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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 16 to 20 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 16 to 20 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Looking for a girl friend, 16-18

    19 NOV   São Paulo - S

    Hey i'm Noah, 18. I'm looking to meet a girl around my age to become good friends, if you're interested message me or add me on snap and we can talk there!

  • girls n guys who wanna chat hit me up

    17 NOV   Auckland, New Zealan

    message me and I’ll give u my instagram

    I’m bi so i dont mind who hits me up, but I don’t mind if you just wanna be friends too


    cozycapricorn Hey everyone I’ve gotten so many messages and its honestly stressed me out a bit so if I don’t respond its nothing personal
    2 days ago
    Henry Chafton Im kinda gothic but i dont wear gothic clothes anymore
    2 days ago
  • Meet people around me hmu

    18 NOV   Rock Hill, SC, Unite

    Wanna meet new ppl girls especially 16or older my Instagram: James_long17

  • hey I-m single snap me

    18 NOV   Quincy, IL, United S

    hey any sngle white fit males who like bigger girls and who like to rp and know what ddlg is snapchat me please. 17-29

    caleb Hi I am single
    2 days ago
  • New and bored hmu if u like

    16 NOV   Fort Worth, TX, Unit

    The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, but gets faster each minute after you hear this signal. [beep] A single lap should be completed each time you hear this sound. [ding] Remember to run in a straight line, and run as long as possible. The second time you fail to complete a lap before the sound, your test is over. The test will begin on the word start. On your mark, get ready, start.

  • hey I-m single snap me

    16 NOV   Quincy, IL, United S

    single white fit males who like bigger girls and who will clean snap chat  me hmu on snapchat.  I don't bite.  also I'm 17 and single so hurry

    caden ok ill add you if you add me
  • Bored so HMU on snap or kik

    16 NOV   Cleveland, OH, Unite

    Honestly bored as ever so HMU I guess lol let’s talk or something  start streaks idc tbh I’m just bored ???

  • hey I-m single snap me

    16 NOV   Quincy, IL, United S

    single white fit males only who like r into ddlg an r experienced an love spoiling their littles and live in quincy,il and snapchat me so ik your interested!!!?@?@?

  • Dirty snaps girls hmu if you want them!

    14 NOV   Ohakune, Manawatu-Wa

    Hey I'm 19 from new Zealand and am doing some dirty snaps for you dirty girls ? hmu if you are keen or add me on Snapchat mitsi_gang

  • 16 Looking for bf or gf older then me

    11 SEP   Bangkok Thailand

    Hi there :) I'm Jamie, 16. I'm shy, kind and love animals. I'm looking for guys or girls who are willing to date someone online only since i have overprotective parents and can't meet up. I like cartoons, reading, Criminal Minds, animals and music. My ideal partner is someone 17 or older.

  • Hello! Looking for boyfriend/girlfriend.

    19 OCT   Murfreesboro, TN, Un

    Hi! Im kat and im looking for a relationship. Prefferably from tennessee, but it doesnt matter. I love outdoors and animals and music! If u like one of these, hmu!

    Djawesome Private Message me and i will give you my kik
    Harris_2017 Hi My Snapchat is harris_2017 if u want to chat
    Benny Hey hit me up
    Zane I’m nonbinary I love all of those things
  • Hi my names joey and im looking for that special person

    13 NOV   Hawthorne, CA, Unite

    I thought this would be a good way to meet someone so why not. Im straight and i like any type of girl honestly.

  • Hey i-m Ian just looking for someone special

    06 JUL   Garden Grove, CA, Un

    Hey. So im 17 and just thought I would give this dating website a go and yeah that's why i'm here to look or date someone that's intrested in me. Oh and by the way i'm straight sorry but, i only like girls 

    Cheyenne Im 15 so I guess we cant talk
    Julia Hey! Im 16 hmu
  • F O L L O W M E ...

    12 NOV   Fayetteville, NC, Un

    Hello... I am Jessica, 17 and I live in the US. If you decide to message me... Be different. I don't want your d ck pic. I want to know about you, (your personality).

    Jay Hailey ( Taken by Bad_Queen ) Hey lets get to know each other
    AK Hey maybe we can know each other
  • Just wanting to talk to anyone really

    07 NOV   Baytown, TX, United

    just trying to learn about new people and get to know some new fresh people. 

    KIK: austinj575

  • idk boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    06 NOV   Mattawan, MI, United

    idc either hmu ig                                          










  • I want a boyfriend, could it be you?

    05 NOV   Salem, OR, United St

    Aight listen, I ain't here for some bullshit. I want a boyfriend, a commited relationship. So don't ask me for nudes, you ain't getting any. Don't hmu if you're 14, not Ganna happen. Hmu if you wanna get to know me, I'm 15, black, Italian, Bolivian and Honduran. Latina. Don't come at me with your bullshit. 

