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  • Looking for someone to make me feel less lonely

    15 MAY   Glasgow, United King

    Hi, I'm Caitlin 13. Sassy, reckless and sarcastic, I'm a dancer but I also enjoy music and I'm slight fandom trash.

    Dex Hey, message me if you want to, i probably wont be able to make you feel less lonely though xP
    12 hours ago
    Connor13 Hey yall boys thirsty af get a fucking life and keep ur dick in ur pants facts gey to know the fucking girl takeur time tf
    1 hour ago

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    24 JUN   Wyoming, MI, United

    Hi, Im 13 and looking for someone from ages 13 to 16 for a boyfriend. I need someone I can trust.

    Nicholas hey i am 13 wanna chat
    1 day ago
    William Hey u can trust me wanna chat
    10 hours ago
    16gay teen Hey someone live in Lexington Kentucky want to talk
    YoungnHung Are you looking for a serious relationship
    6 hours ago
  • Need some love in my life for real

    18 MAY   Rockaway, NJ, United

    hi, my name is em for short. I am 13 and a half and am looking for a good relationship in northern jersey, if anyone is interested hmu. I am a boy.I love cuddling and love, movies Netflix, hangin out and sports. I like country and rap music and love bon fires. Hmu if interested.

    Michael R. Hey, Im very interested, but I love in Brooklyn, NY. My snap is michaelr375 so hmu if you wanna talk
    7 hours ago
  • Instagram: DJL3G1T342

    25 JUN   Palmetto, FL, United

    Hey I'm Devvon. I'm funny, smart, random at times, open to honestly anything, love videogames, volleyball, rollercoasters, pools, and FOOD haha, also love to talk and looking for people to find a new friendship with or maybe even more haha

  • up for stuff c; if you know what i mean

    26 APR   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    My names ashley im 16 and im looking for girls and boys 13-16 im down for anything so hmu no older men you will be block im promise

    Markyboy735 Hello, Im looking for people to chat with Lol
    Bruh HMU Im 14 with a nice cock
    12 hours ago
  • 13 looking for a cute loyal guy

    27 APR   Calhoun, GA, United

    hi I'm fantazia I'm looking for a cute white male (not being racist) I'm from the US I live in Georgia I'm from Texas. I'm adopted by Tammy grandparents and if anyone wanna talk HMU???

    BoredOfBeingBored Why white? this constant romanticisation of caucasians, that perpetuates the trope that white is better than black.
    12 hours ago
  • An introduction and my hobbies

    13 FEB   Athol, MA, United St

    Hey, I'm LilyJay and I'm 14 years old. My interests are sex, teen boys, music, animals, I love high school musical and grease (they are my favorite movies) and food lol

    Boredomking When she says she is interested in sex XD
    2 days ago
    Loneboi21 Im gonna drop my number here text me (909)225-8047
    2 days ago
    My name is not jeff I find really funny that the first thing youre interested in is sex. But its all good because youre interested in food.
    2 days ago
    Alex Im interested in sex too hmu for some more
    1 day ago
  • I-m Aubrey!!!:) Thirteen!!

    23 JUN   Ansonia, OH, United

    I'm looking for people to talk to... People who can be friendly and maybe, if your a guy, build up to something more ;) I'm a fun, outgoing person and I always try to be possitive! Trying to look for someone around Ohio or even in Ohio!

    Loneboi21 Text me (909)225-8047
    2 days ago
    My name is not jeff I wouldnt call them it seems too risky because (909) are scams. The first one be careful, because people will not just leave their phones numbers. Just overall be careful
    2 days ago
    Johnny This nigga 21 years old tryna get a 13 year old girl to talk to him
    1 day ago
    Bobhi Hey 16 give me a text 2502128232 up for anything
    1 day ago
  • Looking for a relationship with a girl

    24 JUN   Austin, TX, United S

    Hi, Ethan here. Looking for a relationship with a girl. I am 16 and love hockey. I am ok with a long distance relationship. I like to have fun and laugh but most of my jokes are bad.?

