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Teens Ages 13 to 16

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 13 to 16 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 13 to 16 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • just wanted to say that i am also lonely

    13 DEC   Lancaster, PA, USA

    Hi I'm looking for a friendship or relationship anyone intrested

  • trying new things :)

    01 DEC   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    hey I’m mel and I’m here to try and find a relationship and try new things, just recently started thinking about my sexuality and all that, but honestly I’m open to anything ! just wanna try something new if I can ya know ?

    Nathan Dm I would love to talk to you
    1 day ago
    Giovipappa hey girl, hmu
    1 day ago
    Alvin990 Smiles.. You look good. Stay wretched
    1 day ago
  • Hi Navaya is my name don-t wear it out

    31 DEC   Jaipur, Rajasthan, I

    Hi I'm a girl looking for a boy to have fun with and who loves me for who I am and not for wat I have

  • An introduction and my hobbies

    13 FEB   Athol, MA, United St

    Hey, I'm LilyJay and I'm 14 years old. My interests are sex, teen boys, music, animals, I love high school musical and grease (they are my favorite movies) and food lol

    Davechwalik I’m pretty sure this account isn’t active anymore lol I find it hilarious that so many guys are trying to fuck the corpse of this inactive account just cause she said she likes sex
    Sid Im into music too! Producing music is my hobbie!!
    3 days ago
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    26 OCT   Oxford, UK

    Looking for a girl with a good personality and who I can tell anything too and she can tell anything to me too, as well as having the same goals in life. message me

  • any hot gay/ bi guy message me ??

    29 OCT   Auckland, New Zealan

    hey im ben gay ( look like trash ) message me if u want to me friends or maybe more

    add me on

    kik- xoxbenjamin

    sc - xoxbenjamin/ back up account b-campbell03

    instagram _benjamincampbell

  • up for stuff c; if you know what i mean

    26 APR   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    My names ashley im 16 and im looking for girls and boys 13-16 im down for anything so hmu no older men you will be block im promise

    hristijan hey Im 16 pm if interested
    Wolfsbane Dang there are a lot of lonely men loowing for action 😂😂
    Price Squared Yeah looks like it
    kjolly Its obviously a fake profile too. Its so cringy
  • soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    30 SEP  

    ok so im down for anything girls & guys and friendship & relationships so yea if your down hmu

    Austin8301 I would love to have a relationship with you. Call Or Text Me 216 310 9199
    Jarettgtz Hey hmu if you wanna talk. Jarettgtz on sc
  • Friend or something more.

    01 AUG   Crossett, AR, USA

    I want someone to think I'm great and amazing (even though I am not) Someone who will tell me my ugly ass is beautiful and who actually believes that

    John T Hey u wanna chat
    Alex;IsACoolName But you arent ugly wym???? 😕
    Jarettgtz Hey just hmu
  • chats, (the titles gotta be long so here)

    09 DEC   London, UK

    if you're tryna smash then just move along now

    i'm just looking for someone to chat to and be friends with at the moment who isn't a perv. (that means clean chats you horny shits)

    im 14 soo 14-16 is ideal, but i'll make small exceptions for nice people 

    if youre looking to date then you can try, but dont be surprised if i dont wanna date after a week of talking 

    i dont really come on here often, so just message me on instagram or snapchat

    to save you wasting you time by going onto my profile:

    snap- baileyalexxx

    insta- baileyalexx

  • Friends and Chats or maybe more?

    13 NOV   London, UK


    I'm looking for people 13-15 to talk to and become friends with, maybe eventually more. Not some creep just looking for a bf/gf (I'm bi). I'm into emo/rap music, play video games and like to paint. Im from North Yorkshire even though my profile says London lol. I dont care about distance too much, just as long as we may be able to meet some time. Message me for my snap or insta. x

    SenseiPepsi Just asking if your a girl as Im not bi. And if so Im up for a chat if you want :)
    _HarrisonArtem17_ Im lookin for new friends. So, if you wanna be my friend and get to know each other, just hmu
    baileyalexx you seem pretty cool but my messages dont send here, if you wanna talk message me your snap/insta or mine are in my profilee
  • Hi!! Im new here and want someone to love

    08 DEC   Sioux City, IA, USA

    hi I’m new to ourteen and it seems pretty cool! I’m 15 and a DUDE not a girl. I am pan but more into girls. I don’t really care who I Just need someone to love. P.s. only have snap so if you don’t sorry

    Shawn u look nice
  • HI. I-m Rave, 14. from Edmonton canada.

