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  • girls or guys 14 to 17

    10/MAR Marengo, OH, United

    need a friend that i can talk to when ever and get close to so i can be with a sweet person that cares about me not what i look like ... :)

    Sean Hey Im Sean... Maybe we can chat..That is if u want toπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜
    Daniel Hey Ill talk to I if ur down to. Kik me @ danj1207
    Abby Message me
    kenzie_6895 Hey...wanna chat?
    C.J. :P Hey Im always here. message me if you want
    Violetcosplay Hi, I am interested in getting to know you. If you want to talk to me, please text me
    3 hours ago
  • Looking for a emo gf

    14/MAR Walnut Grove, GA, Un

    Hi I'm Cameron I'm 14 I'm tired of fake relationships I want a emo girl who won't cheat and will stay loyal I love metal music

    SamtheMan123 Wtf your already hve a gf
    Hate me break me down We r friends and me and Taylor broke up last night sam so yeah
    Hate me break me down Hi dear with due respect and honor please me,write me back on my box .i have an important message to tell you will be waiting for your email.Thanks and take care, (tausut@gmail.com) Thanks,
    Syd2 Hey Cameron u changed ur account?
    Syd2 I dont love emo music but I most certainly do not cheat
    Violetcosplay Hmu πŸ’•βœŒοΈ
    1 day ago
    Hate me break me down Syd you hurt me so will you please leave me alone
    6 hours ago
  • Meet new people for friendship which may leed into realtionship

    28/MAR Townsville City, Que

    Hi, Im Dakota 13, Open minded with a positive attitude,  I like to have a good time, wanting to meet new people to hang out with (movies,strand ect) hello at me:)

    Emperor small hi my name is emperor am new here
    1 day ago
    justice Hi you can text me
    12 hours ago
  • Lookin for friends and possible relationship

    11/MAR Ashland, OH, United

    Im 13 and i love video games, im up 24/7 so dont be afraid to text me anytime. I dont have a specific type of girl i like, anything goes as long as you aint a bish

  • What you need to know about me

    28/MAR Hansen, ID, United S

    First off you need to know that I'm bisexual. I am very creative. I love to read, write, sing, draw, color, and act. I am a great person to be around and love to talk, and laugh. I'm looking for anyone who can treat me right. I'm not a sexual person. By that I mean, I don't want to send nudes or talk dirty. I'm more of a romantic person. I'm shy when I'm first around people but once I get comfartable with you I will be so goofy and weird. One thing you really need to know is that if you get between me and my music I will rage. lol  

    Quentin Hey Im a guy, also a redneck if thats ok
    1 day ago
  • looking for a caring male

    19/MAR Warrington, PA, Unit

    I am very athleic and I am looking for a guy who can make me feel special, loved and possibly horny.

    Xeke Im the guy perfect for the job
    Damian Hi Ill be your guy
    Emo_Dinosaur Idk bout the last one but i can make you feel special and loved!!
    R. Ben Im semi-athletic. Honestly probably not the best. But Id like to give it a try. Wanna message me?
    Michael Text me sometime (909)225-8047
    2 days ago
    Juan I may not be perfect..but you can trust me because i like those people who trust me.
    1 day ago
  • Looking for friends maybe more.

    27/MAR Raleigh, NC, United

    photos of me won't be public until I've talked to you for a bit maybe even video chat 

    I'm a musical theatre student and extremely open and affectionate. I also cosplay, enjoy reading, and I could sing for hours. 

    Prefer if you live in NC but you don't have to

    Violetcosplay Also Im a thick girl so if you have a problem with that I suggest not messaging me. Dancer, singer, actor πŸ‘Œ
    2 days ago
    Michael Hi if you wanna chat feel free to text me if you want (909)225-8047
    2 days ago
  • Hi, im asher, and im looking for a 14-16 yo girl to talk with on skype.

    25/MAR Warriors Mark, PA, U

    I want someone good-looking, honest, and kind to talk to on skype and hopefully get in a relationship with. i came too this site to date, not hat 100 of the time, and im looking for a kind, loving girl to call bae

  • Things I like to in my free time

    24/MAR Auckland, New Zealan

    Surf ?Swim Ride? Footie ?Tennis ?Gym ?PARTY Hard ? Beach Bangn

    And just enjoy my teens.

  • hi im14 and really ugly

    03/FEB Neptune Beach, FL, U

    i would like to make a new friend or maybe date. I like video games, su, cartoons, eddsword, albertstuff, undertale, cod, art, music, madeon and a lot of other stuff so hmu if you wanna chat! 

