Teens Ages 13 to 16

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 13 to 16 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 13 to 16 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Meet new ppl to date like boys and girls

    22 MAY   Keokuk Falls, OK, Un

    text me on snapchat @jdegala_1328 and kik @jdegala if ur interested i add everyone back and text them. I like boys more than girls tho and i will date girls

  • Hey, I-ll wanna talk to anyone that wants to talk to me

    22 MAY   Excelsior, MN, Unite

    I'm Peter, and I noticed that some people get annoyed with gross or innapropiate people. I'm not like that. I'll talk to any gender who's 13-16 (17 is too old XD)(unlike some guys who just wanna see girls))cause I try to be friends with anyone. I am looking for a relationship but it's not at the very top of my priority list. So send me a message if you feel like it!

  • Make new friendships maybe a relationship

    20 MAY   Raleigh, NC, United

    I love sports music and hanging out with friends making new friendships and maybe a relationship

  • Looking for friends maybe more.

    27 MAR   Raleigh, NC, United

    photos of me won't be public until I've talked to you for a bit maybe even video chat 

    I'm a musical theatre student and extremely open and affectionate. I also cosplay, enjoy reading, and I could sing for hours. 

    Prefer if you live in NC but you don't have to

    Andy pandy ohk is cool..i respect ur decisions..can we be friends.. u can call me to.. 233 260507891
    Andy pandy Wrtie a comment 233 260507891
    Adamdriver hey Im from nc and Im fat so feel ya
    Mason Hey. Just a country boy from Virginia. I would love to talk to you sometimes. I don`t know much about you, but I would love to get to know you a little.
    1 day ago
  • girls 13-15 for fun all night long

    21 MAY   Phoenix, AZ, United

    • Kik me at chriscole007 and snap chat me at cpohlman33 girls only 13-15 that want fun??

  • girls 13-15 for fun all night long

    20 MAY   Phoenix, AZ, United

    girls 13-15 for fun all night long kik me at chriscole007 or snap chat me at  cpohlman33 I want bad girls what want to have fun 

  • looking for a new start

    19 MAY   Texas City, TX, Unit

    am looking for a serious relationship add me on han gout jessewalker313@gmail.com

    Dakotacooper13 Hey what about 17?
    3 days ago
    Renner14 Jes890 U look different
    3 days ago
  • girls 13-15 for fun all night lin

    19 MAY   Phoenix, AZ, United

    Kik me at chirscole007 and snap chat me at cool man fir fun girls through 13-15 no face needed add to have fun

  • Need some love in my life for real

    18 MAY   Rockaway, NJ, United

    hi, my name is em for short. I am 13 and a half and am looking for a good relationship in northern jersey, if anyone is interested hmu. I am a boy.I love cuddling and love, movies Netflix, hangin out and sports. I like country and rap music and love bon fires. Hmu if interested.

  • Looking for a Relationship (Bi)

    30 JAN   Denver, CO, United S

    Looking for a relationship (friendship or more) with men and women. Hit me up if interested.

  • Looking For A Boyfriend

    17 MAY   Torrance, CA, United

    Heya. Uhm. Im looking for a boyfriend. Preferably near me. If not thats cool too. Uhm. I wrote a short bio fo myself becuase you cant exactly put one here. so uhmm here it is ....

    Heya. Im Andrew. ( weird girls name but whatever ) I like writing, music and bad memes. I’m 5’3 and dye my hair every other month. I have snapchat, kik and skype so message me on there and/or here. 

