Teens ages 16 to 20

Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 16 to 20 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 16 to 20 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
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    27/APR New York, NY, United

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  • Looking for Boyfriend or just some friends

    26/APR Fitchburg, MA, Unite

    My Name is Tobi 

    I am 17

    I'm looking for a guy I can relate to on a  emotional and mental level so we can talk

    I love Reading Anime Music Drawing and gaming basiclly anything that I can espress myself

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    26/APR New York, NY, United

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  • Looking for a bf that-s clean and doesn-t ask for dirty things

    08/APR Dawsonville, GA, Uni

    I have a unique personality I am a cook been doing it since I was seven I'm also a gamer if ur interested I cover music on YouTube of ur choice but I'm loyal kind and bit stubborn but mostly I'm looking for a good long last relationship

    Scott if possible maybe we could get to know each other a little bit and see how far it goes?
    Grace Bitch aint nobody want to go out with u if u cant make up ur mind
    3 days ago
    Grace Everyone is going to be dirty
    2 days ago
  • I want to be in a serious relationship

    22/APR Oxford, CT, United S

    Hi I'm Billie I'm 16 and I want a serious relationship and I don't want it to be sexual until I'm ready

    justice Hi,you can hit me
  • Meet new people so i can get a gf

    01/MAR Cowen, WV, United St

    I am an outgoing guy ha plays hard at basketball. Can be clingy sometimes when i show off my gf.

    Country_Gurl U play hard with them balls yee yee and y show ur girl off when u can have her all to ur self hun frfr
  • Looking for a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

    19/APR Humboldt, IA, United

    Hi;) I'm Laney, 16. athletic and positive attitude. i like to write stories, listen to music, and draw. I'm looking to meet people who are 16-19 and never tell lies.

    Kmreeves02 im here for you and im looking for a girlfriend thats from age 13 or 14 depending on personality that is all the way to age 20 and my name is Thomas so if you want to see if things will work out with each other i can sure do that cause right now im not doing to well and i am feeling like shit i honestly hate myself right now so im looking for a girl thats actually a girl and not some fuck over and im looking for a girl thats sweet honest and trusting smart supportive and heart-warming and is always showing care love support and sympathy towards their family and friends and lover so if we could work things out with each other that would be great and message me if you ever want to try and see what we can work out with each other okay
  • Looking for a girlfriend 16-18 I would love to get to know you.

    19/APR Bellevue, NE, United

    Hi i am looking for a girlfriend 16-18. I am looking for a girl who is caring, sweet, funny, and nice. I am also looking for is a girl who is a Christian.

  • Need a girlfriend/friend ages 17-20

    17/APR West Columbia, SC, U

    hi I'm greg I'm 20 years old I'm looking for a girlfriend to date or a friend to talk to I live in West Columbia South Carolina and I love the New York Yankees, Maybe the New York Mets, maybe the New York Rangers, the New York Jets and the Lakewood Blueclaws cause there a minor league baseball team i also like WWE wrestling I'll hav a full convo of that and If u need info on sports my friend knows all about them his name is Kyle Dowling. If u wanna kno my fav tv shows music and movies and video games I'll tell u when u talk to me. And if you wanna kno more about me email me or text me at 7326776514 and 716glancelot.

  • 19f here. you want live cam chat? pm me stellalark

    14/APR Texas City, TX, Unit

    19f here. you want live cam chat? pm me  stellalark
    19f here. you want live cam chat? pm me  stellalark
    19f here. you want live cam chat? pm me  stellalark

  • Selling this pussy not free

    01/APR Dickinson, TX, Unite

    Nude trades 10$ per 3 photos or video of your choice 

    Im 17 available anytime n day 

    If you smoke weed then smoke me out ??? blunts everywhere

    Happymia You guys must be desperate if you pay for that and definitely a pervert and pedo
  • Looking for a girlfriend that will have sex every once in awhile . 16-19

    16/APR Knoxville, IA, Unite

    My name is nick im looking for a girlfriend so if your 16-19 kik or snapchat me even if you decide you dont like me we can still be friends but that will be up to you. 