    Brainy hey lets chat
    Henry Chafton Im 15 hit me up at snap chat at evaneye henry chafton if you wanna talk
  • I like to meet new people

    29 OCT   Montrose, MI, United

    Hi there I'm michael add me on Snapchat Mlk29lake I love to play music and write music it's my escape away from everything. The biggest thing that bothers me in the world today is the racial separation like why can't we just get along then there wouldn't be all kinds of chaos in the world but that's me lol 

    Asnyder212 Add me on snap asnyder212
  • Got bored so I made this. Girls only

    01 NOV   Chicago, IL, United

    I got bored so I decided to make this account. I’m 19 looking for a girl to talk to between ages of 17 and 21. Always down to talk to new people so hmu.

  • Looking for friends and;or relationship

    30 OCT   Brasília - Fe

    Hey there! So, I've been going trough some issues and really need a friend around my age rn, just to really vent and talk about problems and have fun times aswell cause why fucking not, I like rock, games, and I play the guitar, and no, Im not the most handsome person you will find out there, yes, I am self aware, but yea, if you are interested in chatting HMU

  • Im looking for a gf that i can be with

    16 OCT   Pittsburg, KS, Unite

    Hi, again I'm Bo... I just got in a break up and got back on track...things to know. I like to sketch and color, I like to play video games most of the time and I'm shy and a Nice guy and I would love to have a girlfriend again 

  • Looking for bf/gf??hmu

    21 SEP   Philadelphia

    I am Kayla and I am 17 but to be 18 in November. Cool, funny person  and like to meet an actual cool person in Philadelphia one day ?

    Huszain Reply me if interested in sext
    Danny Hey Im 16 and from outside of philly please hmu
  • My name is Caleb Davis

    27 OCT   Wanganui, Manawatu-W

    Hey there im 16 and im wanting to make New friends or even more i was born Friday 13th April 2001 and im available for any chats

  • Meet New friends or relationship

    15 OCT   Baytown, TX, United

    Hi:) im shykira, 16. I looking for new friends or a relationship, i love to dance, read and play video games. Dont be  shy to talk to me 

  • Text me guy or girl

    24 OCT   Coachella, CA, Unite

    Just bored message or add me on my Snapchat. We can get to know each other. Don’t matter who it is lol 

    KayKay I will text u
  • Add me on Kik and Sc

    24 OCT   Bakersfield, CA, Uni

    Add me on Kik  Nick_49er_Cachu if you want to talk and sttuff..  Add me on sc at nickcachu17 ... I would prefer girls

  • I want to make new friends

    22 OCT   Malin, OR, United St

    Hi my name is bryan I really need more friends to take to and text me if you want to 5412813584 only in U.S.

  • Anyone from San Jose?

    13 AUG   San Jose, CA, United

    I really want a friend or a girlfriend that I could visit because I don't have that kind of friends and if I could find someone like that then that would be pretty great! Thanks guys!

    Sam Lea, she is telling me things like that she loves me, you dont love someone in less than a day.
  • Looking for people to talk to

    04 JUL   Salisbury, MD, Unite

    Hey! I'm Beth. I'm new here looking for people to talk to and maybe even a relationship. I promise I don't bite so feel free to message me :)

  • .... feel free to hmu :)))

    14 JUN   Hackettstown, NJ, Un

    hiii i'm amanda and i'm 16. i'm a country girl, i do tractor pulls, i ride horses, and i dance. i'm looking for a boy who is willing to stay loyal in a relationship, as i do have trust issues and i've have bad experiences with dating in the past. 

    Joe kapalka Just message me lol Id like to talk to u u seem interesting lol
    Cory Message me
    AshMann not looking for anyone right now, but what do u pull with? i have an IH Cub cadet 144 ( 104 with a 147 engine)
    Tyson Hi Im jus a country boy looking for friends who know things about farming and that
  • Who-s got a fake KIK account?! Fess tf up!

    15 OCT   London, United Kingd

    This specific account's username is ItsToriiBabii and the header name is OvO Latina.

    Whoever tf you are, you need to stop catfishing people! And joking about killing yourself?! Acting like your "sister" when I know damm well it was you? Then blaming me for making you commit suicide just from breaking up with you? That hurts, and with certain people, you could make them commit suicide or something just because they feel like they killed someone. Seriously, delete your profile if that's what you're going to do to people!

    If anybody wants some proof, message me on my Kik - lexiii_winters or SC me - simba_winters.

    Please, if this particular kik acount messages you, DO NOT ANSWER BACK. Report whoever tf she/he/they is/are please! This is my warning to you.

    Jocelyn CATFISH!!!!<.<
  • Hi there :), I-m Jeremiah

    14 OCT   Seminole, OK, United

    I'm a musician, and I hope that my career takes off soon. I don't know when it will though.

