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Teens ages 16 to 20

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Meet thousands of teenagers for teens ages 16 to 20 ,this is a group for meet people for teens ages 16 to 20 in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Things that i do and dont want in a girl

    23 MAY   Fort Wayne, IN, Unit

    Hey, These are some rules for anyone wanting to date me

    1. You must be skinny or chubby ( No anorexics or overweight people)

    2. Must be a straight Woman

    3. I dont really care about religous beliefs, I will respect yours and you shoulod respect mine.

    4. I like a woman who tells me what she wants and is mature

    5. Race and age doesnt matter, But you have to be between 15 to 20 any lower or higher i wont date.

    6. I want someone who is sexual and kinky

    7. Just be yourself around me :D

  • Looking for a Guy or Some Form of Relationship

    19 MAY   Leominster, MA, USA

    Hey, guys! 

    So, I’m a straight woman looking for a serious relationship. If interested, shoot me a message. 

    I Do have a few requirements due to personal preference. Sorry if you don’t fall within the requirements-

    1. Must be white (Caucasian)
    2. Must be a straight male who was born male
    3. Atheist or barely Christian. Also accept Wiccan and Norse beliefs. 
    4. Have job prospects. I’d like to be a housewife, so this is highly important to me. 
    5. Be intelligent and mature. 
    6. He masculine. 
    7. Have a long term relationship in mind. 
    8. Don’t be PC or liberal. That stuff is so annoying. 
    So, message me if interested. 

    Btw, I’m an atheist, anti-feminist woman. 

    Shivam98 I wanna same
    silver Am silver by name you can count on me, reach me on Twitter ananiopeyemi, instagram ananiopeyemi
    2 days ago
  • i would love to meet teen boys and girls

    21 MAY   Omaha, AR, USA

    hi im kylee would love to meet boys and girls im bi. I like all genders or trans genders and all s(not to sound racist) races.

  • Meeting next people to find someone to be with or just someone to chill wi

    20 MAY   Pomona, CA, USA

    Hi I'm Patrick I'm 17 I just want to meet new people to find someone to find a girlfriend and/or someone to chill with.

    Zu-yuan Damn I put new and it put next
    3 days ago
  • Looking for girls to talk to.

    20 MAY   Denver, CO, United S

    Looking for women that are not afraid of there body and want to talk. 

    I'm not in to nudes till i know you better. But I like truth or dare.

  • I want someone to talk to!

    18 MAY   Rialto, CA, USA

    Hi My Name Is Jacob. Im Bored 24/7 and Always Want Someone To Talk To... IM STRAIGHT!!! IVE MADE UP MY MIND!!! But Please Someone HMU Because I Really Feel Alone RN

    Thank You ?

  • hey I-m single snap me

    18 NOV   Quincy, IL, United S

    hey any sngle white fit males who like bigger girls and who like to rp and know what ddlg is snapchat me please. 17-29

    caleb Hi I am single
    Forest.of.logs Im 16 but if you wanna text im game
  • im tired and i want to meet some friends mayne more

    15 MAY   Buffalo, NY, USA

    im raven im tired and bored and i like to chat we can talk about almost anything im werid and somewhaty sexual but hope u understand

  • meet new friends maybe more

    15 MAY   Buffalo, NY, USA

    hi im raven bored and wanna talk about anything im kinda werid and kinda sexual but other than that i think im a great person hmu

  • Meet people and friends maybe more

    14 MAY   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Hey I'm raven and I'm bored fun loving person and I just want some new friends or if u wanna talk about something else go for it 

    Daniel I can vouch for being your friend.
    XCD51/Flash For friendship, of course
  • Meet friends maybe more

    15 MAY   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Hey I'm raven honestly I'm bored text me anything idc i need to have some friends I feel kinda lonely? hmu

    Jake bennet I messaged you on kik
    Damian Tbh ur cute asf hit me up 4434160598
    Sam Bolen Whats up let’s chat
  • Looking for a 17-18 yr old bf only

    15 MAR   Salem, NY, United St

    I am looking for a cute guy who makes me a better person. The things that I'm looking for in a guy are:

    1.)makes me laugh

    2.)makes me horny

    3.)treats me with respect

    4.)makes me horny 

    Prime syed Then look no further because the prime is at ur service
    Dabliss hmm baby ll b here to treat u like the lady u deserve to be
  • snapchat ! .

