriend

    16 OCT   Sydney, New South Wa

    hello i'm precious, i'm single and free you can alway hit me up. Anytime. Also fyi i'm 5'3" and tan. I really want someone who reply fast and and if you need a friend you  can HMU. I am also here to meet new people from around the world

  • Meet new people and have fun

    12 MAR   Sydney, New South Wa

    Hi I'm Brittany 15 single bisexual love swimming laying around chilling want to meet new people for fun I'm a pretty easy fun loving chicky xx;)

  • any1 want to chat? hmu.

    15 FEB   London, United Kingd

    hey there im just so bored ?. If u r too hmu i will literally tlk about ANYTHING srsly.?

  • Looking for a girl friend

    14 FEB   Lansing, MI, USA

    I'm looking for a girlfriend that supports  bisexuals and is accepting of my life struggles 

    if interested email me at roconnor000@gmail.com

  • looking for a girlfriend who lives in Virginia Beach, VA

    14 FEB   Virginia Beach, VA,

    Hi my name is Daniel, I'm bisexual, I love to play video games and listen to music, i like to have fun

  • Bsx...................partner

    13 FEB   Brezovica pri Ljublj

    Hei. Wanna meet 13-15 bsx partner...................................................................................................................

  • Meet teen guy who isn-t jerk

    27 FEB  

    I'm Sofia. I'm 13 years old and looking for a guy who doesn't just want nudes and wants an actual relationship and who is 13-15.I like to run and excercise but also chill and hangout. Needs to have good sense of humor and be kind. I'm from Bwoling Green where all the guys are idiots or jerks. I can do a long distance relationship but living close would be even better. My Kik is sofiajn. so feel free to contact me if you're interested. 

  • Meet friends or get a girlfriend

    12 FEB   Salisbury, MD, USA

    I like meeting new people and having conversations about anything I'm laid back and looking for a gf

  • Looking for girls and friends maybe take it to the next level

    11 FEB   Sydney NSW, Australi

    I'm just a kid who's four, each day I grow some more, I like exploring I'm Caillou
    So many things to do, each day is something new, I'll share them with you I'm Caillou
    My world is turning, changing each day..with mommy and daddy I'm finding my way
    Growing up is not so tough, cept' when I've had enough but there's lots of fun stuff I'm Caillou, Caillou, Caillou, I'm Caillou. That's me! (Idk bored asf tho)

  • Looking for girlfriend

    11 FEB   Valley Stream, NY, U

    Hey looking for a girlfriend. Preferably 13-16.  

    My snapchat is Cmangual

  • Hey I?m looking to meet new people

    20 JAN   MI, United States

    I want a boyfriend age 14-16, or any one who wants to be friends 13-16. Let me know, I’d prefer if you lived close to me tho. :)

  • looking for a few friends

    15 JAN   Flinders, New South

    Hi i am hayden and i would like some friends that share the same interists as me such as videogames but not violent ones like gta5 or call of duty

  • Looking for a bf. So hmu:)

    06 JAN   Planet Earth

    I’m looking for a boyfriend that’s understanding and not a control freak. I need a guy that’ll love me for me and is just an amazing person with an amazing personality.And it would be nice if he’s cute, but it’s not an absolute necessity. So hmu

  • Looking for friends or someone to talk to. Idk

    31 JAN   Planet Earth

    Hi. At this point I’m just looking for someone to have a good conversation with. Please do not message me with sexual intentions becuase you will automatically be shut down. Thanks xoxo:)

  • Looking for a Boyfriend or Girlfriend, I am Bisexual

    10 FEB   Jersey City, NJ, Uni

    I am looking for someone to date and hang out with. I would luv to go out with some of you handsome boys and pretty girls. hit me up on my phone at 201-906-9563. I am 13 just saying. 

  • Hey, looking for a someone to bond with and see what goes after that <3 HMU

    09 FEB   Manchester, CT, USA

    Im Cesar(duh) Some things about me and what im looking for...

    I Like musicals, Anime, Animation, Books, Ill always be listening to music...

    What Im looking for: Nice, Funny, Dorky, Common intrests, Likes me for who I am, Idk if I would do long distance, (If near by)Would like to go out with me(Movies,Mall,Park,etc), also ages 13-14 only!

  • Meet new peeps for friendship or flirt

    09 FEB   Salinas, CA, USA

    I, I'm Agustin, I'm pretty awkward and weird at first, but you'll get used to it X3 we could talk, or flirt (straight) or idk what ya wanna do XD down for almost whatever XDD

  • add me on sc let?s be pals wink wink

    09 FEB   Buckhead, GA, USA

    add me on sc emma.hamiltonnn im very super cool and ya don’t be old that’s weird boiiiiiiii

  • (Insert Amazing Title Here)

    28 JAN   Long Island, NY, Uni

    Im your typical New York hipster wanna be. I sing, play the ukulele,guitar,piano,drums. I skate and Love me some Video games. 

    Q:Where did sally go after the explosion


    If i made you smile or laugh check out my instagram....Maxamoto12 (DEFINITELY  NOT SELF ADVERTISING OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT)

  • Is anyone looking for a trans boyfriend

    19 JUL   Bellbrook, OH, Unite

    Hey I'm sam or sammie! I'm a transgender female to male bisexual! I still haven't had the surgery yet to make me a guy but I'd still like to meet someone who loves me for me! I'm really emo I like to draw and listen to music, some of my favorite artists are twenty one pilots panic at the disco and cry baby. I do have depression though and I do cut myself. I don't mind doing a long distance relationship either. 

  • Any Swedish girls here?

