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Meet thousands of teenagers for whatsapp only ,this is a group for meet people for whatsapp only in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • JaJa | Furry | Bi | 15

    29 AUG   San Francisco, CA, U

    Hiya! If you wanna RP, chat, or... Trade, only on certain occasions... My Snap is jacob_shy0203

    I'm just happy to meet people who are also an LGBT :3

    mexo bengz ur true sweetie....
    2 days ago

  • School ending soon for me

    09 JUN   Springfield, OR, USA

    For me at least, school is ending very soon, wednesday is my last day of 8th grade

    I am who i am School ended earlier for me
  • I-m bored and shit, PM me on one of my social platforms or something

    08 NOV   Fayetteville, NC, US

    Yeah, just reread the title.


  • Looking for someone to talk to

    04 NOV   Nairobi, Kenya

    HMU...I am Kenyan(African)...I love art,photography,people,pets....jus Hmu for more...I love texting too

  • Meet a BF or just anyone

    14 FEB   Wareham, UK

    Looking for anyone really, I'm 13? Number will be given out in private and whatsapp only then we can video call or voice call or something!! Yeah so get in touch or something?

    NuttCracker i once ate a pear and chewed it with my cheeks
  • I need a girlfriend a very good one that must be nice and kind hope I find

    26 OCT   Lagos, Nigeria

    I need a girl friend....or a nice girl to be my friend ave doesn't matter to me

  • Ey yo my names Lamar Kipacha

    26 OCT   Arusha, Tanzania

    I will take anyone who is willing to have a relationship gfs only we could long distance whatever, what cringy bio should I add here I like mine craft and thick roblox bitches I dunno. 

  • I would like to meet new people and friends here regardless of the gender..

    25 SEP   Lagos, Nigeria

    I'm a nice and funny person. I love to interact and socialize. Hit me up if you're interested 


    15 SEP   Atlanta, GA, USA

    LOOKING FOR INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS (only friends) !! i am from U.S. !! if theres a chance, i'd like to learn italian, so if you are italian or you know how to speak italian, hmu. ask for whatsapp 

    Dave Hey I wanna be friends
  • Snapchat?!?(. )

    08 MAY   Salem, SD, USA

    i don't send pictures but if u wanna send pictures....text me.... (.                                       )                                                             )

    Kasey c. Lol meant Snapchat
    Talhaqurehi497 My sc is Talha Qureshi add me
    Steven Pettican Whats ur snapchat? If y wanna chat.
  • I-m interested in Dance. :p

    06 FEB   Shillong, Meghalaya,

    I'm Adrian.

    I love to do hip hop dance,read,study and sketch.I might be kind of weird sometimes :p.

  • learn or teach en - es

    11 AUG   Quito, Ecuador

    I want to meet friends for learn and teach 

    Español - english

    English - español 

    Write to me 593 987420031

  • this account is dead

    29 JUL   usa

    this account is dead. dont msg me because i wont msg back. will still be online sometimes just dotn talk to me 

    William (not gay) the is not true anymore
  • Want to meet a girl like me

    31 JUL   Dryden

    Hey I'm back and I am looking for someone who would be interested in my type I am a gamer and I am athletic I do baseball and high school football

  • Looking for cute guys ;)

    17 JUL   City of Angels, Pamp

    Hey guys! Im Izza and Im looking for a new guy to talk to! 

    Feel free to send me a message on whatsapp..... Pls dont be shy like i am. LOL

    63 928 112 5708

    Mitch I dont use whatsapp
    Uevendontknowme Does ur family teach u manners?
    manish029 What’s your country’s code cause I wanna talk to you
  • Looking for new friends

    24 JUN   Colombia, Huila, Col

    hey all im new here, looking for some new friends,

    Anyone interested?

  • Does anyone here have whatsapp?