    14 MAY   Fort Wayne, IN, USA

    Add my snapchat if you want to talk I’m chill and will talk about whatever no dumb sh t or rude people cause you will just get blocked. If you want to have a good conversation add me! Trevorstopher11 

  • Meet people and friends maybe more

    14 MAY   Buffalo, NY, USA

    Hey I'm raven im bored and kinda werid lol I'll talk about almost anything so kik me 

  • Ready to meet someone new

    13 MAY   Vineland, NJ, USA

    Hi, I’m Lina, I just want to be with someone who is loyal and funny. I was hurt by my ex but I am now finally ready to date again. I’m a really nice person and people judge me when they see me and think I am out of their league but shoot your shot because you never know??

    Mr. Kk999 Hi can I message you if you want
    Gavin (TAKEN4) Want to be friends
    john hey i have seen you you are way too beautiful i want to be your friend please hit me up in instagram rahman_sh
  • Looking for new friends and relationships

    11 MAY   Mary Esther, FL, USA

    Hi! Hmu I’m bored looking to meet new people! 

    I like to read, write, blog, and I like tall muscular guys! 

    Jake bennet Sc me @abuchman16 if really like to talk to youπŸ˜‰
  • Meet someone to talk to

    08 MAY   Thompson, MB, Canada


    I'm Ashutosh. I wanna talk with someone around my age. I can talk about a wide range of topics. Clean(unless you want to talk dirty).

  • Hello friends ....... ?

    07 MAY   NY, USA

    looking for new friends bellow 25. And around my age... (girls) any chat. kik me if you like...?.........


    06 MAY   Grand Rapids, MI, US

    PLEASE stop sending me unsolicited pictures I'm literally a 14 year old girl and did not ask for this and will block and report you!! it's illegal to send those to minors even if you're my age and I don't think you want your reputation ruined by being a pervert on a teen social site. also if that's your idea of how to find a girl you will be lonely forever sorry it's the truth

    Griffin Personally as a guy I apologize for the stupid half of my gender, Im straight first off and second dicks are ugly and no one really wants to see them, again Im so sorry that this has been happening to you.
    RetroCollin I concur with Griffin
    RetroCollin I actually am a personal member of the gentlemens code

  • Teens aged 16-20 hmu

    06 MAY   Ringgold, VA, USA

    Girls my age hmu, Snapchat(Ilikedjent32), kik(ilikedjent32), or instagram(onewholedjentyboi) please, down for whatever I'm just super bored lmao 

  • Meeting new people and having fun

    03 MAY   San Antonio, TX, USA

    Hi, im elizabeth im 16. Im just looking for people to hang out with and try new things, im bisexual, but i prefer girls. I like comics amd netflix. Hmu :)

  • Looking for a new friend that could possibly blossom into a relationship

    06 MAY   Ringgold, VA, USA

    Im lookking for a new friend that could possibly blossom into a relationship, I can generally be seen as a funny person, I'm really into metal (The heavier stuff like death metal,  etc..)  I'm straight  and looking for a female aged 16-19

  • Meeting new ladies for friendship or maybe more

    06 MAY   Fairhaven, MA, USA

    Looking for a pretty lady looking to be spoiled and maybe turn it into more.

  • Meet new people to talk to!!

    16 JAN  

    Looking for someone to talk to.... Looking for friends and hoping to form a great friendship with someone... pr maybe more??

  • Friends maybe more??

    04 MAY   Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Just really, really bored so hmu on snapchat or follow me on IG and send me memes.

  • Just want someone to talk to

    01 MAY   Rockwall, TX, United

    Hey Guys, I am looking for someone between 16 and 19 to talk to:) Add me on Snapchat at ashleighbrogdin:) HMU 

  • Looking For Boyfriend or Girlfriend

    29 APR   Oakville, ON, Canada

    Hi there :) Im Ted, 17. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. Im looking to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out (music event, takin pics, walking around, dining, exploring the city..) hello at me :)

    jeffdav71 Hey hit me up on snap jeffdav71
  • Looking for relationship

    30 APR   Marlborough, CT, USA

    Hey my name is Antony and I'm looking for a relationship. A girl who is kind and sweet and someone for me to holdo close to and to say that she's mine. I don't care what you did or do if we can build our relationship I will never leave. I am willing to lay my life down as well for that special girl.

  • Looking for fun on SC or whatever! (Girls only)

    30 APR   Arroyo Grande, CA, U

    Hey! I'm 17 looking for a girl who wants to chat on Snapchat or whatever, if your interested let me know. 

    I'm a Geek, Gamer, love comics, and writing, just tested out of school too, so I'm done with all that crap!

