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Teens ages 16 to 20

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 16 to 20 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 16 to 20 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • looking for a boyfriend

    27 SEP   Southampton, UK

    looking for a boyfriend in southampton between 17-19 add my snapchat paula_knight5 if you wanna talk xoxo

    cr_sal7 Add my snap@saleh_abdulla8
    Gta123aka Add up big_lewis7 😊
    1 day ago

  • new friends to chat with

    03 OCT   Modesto, CA, USA

    Need new friends to chat with add me on snap : nataliermz1 . I do not snap. I only chat .

    Richard Rochester Hey text me Im just wanting a friend my number is 58538020t8
    shelby019 (Taken) hey girl hmu. im female just to clarify and im bored and need a girl to talk to
    2 days ago
  • I?m Bi looking for a Gf

    12 OCT   Bethlehem, PA, USA

    Hello my name is amber I am 17 years  old and I am genderfluid and BI  and I love to cook and watch Netflix and try to journal or draw in my free time

  • Looking for friends and relationship

    09 OCT   Libby, MT, USA

    I'm Cheyenne. I'm sweet loyal funny smart caring helpful and broken. I'm looking for people to help me put the pieces back together.

  • Watch out for Freaks

    08 OCT   Pottstown, PA, USA

    Hey guys look out for sick minded people. And I know I’m not alone. Plz be careful on 5is website cause you don’t know who is talking to you. So if anyone that needs a chat that is clean not filthy in any other way plz hmu

  • Heyy!! I-am trying to find a girl friends and also try to find a good guys~

    07 OCT   Jakarta, Indonesia


    I want to find girls who can be friends with me~ 

    And also want to find a good guy who can be my boyfriend~~

    If you curious or interesting find me on snapchat or dm me on my instagram.

    Instagram: michelleekristina

    Snapchat: bluechels8

  • Add me on Kik and Sc

    24 OCT   Bakersfield, CA, Uni

    Add me on Kik  Nick_49er_Cachu if you want to talk and sttuff..  Add me on sc at nickcachu17 ... I would prefer girls

    Natalie<3 If u want add me
  • Plz someone I have no friends

    06 OCT   Pottstown, PA, USA

    so no one is talk to me so thats fun. Even the people. Who did replay to the post to even reply back to me. And I am going through hard times right. Now. So someone plz hmu on my social media platforms it on my profile than you amd hmu

    Hector Hey dude hmu,I’ll talk to you
    Yannie We can be friends :)
  • Hello, looking for new friends and stuff

    07 OCT   Chrzanow, Poland

    Hello, there guys and gals. I'm currently looking for someone to talk to, my main interests are video games, swimming, and badminton. I mainly play on the pc, but I plan on getting a ps4 next week. When it comes to the stuff I talk on its mainly kik, snapchat and discord. So be free to add me on those three apps. I hope I will be able to talk to some of you quick.


  • Hit me up plz Looking for a good chat

    05 OCT   Pottstown, PA, USA

    Hi it’s me again no one is talking to me. Which is kinda sad seeing other people getting responded and I am not. So plz hmu it would be awesome. Thank you for reading this. And plz hmu 

  • Meet guys who might want to meet

    03 OCT   Norton Shores, MI, U

    So I don't drive but I'd like to meet guys face to face, that are near me. I live in Muskegon, Michigan, USA and don't have a boyfriend. I love doing stuff?, let me know if ur interested.

    Braden Hi I interested
    Amkidd2 Im interested snap me amkidd2500
  • BOYS please help me

    04 OCT   Norton Shores, MI, U

    Ok so I've been told I'm really attractive. If I'm so attractive how come I don't feel notice or guys talk to me? I want advice what can I do to be noticed? So far I've tried skin tight clothes, makeup (didnt help any), I've gone casual dress, dressed up. 

    Conlan Staunton Sometimes guys are just stupid
    Amkidd2 Snapchat me amkidd2500
  • Plz someone chat with me

    04 OCT   Pottstown, PA, USA

    I barely have any friends and it wou”d be nice to talk someone or even date them so plz chat with me. 

  • Before Anyone Messages Me

    26 SEP   Leominster, MA, USA

    If you’re searching for a girlfriend and choose to message me, it’s fair you know the surface of what you’re getting into. 

    If you’re looking for normality, I’m a good and poor choice. I want a normal future, but I’m crazy. No, not the typical female jealous crazy, but normal crazy. 

