Teens Ages 13 to 16

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 13 to 16 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 13 to 16 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Meet guys 2 talk 2 & b friends with

    19 SEP   Woodbury, NJ, United

    Surprise suprise I'm single, again. But anyways I'm not excactly looking for a boyfriend, just a guy best friend. I would really like to find a REAL cute guy close to my age to be my bff, like really I need one really bad, just someone to talk to whenever I needed or want too, someone who is always gonna be there for me. So yeah hit me up if you are a cute guy that's 18 and under.

  • Looking for a 13-16 year old boyfriend

    09 SEP   Ukiah, CA, United St

    Hi, my name is Sophia, I'm 14 and from Ukiah in the United States.

    I'm looking for a 13-16 year old boyfriend :3

  • Looking For a Guy or Girl to Date

    19 SEP   Denver, CO, United S

    hi!! i'm alex, i'm 14 years old and bi. just looking for someone who lives somewhat nearby :) hmu!!

  • Looking for a relationship

    17 SEP   Palm Bay, FL, United

    Hi I'm looking for a guy or girl who is funny,smart,and overprotective. One who will not judge me on my looks and someone who will appreciate me singing to them. Also someone who I can openly flirt with.

    Echo hi! you sound cute, feel free to message me :)
    9 hours ago
  • Looking for relationship :)

    19 SEP   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    Hi! My name is Echo, I am 13 y/o and in the 8th grade. I'm shy and love meeting new people. I like making people smile and overall happy :) I enjoy photography, writting, and drawing. I'm laid back, have a positive attitude, and a good sense of humor. I'm looking for friends and anyone interested in a relationship. I'm also pansexual, so I'm interested in all genders. If you are interested in a relationship or just want to chat, message me :)

    EllieRose Hi Im Ellie maybe we can talk
    10 hours ago
  • Hmu girls txt me on phone#

    19 SEP   Hillsboro, OR, Unite

    My phone # is (503) 558-4932 Hmu for nudes friend ship or whatever txt me asap

  • Looking for girls only

    17 SEP   Franklin, TX, United

    Hi there beautiful I'm 15 im looking for a girl who is either 16 or 15 preferably and im loyal and caring and loving I don't ask much but to love me and im looking for a girlfriend who is loyal freaky and only has eyes for me and is loving and caring and has the mindset that your mine and no one else's and let me help you and I like to talk it out and come to a deal instead of argue it out. (Etc)? 

  • Message from the freshest teenage online

    17 SEP   Glasgow, United King

    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery ..

    Cause none but ourselves can free our minds.

    Add me close..i want a Girlfriend in this site

    The name is the name

    #scott_adkins owns all the gratitude

  • Meet 13-16yo girls looking for friendship/relationship

    16 SEP   Burlington, MA, Unit

    Hmu on kik if your interested in being friends or something. Jperna5264 < thats my kik

    Slightly Generic? Perna used to be my Minecraft name when I used to play it 😂😂
    2 days ago
  • Looking for a cute gf

    17 SEP   Everett, WA, United

    Hey my name is Alex I'm not desperate to find a gf but I really want one,I like basketball,football and video games 

  • gus, fifth harmony and music

    17 SEP   Boise, ID, United St

    Hallo! I am amree and i am 15 years old. I am bisexual but im mostly into females. I am very outgoing and i am bold and im not afraid to tell you how it is. Snapchat me and leave me a nice message :) PLZ no dick pics, those dont impress me. I horseback ride and i would love to find a girl near me but LD is alright to. 

  • im here to meet a girl to be friends with.

    17 SEP   Fort Worth, TX, Unit

    im kobey im 16, im looking for fun conversations. im 16 years old. i love track and field, and love traveling, im from texas. HMU:)

  • Hiya, Looking for a girlfriend.....

    01 JUN   Heath, OH, United St

    The names Matt, I'm 14. I'm pansexual, I love gaming and reading. Best way to get a hold of me would be through facebook. I'm caring and outgoing. I'll always be there for you. I suffer from bad anxiety and the same for depression. Hopefully you can deal with me....Hopefully you would like to know me. 
    Message me on facebook: My names Matt Sinnett

    Zeezles Hope you find this comment since I cant log into Facebook at the moment -_-
    2 days ago
    Zeezles Edit: fixed the issue...facebooks ZoruaPasta. ^_^
    2 days ago
  • Looking for girls (friends maybe more)

    16 SEP   Worksop, United King

    Looking to talk to people and meet new people. I am straight, so preferably girls between the age of 13 and 15 or maybe 16, and also from the UK. Message me if you're interested.

