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Teens Ages 13 to 16

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 13 to 16 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 13 to 16 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Not looking for anything serious at all

    24 APR   Mesa, AZ, USA

    Hey Im Mike not looking for anything serious just some sc fun! Message me and add my snap if youre looking for something similar! Fwb, booty call whatever! Im a great buddy ill talk to you all day but there needs to be a balance between naughty fun and being pals! Again add me i promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised ?

    kortnee YA nasty... girls please read his last post before you even think about messaging him... seriously a perv
    12 hours ago
    Jessica/squish (Taken) Yep hes a thirsty desperate hoe......aka YA nasty!
    12 hours ago
    12 hours ago
    Gail Storm Dude, stop bothering girls.
    12 hours ago

  • Friendship or maybe something else. 13 to 15

    23 APR   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    Hello. My real name is Luis, but I just like the name Tobias. That's why I put it as my profile name. I really wanna text people and hang out because I really get bored easily in my house. Just follow me and let's text.

  • Here for a loyal boyfriend:)

    23 APR   Milwaukee, WI, USA

    I’m Olivia (liv) and I’m here to find someone to start a relationship with. Somethings you should know about me is I do musically and have over 11.6k followers and I would appreciate if that didn’t get in the way of our relationship or for you to not use me for clout hope I find someone soon?

    Andromey We could talk and what not
    1 day ago
    rizhuzaifa Will you be my girl??
  • Heyy looking for a friend or maybe more

    23 JUL   United Kingdom

    Hi :) My names Alysha im 13 and i live in the uk im looking for somebody to meet up and just chill and hangout with ;) im Bi so yh pm me if u interested

  • looking for a girlfriend I guess, lol 20 charactersss

    21 JUL   Washington, United K


    my name is rose. I am a lesbian girl who enjoys having a good laugh I guess xD I don't really know what to put here, haha.

    So erm, message me!

    Shame Hi, Im bi but I mostly lean into girls and I would love to know more about you...Hmu on Snapchat 😊
    xitiz hey ever tryed something
  • Hiya there! (why does the title have to be twenty characters long lol)

    15 DEC   Cambridge, United Ki

    Hi! I'm Sienna, a fan of manga anime, kpop, and generally asian culture lol. i'm fourteen. i'm looking to make friends, or maybe even a boyfriend. Don't be afraid to message me :)

    Glitch Im an anime fan, message me sometime :)
  • New,looking forward to talk, board AF

    23 APR   Milky, Bihar, India

    hey i was board and found this site.....if anyone wanna talk hit me up 

  • I would like to meet girls that are 13 to 16 years old

    23 APR   Ocala, FL, USA

    Hi there :-) I'm Trevor, 16. I am looking for girls who are at least 13 to 16 years old and I would like to chat and have fun with them all day and night. I am looking for a relationship. I like sports, movies, games, reading, and other stuff. 

    1. Snap: su08676
    2. Kik: armour53

  • Meet nice friends and a possible boyfriend

    23 APR   Duluth, MN, USA

    Hi, my name is Clarissa but, you can call me Leo. I am a 13 year old girl that has an attitude too big for her body. I can be very kind or rude depends. I like horror movies, reading, drawing, singing, and animals. I have depression and anxiety.

    I am single and willing to date. So HMU.

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    23 APR   East Northport, NY,

    My name is mason. I live in east northport, ny, and I'm hoping to find a girlfriend.

  • heya everyone!im 14 and im looking for a friend or maybe more?

    22 APR   Rawalpindi, Pakistan

    Im 14 and its been i while since i've been looking for that kik and insta are in my bio.

  • hmu, I need friends, why 20 characters?

    22 APR   Burlington, MA, USA

    Hi Im Michaela Im 13 and live in new england. I need friends because Im always bored. I enjoy drawing and listening to music. My snap chat is in my bio.