    Also, I hate PC stuff. I’m anti-feministic, along with other things. It pains me to listen to feminists, especially when they are men. I’m not misogynistic, I’m just against the current feminist movement. 

    Other things about me are in my past posts, giving an idea about who I am and who I’d be willing to give my time to. 

    I’m just sick of all these guys messaging me for nudes. I am not a whore. Go hire someone off the streets if you want a woman’s body so badly. 

    Danilo Im am not those fuckers i just want a somebody to talk to me and be my friend if its ok with u?
  • Add me and we-ll talk you know a nigga bored these days

    03 OCT   Avondale, AZ, USA

    add me on snap dunkincedric


    im pretty cool to talk to when you feeling bad im there for you and theres other stuff youlll pick up about me once you get to know me

  • Looking for a girlfriend

    02 OCT   Pottstown, PA, USA

    I want a girlfriend. I feel alone all the time. And if anyone responds it would be great!!

  • meet new people ..............

    02 OCT   Modesto, CA, USA

    I'm bored I just want new people to talk . or just add me on snap to just only chat . so yeah HMU if want to chat at Nataliermz1

    Aditya add me up we can be friends
  • Tbh super bored right HMU on Snapchat up for anything

    02 OCT   Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Hey I'm Dee and I'm 17 years old .Okay I'm not good at describing my self but let me describe my self I'm athlete and I play basketball for the school team and I'm single. I joined this site to meet new friends around the world I like talking with new people .Im not a judgy person I'm very open person if you think you wanna get to know me more you can add me on Snapchat or Kik or What's app you can private message me on this site also but I'm not 24/7 on this site I prefer Snapchat more so if you all cool you can add me on there 

    WhatsApp : 94768357467

    Snapchat : dinushkasarawic

    So HMU on anything don't be shy 

  • Meet people who care

    13 AUG   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Hey im raven and i want friends thats all you need to know unless you wanna text me and find out more I’ll add you on Kik
    Cpayne2024 Hey I’ll be your friend if you like

  • looking for something

    26 JUN   Jonesville,South Car

    hey im hannah 17 please post phone numbers below im 5'7 im biracial i play volleyball and basketball 

    Harrith iam looking for you hannah
    Harrith send me in my whatsapp this my phone number 249927887363
    Braden 7652656255 hmu
  • I want a KIK girlfriend.

    01 OCT   Washington, IN, USA

    Any girls willing to be my KIK girlfriend? 15 - 19 only. It doesn't matter where you are. & please don't be lame. 

  • Looking for a boyfriend! Ages 16-18

    27 SEP   Indianapolis, IN, US

    I am looking for a sweet boyfriend that wont mind me cuddling with him! I like to read, draw, and write! I play the guitar. I am 16! If you are interested hmu!

    Braden Hi I interested
    Dawson Hey i am 16 and wouod love to get to know you
    Adam Hey im 18 and im interested my snap is adam_lvn Hmu
  • yo hmu to become friends or more!

    01 OCT   Au Gres, MI, USA

    yo i'm a shy but noble girl i'm 16 and wanting either a girl or boy to love me for who i am (like that will happenXD) anyways just hmu on either facebook or hangouts!

    Adam Whats your hangout??
  • Lol you can follow yourself!!!

    01 OCT   Dixon, CA, USA

    No lie try it. You can actually follow yourself on this site. Kinda dumb but at the sametime cool and funny.

  • Romance And other love stuff

    01 OCT   Brandon, FL, USA

    lookin for love and or a female just looking for a dirty fun time so just hmu on skype

  • Looking for girl to chat with !

    15 AUG   Manchester, UK

    I am so lonely and bored . Any girl just hmu :). 

    I love playing truth or dare and knowing each other more . Idc how u look like it ur age lol just hmu . 

  • Haha. Fun Note, please read.

    01 AUG   Logan, OH, USA

    Don't add me and try to get nudes. I'll just fucking block you. If you're not interested in friends or a serious relationship then fuck off with your dick pics.

    I'm bi, but I like females more because they don't automatically say "nice tits" right away.

    They understand.

    Maybe guys should too.

    Dating ages 16-18

    Nicksaidhi24 hey im looking for a serious relanship, hmu on snap nicksaidhi24
    Bigd99 Were u live
  • add me on Snapchat @ nataliermz1

    30 SEP   Modesto, CA, USA

    add me on Snapchat at nataliermz1

    To snap me or text me ???

