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Teens ages 16 to 20

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 16 to 20 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 16 to 20 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Im looking for a girl to have fun with.. If anyone is interested pm me:)

    15 AUG   London, UK

    i am 19 years old boy who likes to have fun and enjoy life as much as i can:) 

  • Looking for girl to chat with !

    15 AUG   Manchester, UK

    I am so lonely and bored . Any girl just hmu :). 

    I love playing truth or dare and knowing each other more . Idc how u look like it ur age lol just hmu . 

  • Girlfriend or just good buddies.

    13 AUG   Augusta, GA, USA

    Imma be honest I'm looking for a girlfriend,you gotta live fairly close to me,if not we can just be homies.

    Jasmine Cook 2-16-04 hey i live close to you im in chickamauga georgia we can be friends
    12 hours ago
  • Hey lets hangout. Message me!!!!

    16 JUL   Elk Garden, WV, USA

     Hey who wants to hangout with me! Message me for details on what we will do. I'm up for anything really!

    djjames1602 Hey there I’m up for anything
    Seagalswag What’s anything 🤔
    1 day ago
  • Can i get your attention please!!

    14 AUG   Tripoli,Libya

    Im bored and Im looking forward to new people for friendship or something more.. anyone interested. hmu!!

    Casey Please no fake accounts.. and I do not accept nudes
    1 day ago
  • Meet people who care

    13 AUG   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Hey im raven and i want friends thats all you need to know unless you wanna text me and find out more 

  • Hitting A Hard Time In My Life

    13 AUG   Rialto, CA, USA

    Please I Just Want To Meet Someone Who Will Respect Me Or Treat Me Like I Matter.. I Want To Find Someone Who Is Honest And Loving And Willing To Talk Whenever... Please Someone Talk To Me.. I Really Need Someone

    knight raider wanna talk about it?
    1 day ago
  • I want some friends i can trust

    13 AUG   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Im raven im bored and i need friends i can actually trust and people who are actually nice if anyone wants to talk please message me.

    Sam Bolen Ok well I would hope people think I’m nice but my snap is sambolen13 HMU if you wanna
    1 day ago
  • Meet someone nearby to get to know, and develop a friendship/relationship

    26 MAY   Mangawhai, New Zeala

    Hiya, Im 18, and hoping to meet someone nearby me who maybe shares a few interests, and perhaps to meet in person someday. I love to read, sing, and I have a passion for fantasy. fantasy shows, fantasy novels, you name it. I will admit I was sceptical about joining this site, but I am willing to take a chance to meet someone interesting

    deranman hello how are you I like sci fi, aliens,some books, and movies,/art and to talk about dreams
    2 days ago
  • add me for chat or meet

    12 AUG   Quito, Ecuador

    Am miguel angel from ecuador and i want to meet people of usa or other countries 

    Add to me   593 987420031

  • Meet a special and loyal girl to care of and love.

    11 JAN   Munich, Germany

    Meet a special girl which is herself and is loyal. A girl which wants love. A girl I can care and love for?

    I left for good sorry Bianka Bianca that post was from before I met you so
  • looking for an online date or friend 13 to 16

    08 AUG   Planet Jupiter

    I like Billie Eilish Sssniperwolf The last of us Persona Call of Duty I mostlly play xbox but have a ps4

    djjames1602 Hey I’m up for dating, I got Ps4
  • In the mood for some crazy pics

    08 AUG   San Antonio, TX, USA

    I’m bored does any girl wanna trade pics ??if you do dm me and I’ll txt you back 

  • Meet new people and find new friends

    08 AUG   San Antonio, TX, USA

    My name is kade I play baseball I work at the zoo Im down with anything im a freak but can’t find nobody else who is a freak but ya I’m single and bored 

  • Meet new people to talk to!!

    16 JAN  

    Looking for someone to talk to.... Looking for friends and hoping to form a great friendship with someone... pr maybe more??