    23 MAR   Chrzanow, Poland

    Hello everyone, i have been looking for some friends that i could call/chat with on whatsapp for quite a while. So, if you are looking for someone to talk to on there be sure to ask me for my number here!

    mary Hey...ur number please ?
    coco000 can I get ur number?
    _jewelyn_ im on whatsapp :>
  • Let-s have a convo on WhatsApp?

    13 APR   Hayle, UK

    Hi I'm haillie jade

    Yes named after eminem daughter

    Um not the point 

    Do u wanna get to know me on WhatsApp 

    Message me and I will see if I wanna talk more 

    Thank you xx

    mary Hey...i want ur number
  • add more contacts to my WhatsApp

    30 MAR   Pretoria, South Afri

    Hi my name is Nyasha ad im a 13 year old male teen turning 14 looking for new whatsapp contacts messege my number 0817505927 if ur interested

  • Meet new ppl n chat on WhatsApp

    29 MAR   Pretoria, South Afri

    Wussup my name is Nyasha im 13 and turning 14 and am looking forward to meeting new ppl n getn new whatsapp contacts? 

  • Meet new people for friendship

    24 FEB  

    I am from Brasil. If you want me reply fast text whatsapp 55 38 9106-4830

    mary Hy your number is isnt showing on WhatsApp so you can message me on 917310031016, Im waiting for your message.
  • love love love love love love love

    25 JAN   Lahore, Punjab, Paki

    Hi there :) Im  . danish 20. open minded with positive attitude, I like to laugh and have a good time. I m lookin to meet people with similar mindset for hangin out (music events, art exhibitions, takin pics, walking around, dining, exploring the city..) hello at me :)

  • Meet new friends for whatsapp

    18 DEC   Cape Town, Western C

    Hi I'm Leo Neumann I'm 14 I'm a boy and I'm looking for a girlfriend. I also want to make friends with everyone. I am very friendly .message me if you want my whatsapp number and then we can chat on whatsapp . I live in south Africa 

    coco000 hey send me your number
    Leo 0612042763
  • I wanna meet new friends from abord like Europe and USA for long distance r

    06 DEC   Islamabad, Islamabad

    Hi there I'm Jak yousafzai I am open minded boy looking for a cutie and pretty girl friend for long distance relationship 

  • Meet a girl for a long term relationship

    31 OCT   Berlin, Germany

    Hi there , I'm Isiah looking for a nice girl for a serious long term relationship. I enjoy playing video games ,  drawing , reading novels and traveling. I'm a quite guy , cute l believe who is keen to know and meet with people 

  • to every person on here

    23 JUN   West Valley, UT, Uni

    Guys stop being perves and asking if we want to see you dick! we will ask if we want something! Girls stop acting all slutty so a guy will like you! these things need to stop

    Lexi U girls can go after lesbianlatina415 she is now single
    Cold Hearted 77 Sigh I just dont understand why so hostile I only threw up my opinion and suggestion... 😂😂 oh well whatevs not my fault u cant see that.
    Cold Hearted 77 And shadow... ur acting like dudes are the only issue on this planet. No offense but this issue cant be fixed because Pms arent regulated. So writing a forum everytime someone tries to go after a les or herass a lady isnt effective. Am I saying u should have to put up with it no I am not. The sad reality is if u dont wanna see it go to another site or keep blocking. Because sadly some guys will keep at it.
    FireDuck Ok, some guys may keep going at it but if a person says, no i aint interested in yo dick then they need to screw off.
  • hi my name is rohit 15 is best for all and i need abestest friend

    09 APR   Jodhpur, Gujarat, In

    Hi friends my name is rohit and i need a best friend who understands me and become bestest in world and i f. Yes then contact me on whatsapp also 917891345781

  • Hi... let-s chat on whatsapp 2348101507347

    06 FEB   Port Harcourt, River

    I'm so loveable, sweet, sugary, funny, sexy and all you can imagine...  chat wif me on whatsapp to find out, here is my numb... 2348101507347