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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 13 to 16 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 13 to 16 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events

    22 NOV   isolo

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahah d joker and harley quinn says guys nd girls should join joker clan where laughter is every day business xDxDxDxDxDxDXDxDxD

  • Looking for sporty g

    06 MAY   London, United Kingd

    I love sports and athletics especially running interested in football. I like reading listening to music by the latest artists and hanging out with friends. I like boys no older than 15 though I may make exceptions 

    Abeo hmu pls :D
    Mirco Accept me on snap
    2 days ago
    Henry Chafton(taken by Lyssa) Im a singer and a football player i play for my school walker high shool im a freshman im 15 im number 21 defense of end im a sweet guy and im funny and im a gamer and im looking for a real good relationship
    4 hours ago
    Nick205 Hey i play baseball, track and cross country and wrestling, im very nice and kind and i love sports a lot
    2 hours ago
  • Looking for boyfriend

    11 FEB   Metairie, LA, United

    Hi. My name is Madelyn or Maddy for short. I'm 13 years old. I play volleyball. I am looking for a boyfriend 13-14. I was a long lasting relationship. I can do long distance and online dating. I am kind and loving. I'm a little loud sometimes but I love to laugh and have a good time. I don't mean to sound picky or mean but I prefer fit, good looking boys. If you are interested please send me a message. 

    Dude5999 Im just bored, so you gained yourself a comment!
    Nishad lol u can hmu if u want
    StormDragon Hey, if u are cool let chat, Im a NCC(Sea) Cadet in my school so Im fit and if u need any IT problems I can help with that seen im a AVA Crew in my school too Im cool with long distance relationship and I can bring a smile to your face when u are down . If u like give me a chat :)
    Henry Chafton(taken by Lyssa) Im an MCJROTC cadet so i am very disciplined and but i am a funny guy and im a football player and a singer im 15 im in walker louisiana
    4 hours ago
  • Just want to meet people.

    20 NOV   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    Heya, I just wanted to say is there anyone that wants to talk for a friendship or even a relationship? I'm fine with talking to anyone but I really want to talk to someone who wants to build an actual friendship or a relationship. Weird right? 

    jose()¤-¤() Hey cmon whu says its weird friendship always works
    9 hours ago
    Waqar Hey I m available for friendship
    6 hours ago
  • Hello nice to meet you :))

    20 NOV   S

    Hello my name is lydi. I'm 13, I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm honestly probably one of the funniest people you'll meet, especially because of my amazing memes. But other than that I'm only using this app because I'm looking to make more friends that are kind and trustworthy. I am single but I'm not too worried about that. So if you're looking to talk or if you have Snapchat hmu @itsgarce

    caden i added you on snapchat
    2 days ago
    Winston Hi nice to meet you
    2 days ago
    Caden04w Hi nice to meet you to
    1 day ago
  • Honestly why lmaoo ??

    22 NOV   S

    Lmao it's fun meeting a variety of people like yourselves. But I've gotten many people add me who are like 20. Tf, like I don't think it's appropriate to be texting me and expecially those people who sext. Isn't that illegal? I don't know but either way it's not appropriate. So if any of you are 20 or older please, and I don't mean this to sound rude but please don't be trying to text me and shit. Lmaooo. The rest of you wassup add me lmao I got freshly baked memes.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    06 NOV   Boston, MA, United S

    Hi my name's Eric and im 14 years old. I'm a sweet and intelligent and confident boy. I like to play piano and video games. I also like to play basketball and swim. I'm looking for a girl who I could care about and does the same to me. I'm also looking for a girl who is kind and could carry on a conversation with me no matter what. HMU on here, snapchat, or kik!

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    22 NOV   Idukki, Kerala, Indi

    I m 16,looking for a cute girl friend under 16.if u are interested hmu on snapchat or message me,

    arut70 snap: arunt9562
    12 hours ago
  • Meeting new girls for potential relationship haha

    22 NOV   Manchester, NH, Unit

    Howdy Im looking for a potential relationship, im funny/goofy guy, i like music alot and pretty much a nerd lol

  • Meet friends and a guy for realationship

    20 NOV   Walkerville, MI, Uni

    Looking for new friends done with the old ones. Maybe I can find a good guy. Be warned NO NUDES. I will not send them don't ask. 

  • .....................

    21 NOV   Red Deer, AB, Canada

    I want to date someone... but I don't want to date someone i don't know much about. if you ask me to date you right away i'll reject. I want to get to know the person before I date him/her

  • My Snapchat is jcato813

    21 NOV   Jacksonville, FL, Un

    I'm 13 and I'm chill. I like a variety of sports and music. I'm looking for girl friends not like dating like friends and I'm the type of person u can text for hours so add me on snap

  • Want to mingle , or?