  • I want to meet new people

    08 AUG   Exeter, UK

    I live in England, and in all honestly meeting new people is really difficult. I often feel quite alone despite being surrounded by people, and I'm looking for new people who want to get to know me, like me or hate me, and have conversations we'll enjoy.

    In terms of friendship versus love, that depends entirely on what we think of each other, right? But I'm open to relationships, and I'm recently single (...yay)

    If I'm boring I don't mind being ghosted, so there's no harm in saying hey!

    Brainy hey, whats up
  • Meet new people for relationships

    06 MAR   Wilmington, NC, USA

    Hey there, I'm Hannah! I am looking for some friends because the ones at my school aren't so nice. I feel very lonely there. I love the mountains. It makes me calm whenever my family and I take trips camping. I love to play sports and crush people on the PS4. I'm very spontaneous and love to have a good time. Hmu if u want to talk!

    Tiinn Hey Hannah. Dont be too harsh to your classmates. LOL. Im just trying to make you smile. But I wanna ask something... Did I made you smile? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH LOL. I just want to say that Im always free here. Nice to know your short description of your life
  • A Correction To My Profile And Info On Me

    25 MAR   Washington, DC, USA

    I'm From Wabash, IN, USA and while i'm at this I'm Devon I'm gonna be 17 in Apirl. I'm a musician, I'm looking to meet a girl who loves music as much as me and can put up with my idiotic nonsense haha not cheating or stuff but just the stupid stuff I do in general, don't be afraid to message!

    Haley your cute what kind of music do u listen to
    Tiinn Are you just a music lover and not a singer?
  • Meeting new people and having fun

    03 MAY   San Antonio, TX, USA

    Hi, im elizabeth im 16. Im just looking for people to hang out with and try new things, im bisexual, but i prefer girls. I like comics amd netflix. Hmu :)

    Lane Mcclure Do u have Snapchat
    Kou Hey!😊
    Devin500 Hey, this place is dead. Add me on Its way more fun.

  • New friends/girlfriend?

    03 AUG   Iroquois, IL, USA

    Howdy my name's Jordan 

    Im a pretty chill guy more interested in making your day than ruining it. 

    Looking forward to getting to know ya

  • I?m single! Need a gf

    02 AUG   South Portland, ME,

    My name Is Zach K, I live In South Portland ME, I am looking for a gf 16-19, I’m 18, I have 3 tattoos, I’m cute I love to text and skateboard and show my love and I am cute!!! Give text me at 12076155571 

  • Still looking for guys anyone 17 not under

    21 JUL   South Shore, Blackpo

    I'm Megan, Im 17, 18 next year.

    Just looking for a nice, caring, talkative guy whos is non thirsty, Also who doesnt ask for nudes. Also no Fuckboys though or asking for social media straight away any of them will be ignored. In the UK only

    scottie I messaged you in kik let’s talk
  • Haha. Fun Note, please read.

    01 AUG   Logan, OH, USA

    Don't add me and try to get nudes. I'll just fucking block you. If you're not interested in friends or a serious relationship then fuck off with your dick pics.

    I'm bi, but I like females more because they don't automatically say "nice tits" right away.

    They understand.

    Maybe guys should too.

    Dating ages 16-18

  • Heyo ----------------

    31 JUL   Westby, WI, USA

    Not many people responded to my last post so I'm just gonna - 

    I'm a ftm trans boy looking for a dominant of any gender, my kik is shimadamada13, I uhhhh am a giant nerd so,,,, yeah

  • ddllg relashonship in usa anywhare

    30 JUL   Cincinnati, OH, USA

    ao like three things you need to know firsat im a tranf girl mtf second i wanna be a little girl and third my dream is to open my own computer shop

  • Lookin for new ppl to talk to online

    29 JUL   Providence, RI, USA

    Looking for friends and a great boyfriend!

    I'm super lonely obviously and I just wanna make new friends and see if I can find that special someone who doesn't base a relationship on sexual activities

  • Meet girls around 18 yrs

    28 JUL   US

    Hey, thanks for popping by and reading this, i'm up for a chat and possibly a relationship ship. Kik me at dude59990 or on chatblink if you can find me.