    28 APR   Edmonton, AB, Canada

    I would like to find people that live in edmonton to chat and hang out, i love talking,helping out, having fun. u can hit me up if u want to chat. 12 to 17 only plz

  • I?m really just looking to have fun with someone ;)

    08 DEC   Fort Worth, TX, USA

    I’m really just looking to have fun with someone hmu on snap @Thomasx09 send me a snap first 

  • Looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend 13 to 15 cant send face or body

    19 SEP   Planet Jupiter

    Im looking for a relationship do not want nudes I like Persona 4, Manga, Billie Eilish, and sometimes im a huge jerk

    ColeNg hit me up, ill tell you the magical journey of Ancient Magus Bride
    keir.a Hi, message me sometime if you want :3
  • To be in a relationship with

    07 DEC   London, UK

    Im looking for a girl who lives in London. Who is aged.between 13-15. I would really like if we talked and got to know eachother, so hopefully it would into a relationship. 

    If you want to text text me on snapchat. 

    It is- salvatore_18633 

    Or text on phone 07507878452

  • Looking for friends or relationship i guess

    06 DEC   San Jose, CA, USA

    Just wanna find someone to vibe with I guess ??‍?? So HMU on Snapchat:


  • Heyo, I?m looking for a girlfriend

    06 DEC   Calgary, AB, Canada

    Hey I’m 15 Male and a Self Taught Artist, I’m not very good but I still enjoy drawing and sketching.

    Im looking for a Girlfriend, and I don’t care about age, so I guess hmu on instagram or Snapchat (Insta: Voodoxoxo, Snapchat: Damien21yh)

  • Meet new friends age 13-16 in Houston to hang out with.

    06 DEC   Houston, TX, USA

    I am a homeschooled and look to meet friends to hang out and talk too. I live in Houston. Just looking for friends so don't ask for nudes because I won't send them. And not into talking about sex so do ask!!

  • Hey y-all hit me up I-m super bored

    06 DEC   somewhere far away

    Not into nudes first of all and I'm looking for people to talk with. Add me on snap I won't reply on here I'll add you back!

    KieronPearson Hi, I’ve added you so would you like to talk?
  • Looking for a friend ;)

    05 DEC   Menominee, MI, USA

    Hello, I'm here to look for a friend who likes to have lots of fun. And maybe if you're single we could be more cx 

  • Responding on this website

    01 DEC   Hackettstown, NJ, US

    Y’all should text me on this website if u want I’ll try to respond as fast as I can so text me if u wanna talk 

    Graden Hmu On my Snapchat
    joseph hi. id like to get t know u
  • Need People to talk to

    03 DEC   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Hmu on Snapchat...I need a girl bsf too so if u wanna take that spot go add me on snap

  • Looking for some people to talk to

    03 DEC   California

    looking for some people to talk. I’m an open guy so yea. Like to play games. I’m bi also so yea. Hmu tho girls or guys

  • Need a girl bsf or summm

    03 DEC   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Yooo I’m 14 from Los Angeles!Hmu on Snapchat n we can be friends n chill...I send streaks and sfs!

  • im looking for a loyal girl around my age

    14 AUG   San Jose, CA, USA

    hi my name is shane and im 14 going into high school atm, and i came on here cause why not?anyway i have bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair my favorite things to do would be video games, long walks on the beach no just kidding XD i also like hmmm i dont know i kinda just really like video games but its not all i do its just kinda all i do in my spare time anyway hit me up! 

  • Friendships/gf (girls only)

    28 NOV   Somewhere

    Someone who isn’t boring and likes having deep conversations about life. Hmu (: 

  • Meet some real legit people! Hmu for sc! Want some real relationships

    07 MAY   Whiting, WI, USA

    Don’t really have any pics cause I’m kinda skeptical but like hmu and talk to me. If your legit I’ll gladly talk to you on sc and actually let you see me better. Don’t be afraid to talk to me, I’d really love to meet some people

    Shocklights101 Snap Mikedud1 it’s pretty epic
    tonyslayer01 Whats ur sc or just add me mine is tonyslayer011
    Jahmansizzla Eyooo cuty watsapp me 256780160654
    James2727 Jdawson1245 u should hit me up u seem pretty cool
  • Looking for someone to be with

    02 DEC   Calabasas, CA, USA

    Hey there! I’m Shawn and I’m looking for a girl friend who lives in the Los Angeles area. I am a funny, loving/caring, and an intelligent guy. I may not have the best looks, but I will bet I have the best heart! Looking for a romantic relationship or even a day-day text gf! 

  • Im looking for a somebody to talk to

    02 DEC   Tuscaloosa, AL, USA

    Hey im Eli im kinda shy. Im looking for a relationship. Im a cool,nice guy im also a gamer im on xbox one.

  • I really am looking for girls to talk to

    01 DEC   Columbia, SC, USA

    I’m looking for girls around my age to talk to and be friends with, idk could turn into more. HMU on Kik, I’m never on here. If u play sports that a plus. 

  • About me or what I like

    30 NOV   Tyler, TX, United St

    I technically only come on here to trade I find it fun..........................message me................

