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  • looking to talk and get close <3

    19 SEP   Bundaberg, Queenslan

    Hi there :) i'm scott, 17. i m from austrlia and would love to get to now you and get close i love moveis, sports, games, cuddling and just relaxing listening to music, i love all animals. 

    Must live close to Bundaberg 

  • helping my friend get a girlfriend

    15 SEP  

    hi my friend andrew burrows 487 is looking for a girlfriend hes a lovley caring person and a little bit of a nerd hes 19 and hes rly friendly so if u wanna talk to him hhu

    Stephenson Hey bae please call me or get a WhatsApp messenger app so that we will chat on it
    3 days ago
    riley15 message me
    1 day ago
  • Anyone from San Jose?

    13 AUG   San Jose, CA, United

    I really want a friend or a girlfriend that I could visit because I don't have that kind of friends and if I could find someone like that then that would be pretty great! Thanks guys!

    Lea Will you please unblock my friend, Brittany? She really likes you and youre being mean to her.
    Lea No, I dont know why you blocked my friend but tell me because she wants to know.
    Klarity Lea, she is telling me things like that she loves me, you dont love someone in less than a day.
  • lookin for a gf or a girl to have fun with

    28 AUG   Taylorsville, UT, Un

    all ages welcome preferable no one under 15 im 17 years old i like to longboard play guitar and write music and rap im chill af anything else just ask

  • Meeting a girl to love

    15 SEP   Mansfield, TX, Unite

    Hi my name is Juan Gonzalez I am 17 years old. I am the honest person you will ever meet it breaks my heart to lie. I'm a gamer play on the PS4 and Xbox One. I am loyal to my friends and family, I protect them from others.

  • 16 Looking for bf or gf older then me

    11 SEP   Bangkok Thailand

    Hi there :) I'm Jamie, 16. I'm shy, kind and love animals. I'm looking for guys or girls who are willing to date someone online only since i have overprotective parents and can't meet up. I like cartoons, reading, Criminal Minds, animals and music. My ideal partner is someone 17 or older.

  • Looking to find a gf, or something lol

    03 SEP   Lansing, MI, United

    I'm pretty bored and just wanna have some fun, hmu with something. 

    Rachaelgrennen Hi I love fun I do cheer I resely stop modeling because of school but what ev
    Roselyn Kpasrah Hey,I love watching TV and playing net ball,if u are interested I can teach u.
    hope Hey! I am single if you want to date me. I dont know if you like Asian girls.
  • i-m looking for a gf to care about and love deeply...no gays please

    21 AUG   Orlando, FL, United

    i am looking for a gf but um i'm will be romantic to her, i will love her forever and i will take good care of her, i'll never cheat on her i will love her for the rest of my life.

    pamsnapchat94 Hmu I will be your gf xo
    awkwardpanda h-hi im tee...
    awkwardpanda I have social anxiety so sorry if Im kinda awkward...
  • Yap. ..

    10 SEP   Sapulpa, OK, United

    Im a very simple person, I love to work and enjoy hanging out with friends at the lake or pool hall. I love my pitbulls and nothing matters more then family.  I'm not a very social person, more of a loner I guess. I never finished high school, and will never go to college, but I will not let that hold me back...

  • Dating in Cincinnati, OH (guys hmu)

    09 SEP   Cincinnati, OH, Unit

    Hey I'm Alexis. Looking for a boyfriend (maybe girlfriend) close to me. I'm 17 and I live about 10-15min west of downtown Cincinnati. If you're interested, hit me up! c:

  • Looking for a GF 17-19

    08 SEP   Elbert, CO, United S

    Hey I Josh 18 and, I've never gone out with anyone and was looking for some experience in a relationship....feel free to message me whenever....

  • meeting girls for snapchat

    02 SEP   London, United Kingd

    Im just looking for a girl to snap and have some fun conversations with and see where it takes us

  • Snapchat OppaiOverdose

    01 SEP   Massillon, OH, Unite

    My names Nate I'm 18, and I work plus go to college full time. I'm looking for girls over the age of 17 to talk to while I'm at school or during free time. I'm into stuff like gaming, anime, music, and have a ton of interests. Feel free to add me!

  • Looking for friends and maybe a girlfriend

    31 AUG   Sofia, Bulgaria

    Hello there my name is Boris Iliev.I am 17 years old and i like to watch a lot of tv shows,movies and anime as well as play video games.If you want to chat send me a message

  • Meeting new friends

    31 AUG   Santa Rosa, CA, Unit

    tapppp in w the kid  @liliaaanxaaa is my snap chat hmu for some fun 

    Lucas Where you from?
    Raul add me on snap @ raul_king28 😏😝
    Matt /Matthew Added u saw your story
    Rodgerjay Hey wanna chat
  • Anyone from texas hmu. No one older than 20

    21 AUG   Mission, TX, United

    Hey I'm looking to making new friends. Preferably from Texas. Text me on Kik which is in my profile. 

    justen not on kik but im in texas
    justen and i;m 16
    Peyton Im 17 and from Texas
  • Photos of me all you need to do is PM me

    29 AUG   Mesa, AZ, United Sta

    If you want to see a photo of me just PM me and I will send you one just a warning I don't send nudes.

