Looking for a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

19/APR Teens ages 16 to 20

Hi;) I'm Laney, 16. athletic and positive attitude. i like to write stories, listen to music, and draw. I'm looking to meet people who are 16-19 and never tell lies.

im here for you and im looking for a girlfriend thats from age 13 or 14 depending on personality that is all the way to age 20 and my name is Thomas so if you want to see if things will work out with each other i can sure do that cause right now im not doing to well and i am feeling like shit i honestly hate myself right now so im looking for a girl thats actually a girl and not some fuck over and im looking for a girl thats sweet honest and trusting smart supportive and heart-warming and is always showing care love support and sympathy towards their family and friends and lover so if we could work things out with each other that would be great and message me if you ever want to try and see what we can work out with each other okay