  • Meeting new friends around the world

    15/MAR Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hey everyone Im Talana Im from Los Angeles California Im a cool person to chill with I plsy basketball and watch my nephew I like to spend time with my family Anyone wants to ask me questions go ahead I will post my phone number if anyone wants it Thanks


    Jadden Yo text this number (619)832-9167
  • Single looking

    18/MAR Danville, PA, United

    I already found someone they just gotta realize i lke him...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


    Chris Hey can I have your phone number
  • Hi I am leslie and I am 13 and I want to meet new pe

    28/JAN Miami, FL, United St

    Hi I am leslie and I would like to meet new people. I have 3 pets 2 of them are cats and I have a bearded dragon. I love reptiles and I love roller coasters. My favorite is hulk from Orlando universal. I love to have fun. Byeeee!!

  • Looking for a boyfriend to love and care for me

    17/MAR Chicopee, MA, United

    I would like for him to have abs be cute and not be an asshole to other people and fight when someone is talking about me 

    Alexis294 Hop off my shit
    Beautiful Princess He dont got to hop off ur shit! Your a ducking whore , liar, slut, stupid cunt and and honey lets be real , πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ u probably got STDs or ADs better yet u might have a blue waffle! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’― so for all the guys on here , shes a nasty cheater and slut! Stay away from her Fugly ass ...she dont need no one. She need Jesus thats who she needs . Im just keeping it πŸ’―
    Presley yeah gang gang
    Presley shes a cheater lol
    Brandon I well be your boyfriend
    Ricardo Thats a lie
    Ricardo You just a hater
  • i just want some thrill in my life

    23/MAR Brighton, CO, United

    i want a goth guy. lives in colorado. makes life exciteing i dont like how boreing life is 

  • (Insert Amazing Title Here)

    28/JAN Long Island, NY, Uni

    Im your typical New York hipster wanna be. I sing, play the ukulele,guitar,piano,drums. I skate and Love me some Video games. 

    Q:Where did sally go after the explosion


    If i made you smile or laugh check out my instagram....Maxamoto12 (DEFINITELY  NOT SELF ADVERTISING OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT)

    Pricyla Hi interested I like skateboarding to
  • Hey I-m looking for for a girlfriend

    13/MAR New Windsor, NY, Uni

    Hey my name is Steven and I was wondering if their is anyone willing to be in a relationship not one of those that just stop talking to each other within a day.

    LMO_SAVAGE Hey... I may not be good looking but Im heree... Sorry if I seem desperate your just really cutee
    LMO_SAVAGE Hi dear with due respect and honor please me,write me back on my box .i have an important message to tell you will be waiting for your email.Thanks and take care, (tausut@gmail.com) Thanks,
  • Looking for a lover.

    18/MAR Norton, MA, United S

    Hello! I am Ashton. I'm 14 years old and I am a total geek. I like video games, writing, and stuff of that nature. I play Roblox and I love YouTube. I am looking for a serious relationship.

    Alexis294 Hi dear with due respect and honor please me,write me back on my box .i have an important message to tell you will be waiting for your email.Thanks and take care, (tausut@gmail.com) Thanks,
  • Looking for boyfriend

    22/MAR Negotino, Macedonia

    Hi,I'm Daniel,I'm 13,I'm looking for cute boyfriend,13-14,white,

    And of course for friends, so ppl add me sc: dpetrovikj9


  • Looking For A Nice Caring Boy/Girl

    07/MAR Lima, OH, United Sta

    I want someone (Boy Or Girl) who like video games, youtube,and music, I'd llike you to live near me

    Moomaster R u in U.S.A?
    XJulianx Hey I love video game and music
    Abby R u in Ohio
    Nishad yo wassip I live ps4 and I am from houston and I also luv drake so I guees if u like me u can just msg me XD
  • Hi, Im looking for someone to love.


    My name is Tim and Im a pretty open guy. I like video games and music drawing and horror related stuff. I would say more about myself but unless im talking to someone about myself but i i cant come up with much out of conversation. If you wanna talk my kik is on my profile, im looking for someone preferably 14 at the leat and 16 at most. Girls only please.

    GONE I forgot to mention i dont care if its online or in real life.
  • I-m bored when lonely

    25/FEB Gastonia, NC, United

    I'm looking for an Emo girlfriend who doesn't care what others think or say (I'm looking for personality) an who would start the conversation first and would not be too clingy (I'd prefer to text over Instagram messages instead of this website 

    my insta: salvatore__rocco

  • im looking for a girl to hook up with

    16/MAR Tucson, AZ, United S

    I'm 16 and Im a shoe collector and what not I want to find a girl who's down to get with me message me if you're interested

  • Looking for a guy...