    Kik: stittsn snapchat:nickstitts



  • sofy is here who wants to chat

    09/APR Alberta Beach, AB, C


    kik me makes things happen it in your hands if you wanna play with me :

    Loni Hi Sofia, Im new
    420Wollve I texted you on Kik a while ago you didnt reply
  • What I Need For Both Men And Women

    11/APR Humboldt, IA, United

    Hi, I'm Laney, 16. I need to talk to someone who never lies to me. Yet I'm Bi-Sexual, iIcould date both men and women. I'm looking to meet people who r understanding. I play sports: Volleyball, basketball, and swimming. I write stories, listen to music and draw. Text me and thank you.

  • Looking to meet people, friends, maybe more

    03/APR Coyote, NM, United S

    Hey, if you really wanna talk add me on my kik or Snap, i'm kinda shy at first but once i get comfortable i'm fun. 

  • Looking for a girl to send me nudes

    11/APR Morrisville, NC, Uni

    im horny and looking for nudes the best way to contact me is on my google plus message me for the username if you are a horny girl too

    Suicidal freak Sorry im a guy, dont misunderstand plz
  • Friends and hopefully a relationship

    11/APR Salt Lake City, UT,

    Im almost 18 I just want a loyal caring gf that will love me for me and a bit clingy. Long distance is acceptable as well as short. If you are interested or know anyone that is please, hmu on here or on my Kik: Gavi_Bear.

  • Anything really... friends or maybe more?

    10/MAR Corona, CA, United S

    Hi, I'm Madelyn, I'm new to this site lol. I'm 17 but 18 in May. A senior in high school. I love to read, sing, and draw. I'm 5'1" 1/2, yes I know I'm freaking short. I wear glasses because well I have vision problems lmao

    20yroldboy Hi Im Michael if youed like to chat and get to know me send me a text (909)225-8047
    Dude5999 We can chat if you like. Kik, dude5999. Im 17, 18 in October.
    R. Ben Your not short. I know that feeling though. Message me back?
    Loni Your beautiful, and short women are sexy. New friend.
    Loni Brownround244@gmail.com
    trill My kik is TrillLad you can message me when you like
  • Im home alone! and looking for a very intimate pleasure.

    22/MAR California City, CA,

    Im home alone! and looking for a very intimate pleasure. ;) K!K me: sofiexk

    Biboy21 Text me (909)225-8047
    Loni Well need to know you first. Brownround244@gmail
  • Interested in boy or girl.

    09/APR Orlando, FL, United

    I'm interested in talking and getting to know a boy or girl and hopefully start a relationship with them. 

  • Big Tony R - 15 - Likes girls only ..

    06/APR Cocoa Beach, FL, Uni

    Anthony (Big Tony) R
    Age:15 Y/O
    Height: 6'4" - 190 cm
    Weight: 190lbs - 86 kg
    I'm a Surfer / Skater / Drummer
    I study Krav Maga (Israeli martial arts)..
    I like partying.. 
    I like girls (younger or older) .. 
    I prefer people who communicate using actual words..


  • Looking for new friends

    16/MAR Angeles, Central Luz

    Hi! I'm Jericho, 17 years old, half-japanese filipino. (I don't what to post here hehe :P ) I'm quite shy when meeting new people but once you get to know me, I'm very talkative and I tend to speak very fast haha :D I like making new friends so there. I'm new to this site. Please be nice to me.

    Aleeza Hi! I Aleeza Giray , pure filipina . Im looking for a new friends here 😂✌️Hope you youre looking nwe friends too . Im new to this site. Please be nice to mee 😂✌️
    jc_0310 Hi Aleeza! 😃 haha good to know na bago ka lang din dito 😁 we can be friends 😉
    alien Hi..........
  • My skype username, let-s chat, so on and so forth

    03/APR Colorado City, TX, U

    My skype username is reaperx1992 if anyone is interested in chatting. Also be advised that during chat i do check my windows because i live in a crappy neihborhood

  • Meet new people maybe form a relationship

    31/MAR Woodland Hills CA, U

    Looking to meet new people and form a relationship. I prefer girls, but can go either way. Msg me! 