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    24 JUN   Hackberry, LA, Unite

    Hi my name is kaden, 16 I have a positive attitude. I like to meet new people, i'm looking for a relationship with a girl who wouldnt mind a long distance relationship, wants a long term one, wont judge me based on my looks, and is nice and loving.. im not picky but my dream girl is a short skinny girl who likes to play video games, cuddle, and would remain with me and wants a future with me

  • I love red hair and more

    22 JUN   Florida City, FL, Un

    I I'm love with red hair short White girls with freckles and more stuff like gaming

  • Friends or maybe something even more

    22 JUN   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    I'm looking for friends or something more than friends. I love rock especially grunge, I have a dog name Beauty, i'm a boxer, im looking for a girl who can have fun and be chill. 

  • Looking For A Boyfriend

    17 MAY   Torrance, CA, United

    Heya. Uhm. Im looking for a boyfriend. Preferably near me. If not thats cool too. Uhm. I wrote a short bio fo myself becuase you cant exactly put one here. so uhmm here it is ....

    Heya. Im Andrew. ( weird girls name but whatever ) I like writing, music and bad memes. I’m 5’3 and dye my hair every other month. I have snapchat, kik and skype so message me on there and/or here. 

    Kik: HipsterShitz

    Skype: RawrMeAMew@gmail.com

    Snapchat: HipsterShitz

    Kelly Hi my name is Ryley and Im a guy. I am thirteen and I dye my hair black. I know Im not in your state but I was hoping we could still try.
    Renner14 Hey Andrew i sent u a skype messages 😜🤓
    Lexi Want to be friends
    3 days ago
  • Looking for girlfriend who-s nice and likes to laugh 13-17

    20 JUN   Dublin, Ireland

    Text me if u are interested maybe u think I'm cute lol.I want a girlfriend who is chill.

    Lexi Can I see your face?
    3 days ago
  • hoping for a great relationship with somebody

    19 JUN   Stafford, NJ, United

    I'm hoping to get in a relationship with a girl that's beutiful,nice,and hoping to stay with for the rest of my life.

  • Hey there my name is Andrew

    22 JUN   Las Vegas, NV, Unite

    I'm looking for friends or something more than friends. I love rock especially grunge, I have a dog name Beauty, i'm a boxer, i'm looking for a girl who isn't just an angel but 5 devil. Someone i can have a fun time with and chill. 

  • anyoneintrested 14 or yougher

    20 JUN   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    any guy want to see where  we go im bio and 14 years old and willing to see where we go

    Nick but just as friends
  • Single football player

    21 JUN   Fort Worth, TX, Unit

    Hi there my name is jesus but everyone calls me toro i like watching sports and movies i actually have my own YouTube channel and have my own lil biker gang of 67,000 riders and more I'm single need a gf and just looking for a girl to show all my love to I'm 17

  • Looking for gf hmu if interested

    20 JUN   Henderson, NV, Unite

    I'm single and want to form a realationship with someone who i find special hmu if interested

  • Meet new people for friendship and maybe more

    20 JUN   Falmouth, MA, United

    Hi.  I'm Ariana.  I love basketball, football,  and anything medical.  I want to be a doctor when I grow up.  I am bisexual.  I hope we can be friends and maybe more.  :):)

  • Anthony, 15 years old

    15 JUN   Long Beach, CA, Unit

    Looking for someone to talk to. Maybe even flirt a lil or even send some pics but mostly chat.

  • Find people to talk to or possibly a relationship

    20 JUN   Washington Township,

    Hi, I'm Nathan. 14. Looking for people to talk to, friends, or possibly a girlfriend(I'm straight). I love music, fishing, and outdoor activities. I love to laugh and I'd like to have someone to cuddle with or just talk to. You can kik me or dm on instagram: tree_trimmer76

  • Hot me up if y-all want to talk girls only

    20 JUN   Snow Hill, NC, Unite

    Hey my name is. wait no introduction y'all know my name. I am country,athletic, funny, straight looking for sexy girls, love to hunt, fish, I play basketball,baseball, football up to whatever 

  • In a mood to talk to someone...