  • bored and free to chat to anyone

    08 FEB   Fairmont, WV, United

    im 16 yrsold nad my real name is jasmine im easy going and easy to talk to and laid back kind of person

    Michael20 Hi if you would like to chat with me pls send me a text Im Michael and Im 20 years old
    Michael20 Heres my number text me (909)225-8047
    Michael hmu cause im bored and just wanna talk to someone (586)3506297
  • I-m looking for a bf

    07 OCT   Tripoli, Tripoli Dis

    I just need someone wholl love me for me, and understand me, patient with everything.. anyone here???

  • WANT TO MEET FRIENDS. I got a BF and he gets jelouse. so boys, only friends

    12 OCT   Bremen, IN, United S

    im looking for friends. I am getting lonely these days. I have had a stressfull week. SO ANYONE can PM me and try to make me happy. lol. come at me. I got a BF rn. so No dating. my BF will not like it. Boys, you can message me, but only as friends. girls......doesnt matter. 

    Hope to talk to someone. lol

  • Who wants to talk, Maybe nobody lol Hmu girls

    11 OCT   Boston, MA, United S

    Pretty much bored and wanna talk to some non fakes but oh well... Not Bi or Gay, Real girls would be awesome lol 

    Babygirl2 Hi I’m dayna... I’m 17 f usa HMU if you wanna talk
  • Tired of everyone telling what to do

    22 FEB   Huntington, WV, Unit

    Hi Ya'll I'm Courtney, 16. I am very open minded with some what of an attitude but you'll get used to it. I like to hang with friends,and have a good time. I am looking for the right person that knows how to treat me. and someone who likes to take selfies, and dips (yes u heard me right i dip get over it)... I am a total country person and thats never gonna change. so if just message me dont be afraid....

  • Looking for girls to add snapchat

    10 OCT   London, United Kingd

    Hey - looking for girls to add my snapchat, bored and home alone. speak soon :)

  • Looking for a GF 17-19

    08 SEP   Elbert, CO, United S

    Hey I Josh 18 and, I've never gone out with anyone and was looking for some experience in a relationship....feel free to message me whenever....

  • I-m looking for a bf

    07 OCT   Tripoli, Tripoli Dis

    Hey) Im Casey and am 16, I just need someone wholl love me for me, and understand me, patient with everything.. anyone here???

  • Cute girls wanted for chat :)

    06 OCT   Highlands Ranch, CO,

    I'm an athletic 18 yo looking for cute girls to have a solid conversation with :)

  • Hmu bored asf looking to meet new people

    30 SEP   Chandler, OK, United

    Hey I'm Justice I'm 15 and I'm bi I'm very straight forward so yah if you want to know anymore hmu 

  • Yap. ..

    10 SEP   Sapulpa, OK, United

    Im a very simple person, I love to work and enjoy hanging out with friends at the lake or pool hall. I love my pitbulls and nothing matters more then family.  I'm not a very social person, more of a loner I guess. I never finished high school, and will never go to college, but I will not let that hold me back...

    lowenmench hey do u live in florida?
  • Lonely Teen Looking For Company!!!

    09 FEB   Howell, MI, United S

    My name is Missy, but I go by Phire! I am 16 going on 17 and I love to read, wrtie, sing, dance, play guitar (self learning), play trumpet (also self learning), and cuddle!!!! I love hugs and I am open toa  relationship with anyone. I like both boys and girls, though mainly boys, so I am Bisexual. Other than that, I am also looking for a confidant in my crazy life. E-mail me at: sapphireheartwood@gmail.com!

    Matt_90 Hey Im Matthew if you ever want to chat just hmu
  • Meet new people for relationship

    26 SEP   Williamsburg, VA, Un

    Do not add me on snap or Kik if you’re just looking to fuck or trade I’m not that type of girl

  • trying to meet anice guy

    26 SEP   Portland, TN, United

    Hi I am Barbara I'm 17 I'm single. I'm 33 weeks pregnant 

  • Looking to find a gf, or something lol

    03 SEP   Lansing, MI, United

    I'm pretty bored and just wanna have some fun, hmu with something. 

    Rachaelgrennen Hi I love fun I do cheer I resely stop modeling because of school but what ev
    Roselyn Kpasrah Hey,I love watching TV and playing net ball,if u are interested I can teach u.
    hope Hey! I am single if you want to date me. I dont know if you like Asian girls.
  • My name is Max and I-m looking for a girl preferably aged 16-18

    19 SEP   Newcastle upon Tyne,

    Hi I'm max and I'm single, looking for a girl to do long distance age 17 add me on snapchat maxeales

    Babygirl2 Hi Im dayna 17 f usa
    Kirah -Rosie- Hey! Im Kirah but People call me Twitch!
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