  • 16 boy here open to all

    29 APR   Dublin, Ireland

    Hi I'm open minded about anything really, I'm shy and quiet but funny and kind I guess hmu, if ur around my age

  • Meet a nice guy/boyfriend

    23 NOV   Charlotte, NC, Unite

    Still need someone to talk to..Im going through a lot and just need an ear. <3 I know theres some Cuties out there. :)

    Nikekid12 Add me on snap Christianconnit
    alvez feel free im here u can talk to
    LOWASTY Hi sweetie am lowasty Am single and searching... I really love sex alot
  • Finding a boy to talk to

    26 APR   Malaysia

    Hi, I'm Estee :) I'm finding a boy who's around my age to talk to! Prefer if you're 17-19 

  • DDLG/MDLG hmu if interested

    24 APR   Powell, TN, USA

    hmu if you are interested in DDLG or MDLG. looking for someone to joing me and my Daddy. must be near Knoxville Tn and over 17 years old

  • I?d go to prom but....

    24 APR   Goochland, VA, Unite

    I’d probably go to prom, but it’s not fun without a date. Plus. Who’d actually want to go with me?

  • why do i need 20 characters in the title?

    24 FEB   Bellevue, WA, United

    hi at meee(:             

    - I tell lame dad jokes

    - Laugh at everything 

    - Fast at replying 

    - Socially awkward ?? In a funny way ??

    im not sure what else to put but it's telling me i don't have enough characters I'm lame but I'm willing to always listen 

    Trajan Hey I could use someone to talk 2 ????
    Isaac Im am lik e that in a few ways
  • Just wanna get some followers for my meme page lol

    19 APR   Stockton, CA, United

    Hey please follow my meme page on Instagram @g_r_i_m__

    I'll follow back ?

  • Looking for new friends maybe more.

    18 APR   Baraga, MI, USA

    Im 17, hmu on here or on Snapchat-spacecan420. I am looking to be in a relationship. I am from Upper Michigan.

  • Looking for someone???

    16 APR   Abilene, TX, USA

    Hi! I’m lookinh for someone who’s a bit older than me, I like playing clarinet and ukulele, reading, drawing, anime, music, pretty basic stuff I guess. HMU on Snapchat if you’d like! httphoseok

    MarkG hey i think im ur guy
    HobisQueen Alright, do you have a Snapchat?
  • Snapchat me - Madi_faith2021

    15 APR   Hutchinson, KS, USA

    Im 15, bisexual, and single. 16 - 20 girls and guys. Need more people to talk to. <3 

    Dreamboy (single) I have aded uh but u dont reply
  • Snapchat me - Madi_faith2021

    15 APR   Hutchinson, KS, USA

    Im 15, bisexual, and single. 16- 20 girls and guys.                                                                                                                                                        

  • Looking for a chick to talk to

    17 JAN   Mobile, AL, United S

    Looking for girls to talk to to waste time from Alabama 

  • meeting women to have fun ;)

    11 JUN   Chatsworth, GA, Unit

    If you have face book then message me. rebbecca may silvers. my friend and me are into crazy stuff? thanks

    Noah_towe What kinda crazy stuff?
    Max Thacker Hey I have Facebook too
  • In a desperate need for friendzzz!!

    11 APR   Galle, Sri Lanka

    Hi, this is Amy aka Amashi. I'm a feminist/dog lover/sister/daughter/student/gay supporter/writer and many things more. I need someone to chat away these lonely days!!! pleazzzz help me ya'll !!! anyone???? love u loadzzz!! xxx

  • Girls (16 ) hmu im bored af lol

    12 APR   Amsterdam, Netherlan

    Really bored, just add me and see what we can do x, dont be shy just text me x

  • Looking to chat add me on Snapchat Manuel760side

    12 APR   Oceanside, CA, USA

    DM me if you want to chat or add me on Snapchat to chat both are good 

  • Looking for a relationship Im looking for somthing serious

    11 APR   Oceanside, CA, USA

    I'm looking for something serious im 17 and 6'1 I enjoy playing music and playing fortnite with the boys ? If you are interested add me on snapchat ?

  • Looking for someone in my area

    09 APR   Sacramento, CA, USA

    I'm looking for someone that I can meet in person.  Not just through the phone but in person. 

    I would like to meet someone beautiful, smart, passionate,  and loving.  Is all I ask.  Thank you and stay beautiful 

  • HMU cause I?m turing 18!

    07 APR   Meyersdale, PA, USA

    I will be 18 in 6 days. People HMU so we can chat and stuff! Can be anyone so feel free to message me!

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