    20 NOV   S

    I want someone who actually wants to take the chance to get to know me and learn about my personality before my looks and shit 

    luckyrajraushan Okey.....Im readyyyyyyy
    2 days ago
    Henry Chafton(taken by Lyssa) I would love to get to know you hmu at snapchat at evaneye or at kik at henrychafton
    2 days ago
  • Single and looking for friends

    20 NOV   Pico Rivera, CA, Uni

     Miranda Fernandez I am 13 I live in Los Angeles and I’m just bored and I’m looking for relationship and somebody to talk to you I answer really quickly I’m going to bed around like 2:30 in the morning 

    Henry Chafton(taken by Lyssa) Miranda i never said i didnt want to be with you
    2 days ago
    Miranda Well I can’t I’m looking for a new boyfriend
    2 days ago
    Miranda Well u want a new girl
    2 days ago
  • Girls around the age of 16 that wants to date me

    05 FEB   Liberty, MO, United

    I have been through a lot and I am a nice person. I am 16 I'm 6'4 and I am looking for a gf

    Tombraider Hey Im Katie im 14 almost 15 and Ive been through a lot also and Im only 4 inches shorter than you.
    Fiona hi, I am 15 years old. and I have also been trough a lot. if youre interested, send me a friend request on Facebook @Fiona owan.
    brie hey everyone mostly boys or anyone Im looking for friends and here is my Whatsapp 254734865588 welcome everyone
    luckyrajraushan Hiii..Im lucky.....Im looking for a gf now...if anyone interested then msg me on my WhatsApp... 91-8541905502
    2 days ago
  • Friendship/relationship

    19 NOV   Pico Rivera, CA, Uni

     I posted like a few seconds ago name is Miranda I’m 13Los Angeles and I’m looking for relationship maybe a best friend I don’t know yet but I don’t want to relationship in a best friend and my new kik is candyLOL101704_ 

  • Looking for friendship maybe a relationship

    19 NOV   Pico Rivera, CA, Uni

     I’m 13  my name is Miranda I live in Los Angeles California and I’m just looking to meet new people maybe have a boyfriend  I respond quickly to if I’m awake but I most likely will be awake until like 230 

  • Meet Single 13-16 Year That Would Want To Date Me

    13 NOV   Frederick, MD, Unite

    I'm Steven I'm 14 and I'm looking for a cute girlfriend that will love me for me and not for my looks or dick and not even think about asking me to send dick pics and i've only dated 2 girls and when we broke up they wouldn't leave me alone the first one cheated on me and asked me to talk sexual with her and when i said no she said she was gonna tell her friend and other people lies about me and the second one she straight up asked me for dick pics and when i said no because she kept on sending me fake pics i didn't even ask for she wouldn't leave me alone and when i asked her nicely to leave me alone she would keep on saying and i quote "what why i didn't do anything" and i told her that what she did to me was not leave me alone when i asked her nicely to and i also said and i quote "i don't have to hav a reason why i'm telling you to leave me alone,i can just tell you to leave me alone and you should just listen and do it

    Sunshine Somebody date this dude! Hes decent and kind to people. Like, seriously! Im lesbian but he and I are friends. Hes respectful and not some sex addict or something. He deserves a great girl. Somebody!!!! (Im commenting as his friend)
    3 days ago
  • Hey y-all wanna make new friends. I-m a happy person love to talk

    18 NOV   Port of Spain, Trini

    hiii my name is niv. I'm a happy person i give good advice I'm always laughing. I want to make me friends. Bye

  • Meet new chill people?

    18 NOV   San Francisco, CA, U

    If there is any decent people out there then hmu. I'm not asking for trouble with perverts so back off. If anyone is interested in starting a streak then be mature and cool to control yourself. No older than 17!