    Dave I think we could go good together
  • Hi I am Nathan Nelson single and looking for some one special I like text

    27 AUG   Maize, KS, United St

    I like yo text I am nice sweet kind and thought full and if you want you can text me at any time my number is 3164699508

  • Looking for a partner

    26 AUG   Phoenix, AZ, United

    Hi, i'm new to this but all i want  out of this is a  jock. A guy to workout with,play videogames and party all night long. I find jocks cute, there so strong and have a have sense of determination. I got uour back if you have mine.:)

  • Model/ Rugbyman add me ?

    23 AUG   Brussels, Belgium

    /! I'm hetero so don't try, I'm not gay; don't lose your time ?

    I'm here to find some fun, I come to Belgium ?

  • looking for a boyfriend whose hot ?

    22 AUG   Omaha, NE, United St

    im trying to find someone who's easy to talk to. since I haven't found someone yet lets do this. If you think you're hot not cute but hot and is 17 and up pm me and I'll get to know you. Race doesn't really matter but I prefer white (no offense lmao) If I like you I give you my number and we'll continue there. PM me ? NO NUDES please and thank you.

  • Just me......................

    18 AUG   Mission, TX, United

    Hey. I'm Crystal. I'm 17 and I live in Texas. If you wanna talk hmu on kik and I'll tell you more about myself. ?

  • Anyboby here who on hangout

    17 AUG   San Fernando, Trinid

    i am looking for a lovely girl who can love me at the age 19 or 20 looking for a relationship so here is my whatsapp 18687089495 plz help me 

  • Looking for a chat/snapchat

    13 AUG   Deventer, Netherland

    I'm Bram and I'm new on this site. I'm looking for new people to meet. Maybe I can add you on snapchat or we could chat on this site..

    Let me know :)

  • Looking for my soulmate!

    05 AUG   South Hill, VA, Unit

    Hi! My name is Chyaa, 17 going on 18. A little shy, but fun to be around. I like all kinds of music (jazz is my fave), and I can sing. Hobbies: sleeping (lol), playing pc games, listening to music, watching tv, drawing, singing, txtn, eating, and having fun! Looking for guys to meet, talk to, and (hopefully) fall in love with. The guy must have some of my hobbies and/or characteristics. I'm looking foward to finding my soulmate!!

  • I am lonely no one to talk to

    02 AUG   San Fernando, Trinid

    i am bi looking for a boy or girl who can text me everyday and show me naked picture i have a 5 inch dick so please help me my whatsapp is 18687089495

  • Hello there :) I-m Rebecca.

    23 JUL   Newbury, United King

    I'm looking to meet people. Having good laugh. Friendship or bit more.

    Dylan Hit me up cutie Im 16
    Nameless73 You are fourty-fucking-three years old on a TEEN dating site. What convinces people older than 21 that a website called Our TEEN Network is for them???
  • Gavin DeAngelo, 15 Single

    02 AUG   Houston, TX, United

    I'm just looking GF from 13-18..... So feel welcomed... And we can message too if you want....

    zeeeeeeek im im 17f using my brothers account. add me on skype if u wana chat. planetearthsocrazy
  • Looking For A Girlfriend.

    02 AUG   Tumbler Ridge, BC, C

    Hey I'm Chris, and I'm looking for a relationship. I'm looking for a girl whos kinda hearted, and has an amazing personality. Message me if your interested.

  • looking for a relationship

    01 AUG   South Cerney, United

    hi my name is alex and i am 17 and looking for a relationship. i do not mind if u r a straight girl or a bi girl. all i care about is the personality that the person has inside of them and i hope that we can do more stuff in the future

  • meet people and date people ,really frendly person

    01 AUG   Mukilteo, WA, United

    Hi there my name is sebastian i like to do outdoor ,sport ,play game , good positive ,only something bad happen, i have a code for true, loyalty, and honor to you , never lie never will never happen um i am 17 ,never whent out never willing to take a chance who ever is interested in me thank u i also ogt facebook and instagram

  • Looking for girl that flirt ^_^ #trade_nudes

    31 JUL   New York, NY, United

    Message me an ull know everything about me 


    Inbox for number 

  • Who wanna date me i am bi looking for a boy or girl

    30 JUL   San Fernando, Trinid

    My name is Quinn i from Trinidad i am 19 years looking for a long term relationship with anyone please help i am funny, cute, strong and i can do anything 

  • single and ready to talk

    23 JUL   Belleville, IL, Unit

    HI my name is Breanna . Im single and I love to party in a good way. Im 17 years old going to be 18 in January.  My nickname is Bree. I love to cuddle.  Im chill and I like to  be sarcastic sometimes . 