  • Looking for girls onlyy

    27 JUL   Belgrade, Serbia

    Any girl kik me or dm me on instagram im bored want to chatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    Cl053D You being desperate for girls, aint gonna make em adding your kik or insta, just for you lure them in.
  • Hit me uppppppppppppppppppppp

    26 JUL   Belgrade, Serbia

    Im 17 male from Serbia 




  • Hmu, I need to kill time

    26 JUL   Lake City, FL, USA

    If you play paladins or fortnight on xbox1 add me, dyliephantom. And Imma just spam to fill the other characters jfrknxtikbfykmvdfikncddukmbddukbdrujbffyikbcdyindtijcduibd6ikcdykbdtukbdtukbfyinfyukvgujknvg

  • Looking to chat with anyone, hmu

    26 JUL   Escalon, CA, United

    Anyone is welcome, message me here and I'll message back, I'll let you choose what you wanna talk about

  • Looking to chat girls onlyyyy

    25 JUL   Belgrade, Serbia

    Kik me od dm me on instagram



    im boredd want to chat ??????????.

  • Kik me or dm me on instagram females onlyy

    24 JUL   Belgrade, Serbia

    Chat,females,bored im 17 m from Serbia kik me anyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Cl053D Desperate for girls? lol... we all know why and all the tricks guys do to lure them in.
  • Looking for a boyfriend who?s a tad bit insane like me.

    24 JUL   Leominster, MA, USA

    Hello, people of this teenage dating app full of little boys who want nothing but nudes! 

    I’m looking for a guy who’s a bit crazy like myself. Someone who’s never been told they are normal. There’s too many normal people without an interesting personality on here.

    So, if you feel your sanity slipping, and if you fit the requirements of mine that I’ve written on past posts, shoot me a message somewhere other than here! I want a guy who’s unlike any other!

  • Looking for a boyfriend with a personality!

    24 JUL   Leominster, MA, USA

    Hello! I’m looking for a man who can wow a lady and actually talk to one! 

    I’d like a guy with a personality past teenage hormones. A guy who’s maybe a bit weird like myself. I’m into mythology, witchcraft, Odinism, and anything fantastical! My favorite fantasy creature is a tie between dragons and vampires (not the sparkly Twilight ones...). And I am looking for a guy who can tell the difference between a mermaid and a siren unlike seemingly everyone else! 

    I’m a collecter of sharp weapons, and I love cartoons such as Rick and Morty and Regular Show. I’m a dark fantasy writer who wishes to be an author eventually, and I have backups of editor and graphic designer. 

    I want someone who has somewhat English skills and takes the time to write you instead of u like all other teenagers. Someone who takes time with what they write. Someone who doesn’t feel the need to apologize for everything since people these days get overly butthurt about everything! 

    If you fit this description and match up with my past posts of my requirements, shoot me a message. Don’t post on here, as I likely won’t see it. 

  • Single and looking for a mature man who?s not just looking for nudes!

    24 JUL   Leominster, MA, USA

    I’m free again! If you’re interested in me, send me a message somewhere else than on this post! 

    I’m a dark fantasy author, graphic designer, and a novice freelance editor. 

    You must follow these requirements, as I’m a bit picky. 

    1. Must be a straight male who was born male 

    2. Must be atheist, only mildly Christian, pagan, Wiccan, or Odinist (which I am studying to be).

    3. Must be white (Caucasian). 

    4. Must be mature and have goals for the future. 

    5. Cannot be a liberal or politically correct. No one feministic. I’m anti-feministic to some degree. 

    6. Must live in the US. The closer to Massachusetts, the better. 

    7. Wish for a long term relationship and not just nudes. 

    8. Accept the fact I wish to be a housewife and homeschool my children, of which I wish for at least three (and I want to name my son Thorvaldr and daughter Helle).