  • Stop I am not a booty call i want to feel loved I want a real relationship

    30 NOV   Stanthorpe QLD, Aust

    As a gay teen in a homophobic straight world, it's very difficult to find a boyfriend.  I am a real person, not a booty call and I want a caring relationship. So to all those who want x pics first think and see if a relationship could work.

  • If u would wanna be friends ir more text here

    29 NOV   London, UK

    Id u want to join my snapchat is kanehiitskane2 and i appreciate if u 

    do not be mean in chat please i am straight btw

  • Hey! Here-s some info!

    30 NOV   Little Rock, AR, USA

    So, hi I'm Joshua. I'm a trans gender and pansexual male. I'm a soft emo with no life- Have a bearded dragon named groot and love talking to people in text. I do have bad depression and anxiety so yeah- Also trust from me is something hard to earn.. But I hope there's LGBTQ on here ha-

  • searchin for a mansssss

    14 NOV   Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    howdy!! im a grill who is very needy. no nudes will be given so please dont ask!! i take awhile to warm up so i wont immediately "be your gf" but ill give it a try :) i like resin crafting and decoden, watching yt and shows, sometimes reading, and browsing the internet :) please don't hmu if you dont want something "serious" (as can be). im super awkward but ive warned u, and i wont immediately like to call, they make me very nervous. i like some video games and i love vrchat so!! i use discord the most so hmu there if you wanna talk @Raven#4051 

    C.K Show me da wae to VR Chat 😂 (I know the memes dead) we can talk
    Thatboi239 I tried to find you discord and it didn’t show up?
    Thatboi239 Wait nevermind I found it and I sent you a friend request
  • I-m friendly person feel free to add me I-m 13 :)

    29 NOV   Leeds, UK

    1. Kik: FoxyThePirateFox150



  • I?m not cute but hmu on snap if u trynna be friends or a relationship

    03 SEP   Penns Grove, NJ, USA

    I’m hella but if u not worried bout wat I look like then hit up my snap

  • Account switch (different account, same person)

    24 NOV   Belfast, ME, USA

    Hello. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have made a new account. My other one didnt let me log in. 

    ezekiel 146417
  • I looking for a girlfriend

    28 NOV   Fresno, CA, USA

    Hey girls right know I'm looking for a girl friend so if any of you girls want to go out with then hit me up on one of the social media websites

  • I just want to experiment with people

    28 NOV   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Im on here just want to try new new things without doing them irl.. It's just to see if i'd like them, you know? I'm 15, 6" tall, freckles, hazel eyes, active. Ideally you are 14-16 but ill take anything.. Boys or girls, idrc, im just curious

    If you're down to help pm me on kik or snap. 

    Kik: 1hackz1lagz

    Snap: Hackz1lagz

    Hope to talk soon.

  • meet someone to be my boyfriend

    16 AUG   New Bedford, MA, USA

    im Elizabeth but i like to be called lizz. i play a lot of video games and watch alot of youtubers because im too socially awkward to talk to people irl lol

    Hello I am a person Hey lizzy message me, I love video games too, Im a console guy 😜 Specifically Xbox
    John Klein Hi. I love videogames as well. Im more of a pc fuy though.
    N/A Hey lizz Im a gamer, youtuber and I like a lot of you tubers too, maybe you should message me?
    joseph i hear you
  • Looking for boyfriend

    22 OCT   Scranton, PA, USA

    Looking for a boyfriend with similar interest,  preferably 14-16  Don't really care if it's long distance , no players thx. Or if you just want to be friends that's fine too .

    Ugyendema It must be hard for her though. 😂
    Îżżý 🤓 Ur all right I kept my mouth shut cuz I didnt know to respond to over 50 messages😂
  • Just looking for fun. Straight.

    25 AUG   USA

    Just looking for some fun, maybe we can be something. I’m straight and i’m 14.

    Dylan3387 ITS JUST RED
    Marchgirl265 Cool Im down, also Dylan why are you freaking out?
  • Im her to meet new people and have new friends

    09 NOV   Chula Vista, CA, USA

    If your under 13 I will block you if you r male please don’t pretend to be a female thank you

  • Looking for a boyfriend

    23 NOV   Albany, NY, USA

    HMU on sc kayla67378 we could talk if u want I have been in a relationship before I am 15 about to be 16 

  • hmu if ur in australia

    24 NOV   Dubai - United Arab

    im going back home to aus (brisbane) first then coffs horbor so im gonna be rlly bored  and i wanna meet up with somone hmu if ur gonna be in aus 

  • Anyone wanna be my friend

    24 NOV   Buffalo, NY, USA

    I want friends people i can talk to people who care not dick picks not sex friends can i find someone like that here?

    Yung_brackish just add me on snapchat
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