  • meet nee people for adds and views

    22 APR   Vista, CA, United St

    hi i’m erica!(: I love to play soccer and make new friends (: im just looking for some views and people around cali and the US. dont be afraid to add me lmao ill add back! NOT interested in trading nudes or video chating 

  • 15, male, bored, singleeee

    17 MAR   Homosassa, FL, USA

    Hi, I'm Orion. I'm bi and single. I'm emo. I like talking but not good at it. 

  • Ooh look, its another title! Much Wow, very awe!

    19 JAN   Knoxville, TN, Unite

    Hi...its Eli. I'm a Tran ftm guy. im pansexual. im a photgrapher, basketball player, a twitch streamer, and a Civil Air Patrol Cadet. Im 13, and a quiet person. I love music. i guess if you feel like you want to know more, message me.. im not good at this..or anything really.. ok Bye!!

  • looking for a relationship

    14 MAR   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Lookimg for a girl that will be loyal and understand me. Also girl age must be 13-16. 

  • Single teen looking for someone to love

    21 APR   Escalon, CA, USA

    Hey im 13 from cali and im looking for someone who loves to be outdoors and is super active but still wants to play video games with me 

    I want a guy 13-16 with long hair 

    Blue,Green,or Brown eyes and that is super chill and not super sexual i am stright and i would love to get to know you. If i dont like you dont worry we can be friends unless you ask for nudes and i dont like people from india they creep me out thats all byee 

    Lorenzo_Lopez_XD Hello I would like to to get to know you, if your interested pm me
    3 days ago
    Triston Hey my name is Triston add me on snap chat I would really like to get to know you
    2 days ago
    Triston I also can check off everything in your list
    2 days ago
  • Want a friend not boy

    21 SEP   Lahore, Punjab, Paki

    need a girl to talk???? age btw 13-16 not boy cuz i am a boy


    fozan are you gay
    Deepak Need a girl for sex chating...
    3 days ago
  • Hi my name is Jax I?m 13 and I am looking for a girlfriend

    20 APR   Granite Bay, CA, USA

    Hey I’m a sweet caring guy that enjoys to watch tv, play cards, play pool, and to shoot skeet. I am going to the junior Olympics this June. If you are out there please contact me 

  • looking for a GF that has snapchat.

    22 MAR   Bernie, MO, USA

    I'm single and wanting a girlfriend that is 13 to 15 and has snapchat hmu 

  • Looking for a relationship 13-14

    05 APR   Beech Grove, IN, USA

    Ive been playing football for 8 years but I have been trying to find a girlfriend so I came on here if you want to talk with me add me on Snapchat not joking made this

  • relationship wanted. badly

    14 APR   Iowa City, IA, USA

    Add me on snap if you are 13-15. I dont send nudes. I want a relationship but not too fast. hmu if you arent a total douche

    Harry Lewis Hey, message me I am interested on you and I dont want nuds photo thats it
    Dylan Message me
    genemason Hey pretty message me
  • Add me on kik I?m 14 soo yea

    20 APR   Portland, OR, USA

    Add me on kik@anthonyohoh

    hmu y’all know what it is I’m 14

    the rest of this is to fill out the minimum number of characters I can use so sorry for this 

  • New friends or relationships. (F or M)

    18 APR   Milwaukee, WI, Unite

    I'm Evan and I'm genderfluid. I'm looking for someone to either date or be friends with. I am kinda clingy and open to an open relationship. My interests include...

    • Writing
    • Reading
    • Drawing
    • Cuddling
    • Smoking (cigarettes and weed)
    • Getting high
    • Talking
    • Roleplay 

  • Any boy or girl wanna date?

    18 APR   Phoenix, AZ, USA

    I'm bi sexual. I don't care about gender the thing I care about is love.