    Kik: HipsterShitz

    Skype: RawrMeAMew@gmail.com

    Snapchat: HipsterShitz

    Lammania Hi my name is Ryley and Im a guy. I am thirteen and I dye my hair black. I know Im not in your state but I was hoping we could still try.
    Renner14 Hey Andrew i sent u a skype messages 😜🤓
  • Looking for sporty g

    06 MAY   London, United Kingd

    I love sports and athletics especially running interested in football. I like reading listening to music by the latest artists and hanging out with friends. I like boys no older than 15 though I may make exceptions 

    Mike2390 I tried adding you on kik and Snapchat but ur id doesnt work
    Daniel hmm fake as fuck
  • Um.. Looking for a friend and possibly more

    10 MAY   Chandler, OK, United

    My names Ryan I'm 14 pansexual and transgender I like music.. And I'm really awkward so.. Yeah... ?If you wanna talk message me 4053280962

    Justin Have something nice to say
    Justin And the point is to explore the sexuality they want to be
  • Hmu On Snapchat I-m Black And Looking For A Boyfriend

    15 MAY   Milwaukee, WI, Unite

    my Snapchat Name Is mrmke13 I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin I like guys 14-17 I'm 14 looking for an overprotective boyfriend 

    Singh Hello I like to chat with you
    fabrice deco hello am interested
  • Looking for someone to make me feel less lonely

    15 MAY   Glasgow, United King

    Hi, I'm Caitlin 13. Sassy, reckless and sarcastic, I'm a dancer but I also enjoy music and I'm slight fandom trash.

    Singh Hello I want to chat with you and I like you
  • up for stuff c; if you know what i mean

    26 APR   San Antonio, TX, Uni

    My names ashley im 16 and im looking for girls and boys 13-16 im down for anything so hmu no older men you will be block im promise

  • Looking For a relationship

    15 MAY   Memphis, TN, United

    Hello, my name is Sophia. I'm currently 13 just looking for love. By the way, I'm bisexual.

  • Looking for someone fun for casual dating.

    06 MAY   Seattle, WA, United

    Hey, I'm Ethan. I love cracking jokes and am usually smiling about something. I play 3 instruments and want to go into a music related job. I can see the flaws in that plan so I'm also going to go into applications programming. I am an extremely musical person and I always have a song playing in my head. My interests are reading, music, computers, Rubik's cubes (I can solve them all), climbing, and sometimes video games. People always say that video games and being outside don't mix but I disagree. Almost nothing can beat playing Minecraft in a tree :P

    Tanner Hmu whats your snap
  • Looking for a nice guy to hang out with!

    02 MAY   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    Hi there :) I'm Mya, 14. I like to read, write, and draw. I like to cuddle and love to get good morning texts, I like to laugh and have a good time. I am looking to meet people with similar interests to possibly be my boyfriend. You can message me on Facebook, my profile is Mya Shrum with a Eiffel Tower as the profile picture and chukcy as the background picture. You can also message me on Twitter, @myashrum, with a leopard print profile picture. If you would like to get to know me a bit more message me on one of those two sites I am on them all the time. 

    Big mac can you date me
    mya shrum Depends on your age?
  • Hi there. Im looking for someone i can be friends with

    08 MAY   Vancouver, BC, Canad

    im looking for someone i can be friends with or if possible a good boyfriend

  • Hey I-m Cayden, and I am looking for a partner romantically

    15 FEB   Santa Ynez, CA, Unit

    I'm an openly pansexual person, which means I'm open to a relationship with someone of any gender. I'm a huge nerd so if awkward as hell and nerdy seems like your type hmu

  • Im Looking For Friends

    07 MAY   Gainestown, AL, Unit

    Hi Im Hannah , I'm Just Looking For Someone To Talk To & Be Friends w Maybe more idk, I Like Girls But I Talk To Both So Hmu If Youd Like To Be Friends (:

  • Looking for gay girl

    06 MAY   Bayonne, NJ, United

    Looking for a gay girl to talk and hang out with. Doesn't have to be anything serious just fun.