  • Meet New People For Friendship and Maybe More Than Being Friends

    30/MAR Calamba, Calabarzon,

    Hi. I am John, 18 years of age. Taking Film and Journalism course in college. Loves listening to music, I also love to cook and taking care of pets. You wanna talk something? You can ask me anything. I am looking forward to talk with you. :)

  • trying to find a boyfriend

    09/MAR New York, NY, United

    hey im scania ;) but my friend call me scar  . im a very hyper person i love scary movies  and trying difrent things im looking to find a boy friend that live around me i live in new york btw  i dont care about race just have to be taller than me 5'3 i love dogs , bunnies and wolf im not afraid to get my hands dirty if it means im having a good time while doing it

    Benson Think I found this post too late, but I PMed you :)
    justice Hi,you can text me cuz am alone
  • Sup yall :-) Looking for a gf or friendship

    29/MAR Wernersville, PA, Un

    I came on this site to meet people cause there are no country girls at my school. I have a sense of humour and I'm a country boy (confederate flag). I prefer white (I'm not racist) and redhead. If you like mudding, fishing, and being a redneck just give me a message and ill message back.  

  • Open to chats with new people

    15/FEB Dublin, Ireland

    Just there for a chat if you're looking, looking to meet a girl on this or something but not bothered either way 


    rhian hi add me on sc rhiansion6
    Ally You seem fun to chat with!
  • Any girls out there that wants to txt

    25/MAR Norfolk, NE, United

    Hi my name is Brian and I'm very outgoing,very funny,loving,and I get horny pretty easy and I get dirty easy 

  • anyone wanna hook up with me

    29/JAN South Cerney, United

    does anyone wanna hookup with me. i am really nice to talk to and i really want some one to talk to when i am down so is anyone down for this then comment and i will pm u

    BILL hey wanna talk msg mr
    anastasia pippen hey please talk to me i want somone to talk to im really down lately
    anastasia pippen Hi dear with due respect and honor please me,write me back on my box .i have an important message to tell you will be waiting for your email.Thanks and take care, (tausut@gmail.com) Thanks,
  • Looking for a girlfriend

    22/MAR Woodland Hills CA, U

    Hi All I am looking for a girlfriend in the Los Angles. If anyone is interested please message me. I like the outdoors, walks on beaches, and both my friends and enemies say best quality is honestly. Message me please! 

  • Looking for love (girls only)

    18/MAR Wilburton, OK, Unite

    Looking for love,message me,looking for girls 5'8 or less and blonde or brown headed girls

  • Looking for a naughty bottom taker

    17/MAR Venice, FL, United S

    Just as the title says, but maybe something else as a boy/girlfriend, who's friendly open minded and lives close to Venice Florida

  • bored and free to chat to anyone

    08/FEB Fairmont, WV, United

    im 16 yrsold nad my real name is jasmine im easy going and easy to talk to and laid back kind of person

    Michael20 Hi if you would like to chat with me pls send me a text Im Michael and Im 20 years old
    Michael20 Heres my number text me (909)225-8047
  • searching for the right one

    30/JAN Nanaimo, BC, Canada

    hi im kaye 18 years old looking for the right one . i love to watch movies , anime and listen music ,

    Sean Same here maybe we can chat..
  • I-m trying to find a girlfriend

    08/MAR New Windsor, NY, Uni

    Hey I'm Steven and I'm single and I'm looking to find a girlfriend. Is their anyone out their??????????????????????????????

  • Looking for hugs and cuddles

    08/MAR Morrisville, NC, Uni

    im looking for a gf who will give me their all.  I have selfesteem issues and i want supportiveness.  Plz, help me find my one true love.

  • Tired of everyone telling what to do

    22/FEB Huntington, WV, Unit

    Hi Ya'll I'm Courtney, 16. I am very open minded with some what of an attitude but you'll get used to it. I like to hang with friends,and have a good time. I am looking for the right person that knows how to treat me. and someone who likes to take selfies, and dips (yes u heard me right i dip get over it)... I am a total country person and thats never gonna change. so if just message me dont be afraid....

  • Friendship or Relationship

    27/FEB Orange, CA, United S

    Hi, i'm Park Jimin. You can call me Jimin or Chim Chim. Looking for a long term friendship or relationship.

    Preferably a woman. Body shape or weight doesnt matter.   

    Just message me :)

  • Hi everyone I-m Shelley and I-m 18

    19/FEB Cairns City, Queensl

    I am looking for friends at the moment and would really like it if you send me a text. I am new to this and just looking for a very nice  chat with people. Thanks..

    KingImura Want to be my friend?
    logan hi u should message me