    DRESSWELL90 thats cool to here
    Andre Garcia Hey I added you on snapchat
    Singlebruh Hmu, cute eyes gorgeous 10/10
  • looking for a relationship bi boy or girl

    25 JUL   San Fernando, Trinid

    hello there my name is quinn i am 19 years i from trinidad i love play music and i am looking to meet new people looking for a relationship any boy or girl i am bisexual

  • Hey everyone! Add me on snap @ mgcheezehead!

    23 JUL   River Falls, WI, Uni

    add me on snap ladies! I'm 18 years old 6'2" 185lbs. I play basketball football and baseball!

  • Want to meet a horny girl

    21 JUL   Clark Fork, ID, Unit

    Hey. I'm Rex and I'm 16. (my account says I'm 14 because I was a dumbass while setting it up.????) Anyway, girls hmu for a good time. 

    Rex Wilson I apologise. My friend got into my account. I am looking for a girlfriend, but horny is not what I want. Fun, energetic, that kind of thing.
  • Talks about more about me

    16 JUN   Surprise, AZ, United

    I been through so much but now i'm in a good mood i will be 18 on July 28 and yes i'm the youngest in my family i change my hair color deep vioelt and i have green eyes i'm 5'4 my mom thinks i have the perfect body she was right i do and i like it so much that i dont care what people say about as long is every one likes it so much just like i do. 

    Sparrow Go you! Keep being confident and strong!
    sheywendt Thanks Im always confident and strong about what i say and talk about
    KriJone12 Ayee I am loving the confidence!
  • I know this is nearly impossible to ask a bunch of teenagers but...

    28 JUN   Auburn, WA, United S

    As an addendum to my previous post of wanting somebody to satisfy me both physically and emotionally, I also want somebody to satisfy and challenge me mentally. I'm not looking for Einstein- or Hawking-level intelligence but just something that makes it so I can actually rant about science and technology without you looking like you have no clue what's going on.

    Rex Wilson I can hold up my end of an intelligent conversation. Hmu
    Alijah Williams Hey Im intelligent I skipped a grade since I thought 11th was too easy
  • Hmu for some fun , w lul baby

    21 JUL   Santa Rosa, CA, Unit

    Add me on the snap liliaaanxaaa for some good time , lul baby ?? I'm tryna make some new friends , I'm chill asf so tap in ?

  • Bored and feel like chatting

    22 JUL   Norton, MA, United S

    Hey I'm matt , I have literally nothing to do so if anyone wants to chat I'd like that a lot. I play soccer and I like to build things , um oh ya I forget a lot of things but if you give me a reason to I'll never forget you 17 years old. I'll talk to any girls who wanna talk back I'm not looking for anything but a chat no tricks no extra just a chat 

  • Anyone wanna chat..? Hmu

    21 JUL   Boston, MA, United S

    Bored any girls looking to talk or something... Just want to talk to somone 

  • Looking for a freakin nice guy (or girl) for once

    11 JUL   Denver, CO, United S

    Hiya people im Kira, live in parker but work downtown. Im feeling really fed up with guys and girls just hooking up and treating me poorly and would really like a nice guy or lady who is confident, artistic, and kind. I am a reallyyyyy sexual person though so thats a must, i just dont want it to be the only thing in the relationship haha so anyway, message me if you wanna. Also im the red head in my profile xp

    Matt /Matthew I get where your coming from and Im always a go to pick to have a conversation about anything
    xion hey thats true in more ways than one just hmu of you wanna chat
    Xavier Vargas Hey gorgeous Im interested
    Gage Longley I love reading how some guys try to woo ladies on here! XD its quite adorable ... and vise versa! XD
  • looking for something

    26 JUN   Jonesville,South Car

    hey im hannah 17 please post phone numbers below im 5'7 im biracial i play volleyball and basketball 

    Harrith iam looking for you hannah
    Harrith send me in my whatsapp this my phone number 249927887363
  • Bored and wanna talk

    11 JUL   Norton, MA, United S

    Hey my names Matt I like to do things my way and I'm very controlling at times I can't help t but it's who I am I'm very open about anything asked of me 

    Cheyenne Yea here is his Snapchat mdowney345
    Cheyenne Hes a fucking asshole he will block u right after though
    Matt /Matthew Or perhaps shes mad because shes on her period 😂😂
    Laurenk Wow sexist much
  • Hey i just want to meet people

    15 JUL   Pueblo, CO, United S

    Hi im Kevin and im 16 years old, im looking for a girl from Pueblo, Colorado

  • I want a girl to date.

    14 JUL   Techiman, Brong Ahaf

    Hi am Prince, a cool guy with some silly moves. I love to make friends and hangout with them. I love music, movies and games. I like to stay indoors on my phone or pc than to go outside and play football. I want a girl to date. If interested hook up with me in my inbox.
    Have fun.

  • Looking for relationship.

    14 JUN   Arlington, WA, Unite

    I'm so tired of being single. I play a lot  of volleyball and cook awesome food. I'm 17 and a cat mom. Age and distance doesn't matter to me. Looks aren't important either as long as you have a good heart. I want somebody loyal and something real not just sex. Im Matti btw.

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