  • Lookin for hot g for love and adventure

    04 APR   London, United Kingd

    HI - I'm Alan from London 13 . looking for open-minded girl for laughs and love. Into sport - football, basketball, gymnastics, athletics. Also into reading, dancing, museums, films & music. Lk fwd to hearing from u

    apido Like to dress casual but happy in just speedos or nothing at all!!
    Cjpassmore I like athletics am sporty love reading films and now music message me
  • wanting to meet new people

    14 MAR   Killeen, TX, United

    my name is gabby old , im 14 years and i live in killeen tx, and people say im smart, kind, loving, and trustworthy. im looking for a guy who can sweep me off my feet, very kind, who can treat me right, and thst will always be there for me.my limits are 14-15 years old.:)

  • I-m bored when lonely

    25 FEB   Charlotte, NC, Unite

    I'm looking for an Emo girlfriend who doesn't care what others think or say (I'm looking for personality) an who would start the conversation first and would not be too clingy (I'd prefer to text over Instagram messages instead of this website 

    my insta: salvatore__rocco

    Taylor Hi add mee I would love to get to know u talk to u and maybe even become that special someone 😬
  • I like people who hang out and have fun!

    07 JAN   Mount Laurel, NJ, Un

    Hey! Im, Brooke13. I like writing and guitar.

  • Hi I am leslie and I am 13 and I want to meet new pe

    28 JAN   Miami, FL, United St

    Hi I am leslie and I would like to meet new people. I have 3 pets 2 of them are cats and I have a bearded dragon. I love reptiles and I love roller coasters. My favorite is hulk from Orlando universal. I love to have fun. Byeeee!!

  • hiya nice to meet you all boys not older than 16yo

    08 MAR  

    hello my real name is allysia
    i talk english and spanish
    because i'm half english/half spanish.
    most of the time i'm live in the UK.
    and the other times in spain barcelona.
    my hobbies are swimming, walking on the beach, horse riding, go cycling, giving body massage, walking on the beach, and walking the dog.
    my favorite colors are yellow, blue and purple.
    and i would make new friends here and talk with them.
    i love the nature and the 4 seasons.
    And i have skype.

    !!! guys not older than 16 years please !!!

    see yu <3

    Gabriel To Skype me its Gabriel Reynolds
    Cameron Marshall Hey Im 15 how are you
  • HI. I-m Rave, 14. from Edmonton canada.

    28 APR   Edmonton, AB, Canada

    I would like to find people that live in edmonton to chat and hang out, i love talking,helping out, having fun. u can hit me up if u want to chat. 12 to 17 only plz

  • anyone out there really hot and if it-s a girl u hot and guys hot 2

    21 APR   Thornton, CO, United

    I love anyone that's hot like girls or guys but they would have to treat me right and never gets mad right away

    nick55 Im a male model and a baseball player and really nice and sweet
    Joe kapalka Wow all of u guys must be desperate to jump on that fast why dont u try to get to know her before falling for her
    Ashanasti dominguez hey what is your favorite color
  • Looking for a lover.

    18 MAR   Norton, MA, United S

    Hello! I am Ashton. I'm 14 years old and I am a total geek. I like video games, writing, and stuff of that nature. I play Roblox and I love YouTube. I am looking for a serious relationship.

  • Meet 13-15 year old guy for relationship

    26 FEB   Atlanta, GA, United

    Hiii! I'm Jayden-Rain, a 13 year old artist. I guess all I'm looking for is a free spirited, sweet, TALL (haha) guy who doesn't take advantage of my age and isn't a total creep. All the guys in my school are disgusting and immature. I want a long-term relationship with late night phone calls and sweet morning texts. Humor is the best feature. I love to laugh and feel comfortable with a guy, not like I have to hide away and pretend to be someone else. As long as we spend time together, I don't care what we do. Live near Atalanta or at least in Georgia. Though I am okay with long-distance. 

    Matthew im all that though idk about tall depends on how tall
    tvanatta I mean, Im 65 tall
  • Girl let-s have some fun

    19 APR   Moreno Valley, CA, U

    Hi there any beautiful sexy lady wanna talk get to know each other and have some naughty fun get naughty over the phone give your cell phone number girl 

  • Meeting new friends around the world

    15 MAR   Los Angeles, CA, Uni

    Hey everyone Im Talana Im from Los Angeles California Im a cool person to chill with I plsy basketball and watch my nephew I like to spend time with my family Anyone wants to ask me questions go ahead I will post my phone number if anyone wants it Thanks