  • Hey add my friends sc he-s looking for a gf and I-m helping him out

    16 SEP   Chicago, IL, United

    My friends snapchat is santaclausman47 hit him up there. He's 13 and want to date a girl or do some other stuff if you catch my drift.

  • Looking for an online relationship with someone nice and atractive

    07 SEP   Annapolis, MD, Unite

    Hey I'm Conner 15 I do swim team and I am looking for someone to have some kind of relationship with idc flirting or friends.

  • looking for a fun girl to talk to

    15 SEP   Charlotte, NC, Unite

    look for a girl that is between 14 to 17 i am 15 years old and i just want a girl to talk to and maybe start a relationship with??

    Wakeama Hey am wakeama and i am 14
    3 days ago
  • My lil- fucking bio!

    16 SEP   Everett, WA, United

    Hey everyone!

    im jazmin, 13, and im Pansexual

    if you dont know what pan means, look it up!

    i am super excited to meet you all and i would love to chat with anybody who is intrested!

  • I-m back peoples!! XD

    05 SEP   Woodbury, NJ, United

    If u dont already know me Im Olivia, I had a account on here b4 &  it got like a thousand views but then i emailed the ppl who own this site asking IF i wanted 2 delete my account how would I? & they midunderstood & deleted it 4 me -_- but its alright, just a lil annoying bc now I have 2 get my views bak up & find the ppl i used 2 talk 2... but like i said its ok lol. Im bak bc i didnt want 2 stop talking 2 all the ppl i was talking 2 b4 cuz they were nice & my friends & i didnt want 2 leave them hanging. Im 14 & live in the USA looking 4 other ppl who live in the states too but its alright if u dont tho. I like talking online in text language & Im pretty with mostly all ppl but Im not scared to voice my opoion & get in an argument will I will roast ppl about it. Im a Christain but if I have too I will curse if I gotta. I like all genres of music such as Disko, Pop, Rap, literally anything & everything EXCEPT screamo & hard hard metal. My favorite song at this moment is "if you dont love me" by the famous, King Of Pop Michael Jackson. My hobbies r dancing, playing alto saxophone and electric gutiar and drawing. I like the outdoors but I dont mind staying inside and being on my technology all day lol. I like talking 2 girls & guys but I am straight & if u aint then we r only going 2 just b friends (I like talking 2 guys more tho cuz I have no guy friends, all my friends r female 4 some reason lol)

    MY SOCIAL MEDIA (I'll follow u bak most likely)

    •  INTAGRAM ~ mjjspyt or oliviaisawinner or both ;P (hint hint)
    • KIK ~ plz ask me 4 it cuz i dont wanna get spammed with pervs
    • PINTEREST ~ Olivia Win er
    • G & Hangouts ~ MJJ's P.Y.T or Tay Tay Swizel
    • SKYPE ~ plz ask me 4 it cuz i dont wanna get spammed with ppl idk

    Alright well I think thats it, might of missed something but send me a message ?
                                     AGES ONLY 17 AND UNDER PLEASE!!!

    kyle hallockx4 pm me i need a girl to hang out i am alone
    Phanton hey there wanna talk msg me
    frea.x hey there.id love to get to know u more.u seem real nice.if ur interested,feel free to msg
    3 days ago

  • looking for a boyfriend

    09 SEP   Eagan, MN, United St

    I'm Kaylee  I'm an outgoing girl who loves to smile and have a good time I'm just looking for a sweet guy I am the kind of girl who wouldn't lie to someone or hurt them in anyway I'm not a hoe either

  • girls or guys 14 to 17

    10 MAR   Marengo, OH, United

    need a friend that i can talk to when ever and get close to so i can be with a sweet person that cares about me not what i look like ... :)

    C.J. :P Hey Im always here. message me if you want
  • Looking for a Boyfriend

    04 SEP  

    Hi ?, I'm Lainey. I am looking for a bf. Ages 14-15. I like to have a fun. You do not have to live close, I like long distance relationships.