  • looking for guy near me

    17 APR   Fullerton, CA, USA

    hey im aurora im im looking for someone whos sweet and kind but romantic and funny. id prefer people who are near me, but im open. plz message me. i love music and disney. big sports girl. plz if ur just texting em for a booty call dont waste my time

    Terrance Ur doing it wrong jim hit her with a cheesy pick up line
    John Doe Email me at (trust me)
  • Hello! This post is a little about me.

    17 APR   Islamabad, Pakistan

    Hi, my name is Huzaifa. I'm 14 and I live in Islamabad, Pakistan. I'm a YouTuber, a singer, a writer, a photographer, a football/soccer player and a student. I like humor and long conversations. I also like travelling and I am a cat-person. 

  • Relationship want badly

    16 APR   Indore, Madhya Prade

    Hey i am a boy 16 i nee a clean girlfriend in any one is interested can msg me and can add on skype no nudes and we can somdays have fun on video also 

  • Looking for new someone special

    15 APR   Mt Horeb, WI, USA

    Hello, my name is Mitch. I'm 16 and from Wisconsin, and am a pretty average joe. But I am seeking a female partner at the moment. I do have a few standards that I have, but these shouldn't be too hard to follow:

    1. Must be pretty, not a beauty queen, but at least with a nice smile, and practice good hygiene.

    2. Must be intelligent.

    3. Must be nice and have a good personality.

    4. Must have some hobbies

    5. Must enjoy my company.

    In exchange you will recieve:

    1. A nice boy who is 6'4" and gentle.

    2. A smart boy who gets good grades and a large amount of interests.

    3. A boy who is good at conversation and can adapt.

    4. A person who is not manipulative, and tries to make people better.

    5. I might be cute, IDK. Depends on your preferences

    6. A boy who likes doing new things provided they are harmless and/or legal.

    Some side notes, while I will date anyone of any race, I find African-American and Asian women the cutest. I also am comfortable with dating trans people if they have fully transitioned, as well as straight, bi, and pan people. I am not looking for cheap sex or nudes, but an actual long term relationship, so please do not come looking for that. I also have asperger's. Otherwise I'm quite normal.

    Mitch (taken) Ha ha ha, very funny
    Otaku_2018 Omg u actually did it, hope it goes alright for u
  • Mainly a girlfriend or friends

    15 APR   somewhere

    Hi so i'm basically here for a relationship but making new friends to is also nice so u're probably going to want to want to know my hobiies and other things about me. so...first i love laughing and having a good time, i'm an athlete i'm not exactly a one sport guy i run, do high jump and other sports, i've got medals in some if u want to see them ask, i work out, so girls say they want a guy with six packs well i've got only four why u ask because it's hard to get six packs not that i don't really have six it's just that it doesn't really show, i love watching movies, animes especially dragonball z, futurama they are my favourite, i listen to music sometimes and write my own songs mostly for fun but they are suprisingly good,play games sometimesthat about wraps me up. so this is about the part that i say the type of girl but i don't really know i just want a girl who wants to have fun and chat and let's see where it goes and i'm also cool with friends mostly if u watch animes especially dragon ball z or boruto if u want to talk jusy hit me up

  • Need Girlfriend (Im Filipino)

    14 APR   Tagum City, Davao de

    Hi Im James 16 and i like to get a girl that so cute and sweet not in really lazy and annoying.....and its okay for long distance relationship :D

  • bored. anyone up for friendship? hmu

    11 APR   London, United Kingd

    just bored finished all games on my nintendo switch not gonna get a new game till next week, so anyone want to chat?

  • Sup y-all!! Looking for a cute and savage girl.

    13 APR   Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Hey, y'all!! I'm looking for a cute and savage girl???. If you are interested hit me up on insta. Peace? 