    18 and older add me on their

  • Any girls for chat and maybe more... :)

    28 SEP   London, UK

    Hey, any girls looking for somebody to chat with ? And maybe something more .... 

    Add me kn snapchat kenchev41

  • And I am single again...

    26 SEP   Leominster, MA, USA

    I just broke up with my last boyfriend. He ghosted me for a week, so I had to end it. 

    Anyway, I’m looking for a guy again, I suppose. 

    You must fit my friend requirements, but with the first requirement saying must be male. And no fourth requirement for obvious reasons. You can see these requirements in the last two posts of mine. 

    Also, don’t respond here. Message me. 

  • Meet firends and hope more

    24 SEP   Keremeos, BC, Canada

    Im dayton add me i love trucks and like to talk alot u can ask me anything. Also im 16 boy love to snap everthing

  • I am interested in meeting new people

    25 SEP   Karachi, Pakistan

    Hi everyone. i am just interested in meeting new people and making friends .

    Fake people please stay away.

  • Meet someone to date or be friends

    20 SEP   Fort Worth, TX, USA

    I’m 16 in Fort Worth TX I’m down to be friends or a little something more (but only if you’re in north Texas) 

    I’m bi so girls or boys hmu 

    Also, I really like animals

  • Looking for a reliable relationship

    20 SEP   Staines, UK

    hey I’m looking for a girl (sorry guys) aged 15-17 maybe abit older but not younger. Im funny and could have a good convo always like a good convo. I like music, drumming and gaming. I’m a nice guy looking for someone to spead the rest of my life with. 

  • Hey all!! Bisexual teen here.

    18 SEP   Broken Arrow, OK, US

    Hey!! My name is Elliott and I'm 16 years old. I'm here looking for friends and possibly a relationship???? IDK. But ya, my favorite shows are Supernatural, Catfish, SU, and The Real O'Neals. I like acting and doing stupid stuff. Hmu if you wanna chat!

  • need female friends

    16 SEP   Pawtucket, RI, USA

    im 21 im bisexual i have a,man we looking for a girl to have fun with im from florida but live in rhode island  i love the color pink 

  • girls hmu looking for fun

    14 SEP   San Francisco, CA, U

    just tryna have some fun, add me on snapchat - jkhanna6367



  • Just chillin around the house

    13 SEP   Jacksonville, NC, US

    Seriously just chillin listening to music and playing with my Doggo 

  • Just what I-m looking for

    13 SEP   Halton Hills, ON, Ca

    Hi! 17 y/o m here, just looking to talk to someone and have some fun, maybe even make a friend or a girlfriend out of it. If you're interested hmu, or if you just wanna chill and have some laughs definitely hmu too, lol. See you soon :)

  • Hey, if you want to talk with a french guy ?

    09 SEP   Paris, France

    Hit me up if you want to talk with a french guy ?My name is Wilfried and I would love to meet new people, so come talk ?

  • Bi looking for a gf / bf

    08 SEP   Petaling Jaya Selang

    Add me on snapchat?? We'll chat, idk what happens next.. Why do I need to write a long ass message btw so pointless omg ...... ?Anyways hit me up ?

  • Any girl for private chat?

    08 SEP   Sofia, Bulgaria

    Hello.. My name is Atanas.. I am 18 years old boy... I'm feeling so bored ???

  • Hello I am new here and wanted to say hi

    06 SEP   Goch, Germany

    Hey! Im new here. My profile picture is about a year old but I dont have anything better on my pc right now. And Im Bisexual.

  • does anyone wanna talk on ig

    07 SEP   Marietta, GA, United

    hey im back and now i have instagram. message me at emo_dork96. i will be sure to text u back. see u there 

  • Looking for a respectful boyfriend

    06 SEP   Johannesburg, South

    Looking for a cute,respectful, boyfriend one that does not ask for nudes.

    TheLeviathan Hello, my name is Allan. Respect is very important how i look at things its respect be respected. I am not interested in any nude trading.
  • Hmu.

    03 SEP   Jacksonville, FL, US

    I'm bored .-. Hmu.                                                                           

  • Hit me up on snap or kik.

    03 SEP   Haleyville, AL, USA

    I'm just looking for someone to talk to or roleplay with. Guys and girl are welcome since I'm bisexual. So hit me up!!????

  • Dating girls or just friends is fine

    17 AUG   Vineland

    Honestly I'm up for a long friendship that might lead to a relationship. If freinds with benefits is an option its fine but if anyone wants to become friends too that's cool too. Hmu and be nice please!!!

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