    If this sounds good to you, send me a message so we can get to know each other. 

  • Looking for new chill friends

    22 JUL   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    My name is Angel, I am a straight geeky guy that is looking for new friends. I like to play video games, read manga, watch all kinds of tv shows, Movies and Anime. I only have a PS4 and play fortnight, COD WWII, and Blacklight: Retribution. I suck at these games but a like having fun. I like doing streaks on SC so HMU if u want to start one. I also like all kind of memes.

    PSN: YucuteYu5

  • Tryna meet a girl to fw

    22 JUL   Belton, MO, USA

    tryna talk to a girl thatll make me want to text them and have a good converstion

  • A few new friends needed! (Potheads, girls, emo-s, rednecks, or fun)

    22 JUL   Hamilton, OH, United

    Hey, I'm looking for some new friends, hopefully in my area. I need some new girls to have with me, so if your into gaming, anime, rock/rap/country/pop music, band, or you might just be aesthetic or a pothead, hmu!! I'm open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I'm lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out. 

  • Might reactivate my social media-s on here

    21 JUL   South Shore, Blackpo

    If I reactivate my social media i'm expecting no dick pics or any old guys otherwise blocked thats the reason why I took them off. I only put them on for a chat and find my true guy and I didn't put them on for people to show off their dick pics 

    Cl053D I dont blame you, i understand youre situation. but even if you did reactivate your social media, those perverted thirsty guys still gonna do the same thing regardless... them sending thier d!ck pics or desperately wanting them nudes cause they got no life other than mooching off on girls to get what they want.
    Cl053D If youd like to talk or wanting a friend can message me here.
    Megalia17 truue its maddd annoying I hate them sooo much
    Cl053D Ill add you to my kik, if thats okay? if you prefer to talk there, and yes I know how frustrating that can be annoying.
  • Kik,instagram, or here chat

    17 JUL   Belgrade, Serbia


    kik me or type me here or on instagrammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    16 JUL   Birmingham, UK

    Been looking for ages now. I would like a sexy, fit to have some fun I’ve text and then maybe nudes ??

    Lindsey Bitch the fuck
  • Y?all come and hit me on my snap at jdhowze22

    16 JUL   Butner

    Let’s just talk or something idc if ur up for it add me on snap at jdhowze22 haha

  • looking for someone to chat

    14 JUL   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    I am looking for someone to chat with. I'm interested in art and photography, and also love nature and animals. I like hanging out with friends and to travel. Hmu if interested

  • meet new people for friendship

    13 JUL   Newark, NJ, USA

    im Huey ..everybody is special i just hope yall be good people not here to ask for nudes so feel free to text me .if ur a male we can text that doesnt mean im gay im not tryna be against anyone here okay i love yall no matter what. str8 aiiit !!!!see yalll, if ur fat,slim,ugly (nobody is ugly tho),cute ,rich,poor,or anything i respect yall text me bcos i dont care what u look like i love everybody n i think everyone should b treated EQUALL!!!!!

  • Looking for friends IRL

    11 JUL   Marion, OH, United S

    Hey, I dont use this website much but me and my friends have been really distant lately and jw if anyone nearby wanted to get to know eachother and maybe hang sometime. I'm a pretty shy person at first so I really dont say much but once you get to know me im a pretty fun person! :) Hmu if you want

  • I am a Christian looking for a Christian guy

    10 JUL   AB, Canada

    Hi! So, as you can see by the title, I am a Christian. In other words, I am looking for a Christian guy. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to officially date until I am 18, but we can get to know each other until then if you are still interested?

    MaxxWell27 i will kill myself here if you ignore TBH you are cute
    Jacob85113 hello i am so add me
  • Girls (16 ) hmu im bored af lol

    10 JUL   Amsterdam, Netherlan

    Boy 18 here, bored af looking for someone to chat with,  maybe some romance i dont really know... dont add me if u dont want me to flirt with u or if ur taken... ty

    Hmu :)

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