    07 FEB   Paris, TX, United St

    Hi, im an american nerd guy looking for a swedish gf, I like anime, rock, drawing and reading. Hmu ;) 

  • Daddy/Master looking for kitten/little sub

    27 JAN   London, United Kingd

    Loveing Daddy/Master Dom looking for a sweet sub.

    Kik me YourMasterSir91

  • Wanna become friends with benefits? add me on Kik or Sc

    05 DEC   Kennett, MO, United

    add me on sc or kik so we can chat! wanting to meet some fun people

    Kik: vexico

    Sc: zxc9939

  • Looking for a boyfriend and friends

    07 FEB   Bordeaux, France

    Hi,I’m wess I’m looking for a cute boy which means a loyal boy not hot but cute kinda handsome romantic no dirty talk nor sexy pics just a good boyfriend 

  • Personality is better then weight

    07 FEB   Phenix City, AL, USA

    I hate girls who only look at a guys body not there personality 

  • Who wants to go out for Valentine?s Day?

    06 FEB   Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    hey I’m completely devastated and I’m sad cause I have no one on Valentine’s Day, so if any guys (preferably 14-15) wanna go out and hang please add me on snap, also you have to live in Winnipeg or close by

  • im bored any grls wanting 2 chat?

    05 FEB   London, United Kingd

    come on peeps i want 2 chat with some grls coz im bored come on my dudes some1 step up ?

  • Im Bored anyone can talk to me

    05 FEB   Bengaluru, Karnataka

    I just want someone to talk to that's it I like gaming and meeting new people so if you want you can talk to me 

  • (can-t think of a clever title)

    17 DEC   Denver, CO, United S

    You're only on this site if you're lonley, horny, desperate or all of the above. But here I am. I origanally joined this site as a joke but I've actually met some really unique people and am really looking forward to meeting more. Don't hmu with the basic lines such as "send nudes," or "hey babygirl, you single?" or "do you wanna date." I'm not the person to jump on the first dick I see so I can promise you its not gonna happen. Other than that, feel free to add me on the snap or instagram (I'm more likley to respond) for friendship, or whatever else you'd like to get to know me for. :P

  • I?m looking for love, hby?

    05 DEC   Russellville, AR, Un

    I am on the heavier side meaning I'm not skinny or anywhere near it and I'm 14, My height is 5'6 last time I checked, someone who can handle a long distance relationship and long term relationship and someone who wont force me to do something, anyone who can handle my silliness, is honest, caring, loving, and has a sense of humor, I like anime and heavy metal and korean drama, horror movies (sorta), I like to listen to the piano like yiruma and kpop (bts), my dream is to find a husband get a good job and possibly have a family if my future husband wants too, Im really into Korean, Asian, Chinese, Japanese and white guys, they r just so cute, But I will date any race, I like to hangout with my friends, I just moved to Arkansas but I was in Omaha, Nebraska, I can only message with this site or instagram or if u have kik my kik is kaylee_oxner237 or if u have an iPhone I can text u, I'm a freshman of high school, my hair isnt naturally the color in my profile photo, my hair is originally black but I dyed it red then it faded a lot, I like to watch kids movies like lion king and moana and idc, I love stuffed animals cuz they r so cute (Kawaii), I'm looking for a guy who will be committed to a long term relationship, and will love me for me, who is nice and caring and loving and who loves to cuddle, I'm caring and loving and honest, tbh I'm not pretty but give me a chance plz

  • Edgy and looking for an emo boy that will love me

    04 FEB   Adger, AL, United St

    Please add me on Snapchat or Instagram and message me. I can't seem to find people who care enough.

  • Meet someone, to talk to and a little more?

    03 FEB   ST. HELENS

    Hi there:) Im Tyler 16, wanting someone(13-16) to talk to and a little bit more with, on Snapchat, if you fancy it give us an add!

  • Meet new girls to talk to

    03 FEB   Baraga, MI, United S

    hi I’m Jacob Anderson and im looking for girls to chat with I’m 15 and I’m single and bored so hmu on kik Jacob.Anderson4230, also preferably  ages 13-16 girls only I’m straight. And I really love music and dogs.

  • Looking for a boy bestfriend or something

    02 FEB   Ponchatoula, LA, Uni

    I’m Tierney,14 I’m tired of my friends they all fake I need something real . I rap alittle bit it ain’t that good but that’s what I do when I’m mad . I’m loyal and funny 

  • Hi what up My name is TraVeion

    30 JUN   Saint Helena Island,

    • Someone how I could trust and be cool with 
    • I'm looking for someone 

  • meet new people and talk to

    30 JAN   Stoke-on-Trent, Unit

    hey im Maxine im usually always bkred soo add me or text me and i will tey to get back to u as soon as possible

  • Looking for a Boyfriend

    04 SEP  

    Hi ?, I'm Lainey. I am looking for a bf. Ages 14-15. I like to have a fun. You do not have to live close, I like long distance relationships.

  • Edgy and looking for an emo boy that will love me no matter what

    31 JAN   Adger, AL, United St

    I need a dang emo boy in mah life.add me on snap to talk if interested.thanks so much. Cya

  • Looking for a friendship with a boy

    06 JAN   Worcester, MA, Unite

    I want a friend that is Hispanic or African-American. I am very funny, talented, outgoing, and a gamer. I like boys who care about me and are proud of who I am. 

    Be Respectful

    be honest


  • Hey my name is Kolton and I?m bored so hmu

    31 JAN   La Grande, OR, Unite

    hey guys I’m pretty bored and if u are to just hmu  on snap:koltonwood1 or my other social media’s. I’m pretty chill just want to have fun or have a nice conversation.

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