    14/MAR Cumberland, MD, Unit

      Hey!! I am Lizzy and I'm 13. I want a guy, preferably am anime geek that likes Rock, Emo and Screamo music. I am looking for someone who will care about me, and will give support. I have really bad depression, and I may be hard to deal with at times. If you want to know more about me, or are interested in dating, then hmu!!

    Baribone99 Hi, hope you find someone, good luckπŸ‘
    Michael (mike) Hey there if you wanna chat please give me a text (909)225-8047
    Jeremiah Hello kinda interested in you
  • Meet new people and have fun

    12/MAR Sydney, New South Wa

    Hi I'm Brittany 15 single bisexual love swimming laying around chilling want to meet new people for fun I'm a pretty easy fun loving chicky xx;)


    Michael20nslayin Hey there Brittany if you wanna chat hmu anytime send me a text (909)225-8047
    Jason-Reddings If you wanna have fun, or something, msg me. Or text me at 541-520-4765
    David13 Messege me up
    Josh Hi im from sydney
    Sexycutieboy20 Hi text me (909)225-8047
    R. Ben I like to meet new people too! Who new we had so much in common. Sorry, that was kind of cheesy. Lets have fun and meet sometime.
    Jeremiah Hello kinda interested in you...message me
  • wanting to meet new people

    14/MAR Killeen, TX, United

    my name is gabby old , im 14 years and i live in killeen tx, and people say im smart, kind, loving, and trustworthy. im looking for a guy who can sweep me off my feet, very kind, who can treat me right, and thst will always be there for me.my limits are 14-15 years old.:)

  • just wanna find a good person cause too manny bad ppl ttm

    14/MAR Brighton, CO, United

    i must warn you ... i get depresed ...... i have a dream item that costs around $11.50 total on ebay. ..... i give good hugs.....  i'm honest...... most of the time.  i just want to find a good person who is not obsessed with me or super clingy. if you are intrested comment below. i might reply. 

    shadow not 11.50 any more like up to 20.00
    shadow heres a link http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/361926719719?lpid 82&chn ps&ul_noapp true i know im a bit child ish but i do stop motion. if you were to get it for me i would be the happyiest girl on the planet i would do anything remotely possible to make it up to you i would never ask for anything more if you got that and his match http://www.ebay.com/itm/Monster-High-Jackson-Jekyll-Picnic-Casket-Boy-Monster-High-Doll-/122388421358?hash item1c7eeb1aee:g:HVwAAOSw4CFYwHWc this one is WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY cheeper
    shadow the reason i need them is so i can get a scolorship into an animator collage and high school
  • Looking for boyfriend

    11/FEB Metairie, LA, United

    Hi. My name is Madelyn or Maddy for short. I'm 13 years old. I play volleyball. I am looking for a boyfriend 13-14. I was a long lasting relationship. I can do long distance and online dating. I am kind and loving. I'm a little loud sometimes but I love to laugh and have a good time. I don't mean to sound picky or mean but I prefer fit, good looking boys. If you are interested please send me a message. 

    Priyansh Hey, i like your thoughts
    moksh Hey I like ur thoughts as well as u
    moksh r u intrested
    Christopher kinman ._. This is funny I dont mean to sound picky or mean but I prefer fit, good looking boys. Well love dont come by looks haha
    David444 Hey can you talk to me and maybe we can be in a relationship
    XJulianx Hey I am nice and carying
    Austin What do you mean by good looks. Because I may not be the best looking. Lol
    Austin Im just bored, so you gained yourself a comment!
    Nishad lol u can hmu if u want
    StormDragon Hey, if u are cool let chat, Im a NCC(Sea) Cadet in my school so Im fit and if u need any IT problems I can help with that seen im a AVA Crew in my school too Im cool with long distance relationship and I can bring a smile to your face when u are down . If u like give me a chat :)
    Michael20nslayin Christopher you seem to know what you want with a caring honest personality just to say
  • hiya nice to meet you all boys not older than 16yo


    hello my real name is allysia
    i talk english and spanish
    because i'm half english/half spanish.
    most of the time i'm live in the UK.
    and the other times in spain barcelona.
    my hobbies are swimming, walking on the beach, horse riding, go cycling, giving body massage, walking on the beach, and walking the dog.
    my favorite colors are yellow, blue and purple.
    and i would make new friends here and talk with them.
    i love the nature and the 4 seasons.
    And i have skype.