    Jadden Yo text this number (619)832-9167
  • Meet new people and have fun

    12 MAR   Sydney, New South Wa

    Hi I'm Brittany 15 single bisexual love swimming laying around chilling want to meet new people for fun I'm a pretty easy fun loving chicky xx;)

    Jeremiah Hello kinda interested in you...message me
    HenryPrice Hey there Brittany. Im Henry, Im 14, would love to start talking. hmu if youre interested. Talk soon!
    Brian Message me 5806303106
    Jay jaylesner58@gmail.com email me i 13 names Jay
  • 13 looking for a cute loyal guy

    27 APR   Calhoun, GA, United

    hi I'm fantazia I'm looking for a cute white male (not being racist) I'm from the US I live in Georgia I'm from Texas. I'm adopted by Tammy grandparents and if anyone wanna talk HMU???

  • Hi, I-m Jess, I-m 13. Grew up in Sydney, AU. Living on Manhattan Beach,

    20 JAN   Santa Monica, CA, Un

    I surf .. play guitar .. Im a photographer ..
    Looking to talk to pretty girls, of any age ..

  • hi I-m Merrick I-m looking for a nice gf

    28 APR   Ohio City, OH, Unite

    Im a gamer I play a lot and I like to crack jokes or eggs it depends id im cooking lol And im pretty social and if your down Ill be there for you


  • Looking for some friends

    28 APR   Oscoda Township, MI,

    Just looking for some people to talk to just very bored and want to talk to someone 

  • Oh, wow, its a title that is long :)

    28 APR   Cork, Ireland


    I'm kieran, 14, blonde, really tall and straight,

    looking 4 friendship, (maybe more (?_?) 

    i might not get back to u really quick cos i use another teen site, but whatevs,

    Pm me if u want

  • Me, Myself and I (Rewrite cuz the thing wont show :l )

    02 APR   Black Bear, ID, Unit

    I'm a Guy, 15, Gamer, Bi (Idcccc what you say if your offended by this xDD you dont affect me at all and you're irrelevant to my life "only if you're being a hater" c: )

    That's all TBH :ll well bai

  • Looking For A Nice Caring Boy/Girl

    07 MAR   Lima, OH, United Sta

    I want someone (Boy Or Girl) who like video games, youtube,and music, I'd llike you to live near me

    Abby R u in Ohio
    Nishad yo wassip I live ps4 and I am from houston and I also luv drake so I guees if u like me u can just msg me XD
    ty.schadler hey do you listen to nirvana
    Foxx Do u live in Nevada
  • Bored lol hmu. Lookin for someone to snapchat maybe Kik if ur cool

    24 APR   Manhasset, NY, Unite

    just wanna put myself out here. message me before u add me on anything.

    Cassidy Hi how are you
  • i look for a gf and we can get along

    24 APR   Marinette, WI, Unite

    i look for a real reationship and hope to find a gf and i hope we can get along and do thing together

  • Who want to get freaky on snapchat

    24 APR   Petersburg, VA, Unit

    Im luis 17 years old, yall girl add me on snapchat, alsowe could trade nudes lol

  • A girl to be my love and angle

    25 FEB   New York, NY, United

    Hi my name is freddy. Im colombian im came to the united states back in 2007 to live a better life. Right now im currently living in New york Queens. I speak three different languages (english,spanish,russian). I play for pro not to known soccer club here in Ny . Im a very nice person and helpfull. When i not playing soccer im playing video games or doing school work. When i grow up i want to work in micrsoft or even try full time soccer and joining LA LIGA. Im in to girls that are chill and care for people. I like girls for who they are. I dont like gilrs that like me for what i have. If your instreasted in me you could message me. Im going for girls that are 13-14. You could give me a call if you want (347-798-4114) message me as soon as you can and ill get back to you. Mesage me on kik if you want.

    Jayson Padilla Like a 90 degree angle?
  • 14 y/o feminine ftm trans boy looking for a long-term relationship ?

    24 APR   Oakland, NJ, United

    hey im max, im 14 and im looking for someone around my age to connect with or just simply be friends with alike minds ?? I love dogs (i have one myself) and i love video games lmaooo 

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