    Sansith_dasavage Yo guys, the question marks were supposed to be emojis!! :)
  • looking for a girlfriend

    12 APR   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hey, im rob,14 . i like doing relaxing things and dont like stress. i listen to alot of music and play alot of games and if theres any girls 13-16 that feel the same hmu

    Bloom Hi, I would like to know more about you. Shoot me a message if ya want
  • Looking for a girl too and maybe more

    09 APR   Los Gatos, CA, USA

    Hey im Jamesssss

    looking to make friends with a girl or moree

    I got snap check my profile, im on there more than im on here

  • Casual Hookup In London...

    12 APR   London, UK

    Honestly, I'm busy with exams and just need someone to have a "good time" with if you know what I mean only from London ... 

  • Happy to be back online

    10 APR   Moab, UT, USA

    Happy to be back! Sorry I was gone for a long time. I have hangouts if anyone chats me ill tell ya if i like you

  • Looking for a boy to talk to.

    22 OCT  

    I am gay and looking for a boy 16 and under only. Just to talk, straight or gay/bi. Hmu

    David Farias hello, im looking to make a new friend!
  • friends or more than friends

    05 APR   Indianapolis, IN, US

    i am lookin for friends or maybe more than friends from indiana-florida i will be 16 on august 13

  • looking for someone near me...

    01 APR   Fullerton, CA, USA

    im aurora im really kind sweet and fun to be around. i like a guy who is kind good sense of humor. plz feel free to hit me up boy or girl.. 

    Xerick Of like to date
    Will Hey Im down
  • I don?t know what to put here

    08 APR   Abilene, TX, USA

    Hi! I’m looking for someone to talk to. I’m bored af...

    hmu on Snapchat!

  • Anxiety hit me up I like socializing

    08 APR   Anchorage, AK, USA

    Hi I’m Karsten and please hit me up I’m having anxiety and the delusions that my online gf mellie of the people on this site isn’t real and she’s a catfish and I don’t want to assume that in case she is but ughhhhhh can someone just talk I’m having the bad thoughts about how depressed I’ll get again if I lose her and it’s all a sick joke

  • Looking for bf (Age 14-17)

    08 APR   Newark, NJ, USA

    Hello! My name is Tyler. I'm 14 years old, and I want someone who has a amazing personality, and a good bod if possible, if you don't, I may still like you. I do theater,  draw, I'm smart somewhat, and sort of a comedian. Hmu on messages. 

  • I need a role play partner

    05 APR   Kansas City, KS, USA

    Anyone who is ages 13-16 message me so we can role play. I wanna role play.

  • People who are around 13 to 16

    06 APR   tanzania

    So if your 13 to16 and you wanna be friends text me. Yeah so u text me through Instagram or snapchat.  Which ever one is okay with me, I don't really mind.

  • Lookin- For A Guy and a few friends .

    05 APR   Bangalore, Karnataka

    Hey there :) 

    You can call me Hazel .  I'm from India .

    I am a tomboy . Love sports ,not really into makeup and other stuff. I'm mysterious and I go with the flow .

    Text me if your interested :) 

  • Someday we will meet ......

    04 APR   Chaguanas, Trinidad

    Looking for funny sensitive girls who wouldn't mind the lol one distance and are loyal no matter what.

  • Looking for boyfriend

    11 FEB   Metairie, LA, United

    Hi. My name is Madelyn or Maddy for short. I'm 13 years old. I play volleyball. I am looking for a boyfriend 13-14. I was a long lasting relationship. I can do long distance and online dating. I am kind and loving. I'm a little loud sometimes but I love to laugh and have a good time. I don't mean to sound picky or mean but I prefer fit, good looking boys. If you are interested please send me a message. 

    Nishad lol u can hmu if u want
    StormDragon Hey, if u are cool let chat, Im a NCC(Sea) Cadet in my school so Im fit and if u need any IT problems I can help with that seen im a AVA Crew in my school too Im cool with long distance relationship and I can bring a smile to your face when u are down . If u like give me a chat :)
    Henry Chafton(looking) Im an MCJROTC cadet so i am very disciplined and but i am a funny guy and im a football player and a singer im 15 im in walker louisiana
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