  • Meet a cute girl that-ll blow up my phone all day

    18 NOV   Bliss, ID, United St

    I'm very approachable, I'll hug all the time. I'm looking for a cute girl to make a rainy day seem like heaven and make rainier even better. so hmu on snapchat @(Roy G) and I could be yours 

  • Hi guys! Looking for a boyfriend

    18 NOV   Asheville, NC, Unite

    Hey, I'm Kaya, 13,I'm female, I act very ladylike and I have good manners.I usually have a very positive attitude, I LOVE to laugh and have a good time. I'm lookin to meet a guy/man with similar mindset for hangin out (Cute thoughtful dates, takin cute pics, walking around, dining, holding hands,ect.) and I'm straight btw :) And I'd like you to live either in Leicester,Alexander,Asheville,Woodfin,Weaverville,Swannanoa,Black Mountain or within 80 mi. of asheville. Thanks <3

  • 14 looking for friends/bf

    10 JUN  

    Im 14 and available most of the time. PM me :). This is not for people above 16. Thanks

    idris3 hey im up for it
    Julio Castrillo Hey Im looking for a gf if your interested lets chat please
    Destiny hi my name is Sunday or Destiny, but i prefer to be called Destiny. am 16, i love or like to read, laugh, watch movie, heard historys, play music, and have fun, also i love the scientist making research and more. am simple and am looking for girls to date(it might be long distance relationship, and most of all am black. you can also text me on WhatsApp 08144381309.
  • Looking for Relationship

    13 NOV   Santa Clarita, CA, U

    Hi! My name is Evan Matsushita and im 14, about to turn 15. Im a energetic and happy person who is looking for a relationship. I play a video games, but its not my entire life and i love to work out. Im into women, and transgenders (male-female and female-male).. Please live within 110 km of Santa Clarita, California. And if you want to talk to me im on snapchat as dilutedjap. Also i like to snuggle, dont know if that helps or not but hey

    Alex1824 Oh come on! cant you go for a guy and see how it feels? Oh and by the way CUDDLING TOTALLY HELPS! ;)
  • Looking for a girlfriend 13-16

    15 NOV   West Lebanon, IN, Un

    HI talk to me then we can give details. I am a gamer. Also pretty smart. I am 14. i am in band and love TWD.

  • looking for friends 14-17

    04 NOV   New York, NY, United

    I am 16 years old, and I am looking for girls 14-17 years old to be friends with or more.

    I have snapchat and kik msg me :P

    Tiara Whats your kik
    Tiara Jayson whats your kik because its not working
  • It-s not about weight or looks it-s about personality

    01 OCT   NY, United States

    I don't care if I'm ugly and fat it's all about my personality I just want a girl who I can call mine hmu if you agree  please take the time to read this and message me I'll tell you what I told a couple of my friends

    Druziwynit Thats easy to say for people like us, but be honest: Youd rather have a hot person than an ugly person...
    Nothing I agree with u Dylan. People should start paying more attention to personalities than looks
    Imtheworst I fully agree looks arent everything guys sure you can take a look at someone and be like “hell no” or you could try to look a little deeper get to know the person and enjoy their company if you base everything on looks i mean you could be a dick to so many people because when someone judges your looks they are boosting themselves bc they are lil bitches
  • Looking for a girl.friend

    11 NOV   Melbourne, Victoria,

    Hi everyone! My name is Aidan, and I'm 15 years old turning 16 in 2 months. I am always free to talk with a positive attitude, i like to play games, read alot of books, listen to music (sometimes i sing alon) and cooking. I'm currently in year 9. And I'm looking for a girlfriend

    Ayadderpoet Im 14, I enjoy reading & writing a lot and love to listen to music as well.
  • Looking for a friend ;)

    14 NOV   Perth, Western Austr

    Hi, my names Cal, I’m 15. I’m interested in finding a nice girl to talk to or something more fun ;)

    If you do, message me or add my Snapchat @calen_06

  • Looking for long distance relationship

    13 NOV   Mumbai, Maharashtra,

    Hi my name is Gryffin I am 14 years old. I am looking for a relationship that would be fun. Also if you just want to be friends then that’s ok too. I don’t judge so don’t worry about that. I will accept anyone as a friend as long as u respect me. But if ur in it for the relationship then girls only please

  • Hmu On Snapchat I-m Black And Looking For A Boyfriend

    15 MAY   Milwaukee, WI, Unite

    my Snapchat Name Is mrmke13 I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin I like guys 14-17 I'm 14 looking for an overprotective boyfriend 

    Singh Hello I like to chat with you
  • best friend? (girls/boys)

    14 NOV   Santa Clarita, CA, U

    just looking for a bestfriend that i can talk to about anything. i like bands/anime am very werid and yea Dx

  • Meet people for friendships or more

    14 NOV   Soap Lake, WA, Unite

    Hey I'm Luis, 14. I'm looking for a girl to talk to hmu on sc (kike_0311). 

