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Meet thousands of teenagers for whatsapp only ,this is a group for meet people for whatsapp only in your local community. Meet new friends in social events
  • Meet new friends for whatsapp

    18 DEC   Cape Town, Western C

    Hi I'm Leo Neumann I'm 14 I'm a boy and I'm looking for a girlfriend. I also want to make friends with everyone. I am very friendly .message me if you want my whatsapp number and then we can chat on whatsapp . I live in south Africa 

    coco000 hey send me your number
    Leo 0612042763

  • I wanna meet new friends from abord like Europe and USA for long distance r

    06 DEC   Islamabad, Islamabad

    Hi there I'm Jak yousafzai I am open minded boy looking for a cutie and pretty girl friend for long distance relationship 

  • Meet a girl for a long term relationship

    31 OCT   Berlin, Germany

    Hi there , I'm Isiah looking for a nice girl for a serious long term relationship. I enjoy playing video games ,  drawing , reading novels and traveling. I'm a quite guy , cute l believe who is keen to know and meet with people 

  • to every person on here

    23 JUN   West Valley, UT, Uni

    Guys stop being perves and asking if we want to see you dick! we will ask if we want something! Girls stop acting all slutty so a guy will like you! these things need to stop

    Lexi U girls can go after lesbianlatina415 she is now single
    Cold Hearted 77 Sigh I just dont understand why so hostile I only threw up my opinion and suggestion... 😂😂 oh well whatevs not my fault u cant see that.
    Cold Hearted 77 And shadow... ur acting like dudes are the only issue on this planet. No offense but this issue cant be fixed because Pms arent regulated. So writing a forum everytime someone tries to go after a les or herass a lady isnt effective. Am I saying u should have to put up with it no I am not. The sad reality is if u dont wanna see it go to another site or keep blocking. Because sadly some guys will keep at it.
    FireDuck Ok, some guys may keep going at it but if a person says, no i aint interested in yo dick then they need to screw off.
  • hi my name is rohit 15 is best for all and i need abestest friend

    09 APR   Jodhpur, Gujarat, In

    Hi friends my name is rohit and i need a best friend who understands me and become bestest in world and i f. Yes then contact me on whatsapp also 917891345781

  • I-m interested in Dance. :p

    06 FEB   Shillong, Meghalaya,

    I'm Adrian.

    I love to do hip hop dance,read,study and sketch.I might be kind of weird sometimes :p.

  • Hi... let-s chat on whatsapp 2348101507347

    06 FEB   Port Harcourt, River

    I'm so loveable, sweet, sugary, funny, sexy and all you can imagine...  chat wif me on whatsapp to find out, here is my numb... 2348101507347