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Teens ages 16 to 20

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 16 to 20 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 16 to 20 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Heyy!! I am Michelle and i need a boyfriend!

    05 DEC   Jakarta, Indonesia

    Heyy!! I'm michelle

    If you wan't to know me you can check out my Instagram: michelleekristina or you can also add my Snapchat: bluechels8


    Abdul hakkim P M Would you like to be my girlfriend

  • Can someone please tell me why the fuck

    01 DEC   Myrtle Beach, SC, Un

    Why is not hard to found someone that's not about sex, can text back, and try not to focus on jacking off. If you want something really then you can text or add me on Snap. If not don't text or add me on snap...It's that simple!!!

  • Hi, Im new here, looking for some friends (and more)

    03 DEC   Greensboro, NC, USA

    Okay, Im new here and Id like to meet some new people. If you're interested in me (relationship or otherwise) then you need to message me, first come, first serve. Hit me up.
    Im only interested in guys/girls 17 or higher.

  • On vacation and looking for people to talk to

    02 DEC   Iowa City, IA, USA

    I would prefer girls to talk to, im single and just looking for friends or more rn im straight and want to chat for a long time snap and kik are in bio

  • Hi. I-m bored. And awkward.

    02 DEC   Ohio City, OH, USA

    I need people to talk to. But I'd prefer if you didn't add me on Snapchat. I already have over 100 people who've added me. But I'd really like to talk to someone. I put 16 to 20 but the highest I'll go is 18.

  • Looking for a relationship

    01 DEC   Maryville, TN, USA

    Looking for a girl near me. I love sports (watching and playing). I'm 16. Looking for a girl who won't cheat on me and doesn't have drama consuming her life

  • Give me a snap girls

    01 DEC   Shrewsbury, UK

    My snapchat is Reece2000rlh feel free to add me on it, 18 Shropshire 


    16 only

  • Looking for new people

    30 NOV   Portsmouth, UK

    just want someone who can interact in a conversation as well as being able to spin the conversation

  • Any girls tryna talk rn?

    30 NOV   El Paso, TX, USA

    Im a nice guy and i like having conversations with people. If you are interested hmu my snap is jsemartz

  • Any girls interested in talking im pretty chill

    29 NOV   El Paso, TX, USA

    Hmu on snapchat jsemartz or on instagram jsemart if you are down to talk i just need to meet new people

  • Add me and we-ll talk you know a nigga bored these days

    03 OCT   Avondale, AZ, USA

    add me on snap dunkincedric


    im pretty cool to talk to when you feeling bad im there for you and theres other stuff youlll pick up about me once you get to know me

  • Any Girls tryna talk i need more female friends

    28 NOV   El Paso, TX, USA

    Im a pretty chill guy just tryna find some more friends so if you are down to talk hmu my snap is jsemartz and my instagram is jsemart

  • Hey! Do you want to know me more? Check out my instagram: michelleekristina

    26 OCT   Jakarta, Indonesia

    Heyy i'm michelle, 16 years old and from indonesia~~

    If you want to know me come check my instagram : michelleekristina or my snapchat: bluechels8

    Lets chit chat~~~

  • 16 Girls only straight male

    28 NOV   Shrewsbury, UK

    So girls... 

    About me

    Snapchat: Reece2000rlh
    Straight male
    • Football (Chelsea fan)
    •Xbox (mostly playing fifa)
    •Listening to music
    • Animal care
    • Holidays ( never been abroad, but want to)
    • Baking
    • Going to new places
    • Watching films
    • eating out
    • photography
    • Car journeys
    I live at home still with my parents
    Animal lover especially Dogs and Birds
    The child is my nephew
    love to drink cider ???
    German shepherds and Huskies ???
    Any questions please ask

  • Hey! Do you want to know me more? Check out my instagram: michelleekristina

    27 NOV   Jakarta, Indonesia

    Hey guys! 

    I'm looking for boyfriend and friends too

    So if you interesting come check out my instagram: michelleekristina or you can add my snapchat: bluechels.

    Thank youu

  • nice to meet ya, how you doin

    27 NOV   Parañaque, Me

    just looking for a lond distant relationship I'm a girl as you can see so only boys are allowed

    P.S I know you won't be serious about the relationship so am i XD

    lexis Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up. Am ready to show love to u.just message me
  • You MUST Add Me on Social Media!!!!

    25 NOV   Tampa, FL, USA


  • Bored girls hmu......................

    25 NOV   Pretoria, South Afri

    Bored girls hmu.........................................................................................

  • Add me on snap

    25 NOV   CT, USA


  • Looking for love and treat me with respect

    24 NOV   Shrewsbury, UK

    hi I’m Thomas I’m 18 single for a long time and want somebody to love and have a good time with and meet to spend time with 

  • Add your boy on social media

    24 NOV   Augusta, GA, USA

    Also this thing wallnt let me PM people for some reason add me and I'll add you back on anything 

  • Bored hmu.