  • Want to try and have a relationship with a beautiful girl i could call mine

    13 NOV   Ozark, MO, United St

    My snapchat is tyler_everett6. we can talk there if you'd like. im into drawing, video games, and music. hope to meet someone special

  • Looking For a relationship

    15 MAY   Memphis, TN, United

    Hello, my name is Sophia. I'm currently 13 just looking for love. By the way, I'm bisexual.

    Hayden Phillips (Hayo,CheeseCake) HI Ill try a relationship just know Im not one to take it slow
  • Just looking for a boyfriend or even just a friend so hmu ;)


    Hi guys. I’m Lyssie. I haven’t been on the site for a while, but I’m glad to be back. I’m still looking for the right guy. Or even just someone to talk to. So hmu if you’re interested ;) :)

    Hornyman Hey sexy lil momma Ill be your boyfriend hit me so I can shot you my number
    Henry Chafton(taken by Lyssa) Im interested hit me up im 14 and yes i look hella older but im not but im a very sweet guy and im having trouble finding the right girl
    Matthew M. You look like a nice girl, hmu if you wanna get to know me.
    Lyssie.t @Hornyman f off
  • Hi, I?m Lyssie! I?m super bored and looking for someone to talk to so hmu


    I’m Lyssie. I’m optimistic, caring, kind, and charasmtic. I love dogs, drawing, I play the violin and I also play tennis. I’m also currently single so if you’re interested hmu. :)

  • looking for a soul mate or girlfriend

    10 NOV   Monrovia, Montserrad

    This is Abraham, I am 17 year old looking for a girl friend who is 16 year of age. I am a very handsome, good and God fearing guy

  • Looking for someone to date

    03 JUL   Havana, FL, United S

    looking for a gf or bf preferably ages 14-17 please                                                  


  • looking for a boyfriend

    09 SEP   Eagan, MN, United St

    I'm Kaylee  I'm an outgoing girl who loves to smile and have a good time I'm just looking for a sweet guy I am the kind of girl who wouldn't lie to someone or hurt them in anyway I'm not a hoe either

  • An introduction and my hobbies

    13 FEB   Athol, MA, United St

    Hey, I'm LilyJay and I'm 14 years old. My interests are sex, teen boys, music, animals, I love high school musical and grease (they are my favorite movies) and food lol

    Jayson (Taken) my interests are sex I DIED OF LAUGHTER LMAO never heard that one from a girl. Imma just message you...
    Jayson (Taken) I just found out this post was like.... almost a year ago.... yea nvm
  • Looking for a girl, any age for world domination

    27 OCT   Alberta Beach, AB, C

    15 straight male looking for soul mate to help me complete my plans to take over the world. If you have no sense of humour or think that you are "all that", don't  bother contacting me.

    Lisa Hey. Ive thought that using pillows would be a great way to end the population. What is your strategy?
    EmoFluffball He is my bf so ladies back of
  • Looking for some goochie friends

    27 OCT   New York, NY, United

    I am looking for some friends to talk too, maybe more then friends u kno. I am 16, my name is Jason, I got snap (hmu) and I got kik. I play games, also play soccor. League is my go to tho. I am looking for friends that are the gender of FEMALE and only FEMALE (I had to say that because last time a lot of guys posted on a thing I did like this once....) I am guessing you wanna know if I am "cute" or attractive, just check out my profile. I got discord aswell.

    (btw I GOT A NICE NECK)

    Cammy Smith (act from Dundee uk but uk people Boring af) Mate you can’t go round saying I’ve got a nice neck and not expect some prick like me to comment
    Jayson (Taken) LMAOOOOO it was a meme man it was a meme
  • looking for a fun girl to talk to

    15 SEP   Charlotte, NC, Unite

    look for a girl that is between 14 to 17 i am 15 years old and i just want a girl to talk to and maybe start a relationship with??

    Aidan Perry hey message me
    Megan Hey I’m megan! Do you want to talk?
  • friends or something more I DON-T CARE

    04 NOV  

    hello im back on this forgotten site after like 4 months and i want to make friends I guess, hmu if you have messenger

    Frank Achille Im here for you Elynn.
  • Hit me up with the snapchat

    05 NOV   Vail, CO, United Sta

    Yo. Im 15 and live in colorado. I just want some girls snapchats hahaha. Snap me willmcd5

  • Just looking for a girlfriend

    05 NOV   Waynesboro, MS, Unit

    Hi there)I' just looking for bae in my area I'm funny and like to have fun

  • Looking for a girl who wants to talk and or date

    28 AUG   Byhalia, MS, United

    I'm nick just looking for some one to talk to I'm sc or here at night and or whenever 

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