    16 JUN  

    Well I'm giving this website another chance... to find me the right one. I do have a crush on someone rn, but he probably doesn't like me idk. So hmu idc...

    Sexy21 Text me if you want we can talk (909)225-8047
  • Guys aged 15-17 hit me up!

    13 APR   Poplar Bluff, MO, Un

    I'm bored and I want chat with guys becuase girls arent my type. So message me! Looking for a great guy friend and a cuddle buddy.

    Thomas Denton hey Hallie what seems to be the problem? i can be your cuddle boy if you want cause that is one of the reasons why i even joined this website so if you want i could :]
    jacob15 Hey ill date u
    Sexy21 Text me (909)225-8047
  • Girl let-s have some fun

    19 APR   Moreno Valley, CA, U

    Hi there any beautiful sexy lady wanna talk get to know each other and have some naughty fun get naughty over the phone give your cell phone number girl 


    17 JUN   Columbus, OH, United

    I'm an uninspired piece of crap waiting for the world to come to me. I write poetry, draw bullshit, and write short stories. I'm looking for someone to talk to, and something to do.

    Sparrow Hullo! This is a piece of trash. I come with puns and poorly written stories myself!
  • My name is Yamilette but just call me yami for short

    03 JUN   Allentown, PA, Unite

    Don't got time for basic. Looking for male or female friends either one okie

    Gary Hey hmu if you want, Im interested if you are :)
    Mason Hiya Yami. You seem real nice. I just want to get to know you a little better. Just let me know if you want some talk. I am 15
    GummyBearWolf Hey Yami, I love pretty close to you and Im 14 years old :3 Hmu if you want to talk :3
  • Teenager Dating or Chatting

    15 JUN   Versailles, MO, Unit

    Looking for 13 14 or 15 or even higher gay or bi guys. Taller than 5"4 and must have blonde or brown or black hair. Must have some what of an athleticbody. I live in Missouri.

    Dylan2017 add me on snapchat at keith7_cheer
  • Looking to meet GIRLS only ..

    16 JUN   Malibu, CA, United S

    Age: 14
    6ft 2in / 188cm 
    132lbs / 60kg
    Big Pecker

    From Mermaid Beach, AU
    just moved to
    Venice Beach, CA

    Imsooooobi Hey you should totally Kik me
  • forever alone lmao

    04 JAN   Belleville, IL, Unit

    so hi. im sophie. Im super lazy and I hate sports. I love to draw and I occasionally make puns. Im bi and im looking for friends and a possible boyfriend/girlfriend. message me to know more :)

  • 14 looking for friends/bf

    10 JUN  

    Im 14 and available most of the time. PM me :). This is not for people above 16. Thanks

  • Meeting friends and a bf idk

    09 JUN  

    This is my first time doing online chatting, and I'm kinda nervous about this... I know about online safety so I don't want you to lie to me... please don't be a grown man or woman behind a fake profile! I'm 14, single, smart, funny, and I'm just looking for someone to talk that's all ?? If I trust you I'll give you my sc and ig so yep that's all I have to say for rn 

    ShadowGirl14 And I want to meet that special someone who is around my area, bc I dont think I can handle a long distance relationship idk yet
    rich_nigga yo shadow hmu
    Ben wilcox Ive had a long distance relationship before, there not bad
  • I wanna meet a nice girl

    15 JUN  

    Not looking to meet but someone chill to talk to online or maybe get into a relationship. Msg me if ur interested.