    Griffin Hey I messaged you on kik, Im looking for a gf and your really cute
  • im down for a friendship or a relationship im cool with whatever

    12 SEP  

    Hey im jackson, 14. Im down for a friendship or relationship (bisexual). Im looking for people who can make me laugh, have a healthy attitude just the the basics . Im interested in art, my hobbies include sleeping, eating, reading and just know im anime trash.

  • Kik code: jeremyrub

    09 SEP   Toronto, ON, Canada

    Hi. Im jeremy, i want to know new people, i like music, movies and sports. Live pic please, just for security.

    Rachaelgrennen Hi love movie and I like going to sports playing sports and watching sports I like music I am 16 in cheer and resontly stop modeling it runs in the family because school was getting in the way but I think we like the same thing
  • Looking for a friend

    07 JUN   Wesley Chapel, FL, U

    hey. I'm bored, just looking for someone to talk with. I'm all eyes and ears.

    awkwardpanda heya. Im tee. message me.
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    11 SEP   Youngstown, OH, Unit

    Hey! My name is George and I'm 15. I like drawing, playing video games, and making funny videos with my friends. I'm looking for a girl who is nice, kind, and sweet. I want a girl who will be there for me, talk to me often, and laugh with me. I want a girl who will cheer me up when I feel down and will not judge me base on my looks or my hobbies. I want to start out as friends first and get to know you before relationship. I also don't want any inappropriate stuff like nudes because I don't want them. I'm looking for a girl who is in the age range of 13 to 15. I live in Ohio, so I want to try to find someone who's from Ohio too, but I can work with long distance. Message me if you want to talk to me. Hope you're my special someone! :)

    awkwardpanda heya Im tee. sadly Im not from Ohio but I think I match the rest of your description... btw I WILL NOT send nudes. Ill be 15 in march.
  • Looking for a bf 13-15

    27 MAY   Georgetown, TX, Unit

    Hiiiii Im Amanda and I like BTS and Supernatural. Love to laugh and make people laugh. Lookin to meet people who can be my friends and a boyfriend. 

    Junior Hy...im interested
    Debojit Hai i m interested to be ur bf
  • Hey here to meet friend maybe even a bf

    10 SEP   New Braunfels, TX, U

    Hey my names Jasmine I'm 11 in 6th grade I'm 5'4 and a Rebel I love to sing I am in new braunfels to hit me up if you want to meet

    zantie I like u but ur not using kik
    Mike2390 Hi im Mike my ki k is mike44907
  • Meet A girlfriend or just a friend

    10 SEP   Montgomery, IL, Unit

    I'm 14 I play basketball and I'm 5'9. I also enjoy nature and going outside. I'm kind caring and very loyal. Lastly I wanta girl who isn't mean so nice and lovable

  • looking for someone hmu?

    09 SEP   Chicago, IL, United

    i'm almost always alone. i'm looking for someone to talk too if you live near chicago definitely hmu. MIGHT b looking for a possible boyfriend ;)) plz don't contact me if your 17 and older

  • Hi I-m looking for some friends and possibly a girlfriend

    10 SEP   Odessa, TX, United S

    Hey my name's Ethan Vasquez and  and I would like to make new friends and possibly a girlfriend.I'm in ROTC I'm a corporal I also like (fishing,cruising,hanging out, and getting down and dirty whenever anyone needs me to.   

  • Relationship 13-16 teen boys

    04 SEP   Palm Bay, FL, United

    Hi I'm shianne I'm looking for someone who is nice and caring but also can kinky, rough or over protective . I hope that someone could do long distance relationships.

  • I-m Aubrey!!!:) Thirteen!!

    23 JUN   Ansonia, OH, United

    I'm looking for people to talk to... People who can be friendly and maybe, if your a guy, build up to something more ;) I'm a fun, outgoing person and I always try to be possitive! Trying to look for someone around Ohio or even in Ohio!

    Aiden Im the guy for the job
    Myles Hi even though I dont have the best looks but i like to have fun
    Jalen Hey whats up
    Gman87 Hey! Im from Ohio so if you want to hmu me if youre to talk with me.
  • Looking for someone? Idk..