    23 NOV   CT, USA


  • First post: just looking to chat tbh

    23 NOV   Auckland, New Zealan

    Looking for peoplez to chat with. Please be friendly. ??. I hav no idea what else to say. 

  • Still looking for a man. Preferably 17

    21 NOV   Havre de Grace, MD,

    I’m still looking for a guy as the title suggests. I’ve been lonely, and it sucks to be lonely. Before anyone messages me (and don’t do it here), these are some things I need in a man. 

    1. Not politically correct. There’s nothing I hate more than political correctness. I’m an anti-feminist myself, and I dislike feministic men greatly, along with any PC men.  

    2. Must be white (Caucasian). This is a preference thing. I just don’t really feel attraction to anyone else. 

    3. Not a member of LGBT community. No offense to anyone that is, but I only date straight men. Another preference thing, and everyone should be entitled to their preferences. 

    4. Be 16 . I prefer men older than me though. 

    5. Manliness is very important to me. I feel many guys just don’t care about appearing masculine anymore, and it’s very unappealing to me. If you wear skinny jeans and wear makeup, you’re definitely not for me. 

    6. Have fluent texting. I appreciate when someone takes the time to write neat texts. When someone can’t even be bothered to uppercase an I or write you instead of u, I can’t be bothered to talk to them. 

    7. Lastly, give a good first impression. If you fit my requirements and just message me a “hi”, I’ll ignore you. Interest me. I like to be entertained or surprised. I love proper introductions. Shows a lot about a person. 

    Remember, don’t message me here. I won’t respond here. Send me an actual message. 

    GONE Title supposed to say 17
    GONE Seventeen with a plus next to it!
  • Still looking for a boyfriend

    17 NOV   Cairns City QLD, Aus

    I haven’t found a boyfriend yet and it’s not because I picky because believe me I’m only picky when it comes to food.  I’m interested in some people but you’ve gotta talk and get to know them before you date them and in saying that I really don’t want to be heartbroken again.

    Here are my rules/expectations, if you meet them don’t hesitate to message me (my god I sound like one of those tv ads)

    1. Be honest with me.

    2. Have a good sense of humor

    3. Abs (not a deal breaker if you don’t)

    4. Be taller than me (I’m 5’4”)

    5. Contact me whenever you can because I get lonely.

    6. Enjoy being around your friends.

    7. You have to be able to tell people about me.

    8. Send me sweet notes (through email) because again I’ll miss you and get lonely 

    Brainy sounds cool.
    Agent Kram (straight) Yeah that sounds good
    Levidarame Good here I am
  • Looking for a boyfriend

    17 NOV   Cairns City QLD, Aus

    I’m looking for a boyfriend. I’m not picky but I do have standards.

    1. You must have a good sense of humor

    2. You have to be taller than me (I’m 5’4”)

    3. Be kind

    4. Must be trustworthy 

    5. Likes to cuddle

    lexis Am here.I will do as u say.ready to spend my life with u.
    Robez still waiting on hangouts lol
    AlexHebert Hi I probably a little late for this but hi my name is Alex I am looking for a girlfriend you probably already have a boyfriend but it was worth a shot ☺
  • Looking for friends and maybe a relationship

    16 NOV   Guildford, Surrey, U

    I've been pretty lonely for a while and would like to meet new friends and maybe a relationship, I don't care about gender so anyone can hit me up. I only want to date people in my country so anyone outside of the UK I'm sorry 

  • Is there any kpop stans here ??

    16 NOV   Bts universe

    Im just looking for kpop stans over here because i feel hella weird here ? 

  • Wanting a boyfriend relationship

    16 NOV   Ponte Vedra Beach, F

    I would love to have a boyfriend who is loyal and lives close to me in Jacksonville. 

  • Looking for a girl around my age in Utah

    15 NOV   Heber City, UT, USA

    The title pretty much says it. I’m looking for a possible girlfriend who lives nearby. Preferably close to my age. If you’d like to know more about me, just ask.

  • meet new friends maybe more

    15 MAY   Buffalo, NY, USA

    hi im raven bored and wanna talk about anything im kinda werid and kinda sexual but other than that i think im a great person hmu

    jemil_123 hey add me on snap
    alexf720 Add me on snap aferraro2002
  • Looking for a boyfriend so hmu on here or Snapchat

    14 NOV   North Las Vegas, NV,

    Sup... Im 16 looking for someone long distant or not it don't mater also I live in Las Vegas so if you live near definitely hmu.

  • Hey guys add me on Snapchat

    14 NOV   Ponte Vedra Beach, F

    Just wanting to meet new people. Getting a fresh start. Don’t mind a daddy, master, bf, or friend. Come add me for some fun. Can’t wait!