    !!! guys not older than 16 years please !!!

    see yu <3

    Renner14 Hey my name is renner i am 16 almost 17 want to tak
    David444 Hey Im single
    Gabriel Hi Im 13 and live in the uk
    Nishad hI I am 13 lol hmu
    Gabriel Wanna call me or text its 07874855381
    Gabriel To Skype me its Gabriel Reynolds
    Cameron Marshall Hey Im 15 how are you
  • Looking for a friend/GF to hang out with

    11/MAR Riverview, FL, Unite

    Sup. I'm 15, from Riverview FL and I never get to socialize with anyone, especially girls. I really enjoy fitness, hikes, fishing and basically anything outdoors (aside from the beach, I'm not a huge fan of that lol.) I would prefer if you're around Riverview too as I have no way of transport yet. Typically I get on here around 9-10 pm EST so hit me up if you wanna chill 

  • Hi, my name is AJ, I-m staight A and B stundent, and I am a bookworm!

    08/MAR Landover Hills, MD,

    I am looking for a relationship, boys only, i will not show you a picture of me, so don't even ask, and I hope you learn to like me based on my personality. i am a bookworm, straight A and B student, my favorite series is Harry Potter, my favorite TV series is Arrow (plus Flash, Supergirl, DC Legends), and I wear glasses.

  • An introduction and my hobbies

    13/FEB Athol, MA, United St

    Hey, I'm LilyJay and I'm 14 years old. My interests are sex, teen boys, music, animals, I love high school musical and grease (they are my favorite movies) and food lol

    Brian Hey whats your snap?
    Sexyboy Wanna chat ? Text me up (909)225-8047
    sexytim heeeey! same as my intrests cutie
    Sexyboy Yall know whats up
  • Looking for a Relationship (Bi)

    30/JAN Denver, CO, United S

    Looking for a relationship (friendship or more) with men and women. Hit me up if interested.

  • Hey I-m Cayden, and I am looking for a partner romantically

    15/FEB Santa Ynez, CA, Unit

    I'm an openly pansexual person, which means I'm open to a relationship with someone of any gender. I'm a huge nerd so if awkward as hell and nerdy seems like your type hmu

  • Meet teen guy who isn-t jerk


    I'm Sofia. I'm 13 years old and looking for a guy who doesn't just want nudes and wants an actual relationship and who is 13-15.I like to run and excercise but also chill and hangout. Needs to have good sense of humor and be kind. I'm from Bwoling Green where all the guys are idiots or jerks. I can do a long distance relationship but living close would be even better. My Kik is sofiajn. so feel free to contact me if you're interested. 

    James it says your phones been off on kik
    singleguy Sounds like Im the one for you. I would love to get to know you more. Looking forward to it
    Christopher kinman I live in Carrollton Kentucky
    Bill Hello message me
    Atticus15 Umm I think they just want pussy Im more than likely the guy for you but what am I saying youd never like me.
  • A girl to be my love and angle

    25/FEB New York, NY, United

    Hi my name is freddy. Im colombian im came to the united states back in 2007 to live a better life. Right now im currently living in New york Queens. I speak three different languages (english,spanish,russian). I play for pro not to known soccer club here in Ny . Im a very nice person and helpfull. When i not playing soccer im playing video games or doing school work. When i grow up i want to work in micrsoft or even try full time soccer and joining LA LIGA. Im in to girls that are chill and care for people. I like girls for who they are. I dont like gilrs that like me for what i have. If your instreasted in me you could message me. Im going for girls that are 13-14. You could give me a call if you want (347-798-4114) message me as soon as you can and ill get back to you. Mesage me on kik if you want.


  • Looking for a sweet relationship

    04/MAR Kill Devil Hills, NC

    Hi, I'm lexi. I'm a smart, overachiever. I love giving my love to someone who is not gonna hurt me or break my heart. I love to draw, sing and do military things. I am in JROTC and I love what I do. Feel free to message 

    Deerhunter35 Hey there, message meπŸ˜„
  • I will see if i can meet people but idk

    25/FEB Milwaukee, WI, Unite

    Hey im new here, Im 14, im white, i live on the north side, im a gamer(xbox one and 360), im bored af,i fall in love fast and i like when i make friends

    Bill Hello message me
  • I want a girl too love and care about.

    23/FEB New York, NY, United

    I want a girl that loves me and cares about me and love the things i do .

  • Looking for a guy friend who is 17 and dosent lie

    25/JAN Aldergrove, United K

    I'm bored I'll give you my kik or somthing if ur nice don't be a lier 

    mnuchi am not 17 but I wud love it that we chat am dead bored
    Nishad I m 17 actually I will be 17 on April So maybe we can talk
    Raider Hello i will be very happy if u get to message me and we talk more okay
    Anonymous Can I become your friend
    hamzaafzal No one is going to tell you if he lie or not you need to try ;)