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Whatsapp chats

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Meet thousands of teenagers for whatsapp chats ,this is a group for meet people for whatsapp chats in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • looking for a good time? HMU

    26 NOV   Corte Madera, CA, Un

    if anyone wants to evchange or sext or if you just wanna talk im down just text me  

  • Meet new people from friends to chat

    18 NOV   Kuala Lumpur, Federa

    Hy just hit me up on WhatsApp on 254 772276559 and let's get w know each other.Am so excited lol

  • am friendly to people and love to meet new people

    10 NOV   Abuja, Nigeria

    Hi am Dennis and am looking for a close friend that I can share my problem and no dick pic or sex chat.

  • Find a beautiful gal

    29 OCT   Nairobi, Kenya

    I want a relationsxhip with a beautiful gal who could have a long distance relationship and if its possible meet.I like music mostly trap,love watchin movies and am a big fan of Migos

  • Not a gay. I just want Good friends.

    28 OCT   Accra, Ghana

    Hi pals you can add me on 233248411285.

    I'm single ready to mingle. I'm an entrepreneur and I love art works.

  • Meet new people from friends

    15 OCT   Kuala Lumpur, Federa

    Hy I really don't know what to say just saying I need new friends also maybe more

  • I would love to meet new friends

    11 OCT   London, UK

    Hey my name is Prince am 19 yrs and am an undergraduate student. I love to meet with new people. You can chat here and I will reply. 

  • I hate my ducking school everyone is fake bass bell n they know it

    14 MAR   Lafayette, IN, Unite

    I hate when people talk about me and everyone knows that I care about others people's opinions and thought of me because  I just do I don't know why I just want everyone to like me that is only of one . Of my many promblems

    RorocoEnt Aww, If you need emotional support I cam help. I have the same problem where I constantly feel the need to be accepted by everyone. I learnt the secret to it amd i am willing to share it with you, if you dont mind.
  • Lesen up people! ( I am not trying to afind anyone)

    01 JUL   London, United Kingd

    I am NOT trying to make anyone mad I'm speaking the truth And I apologize if a afind anyone in this message. 

    God did NOT indend for a man and a man to get married, and pork one another, same goes for the gay ladies out there. God ment for a MAN and a WOMAN  to get married, a pork each other when they where ready to repopulate the earth and rplinesh the Eath, NOT the other way around. He the father of the Earth, did not intend for a unmarried couple to have sex. Sex is a beautiful thing if you and your partner agree to have it.

    I hope you could agree with me, if you do, DM me.

    Ryan O One, learn to spell, youre thirteen. Two, I firmly believe that if two men fall in love with each other truly and freely in a truly godly and loving way, and have sex within the confines of marriage, then they have done no sin. Otherwise, God would truly be cruel creating human beings with the chance to become gay. But thats just my opinion.
    !Seb! Man. Shut your lil ass up, gays and lesbians can marry who ever they want to.
    Prime syed Maybe ur right all about it I agree with u
  • Meet a boyfriend near or faraway

    07 JUL   Englewood, CO, USA

    Someone who has time for me. I'lll tell who ever messages me what I  would like in a guy.I rather prefer talking on whatsapp so as soon as any of you want to chat i'll see if I can give you my pesonal line

  • whatsapp girls 233276363040

    12 DEC   Accra, Greater Accra

    am samuel from west african ghana ,and am here searching for my soulmate and i need some one who's about 18,19 and 20yrs going to mingle with.if interested pm me on haungout ( or whatsapp me on my line 233276363040

  • I will like to meet u

    12 JAN   London, United Kingd

    I like friendship and many more

    Benedict hi like friends too so can you be 1 of my friends
    mary Write a commenthy i lke to be ur friend

    10 JUN   London, UK



  • Meet new people for friendship

    21 JAN   Kanpur, Uttar Prades

    Hi there :) Im Razx, 17. Open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out (music events, art exhibitions, takin pics, walking around, dining, exploring the city..) hello at me :)

  • Wana talk new peoples..

    27 MAR   Gujranwala, Pakistan

    Hi everyone I'm new here,

    Me single and loving person, dashing, charm full, caring, romantic, funny, 

    Looking for chat and simple 

    I dont fake and liars 

    I like meet new people any one want to chat plz text me i will wait 

    ???? 923014540091 whatsapp number 

    mary my whatsapp number 254773994213
  • I-m lookin- for a gf to chat. Whatapp#59847567,skype#darenandrew,instagram#

    15 MAR   Port Louis, Mauritiu

    Hi i'm 14 i'm lookin' for gf to chat.




  • a girl to chat nd hv fun wth

    03 JAN   Nairobi, Nairobi Cou

    DENNIS fro kenya...i love mking friend...don't matter the distance...alk about hvn fun

  • meet new people and have a good time

    21 DEC   Mbabane, Hhohho Regi

    I'm in to long walks.G Hanging out with friends and I'm looking for a person who have similar interests. I'm 16 and I love sports and cars.

    P.s having problems uploadingmy profile picture so please go to my intsagram to see my pictures 

  • greetings to you all...jst trying to get some new frnd online

    15 DEC   Kampala, Central Reg

    Hi Gitta...or Guitar...watevar ur preference...lookin for some new friends online...i. Love movies and house music...hope to get frnds under such category...i also love photography.....especially about nature

    george Like to be ure friend

  • Hi guys who-s gay

    17 JAN   Canada

    Hi Im looking for other gay males ages from 12-23

    Tk Browne Hey WhatsApp? Iā€™m 13 luv <ā€”ā€”ā€”3
  • Make friends and have fun

    10 NOV   Accra, Greater Accra

    Am Sylvester, easy going like to make new friends. Please be nice to me and let's have fun. Add me on Snapchat:Rokpokpo

  • Meet new friends and have fun

    21 AUG   Kintampo, Brong Ahaf

    I'm Prince ,friends call me Emperor, I'm a caterer and a floral and balloon decorator from Ghana you can WhatsApp me on 233555047716 ,I will be glad to find true friends here ,I'm waiting for you

  • Otakus Over the world!

    07 APR   Khartoum, Sudan

    hi there! I am mazin an old Otaku
    wanna find new friends to make whatsapp chat Anime lovers
    messege me at 249127876767

    J.Jones Is that Levi in Shingeki No Kyojin in your profile photo?
    Mazin Joda yep I love him. he is amazinz ... sure in the seasion he must be more serius haha
  • I-m looking for a girlfriend

    18 JAN   Indianapolis, IN, Un

    Add me on the following
    Kik@ bigfurryash
    Whatsapp@ 8636055868
    Snapchat@ crystalwolf7
    Skype@ J Dogg
    Ill treat any girl like a princess Im loyal.i dont cheat