  • hi guys im richard just trying to meet new ppl

    12 JUN   Brooklyn NY, United


    Michael Jones Hey u wanna talk
  • About Me and my life

    07 JUN   Bucyrus, OH, United

    Im Tori and I'm a Christian. I'm looking for someone in my area. I have autism and high anxiety disorder. I love comics and I'm a police of Ohio. I have a red nose pit his name is diesel. My favorite color is blue. I'm looking for a boy with a pure heart and Christ like.

    benzheng Youre beautiful
    Mark15 I love u beautiful
    Tori I love you too
  • Looking for a emo gf

    14 MAR   Walnut Grove, GA, Un

    Hi I'm Cameron I'm 14 I'm tired of fake relationships I want a emo girl who won't cheat and will stay loyal I love metal music

    People.hurt.people.fade Syd you hurt me so will you please leave me alone
    People.hurt.people.fade You had your chance and you blew it
  • Meeting new people...i guess

    13 JUN   Portland, OR, United

    hey looking for people to meet im bi but prefer girls more...willing to trade "items" and is also willing to get into a relationship....my email is kaidenpedersen528@gmail.com message me on google hangouts

    Ydahg by items i mean nudes xD i was fucking tired when i wrote this it was 4 in the morning
  • wanting to meet new people

    14 MAR   Killeen, TX, United

    my name is gabby old , im 14 years and i live in killeen tx, and people say im smart, kind, loving, and trustworthy. im looking for a guy who can sweep me off my feet, very kind, who can treat me right, and thst will always be there for me.my limits are 14-15 years old.:)

    brody hey gabby, im interested so hmu whenever
    merrick Hi Im Merrick
    Markyboy735 Meh , I need people to chat with
  • hi im richard im gay and love playing video games

    12 JUN   Brooklyn NY, United

    hi im richard im from queens ny im 15 years old and im gay looking to meep new people n maybe a boy friend im  Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out

  • Looking for a loyal dirty girl

    12 JUN   Auburn, CA, United S

    Hi I'm Braden I'm 13 and single I'm loyal and dirty looking for the same in a girl 

  • Looking for girls near Dallas TX

    12 JUN   Dallas, TX, United S

    Im looking for girls who live in or near Texas who like basket ball and gaming, if you like either or both of those hit me up. :)

  • Need People to talk to

    11 JUN   Tama, IA, United Sta

    Add me! I'm Ty, I really bored and want new people to talk to. I like sports, I play football, basketball, track, and lacrosse. Add me for a good conversation. I'm single but not desperate. I'm 14 and my birthday is next month so I'm basically 15. Add: ballerbear49 

  • Im Looking For Friends

    07 MAY   Gainestown, AL, Unit

    Hi Im Hannah , I'm Just Looking For Someone To Talk To & Be Friends w Maybe more idk, I Like Girls But I Talk To Both So Hmu If Youd Like To Be Friends (:

  • Who want to get freaky on snapchat

    24 APR   Petersburg, VA, Unit

    Im luis 17 years old, yall girl add me on snapchat, alsowe could trade nudes lol

    Grace What ur snap
    Luis11 Luis_neymar1110
    Mechs.skeet? Add me arandalls9
    fanta keita hey wats up luis u r realy cute
  • Looking for a guy...

    14 MAR   Cumberland, MD, Unit

      Hey!! I am Lizzy and I'm 13. I want a guy, preferably am anime geek that likes Rock, Emo and Screamo music. I am looking for someone who will care about me, and will give support. I have really bad depression, and I may be hard to deal with at times. If you want to know more about me, or are interested in dating, then hmu!!

    sophie i like anime too :D
    Nishad Yo I like anime too and i will always care for u and always be there for u in any difficult situations I live in Houston so if u r interested hmu
    tvanatta When you do nothing but wish that sebastian from black butler would take care of you
  • Looking for a friend

    07 JUN   Wesley Chapel, FL, U

    hey. I'm bored, just looking for someone to talk with. I'm all eyes and ears.

  • Need your help, I can-t decide alone!

    06 JUN   New York, NY, United

    Guys, need your help! I have a Birthday soon, and I invited lots of friends!We are going to have a party and I"m very pleased  about it!But I do not know, how to give them thanks..How do you think, 
    should I use some words from the Internet 
    ( like http://quotespill.com/thank-coming-birthday-party/), or it'll be better to speak my own words?

    Xiomara Use your own words they are your friends so they like you for you
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