    08 JUL   Logan, UT, United St

    Hai, my name is Kadan. c: I'm bisexual and a pretty open minded person. I love music and art. I mostly go by personality and not looks, so please don't be shy to talk to me. :3 Just hmu if you're interested and we'll see from there. c:

    Ivan Hi want to txt
    Stano 56 Hi there!! Wanna chat
  • Wanna bf or gf. Hmu if u wanna trade

    13 JUL   Eaton, OH, United St

    Hey, I'm 17, pansexual, and very open to new things. I'm a life scout, I wrestle, cycle, & rock climb. I enjoy reading, playing video games, and watching tv. Feel free to ask me anything else you wanna know.

    About my type..........

    I have a lot of things I look for, but just because you don't have any of these doesn't mean I won't talk to you. Now of course I look for personality first, but These are the physical attributes 

    Age........ 10-13

    Gender........ doesn't matter 

    Ethnicity.......... White, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, African American, islander

    Sexuality........doesn't matter 

    Height.......... 4'0"-5'3"

    Smoke........... doesn't smoke

    Drink............. doesn't matter 

    Kids............... doesn't matter 

    Want kids....... doesn't matter

  • Meet new people for friendship or relationship

    04 SEP   Palm Bay, FL, United

    I love music and singing

    im 4'11 

    Dealing with depression at the moment need someone to talk to

  • Meeting new people! Boys 14-16!

    04 SEP   Alabaster, AL, Unite

    Hey, I'm Tayla, I'm 14 and I'm nice, classy, sassy, and can get hyped up or chill. If you want to be friends, get to know me, or something more, message me.

  • I-m looking for that special girl

    31 AUG   Riverside, CA, Unite

    Looking for a girl who loyal and loves to have fun.someone who's just gets me and loves to laugh,I don't want know nudes but I'll take a cute picture of yourself. I just want that girl to be by my side who will help me through tough times overall just likes to have fun

    ambiebear Hmu, think I can fulfill that role! 😊
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    25 AUG   London, United Kingd

    Hi I'm josh I'm 15 years old looking for a girlfriend who is between the age 14-17 I'm a very sporty guy. I want to find the perfect girl who I can love take care of and make happy every single day 

  • I want a new boyfriend or girlfriend so if you interest hmu

    31 JUL   Arlington, TX, Unite

    Hum if interested in very lonley I will date boy or girl live in texas love hunting fishing noodling can be horny at times so of you want to date let me know

    Leo Hi Ashley I live in texas sc me at mclarenp188
    Aiden Hi girl I love fishing and hunting I go hunting and fishing all the time in my country
    Brandon Cox Im about 10 min from Arlington. Hmu, Will see where things go.
  • Bored .... Need a gf

    01 SEP   Manchester, United K

    Hey ? Im rodger, 16. Im just a friendly guy who just want to make new friends. Im also hoping to find a gf with a similar mindset and interest. Come n text with me if you dont mind ? . You can also follow me on insta →@rodger_jay to find more abt me. Thnx ... 

  • Hi Aiden, living in Venice CA.

    16 FEB   venice ca, usa

    Surfer and Skater .. 
    I play acoustic guitar.. 
    Trying to learn Sax
    Trying to leasn Spanish and Japanese ..
    I like Krav Maga ..
    I like partying.. 
    I like girls (younger or older) .. 
    I like sex .. 
    Im also a naturalist ..

  • Looking for Love

    03 AUG   Louisville, KY, Unit

    Im Jay and single and I know for certain we can be perfect. will be the line I will use when I find the one so text me here if want to know more about me

  • Meet a new 13 or 14 year old girl

    01 SEP   Crossville, TN, Unit

    Hi I'm Thomas i need to have a girlfriend I'm talented,smart,cool,and I guess you can call me the package 

    I'm Not Gay 

  • Hi! I-m DeWayne, 14. Looking for someone to talk to.

    31 AUG   Walworth, NY, United

    I'm just looking for someone around my age (preferably girls) to talk to and maybe if interested, start a relationship with.

  • Looking for friends and maybe a girlfriend

    31 AUG   Sofia, Bulgaria

    Hello there my name is Boris Iliev.I am 17 years old and i from Bulgaria located in Europe.If you want to chat send me a message 

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    31 AUG   New York, NY, United

    I'm looking for a real true loyal girl. Someone who wants to get to know me is someone I want to get to know so please message me on snapchat or kik 

  • Teens ages 13-16 only

    30 AUG   Surrey, BC, Canada

    Hi there :) I'm Josh, 15. I love sports and hikes. looking for someone to talk to

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