  • Foot Fetish Relationship

    14 NOV   Bronx

    Looking for a relationship with a girl between 18-20 who is interested in foot feish stuff like me and lives in the 5 boroughs

  • Wanna meet new people

    13 NOV   Stapleton, AL, USA

    I’m 17 and single (I will be 18 in roughly 3 months)

    I wanna meet new people and make a lot of new friends so don’t be afraid to add me

    (I’m mainly wanting to make more friends to talk to often but I’m open for possibly something more) 

    santiagoluciana Hi Nice to meet you after viewing your profile i am Luciana, from Madrid Spain, i have a project discussion with you please email me on: (
  • Message me on here; I have NO social media

    13 NOV   St. Louis, MO, Unite

    Guess who got grounded from her phone. Message me on here if you want, that's the only way to contact me atm. Besides skype, but talk to me first and then maybe if I get to know you I'll give you that user.

  • I Want To Meet New People

    10 NOV   Conway, SC, USA

    I'm looking for some new people. I want people who like animals,  music,  reading, and nature. I want people who I can have an intellectual conversation with. Boys and girls I really don't care. Ages 15 only 

  • looking for a bf. anyone interested?

    11 NOV   Falls Church, VA, US

    just trying to look for a relationship but if you don’t we can be whatever you want.

  • Girls only! add me up for fun ;) 16 only

    07 NOV   Shrewsbury, UK

    Add my Snapchat Reece2000rlh 

    Talk about anything, not that fussed 

    straight male only want girls adding me please :) x

  • I am searching for a relationship

    07 NOV   Bengaluru, Karnataka

    Any girls interested in relationship. Feel free to text me . Add me on snapchat or follow me on Instagram. I am 17 yrs boy. Any girl of age 15 to 17 . I am free text me. Long distance relationship i prefer the most

  • hey guys add me on snapchat

    07 NOV   Denver, CO, USA

    Add me on snap : nataliermz1


    just wanna snap or text

    So HMU on snap

    Taken gtfo Add me poganishere
  • Do not start a conversation with hey or hi!

    05 NOV   Havre de Grace, MD,

    This is something that’s been needing to be said for a while. Question to everyone out there: does simply saying “hi” or “hey” leave room for conversation? No! There’s no topic to talk about! Mention a bit about yourself as an introduction! 

    What happens after “hey” is always “how r u”, which has unattractive and horrible grammar firstly, and secondly leads to another simple response. There is nothing much to say! Nothing much of interest, of value, or of anything! 

    So, take this as a lesson. To get someone interested, try to actually introduce yourself. Be clever, or maybe say a joke. Just don’t say a simplistic “hi”. 

    Undisagreeablyifying You have a fair point, CrimsonDroplets. I do see the problem with always starting a conversation that way, and the fact that the how r u being horrible and unattractive, as well. I can highly agree upon your statement here, as I have dealt with this problem before. I usually would start things off with a joke or something like you said it should go. I hope others can learn valuable information from this as much as we have.
    M.Snow Its a bit unorthodox that thy should have to abide by such a fickle thing
    Jack You have a point. It’s hard to start a conversation with “hey or hi”
  • Looking for a Friend!

    05 NOV   Badin, Pakistan

    I'm looking for a good friend with whom I could share everything :)

  • And I am single again...

    26 SEP   Havre de Grace, MD,

    I just broke up with my last boyfriend. He ghosted me for a week, so I had to end it. 

    Anyway, I’m looking for a guy again, I suppose. 

    You must fit my friend requirements, but with the first requirement saying must be male. And no fourth requirement for obvious reasons. You can see these requirements in the last two posts of mine. 

    Also, don’t respond here. Message me. 

    kjolly lmao i had to check this post to see if anyone was stupid enough to comment on here despite the post saying not to and i was not disappointed
  • Bored and wants to talk about random stuff -__-

    22 OCT   London, UK

    Lol pop up if u wanna chat about random stuff. I dont want to dirty talk. i just want a genuine convosation with a guy. lol. and not rush into anythinggg

    lil roni (+34 603638072) Im looking only friends maaybe more but first try be friends and know new cultures😬✌🏽️ WhatsApp? add me 34 603638073
    Nikmirge Hey I am also interested to talk to you
  • Meet people who care

    13 AUG   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Hey im raven and i want friends thats all you need to know unless you wanna text me and find out more I’ll add you on Kik
    PayneKillerz Industries Hey I’ll be your friend if you like
    lil roni (+34 603638072) Im looking only friends maaybe more but first try be friends and know new cultures😬✌🏽️ WhatsApp? add me 34 603638073
  • Heyy! Lets be friends! Add me on instagram: michelleekristina

    31 OCT   Jakarta, Indonesia

    Hey i want to find friends~~ 

    Check out on my instagram: michelleekristina and dm mee~~

    Or you can add my snapchat: bluechels8 

    Lets be friends or more~~

    lil roni (+34 603638072) Im looking only friends maaybe more but first try be friends and know new cultures😬✌🏽️ WhatsApp? add me 34 603638073
  • 20 yo boy for younger bae

    04 NOV   Prague, Czechia

    Looking for some fun on Snapchat. Snap/Kik is anovy19.


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